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SNM058: 7 Steps to Creating a Great Review

Writing reviews and creating review videos is one of the fastest ways to make money online.  You don’t need a following, a website or any experience.

So many reviews online are pure garbage.  There is a great opportunity if you use the products you review.

Most reviews have no structure, no organization and they come across as dishonest.

Most reviews never mention any flaws in the product and seem wholly focused on getting that affiliate sale.

There are certain products online that I know are terrible.  These products tend to offer the highest commissions, and if you search for reviews of these products, you won’t find a single negative one.  Many bloggers are selling our their integrity for a quick payday.

Keep it Professional When Writing a Review

A solid review will have images of the product that you have taken; nobody trusts screenshots from the company’s website.

There should be stars and icons and sections covering each aspect of the product.

Don’t cut corners in your reviews.  The more examples of you using the product, demonstrating the features and even coming up with original uses for the product the better.

Your goal is to give as much value as possible to your audience.

Keep it Personal

Why do you use this product in your life?  Instead of trying to sound objective, be yourself when writing a review.

How has this product or service improved your life?

The more your audience connects with you; the more likely they are to click on your link.

Make Money by Writing a Review

If you follow the system and the seven steps discussed in today’s episode, your reviews will become successful.  You will notice that you fly up the rankings in search engines and that people buy from you.

Like anything else, there is a right and a wrong way to do this.

Writing a review with integrity will generate more revenue than selling out for a product you don’t believe in.

Key Points:

  1. Write the best review you can
  2. Stick to things that you use and believe in
  3. Maintain your credibility

Resources Mentioned:

Authority Hacker Blog Post

Grammarly Review

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

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