SNM128: Affiliate Marketing (How Awesome Friends Get Rich)

What if you could turn your friendships into dollar signs without resorting to a pyramid scheme?  What if you could make money just by sharing your opinion?  That's the life of the affiliate marketer.

Your Word is Your Bond

Before you even get into the money aspect of marketing, you have to make a decision as a person.

Where do you stand on the ethical spectrum?

Will you recommend stuff that you don't use if you know there is a good payout?

What about products that you know don't work?

There are plenty of people who live in the darkness, but they are always running.

They are constantly trying to find a new audience because the old one hates them.

It's so hard to walk that wire, and it's not worth it.

When you recommend the things that you like and use, you make money, and you earn more trust.

It gets easier to build your business over time, not harder.

Good Effort is Rewarded

What happens when you go to the store, and the salesperson does an amazing job?

They work hard to help you find the perfect solution to your shopping conundrum.

If they are on commission, aren't you happy they get rewarded for that hard work?

We all believe that hard work should be rewarded and being an affiliate is the same thing.

Taking the time to research, test and review a product is valuable.

I watch reviews online all the time, and so does nearly everyone else.

Helping people make buying decisions is valuable, and you will be rewarded.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg…

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Key Points:

  1. We reward the people that we trust
  2. Building long-term relationships is the key to success
  3. Stay in the light.

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Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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Affiliate marketing awesome friends get rich on today's episode today's episode is brought to my Casio prolapse the company that I trust to keep serve a master at the top of Google to save 10% use the coupon code serve no master check out go to\SCO today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online and start living your retirement dreams now then come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house I'm back to the states in a week or two depends on how long between whatever cordless and when this gets released and this conference is all about affiliate marketing and it's a great time to talk about affiliate marketing is all about talking your friend doing stuff and get paid for and many of us especially outside computer Internet marketing world think about that idea with its distaste or comfort place and don't understand how it works why it works it's what I wanted to share with you the concept and how you can in many like no matter what you're doing right now yesterday I was having conversation with some
one of my Skype groups have ascribed to persons for the use of user software sometimes has to the question the owner the tech support throws away answer questions pretty well there's usually everyday about a six hour window when they're not answering and it has to have a weight because why I'm 15 hours ahead of California time right now so while some of the world's asleep I'm awake questions lesson is like looking for something to promote looking for an affiliate offer is stuff you don't run it some software stuff I sent out another guy the group has some software here's a link and I forgot the guy was as obvious to you but you're too late and what are explain exactly that means basically those opportunities make money I forgot about it happens at one 2000 August tell me guy because it seems I get marketing is an affiliate marketing specifically is where you're in that moment when you recommend something to someone and then you get a taste just for doing it and the key is that something you would recommend either way examples I have sold so much perimeter so many people by scrivener work for me work with me listening following and Scriptures and pay me anything accept that service so cheap they can't really afford to throw taste and there's something there just like that bellum which I used for formatting books doesn't do it anymore either they were in the back story yet it imitates that they sell directly the case for John's so she first principle Philip marketing step one is that you just get paid for recommending stuff and just as important number two is that you continue to only read when stuff you believe if you read my blog as well as listen to podcast episodes and hopefully you do you recently saw that I wrote a really long review about a kickstart which the shopping cart that I use if you order one of my courses if you buy anything for me other than clothing goes through my paycheck start shopping cart and when you buy something from me a few starters who handles the taking of the information connecting up a part of the credit card and processing all the money they cut them on the front end of it in the back and forces bear processors a lot of steps to work with some other carts in the past that had some problems I wrote a very extensive review in the first thing I say if you read is hey if you're making less than this much a month this is not right for you cost 100 bucks a month the ring $1000 a month don't buy it's too expensive you're not ready for yet there are other tools you can use the charge per transaction the charge small percentage only when that percentage per transaction gets over hundred dollars unfinished switch and that's when you're doing the $2000 a month your transaction fees start to add up because it's one or two or 3% of any other user 3 1/2% of thousand dollars and $35 $3000 a day or 200 the first thing I say is the most he will call me it's not for you yes Sunday and that's a critical part of giving recommendations saying who it's not for human people signed up for grandma Lee because any loads and until I went to get the free version paid on the free version the money, when less people by the hundred dollar version needed I happen to use a version but I also read hundreds of thousands of words to what I get paid for all of make sense to me as it does make sense revenues three versions good enough for nine and percent of what people do when you recommend stuff you don't change who you are now some people when you think about you think about the really sleazy part of the market in this part of art exists and whether there is something of the stages shapes one message for you and spoken since 2014 and know that the Skype records every time you talk to someone itself is messaging for years in the last sending message me was try to get me to promote something and they did in a way that I would say was a little uncomfortable four years ago to look at the previous message and in fact in the previous message the person was so out of touch in this is someone who elects to be a middleman between the product and Philly try to fight you like me to see you and tell customers at you about stuff in the last time he did it was uncomfortable was weird because was someone really good friends with in fact the person should do for last type is the guy who owns and runs a kickstart is been my friend for seven years I've done business with it many places for seven years I thought oh that's so weird this guy tried to get me to promote something for some right already do business to work with and made it very uncomfortable for me a message and yes you try to get you brought something that I'll be honest I would use many years ago when I was first starting out my followers my first group are falling in line would get really mad if I would send out emails or educational stuff they said no just sends a list of what you think is the best thing about it I have very different following the first but don't send this information don't send this teaching don't send this advice see I had a list of following around 10,000 people and I can see every time I sent an email, if you would click the unsubscribe button every day is like five or 10 that's normally a small percentage or fraction percentage all the typing going on tirelessness.having the same thing with this list is same thing with humans or mass after 60 months or to me that's normal but with my previous following five or six years you enter months and Alec adheres to be steps you can do to grow your business your dividing today I would you like 50 unsubscribes it happened a couple time to learn my lesson of people don't like that nobody wants me to do that so I'm not doing do not insult these people with information don't want I know you're not like that your from my new tribe have a dual approach to business by the time I following the hated information which is the opposite when you now know how much free information I point out their podcast blog post PS I'm always making more free stuff as I want to give give give the time is I give give what they want let them eat cake give them bread and circuses if you like a little older Roman quote so what if you are one of the time was I would say super-there's people who put out products faster than me don't do anything but a product like 717 $27 and have a lot of excitement and a lot of hype and you buy and try to implement and it never works just to get real is 30 bucks whatever and this person's been in the market for about 10 years and someone who I bought proximate from what I was first starting out actually I did my part from the work long time ago well first product from work than the next 67 after didn't work and I was promoting later on sale this is going to offer any guzzle your officers new thinking out today and to the sky message me as you promote this someone's got a new thing I said look man I'm imprudence first five years knowing how I would promote something that's all hi all sizzle and no steak to my new falling to my tribes that I really care about sorry and also the other thing is I have bad taste in my mouth is person this person try to get me to do before was uncomfortable but also a people approach me and he wanted with them and it's a one-way street hey we you send me your customers and then if you actually return the favor I want that's one that really the JV world anymore if you're wondering why I don't know if you found me through another person that's why I don't really like to get in the game where it becomes a favor worse I do that for a while and you make a lot of money but everyone ends up with the same following the listeners never sure clear message and so the success rate of your fungus down make more money can squeeze more money and people with that. You admit about sewing course and told him it was you I don't know what to do and very cautious is that the last thing you want to do is overwhelm you with different patents that's why I'm not teaching you a whole brand-new business model and is sharing some stories about the will of Billy marking that experience recently so circling back I know we went a little rabbit hole is the idea of integrity becomes a core principle of your business when you go into affiliate marketing when you think about stuff to promote you only put stuff you believe you stick to the core principle of business becomes quite easy decisions on what drove him crazy to be tempting if soon as that stop being your driving principle when he met I don't want to lose my integrity but I got some 5000 day either the first so I emailed something in him it was an $8000 understand that I was there before when I was young and I was kind of a balancing yeah I felt like a milling stuff I don't know if it's any good for the same time my audits it's modifiability ounces although I hear about so I was can be what they want and it was making money but I moved away from that more mature audience that different background like me to see how I came from you deserve to know the truth I had nothing from you thank you for working is simply to find stuff you'd recommend anyways easiest place to start is Amazon man everything wrecked when enzymes hatred of this movie you send them a link to Amazon which we do all the time anyways and is on page 4% making it by the next day I don't push a lot of stuff on Amazon utilizing things you recommend on Amazon I think to you a thing on his American you guys and Amazon is my book sociologist in this book a check… And then supposed to buy a book and they go and my tears of the next annual taste of it and what a way to really understand is there's nothing unethical about that this ties into our talk yes rough your success right all if I do this it's unethical or if I get paid for something I would've done any of his other why why is it unethical be paid if it doesn't change what you do know I totally understand where you're coming from because I live a few scandals recently about people doing pay reviews and in fact I had to have a message from Google asking me if I did a paid review. The result pays you to do it I'll do that also can get close to that end of the spectrum of course if you're just pushing sales with you something or not you'll notice I don't review her record anything on my website that I use okay yeah I recommend pay kickstart for people that it's the right fit for and I use it and one of things I found interesting as I was looking at a new competitor that has a tricky name that sounds like something else that I use and when I went to look at this competitor all of the reviews only had pictures of their website don't have a picture from inside from actually using the tool and I know that's not good so sometimes you see that we think that's what all of it is but it's not real affiliate marketing as we records a few would enlist I could easily do will be recommendations a lot of opinions about movies and TV shows and there's nothing rousing I like this movie here's a link and it happens to be a filling that's really what what you think about what comes if the market would ever world your red it can be anything if you said to me once the stroller that you use and thinking right now I can't remember the exact name but it's a fancy name like good baby that was really cute names L sound so as I can mix it up we have a tiny baby stuff here and all has names like good baby and a son baby and baby chairs and summons as a European birth name of your baby and stuff but I will look at it out filing on Amazon is a this is what I use a note send an affiliate link why should Amazon be only when the buyer is a person of great only when you make money off of me bringing them because it's a recommendation and I certainly can show notes or is it states that the restriction on the world spine but I haven't tried hundreds of other stores we saw when really like we bought it okay I'm not expert in the sense that I've tried hundreds I found yesterday last night speaking of affiliates last night I was playing my PlayStation my son and my wife were sleep is a midnight I hope they very often a city I would try amusement headphones and have used any year but I charge them have special PlayStation headphones to the PlayStation gold headphones recently positions, with the PlayStation had funds and I wanted to know if they were better so I looked online and I found a guy who made a video that was really really really informative actually was amazing is that you had the two headphones explain every little difference a talk about how they sound different for different things he is well if you just play games this is what's going to listen to music here's right here the difference all these things and the question really comes out to other planets were six dollars more than the goal and at the end unders video links to the products that are as affiliate links I have no problem with that she provided me with a great amount of information is very valuable and effective that whole YouTube channel is just about headphones I've never seen anything like it before it's such a small niche how many different headphones to be bye-bye I own set of values over that say that that is do actual headphones are not probably in 20 we have waterproof headphones beats dock off like Asian version beats you have I have work headphones I've had from civilization headphones with a headset I've had funds to work yeah you know as I say there is a message at the height of the market for how he had phoned Leon most my headphones are in the moment purchases I have traveled to Thailand on those ago what I myself is that by two pairs of despair for me in my life just to be safe I learned my lesson about just buy one pair in fact most of my writing to my three because my daughter was once parents are now whoever loves headphones right here but I got it so fascinating that a person could just be headphones and really he's just a videogame engine that almost all about beauty and headphones it's very little about listening to music so fastings reviewed dozens I didn't want always visit with you bunch this morning except that so fast they also supplement video and he was writing what I consider very valuable information she's just explaining differences why this was goodbye that was not good we loves but this week is love about that and it's gold so of course why would I not want to reward him forgive me information he didn't charge me for especially because if you go to most magazines and read a review they don't cover any of the good stuff they don't cover we really want to know how they feel in your head what you not like about them is for everyone most large magazines and newspapers whatever they do review every videogame gets five stars every album gets 4 to 5 stars never seen things terrible or never say this is for certain people I'm reading a detective series right with the active through something in his 50s is really the 70s punk music and in fact what event he likes the band I like… School so instinct is usually detected like gas every detective but usually the detectives like Jess does Detective always has something Detective Oz has something to do really obsessed with on the side now the pop music plays a small role in a really long book it only was one scene that that's passing so she started naming songs so he named a man that I like but he didn't name my favorite song if she likes different what I said this guy knows more about the span the me I seem to been live once it's a lesson I mean it's a pretty well-known manager to punk music is he wouldn't know it but it's great I like when people embed their information and share real stories and lets you connect so when people give real opinions okay to get a little taste on it so whenever you're in whatever you're doing whether you're talking about RVs or you're talking about history there are people that will reward you for sending the new customers you're thinking about becoming an affiliate Mart with earthly principles of course I go to the nitty-gritty have an affiliate blueprint that really was in the detail of all the different steps this just about concept principles the level of the time the I want you think oh is nothing wrong with this and something in my everyday life because here's something else you can do you might be just starting out and you hey I have new falling have a blog, website no ever fall asleep here's what you do day every time you find something you like you create a [email protected] maybe it's the ITA.LI think it's Billy, now and you create a little link at your custom link to that thing whenever anyone asks you that you can just say I'll send you the link on Facebook to the thing I like and that just becomes what you do you send people in real life digital links is actually very very useful in general when people recommend something to the sender the lake with a job and always is assembling a Texans rep's email of the late University will address no just tell it to me because I'll forget that just tells her on the beach strategy making a text to me and we do that you become a real-life affiliate and again you do anything other than similar condition any action making it easier when you tell me the name of something that she feels fellow I got a go Google and figured out I misspell stuff all the time a lot of products have weird names limit something in the day that's a normal word that ends in ER and they got rid of the E at the end such as the ends and are so it's weird if you don't know that many of the center while finding it it's really trendy right after Silicon Valley startups have names that are hard to spell Celica worm and that I spelled like a work because all the domains were taken but it's really doing signing a direct link you can become someone who was initially just a life he recommends that he mentioned stuff you like it's a oh would you buy that car car dealerships to taste never affiliate for car but probably probably someone doesn't whether it's auto trader Carmax use find it just type in the name of the thing and type in the word affiliate you can find someone who will reward you for giving it taste out when you do that you come the point you know can't really reckon these guys is element sleazy and sometimes sometimes I see things I like to recommend I get a closer look and I realize are something we are going is unfortunate not every business out there is worth recommending sometimes you see product you want to recommend and then take a closer look some things that I use I really bad reviews on Amazon now and I don't recommend them anymore by works but maybe I'm an exception because it seemed like 40% of people out there have get a broken unit or the new batch is broken or they update into something doesn't work is I can't recommend anymore I'm using a new on my phone called news affiance my new app for reading news you can tell it on the blog you want to follow and every time if you post them that shows all the new posts and mix them altogether like a the newspaper feels good it does all the things that other tools promise to do and didn't but then to remove ads and make you look better than what three bucks a month which is ridiculous it's way too much I recommend that you post a link to that one because I know that is where they are mostly in the paid version of free version I want to see if I can endure long enough but I don't have to set a recommendation make a pretty nice payment for because he got a few bucks a month a similar taste that everyone but sometimes I use something I don't think it's right for them when it came a motion yet you look up it's news a five mechanism actually post efficiently to that one so we don't post the links to everything and I always tell you something that I don't do hard recommend on or something that I don't use anymore or that I'm not sure if it's perfect another thing that you asked me a lot about lately is click funnels it's common for five conversations last month my friend Russell owns the company started I member we start the liquid funds told that the idea we are working on it a lot of the companies uses a lot of massive companies trust a lot of friends I work with use it a lot of people I really trust and use it like it's it's probably good I don't personally use its I have to tell you that but I am thinking what about theme work in a big project for someone we might use it to take it make it easier for her and that way I'll learn the ins and outs I can give you guys a better recommendation doing something that I tell you exactly Mizell my friends use it I don't use it because I started using different tools before this software came out that's the only reason that I never tried it as I was already using WordPress about 10 other tools combined together before the software was released so is not a particular software to critique and the fact that I don't like the stuff of old ones on the one way I don't tend to learn a new way when you're thinking about the process of recommending stuff anything but finding stuff to recommend you conceal my friends like it here's why that's okay to you can do in-depth reviews I watch reviews and un-boxing videos all the time if you watch YouTube you can type in the wood and boxing and there's so many videos of people opening stuff it's really valuable right now I need to buy a UPS which is a uninterruptible power supply power without you all the time flickers where I live all the time sometimes a power was out this too is in the generator kicks on all those things happen I have my desktop you may disappear for year but have it plugged in almost a year because it will is happens while it's plugged in the desktop will explode that's some supersensitive visit to Mac and you only use one particular type of UPS and are quite expensive I was reading the fines would buy from and executed by one and then I read this thing and it said it does become a power cord, this is a power cord machine according cheating and that's why we watch that's why I watch on boxing videos rice works in the computer company would sell printers all the time will give away a $50 printer for free and EMA $25 for the printer cable those printer cables you can buy on Amazon or eBay for hundred dollar revenue from a factor now you can buy them on Ali Baba are all expressly $0.18 Georgia 25 bucks just ripping people off you and I think a move that's what I first read introduce that mood I never like this gets a lot of angry photos why would you sell me something without the court just do it is printers for the cables not free it's called a trick okay it's on a business trick it's called right on the edge of bait and switch but not quite to the edge where you can sue us dog were just unethical enough that we can trick you to pay more money but not unethical enough you can sue us living in trouble with the SEC that's what it really is okay call a spade a spade is 10 years ago I worked was placed wondering if were large companies in the world so I don't want to say the name that company but it's pretty easy to figure out Bill and Sue around just videos of you opening stuff you buy on Amazon becomes gold other people because they can see what's in there and what's missing we buy stuff from China left I will have access to Amazon right… So a lot of times I order stuff from China directly and it is oftentimes a difference-you're expecting that alone sees value if I can watch you open something and see what size it is that's enough to make like your leg doesn't take huge amounts of no 5000 word review like I do for my reviews just you recording a video when you explain what's in the box can get you money, if you will bill that's very helpful click like and they know I don't hide that I would have actually there I never mass that I was now this is filling the gap by Sega commission I try to be) about this any links are not transparent it's unintentional I just told you what I have a feeling not efficiently explore reference from any notes on link American grimly but unnecessarily but it's free so the really filling you don't have to give up your ethics you don't have to play games you can just be and you have to have the following menu does the honest people give you one simple information that they want my daughter watches videos of people opening toys and playing with them to determine if she wants to buy them we watch a lot of Play-Doh and boxing because there are so many different plate about to do and once in their the big trick with Plato Kitson we I know this because we buy a lot of Plato here I am an expert on getting the max amount of dough for your pennies we have the story here that we order from the online store has about 150 options if you type nothing compared to heaven I will have thousands but each of them and they range in price from six dollars to around $30 in the pictures all look the same in Plato the little tugs the little plastic jar comes in we recall that thing the container they come in about four sizes become a small sigh which I called BS and they come to big size are called normal and this to a between so I've ordered before he opened up his next three or six small ones I met with the but I found for some reason there's a kid and I've been to all okay there's one chick that has 20 colors in their the big size the big sigh since around $14 depend on $0.50 per container for the largest unit I just by his six month supply whenever I am what I want my daughter working I need to entertain her center desk right next to my desk in your new color later with her last I wonder today she's four years old she tends to the straight after day she you know she she's not sophisticated lumber's building really fancy stuff she's causing the circles retention making breakfast ends up on the floor can't reuse it I looked it believe me I looked at making our own I did look at the I look at the online recipe I found on the recipe for making at home and I said no it's certain things that you don't make it home same thing you need there's an open source recipe for Coke become a Coca-Cola homework the only thing is after Windows mass like he has an Breaking Bad during one phase because there's one phase would use a super toxic chemical okay for the principal the process of making home coat has a phase as dangerous as a process making at home that no thanks you know I'm not a big coaching agreement med agent has a phase of like really scary intoxicating outward gloves and the giant gas that I skip over in the Plato I make your own plate was really it's complicated your plate is like a food C have to make it from me or I forget things are we German the bacon is always in steps as a that's too complicated Flatow if you would like way more expensive like five dollars a car for Plato Gabby worth it so then it becomes their ratio time difficult the price of the original thing went there are so many different kids that charge different amounts and some of them they'll have these extra toys and sprinkle toys right away we got the one reported in the person had he pushed a handgun here comes out I love it she liked it for day they killed she got I die with ice machine ice cream shop instead everything is destroyed all that little toy knives that cut it up in the rollers they always disappear after a two or three days I've also bought my.about five Dr. King's choice was to Dr. get sales disappeared does it destroy either when you go to the kids have wagering toys and make them disappear forever I've no idea where Gus we can look and let me never find it so the accessories to me are very valuable now in a couple years which is maybe five or six maybe will be Bible again because that becomes the primary way she plays that rainouts just the colors and so for me I had to do by trial and error to figure out which of these boxes had the best value and only to find that and again part of crime is that here the descriptions are very perfect you get a description and not very clear because I was in transit in two or three times your outflows in the you can't really measure it some have measurements domain a sense I've seen where an exercise bike and a movie DVD both said the same measurements I know why no real life that are the same size I've never seen DVD besides exercise bike and that the time ale and I've also seen well with my couch and then arose at the dollhouse cashier because they don't always have the unit sometimes you think its feet and in this case was centimeters it was like 3 x 5 that's a good size for couch and Linda look like that's a great deal wasn't really crazy like $100 it was a dollhouse catch note for a full size house great deal for dollhouse couch wow that's really expensive it will be cheaper to buy a full-size couch and invent fish and gray all of this right this is to show that for me if you made a video showing you opening different sizes of Plato and I could see what has the right size what comes each chair very valuable to me we do watch those videos unfortunately to see this fish off toys on the sizes so to me want to figure out which one has the right size so that's something you can do again it's very valuable to people to get a towel in the fillet world sometimes is providing people is what you get when you buy it as we all remember the first time he bought a bag of Doritos we opened up arises 40% air that feeling of what are you kidding me I've been misled that goes in a lot of areas of business a lot of businesses thrive on that and it's like how much is really in there you will want to know that right how many chips are in there some videos of these simple things are you showing things that you use in explaining them and why isn't it valuable to people so you don't have to have a massive falling or have any special people will type in the YouTube product in boxing if you only when doing the watch it it becomes very valuable this is where you can dip your toe is on marking world and see that you can get paid just for talk about the stuff you own explaining why you like and what's good about who it's for and what's not really simple stuff and I have a previous episode) break down the principles of how to do a review how to get write an effective review can provide valuable you also see that if you read my grandmother view my paychecks are you can see the flow why go through first and give her the basics he is righteous I don't like is what it costs as my stars and here's why anyone going to here's why even use just live on it's very valuable people love and information because we know more and more major media sources Address right now media in America is the most trusted survey 18% of people trust news pours it all now this is something that I experienced about two years ago there was a big thing in videogames were discovered the people writing reviews of games made by people they were dating and you could tell because one person were really to review a terrible game in all their friends review so only small group of five or seven websites five or seven reports will friends with each other really positive he is doing is that's weird and in the front of the first report was dating a girl and that's why they all really positive reviews and it was discovered that a lot of union websites were getting paid for reviews that the root a negative review of the game that was buying ads in the letter the person get fired and so I had to change and I and I was wondering for lousy every game I'm so sick it's five stars that's not useful to me so now the person I follow the reviews I follow people with very small following because I've discovered larger as a company gets larger the ability to control their message gets smaller and so what he wanted call is an issue of ethics for me it's an issue of your review is not useful to me the website I follow right now I'm iffy on them because I recently read a good review again I think is bad but they write a lot about abuse they do a lot of two stars on four stars and only the occasional foreign after five-star that helps you to trust them because they have a skill that everything was a five star when I review books on Amazon I'll tell you right now I give five stars are nothing if I like a buggy it's five start occasionally I'll do for stock probably 1% of the time that's it okay another to take an author I know what it's like but I do I don't write reviews logically the stars at the end of the Kindle to render this I wish I did but I read a book a day so my reviews are very valuable I would like you to read my review of the term whether I should we say worth reading hours he was a carriage and that's all I really arriving a detailed review I want honesty and because almost all media is owned by three or four companies is there all in business to the other company that owns the newspaper also severely hunger, as these are also the car company up to independent people like you and me to write honest reviews that regular people. So actually there's a lot of talk about concentration and intermittent turning into tractors were people have really small audiences there's much with her predicting that the shift set of people falling big companies to but will fall in people with bonds 100,000 people a bunch of microphones are super targeted and I can see that happening this for me who I follow I keep going I need someone smaller because once it gets to make the advertising dollars become a little overwhelming you have a large website for any business advertisers have the ability to influence you I have seen recently couple of cases where advertisers and websites went to war because the all-knowing reporting the truth will stopping at a few age-old thing because your small you are actually free from that because if he reviews only covering generate $10,000 a month which is a lot of money for you suck big enough for most companies to what I cannot mess with a lot of opportunities out there and is a lot of spaces where honesty is very valuable I have to be honest as you I found the guys headphones video I sent refreshing is that many views you 37,000 views for the most of his videos have better last night huge father needs a $5000 and you I thought this guy is great his reviews are very very very well done and are all done for like his little daggers bedroom units event but it's a small room the information you provide has a little honesty to anyone really understands things the way I do he sees headphones the way I do probably the watch you like as well as what this is very simple a such as Rikers but I don't like here is this what hurts, had hysterectomy is no never talk so that every one of you ever read a review of the car and they said all the seat hurts my back never put any hard drive any of those places right so we have to to get true integrity you one of the smaller people and that's why whatever you want to write about whatever you use whatever your expert on the fact your extra thank you for small following actually increases your trust factor and that's how you jump into affiliate marketing and start making really good money very quickly I can start earning a little bit of money tell your friends how people are just some of the things you know about trust when you opening boxes and trippy what's in there with you, why you stop into its board would stop for you can start to make a really good living understands very simple principles of affiliate marketing thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow [email protected]\serve no master

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Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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