SNM073: Make Sales Without Learning Copywriting

Copywriting is really scary.

I've been working with a brand new template and system that I'm going to share with you VERY soon.

I've written a brand new sales letter for Networking Empire that I think is pretty good.

But it took me an entire week just to get a rough draft completed.

It will still need 1-2 more rewrites.

I'll be lucky if it's ready this week.

Copywriting Is Hard

Copywriters get paid the big bucks for a reason.

I know plenty of copywriters that get twenty percent of the gross income of a business.

That's pretty sweet!

They are paid so much because their craft is hard and valuable.

Sales letters and video scripts are a one-way street.

They have to be perfect before you show them to anyone.

The Salesletter Shortcut

For my last offer, I write a webinar and it took me less than two hours to put everything together.

A webinar is a live event.

When you have an audience, it's far easier to tweak and refine your messaging.

As people ask questions and interact, they will show you what is working and what isn't.

Even though talking live can be a little intimidating, it's also the easiest way to create a successful sales message.

As you being to master this craft you can improve your technique and generate those big sales numbers…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Webinars let you start selling fast
  2. The reward is worth the stress of performing live
  3. You can record and reuse them!

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Using webinars to grow your business on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing [email protected]\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online why are you start living your retirement dreams now you've come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house product launches offer thousand two or $3000 missing is really complicated sales pages they can be overwhelming the thought of creating your own 40 minute sales video it's daunting there's an entire science of the structure and it's very very advanced copywriting techniques to create this type of thing and there's product launch formula that I have courses kind of help walk you through this process but sitting down and writing a script creating sales video going through everything testing it has it's very hard and it can be scary one of the ways to bypass the need to create a really great script and to write this artfully brilliant script is webinars on a live webinar to live training session you may be familiar for a little older with the tele-seminars we call into an 800 number and you push different keys on your phone you could listen someone give a talk do all these amazing things other technologies been around the 80s but really webinars with the advent of companies that go to webinar I have become quite prevalent in online market also a lot of corporations are great way to allow bunch people to dial in at the same time and you have large meetings or you have some were so much as presenting on a webinar you can sell a $300 product to people who bought a seven dollar product I see this all the time this is really where I got started I with online marketing is that I would sell a proctor seven dollars getting on to customers and then merely run a webinar to a very expensive product and that's read make most my money this idea that people can only spend certain amounts of money is often misconception what people want to invest is often more than we realize and this is why the really big copies are charging more not because they have more reputation but because they can realize that what people actually pay for different products and services now you have to merely jump to doing expensive products in some my webinars I sell stuff for seven dollars I don't have to sell really expensive things all the time the reason I run webinars is because it's easier for me I find writing long sales letters very difficult as much as I do it it takes me a really really long time to do it's a very time consuming process for me I'm not a very good copywriter I'm okay very analytical so I can create a good structure and I can create something that's all right I can probably create a B or B+ sales letter for anything without too much effort well I think that's what you're writing without too much creativity I mean just by going paint by numbers the way I do things but I can create an A+ webinar pretty easily for me because I much more comfortable speaking on the fly with the webinar all you have to do is prepare some slides and you can prevent 10 or 20 slides cottages cover topics you want to talk about have room for you will ask questions and suddenly yeah this amazing journey of the end you just explain here's what counterpart does his white school here is why think you might like it and then that's it so it's an easier structure to learn but can be very intimidating because of the technology and because it's live so want take you through some of those pieces and understand the technology and understand the benefits why it can be really good for you specially even if you're starting out but I think that for most people those the two scariest parts for most people are the technology and the fact that it's lively people can he make mistakes and you're afraid of getting embarrassed in public so as far as the technology there's a few pieces to it the first question is whether you can do a live webinar or auto webinar no live webinars weirs sitting there talking to people and there listen to you live all around the world and every time you make a mistake it's live and it's really interactive and auto webinar basically re-creates this but it's not actually live often times someone will be there and they think they're experiencing a live webinar will really it's just a recording of whether it done in the past but you're giving people that event experience as a consumer you can tell if you're watching alive or a replay webinar based on experience when you attend enough webinar still be able to start telling you'll be able to go wait a minute this software only does audit webinars I do both I do something live first and then when people want to see the video again later I given that experience and part of it is that you can ask questions and get answers back in when you set up an auto webinar we set up the software you can set up to email you any questions someone asks you can still interact with them in the same way and oftentimes you have an assistant relief and be there live just answer questions were people on the webinar depending how often you run the software so the two main first question is is it can be live or simulated live or fake live webinar and you might think that doing auto webinars a little bit disingenuous that it's better just to play replay but you'll find even though people can usually tell when it's auto webinar you'll still sell way way way way better they can still tell it's not life they can usually sense all this is just a recording when they see there event stuff around of the kind of feeling ill stay longer the listen longer and you'll make more sales so it's much better for your business to an idea of just playing a video on a webpage asked using auto under software you'll do much better with auto address offer that's what it will sell and buy and there's a lot of choices out there as far as live technology this really two big choices there's always two people entering the market and as much as I like to talk about a lot of these are companies the thing I discovered right now no one's really locked down the technology at a level that I feel comfortable totally recommending the two big players right now for live webinars will there's three our go to webinar who I use the second major players webinar Jim and then Google hangouts also does live webinar stuff in for a long time webinar Jim use Google hangouts but I think now they've made their own software urges a lot of problems with Google hangouts they're getting better better but I do I personally don't do them every time I try to deal with high technological problems and that was a few years ago so maybe way better now but your choices are really kind of Google hangout software webinar jam which is quite expensive and go to webinar it's also really offensive go to webinar right now other cheapest packages hundred dollars a month run people through it can be a little bit too expensive webinar Jim I think is like five dollars a year since about half that price and go to Everett charge you by the number of people that can be on an event so if you have more than 100 people on an event you have to go to the next package which to a judgment file to have up to 500 Young 500 I you gotta start you guys been like five dollars a month when you think about the charging you a dollar per officially dollar per attendee but you could host dozens of events per month so if you can get an audience than the price is totally fine because letters are very profitable so making these technological choices to be little overwhelming at first what I personally use is go to webinar and I would certainly recommend I'm trying them out they often have a 30 day trial for different things so you can grab a 30 day trial run a test webinar and see what happens most people way overestimate how visually can put on a webinar I only know two or three who will ever put a thousand people in the weather I don't know if I've ever done over 500 in my entire career so we think we need this really package but often times the only web radicals 25 people when were first starting out and that's okay the majority of your audience two thirds of your audience will actually just watch the replay so anytime you have registrations for your webinar give a thousand people register 300 to 350 will actually show up it's about one third make the actual live event been pretty consistent for the last seven years of my entire career where you get just about one third showing up and this is across industries as and when I know there certain things you can do to raise that number and really fight to get higher but about 1/3 is pretty normal that's pretty standard so if you can get 10 people sign up you get three people to show up it's totally normal time to prepare you for that and just how is the statement having times you sign up for live events maybe even sign up for one of my webinars and the not been able to make it life happens you have things going on some PIP people sign up because they want to go in the right they can attend it's very normal that's why auto webinars have come more more popular-dabbling with all of us for about five or six years because they allow you to run the same thing over and over again and to run the event at a time that's good for your audience so if I'm running an event at 7 PM Eastern live I green on webinar that runs at 7 PM local so whatever your time zone is a chosen 7 PM your time really amazing technology and it's really valuable down your choosing auto webinar software there's a couple of solutions out there there's ever a webinar there's ever evergreen business systems there is webinar ninja this webinar technician is a bunch of different platforms now with auto other software I really can't make a hard recommendation because everything a platform has people who just hate it there's also stealth seminars and all of them have different price ranges what I really recommend this finding something that's what you can afford right now I'm dabbling with webinar ignition again which is a one time by it happens to be my company that I work with a lot of other stuff and hopefully they'll release an update in the next year but depending on the stuff we work with it can be harder and harder for webinar ignition for example I have to create an MP4 version of my video which is no problem but also.W EVM web and web mobile version and when Angel discovered that almost nothing generates that version of video anymore that style of video is very hard to find a converter poses testing a new converter last night she run into these technological challenges the little hurdles you have to go over and this is why all make a webinar blueprint in the private auto and replicant walking to the software but I have used these recognition use use evergreen business systems are to altarpiece technology Evergreen business and in sounding were now the neighbor place with every webinar which is like five dollars a year again it's really expensive to jump into until you're sure there gonna do a lot with it so before I jump I like to start with something flat fee and there's a couple of cool options out there but right now there's not one I'm totally in love with I'm just testing things and that's why I just have an old weathering mission license that's one testing now and right now on my webinars platform rather than jump and invest money in another platform I want to see if this was you to the basic things I wanted to integrate basic things with your webinar you kinda go through a few pieces of technology the first step is getting people to register we have assigned a page and on the Senate page what's great is you can use leave pages or you can use Thrive themes and you can make a really custom really cool looking page they go to heaven our standard webinar attrition page it looks like garbage they haven't change the design a long time and is not a lot you can do with it it's very much corporate most people who use go to webinar most of their use is actually corporations doing internal training so they don't need the page to be fancy evidence of departments to sign up for it and set up their attendance links they don't need anything fancy so to build something fancy you can integrate and that's really great most software solutions will integrate with go to webinar and you just do a connection takes a two minutes to set up and then you can make a really nice looking page that's what I like to do if you been I want my wet live webcast recently I often use Thrive theme Street landing pages I do think that the lead pages webinar landing pages look better and I may create re-create some of this designs myself as some five themes templates which when I do I'll give away your most Rinne great lots and lots of stuff to give away and that's when things I'm thinking about is more templates to give away so those are some of the things kind of that are swirling my idea but you startup you have the pager people sign up and then of course they go through a sequence to get a couple of emails reminding them about the event is coming up then when they go to join there's the before the webinar starts page which says I know you ever will begin shortly and then there's the live event page the fourth thing people see is the replay so sometimes he will miss her something he will watch again and they see a replay with a live event you have to create the replay page all yourself and the replay page will have like a head landing at the video playing and you have buy button if you're selling something if you're doing it on a webinar set up you sent all the stuff in advance the reason people sometimes get attended by auto webinars is yet to set up all of the stuff in advance of the sentiment on a webinar to take couple of hours to be completely honest with you I'm setting up a new one in webinar ignition right now and if you take me a little while probably to take me three or four hours to set up this auto webinar if you can do a lot of different things we have to use with most these platforms with most auto reply objectives there look their design for the landing page there is either everything you have to basically fill in all these questions is just a big list of questions compared to doing it all by yourself and setting up replay pages all this other technology thinks it's actually really really good it's really great and thrive themes as well has a set up where you can make your own auto webinars if you want to try your very first auto webinar I'll post a link to it below this blog post and on the show notes for this episode thrive themes has an entire set up where you can actually use just a couple of webpage templates and run your own webinar looks like a live on a webinar it's actually pretty good so until you're gonna it's one level below what I'm doing with webinar ignition but for your very first try actually really recommend it now the reason I like to do a live webinar first is that my web there is a very interactive exhibit a call with me my webinars are probably 30 to 40% my original content and the rest is answering questions and that's something that's really dynamic you'll discover if you have a really good and well engaged audience that's lots and lots of questions you end up going in directions you didn't expect it's just like that old saying from the Prussian general no plan survives first contact with the enemy and no webinar survives the first question you end up with people asking different questions pushing in different directions and I like that I like having a heavily interactive webinar and that's really good that's why if you just record video and then posted is a webinar won't feel the same it will feel little bit to stiff part of it is that on every live webinar I've ever done if made mistakes so one of your fears is that you'll make a technological mistake you will have something daunting by doing it live and what you'll discover and this most amazing thing is the more mistakes you make in a live webinar the better you'll do if you look the wrong webpage if you're in it freezes if you have these different things happen push the wrong button people see that it's real and that's really good that's actually better for you so the worry that you're being that you will be polished up is actually backwards when you're too polished that's when I webinar sales go down it's to smooth people start to think this is real it doesn't feel real it feels a little bit too much like a pseudo-demo and that loses engagement people want to feel like to have a real connection whenever platform your choosing in a non-bouncing around a little bit the structure of the web in a writing letter itself can be a little bit overwhelming have a couple blog post right talk about writing your first webinar but the structure is really simple teach something sell something answer questions 1 to 3 and depending upon how you structure your webinar you might do for 40 or 50 minutes of teaching 10 or 20 mitts of selling and then question answered over time that's a lot of people do super standard formula they want to give lots and lots of value up front or get people excited now the first part I apologize if you're noticing that massive rainstorm that just hit in the background can also be a demonstration of something if you have a really cool piece of software you're doing something really exciting you to show how awesome something is look how amazing the software is look at all the crazy things I can do with a look at this book that looked this when you love you will do something like this to in your business those are very very very effective as well the demonstration the building up the hype and then you lead into the pocket would get so excited by the time you set want to sell the product are ready for it so you can also do the demonstration get people excited style build up the hype I prefer to do a shorter first part my first part of my webinars tends to be 10 to 20 minutes I want to teach people one cool technique I will teach you one cool technical one really think as you remember it then I'll mention from selling something 510 minutes not very long and I go to Q&A my Q&A tends to take up most of the time and I like my question answer to be within that one hour block because then people can really get what they want I don't want people to be on the phone called me for two hours I hate that I know whether there's a go three and four hours and some of them do very well financially but man what an epic event like just dragging it out and keep you were there for so long I want to give as much value as possible other other things you can do along the way to increase your numbers when you want to increase each phase of a webinar you added a free gift so let's say you want people to register for your weather and much is your offer them the free training if you offer them an immediate download that download will then become a second reason and that can become the first think so for example let's say you're doing a webinar on how to learn the special type of yoga and at the end of your and so really cool yoga course you can give away a free PDF hey sign up for this plentiful yoga webinar as soon as you sign up on any given instant download of a really simple morning wake-up routine edges pictures of you going through seven or 10 poses I know yoga is becoming one of my more common threads lately and when Mike work on examples that's for two reasons one it's a really great example of very profitable industry online I know because I buy a lot of your products online and number two were doing more and more young in my family that right now my reference actually up early doing a morning yoga session while recording this just inside and I'm outside so it's something more prevalent and also to something that I'm more aware but it's also just a great example to give away this very simple five or 10 pictures you know maybe it's a 10 or 20 page PDF just photos of you walking through a series of poses that can be their morning routine like a morning wake-up your retainer something like that very simple not high-value Kate Sauer thousand dollars but it's certainly worth so edema address or someone opting in adjoining for your webinar so that's the first place now we did mention very much before but the thank you page after webinars and additional fifth page we can do a lot to improve your numbers again you have a thank you here's where you downloaded click this link to add it to your calendar you can do a lot of technology on thank you pages and usually for me creating the opt in page takes one or two hours far as writing a copy make me deserve in the thank you page can take twice as long because you're creating a free gift you're making all these different buttons work you make you look really really well and again we pages has some amazing thank you page themes I haven't seen and thrive themes a great thank you page template yet so again that might be something I add to my list of things that I make but it's just these are some the things that I'm working on as developing and converting templates myself I use both platforms and there are some really good thank you page templates in the pages so the thank you page not only do you give them the download you can also have the calendar buttons and you also on top that have a bunch of social media share button you can say share this a bunch of times unlock a second bonus if you're going all out you can say hey share this on social media two times and give you the second download which is my something else you know maybe it's my evening retainer my cooldown nighttime retainer before I go to bed routine so they burn more calories while sleeping routine so the every time you want to do stuff you give a second more than people come and attend the web and I want to show up you remind him have the webinar give way something amazing anyway prize you can run a contest at the end of webinar or you can simply say I will get something by staying to the end at the end of your webinar then you give away something at some my webinars to give away copies of my Amazon books things like that to give away something it's worth like from your seven to $10 band you give away a decent prize for your webinar this is for people to stay till the end don't give way something at the beginning webinar you don't want to reward people just for showing up because all show up take the gift in logoff and you haven't been any value we wanted to essentially eliminate thanks you for showing up your time survival I'm you give you free download at the end of the session this will encourage people to stay to the end and make sure they stay through healing here your actual sales message this is kind of like what they do at timeshares with a sales Dave sit to this presentation and then you get three day vacation you play golf or two or three days here that type of stuff so you're giving a reward and exchange them listen to your message each phase as you want to increase your numbers want to bump up that 30% giveaway more free gifts when increase how he will sign up give away free gifts what I recommend is you create your first structure of your webinar you for your first webinar if you email me I'll take a look at your webinar set up of course I always do that I love getting emails then add in other free stuff to increase your conversions each phase Cedar not to do that initially this is a very simple rough outline of cognitive the entire webinar process and some different technology choices I do recommend when you're first starting out try to do some live ones can be hard if you can't get 10 people leased on the cardiac any questions is he a certain number of people to generate enough questions to cut have some livelihood that's kind of where the experiences but once you get some expense what you start trying it out 10 people's more than enough you to webinar 10 or 20 people you can still make money you can still do okay you don't need to have 100,000 people at all I know plenty of people to do whether swaps with 30 or 40 people on the call this is some really cool things you can do some things you do there were effective they can help you to write a sales message without having to learn copywriting or feeling overwhelmed and even as you start you whether you can say guys I don't do a live live presentation so please forgive me if I don't sound fancy when you say something like that will give you even more opportunity in the sale the surf of the system is not a fancy talker but I would hear the message you can get over all these humps and you'll discover this is one of the easiest ways to create a sales message far far easier than the path of becoming a copywriter you just begin by speaking from the heart sharing stuff you think is valuable and you'll get better better over time is also a great way to get better copywriting as you get more experience and see what people respond to them what people don't and as you get more sophisticated will talk with us were down the line you can track when people are interested in what people get bored when people are listening and when people hang up and figure out which parts your message is strong and which parts of your message a week so I'm really excited to share this message with you hopefully you're as excited as I am about finding a new way to reach your audience find a way to be interactive and also finding a way to create sales messages much much quicker that's the power of adding webinars to your business thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the servo master podcast join me on my Facebook [email protected]\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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