SNM129: Perception vs Reality (All the Power is in Your Hands)

All warfare is based on deception. – Sun Tzu

But all business is based on perception. – Jonathan Green

Control the Story

I feel like it's time that I can start quoting myself, 😉

What people say never matters.

What people HEAR is what really matters.

This about how many times recently people have gotten in trouble for a statement taken out of context.

The statement has no value until it is interpreted by the listener.

In business and life, we too often focus on reality and making sure that we are saying what we mean.

Instead, you need to make sure your audience HEARS what you mean.

Perception is Everything

Every day can be that amazing first day of college.

The day that you show up and get to reinvent yourself.

If you say you are a jock, then you get to be a jock.

If you say you are cool, then you get to be cool.

We have the ability to self-define and you should take advantage of that.

The more you understand about how people react to the universe, the easier it is to control the message.

Island Living

Would you give my message the same weight if I didn't live on a tropical island?

What if I was twenty and living in my mom's basement?

I could speak the exact same words, but nobody would listen.

The messenger is more important than the message in our culture.

If you want to create an audience, then you need to create some mystique.

Act successful and people will treat you like a success…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. All business is based on perception
  2. Mask your desperation
  3. Project success to get paid more

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Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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