SNM058: 7 Steps to Creating a Great Review

Writing reviews and creating review videos is one of the fastest ways to make money online.  You don’t need a following, a website or any experience.

So many reviews online are pure garbage.  There is a great opportunity if you use the products you review.

Most reviews have no structure, no organization and they come across as dishonest.

Most reviews never mention any flaws in the product and seem wholly focused on getting that affiliate sale.

There are certain products online that I know are terrible.  These products tend to offer the highest commissions, and if you search for reviews of these products, you won’t find a single negative one.  Many bloggers are selling our their integrity for a quick payday.

Keep it Professional When Writing a Review

A solid review will have images of the product that you have taken; nobody trusts screenshots from the company’s website.

There should be stars and icons and sections covering each aspect of the product.

Don’t cut corners in your reviews.  The more examples of you using the product, demonstrating the features and even coming up with original uses for the product the better.

Your goal is to give as much value as possible to your audience.

Keep it Personal

Why do you use this product in your life?  Instead of trying to sound objective, be yourself when writing a review.

How has this product or service improved your life?

The more your audience connects with you; the more likely they are to click on your link.

Make Money by Writing a Review

If you follow the system and the seven steps discussed in today’s episode, your reviews will become successful.  You will notice that you fly up the rankings in search engines and that people buy from you.

Like anything else, there is a right and a wrong way to do this.

Writing a review with integrity will generate more revenue than selling out for a product you don’t believe in.

Key Points:

  1. Write the best review you can
  2. Stick to things that you use and believe in
  3. Maintain your credibility

Resources Mentioned:

Authority Hacker Blog Post

Grammarly Review

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Seven steps to creating a great review on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by SCM rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all find out how messy and rust can help you compete with the big boys go to Servo\SCM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online prior you to start living in retirement dreams now then you've come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house quickest ways to start making money affiliate is by writing creating reviews for products that have a really nice affiliate programs and their certain products out there that are simply amazing whatever industry are and there are the gold standard or the product use and believe in certain products that I talk about a lot Drive themes grandma really convert kit I talk about for two main reasons one the phenomenal products that use just last week I finally transition my prior website to thrive things I couldn't be happier it took me an entire month of work but it's was really really really important to me and talking about the product come so naturally when it's something you use and believe in the other great thing about these products is that wonderful affiliate commissions so not only do I recommend things I believe and I also get paid a little bit now that everything I talk I recommend the Philly commission unfortunately scrivener have talked to dozens people to buy experiment doesn't have a program the program so cheap it's almost not worth it most the time you get on sale $40 normally and usually you can get it for anywhere from 20 to 32 depending upon which promotion is running with was a discount so not a lot of money in there for them to share anyways that's a great product so I recommend it but it's really great to get paid for something you can recommend anyways and when you're just starting out if you have no blog no website no following you can still make money as an affiliate following this very simple formula and we talked couple episodes ago about large jacket which is the idea of creating review and adding bonuses before product comes out as a very powerful technique it can be very profitable but I prefer two go really in-depth interviews I all the time reviews probably every two or three days just last night I was thinking about my new deck chair for my desk office chairs are crazy expensive I think an office chair I think of something like 100 or hundred and $50 little bit of money but it's something to sit on all the time and top on this one review article to talk to her talk mother 12 budget dollars on the wall that's 10 shares to me so expensive so I started looking like number two and number three and where I live as you know it's very hard to get stuff so I have this chair that was on the list of the seven best chairs I was like wow that's amazing because my chair I bought it it was the only chair on this website that seemed half decent it was like the only option I didn't choose amongst many many other options for doing more research I discovered this branch is very popular unfortunately mine is wearing out only had four a year or less but part of the seat is wearing out where my leg my thighs rub against the front of the chair the leather start nowhere off little bit I think it's because the chairs are really designed for how you is like a videogame chair they say I do know because it's office chair but I was reading all these reviews not to go to far up the subject chasing the rabbit about new game chairs offers officers but we all be reviews all the time we talk about reviews all the time how poor they are Amazon in these principles understand the structure of a great review can really make a difference sometimes I look up a product and thinking about buying something and there is no good review to read wide open space in writing reviews and honestly as proximal people are talking about so I want to take you through the structure of a review in today's episode so you can then write your own reviews that you can use the structure in multiple ways a lot of this comes from a great article I from the authority hacker website a post a link love this podcast episode and you can see there a more detailed analysis but there really seven simple steps the first is having a summary box at the top a lot of bloggers we go right into writing a really long review and in fact if you see the original version of my gravelly review which I originally didn't have a summary box and it's a very long review it's almost half the length of one of my books so people sometimes just want to look and go to like it or don't like it and thinking about this them I read a lot of your game reviews and I want to know before I dive in did they love it or hate it I don't want to read 30 paragraphs to find the book in the the game is terrible so having summary box at the top where you list some key information you give a star rating on house the price how what is the product work how easy is it to use a couple things like that quick summary that's two or three sentences should be inside of your summary box also to have lots of stars and then when you're doing pros and cons due to columns of the lector pros on the right your cons like a green icon in the red icon that we can look and say this is what I like and this is what I don't like Eddie and Eddie have a summary box you can really look at any good review after the concert look my grandly review and a couple other reviews I have coming out the summary box really helps people to know very quickly if you're recommending or not recommending something the second key to great review is empathy sometimes when writing a review we want to be objective and want to sound like were very professional and so we write a review in the third person writing very distant almost like were robot so that it seems like this is a totally unbiased review people want to connect they one of who you are and why you like some thing or why you you something in my family review I start off talking about how I'm a writer and I never thought I would need to hire or pay for spellcheck software it seems ridiculous seems crazy to me even now the fact I recommend it sounds crazy but what I think about how much content I run through Grambling amazing I've already run through almost 2 million words last two months and greatly I just pump everything through every email I write every blog post I write all the notes for every podcast every book I work on consulate work and stuff to grandma in fact have a backlog every book ever written trying to push to Grambling and then release a new version is new edit some always doing that stuff when you start off your review start by talking about who you are and why you thought about this product why interested you and how it affects you the more of you you injected the beginning you review the more people connect with it they want to know that it's a real person that feeling is very valuable one thing I hate is looking at a review and I can tell the person's never read the product and it's really generic review and they're just trying to push their filling with not giving any value first see we write a great review people will want to use your affiliate link because your information so valuable this is why I only reprice a real user having depth I was thinking about my friend has a lunch coming up this week for very interesting product called funnel spy and what allows you to do is go to someone's website we have about your products for sale and analyze and see their sales process and see what their funnel looks like I thought this is amazing this is something I would love to promote because I want to use it I think it's very valuable I'm always looking at reverse engineering funnels in understanding the science that other people are using but usually to analyze the folly of to buy someone's entire product by other products assisted followed done that before so from this very interesting and I said to him I'd love to prior product I gotta get a review copy and so brought comes out in four days I'm have to spend at least couple hours today really kicking the tires on this thing and seeing if it works seeing if it does what I want it to do if it does then to very easy for me to write a solid review of it and that's what all doable without access to the product I wouldn't promote it it's too hard to pretend a lot of marketers do that they recommend a product they are no works or not and then when it doesn't work they get burned that happened to me once a long time ago I learned my lesson once you get past empathy where you connect with your audience telling the story but you you want to talk with who the product is for not every product is for every person Graham really has a pro and a free version and for most people the free version is all they need breaks my heart to have to say that but the truth is nine and presented… Podcast the free version meets every single need you have you never need to upgrade worry about the professional features the plagiarism features and the kind of advanced language features like tone if using were too much and wrecked many metaphors you don't need those features you just need something to check if your grammar and spelling has mistakes not to try to improve the quality of your writing it hurts me to say that but it's the truth grimly works really really well for people that are making money from their blog or making money from books that it makes sense to use a pay tool because you want to Karen and X level but in time making money doesn't make sense it's not a necessary investment so be honest on who it's for is much better we when there's an affiliate commission will be getting paid at the end of the review it's there's a temptation there's a temptation to focus on the prophet which means we want every single person record reads our review to eventually buy the product that's not what you want because you'll turn off so many people instead say peers who this is for peers who it's not for whatever market rent there's this really cool yoga program that I mention in breaking orbit and only I only mention because it popped onto my radar site you have a woman's listing of offers for my Newmont's my new mom last 10 my girlfriends ruined yoga now that I've been yoga for think it's really great is a really great yoga program but it's at the ladies of the prior not all most of the programs are from anyone of this one specifically target women and so the program is designed based on women's bodies and different skeletons or whatever so stretches are low but different I guess but either way it's all the markings purely for women so if I reviewed that product that this is for everyone and all the guys who read that and then went to proctor this is where the tougher guys and it would hurt my credibility would lower my sales is there to be honest but who would support what's not for there are certain products that are for everyone and theirs are products that aren't most products are only for small group of people and the more you say who this is one who it's not who this product meets the more you build trust and you actually sell more because you're actually selling to the right people people be happy with the purchase the next part is going from the pre-cell and the product introductions you start saying this product is awesome and solves these problems it fixes the scrubs if you problems with your spelling or if you got a negative review for your grammar on Amazon then you have to check out this product here's what's so great about it and then go introducing grandma Lee that's how you introduce the product for example if I was talking the convert kit I would say if you're struggling to organize your emails if you want to Brower real business with long-term strategy if you are unhappy with your email is now that you're afraid to move because you're gonna lose so many of your followers here's my convert is amazing convert is the best product is the most amazing automation and lets you move over your entire list no questions asked hassle you about moving your list over very easy wonderful feature such a lifesaver that's how go to my presale in the Progeny duck change talk a little about the product what it does with so great about it in the next step as your talk what features and benefits you want case studies my grandmother view I talked about how it's really great for plagiarism checking it's really great for checking different things each time I should have screenshots of me running a test the other way of doing that is to talk about a specific story I did this and this happens those types of elements are very valuable the more you can have an interesting story as part of your view the better and case studies are very valuable and there so many features in any different product so if I was doing I thrive themes review and I certainly be putting out a new more extensive one in the very future I would talk about each different really amazing feature and now tell a story of my friend runs a really big campaign and he just wants to product by teaching children to read and here's a test that he ran up dry themes automatically that helped boost how much money he makes out talk with that feature in summary specifically did or someone else but an opt in or how increased the number of conversions I guitar how I switch my website and thrive themes the website became faster rent quicker smoother in a better experience I can talk about real stories that's more interesting than just say threatens is very fast that's one way of saying `bright themes but at my website here's the two tests more interesting also in step six what to list alternatives you can say these are similar products so for grandma link there are a couple of similar products I talk about Hemingway sometimes which isn't a bull competitor having a really just checks to see if your boring or wordy your sentences are too long for no reason but there are some other products out there that are similar Grambling and so I would recommend them or talk about them or why I like or don't like those of the products there's always a competitor and you can say this is what's going to bat for Thrive themes I can say some of the competitors or similar products would be the pages optimize press to and deviate from elegant themes so or I could even make direct mention Genesis the now each of those a bunch of other things it comes with all these other really advanced plug-ins and that's why it's my favorite ones delete pages really good for squeeze pages I've read presses and okay templates for very long time and slow down my website had some really good has similar template design so you talk to each of you think Debbie is really amazing elegant themes it's a really cool page bill that I found it very difficult actually struggled what I try to use my friend owns it has had a semi-copies and when he tried out it was too hard for me that's why I turned in the drive team so you can talk what alternatives and what you like and don't like about a handle some of the things drive themes does thing but try things that does times alternates are good Genesis theme is a good alternative theme because it's a lot cheaper than drive seems it's more affordable for some people and is very good and I used Genesis thing from my author pending websites some key elements you want have interspersed throughout the entire review to make it really valuable and to help your audience really connect with it the first is the one have a lot of images my grandma they review has an insane number of images lots and lots of screenshots the number one giveaway that someone didn't really use the product they're reviewing is that there's no screenshots I'm thinking right now about my drive seems review and this to speed test and I'm wondering if I still have a screenshot of what a mild speed test from the previous designs I can compare the fast and the slope is people want to see that I want to see the before and after these little elements are really important some thinking about those in the more images you have that you actually took actual screenshots not images you described of Google the better that shows people that you really used it and they get to feel like they're coming with you on a journey they trust you Mark US what have icons specially that summary box to the top have icons for each of your different categories have little icon for your price how may stars at a price that's really expensive have need stars to have our night you would have an icon or e.g. different stars maybe have a section called like ease-of-use or support all these different categories of important people I have it is this product in different areas anyone have little icons the more icons you have more professional appeals are at the page additionally you want to divide up your review of the subsections if you look at the grandmother review you can actually go to each different H2 tag each different little header section in the toddler's table contents you can click and go to whichever section you want she could really move on the article quite easily sometimes people go I'm interested in this product but am only interested in one features they want to read your review of that feature that happens to me all the time when I was looking at upgrading screen flow and I use screen flow five haven't upgraded six and wait a year and you waited a year and have to upgrade and I was looking yesterday at six and has all bad reviews on the app store so I haven't upgraded six I probably won't for long time I was looking for specific feature and only one review mentioned it very deep into her view and mentioned batch export for me batch processes are very important it's the same reason I just updated Dragon I have dated to Dragon tickets on version 6 now or something I'm not sure but they just released a new version last month and it has batch exporting so when I record this podcast episode I then what have the final MP3 version the file file I get back from the audio editor I am meeting put into Dragon I click a button and it converts it creates a document that has a transcript is not perfect but it's pretty close in that way instead of spending a huge amount of money I can quickly generate an okay transcript and add it to the patron will open it up and get a rough idea of what I'm saying it's not perfect but it does have what I said roughly 90 to 95% accurate it's pretty good the same thing with screen flow I found both of these and little reviews so I wanted to look for very specific feature because when I make a video course instead of having to record an episode export record episode export export for some videos takes 40 minutes it's a munch of downtime to mess up my float now instead with screens of five I record all 12 episodes are all 12 videos for course etiquette hit export angle leave and come back and it's done it's much better workflow for me and it's very much increase my productivity makes you feel very comfortable my product creation it doesn't take me three days now taking one day so really speeds up the process I found that by reading a review C1 have these subsections to make it easy make sure of course again that you have stars you can add in Rich snippets plug-in as well like put stars to the wind when your review appears in the Google listing stars appear under it but you also want to have stars on the actual page so my reviews there's three sections for stars and others depending on the product it could be such a good as a customer service how good is the pricing how usable is the product user-friendly is it different things like that in your different categories give them stars or maybe just one overall star rating it's very very important and then when you're comparing pros and cons pluses and minuses make sure you have two side-by-side columns all of these elements very valuable and one of the things that I'm a big fan of and that I added to my reviews that you will find other people talking about it I really like custom images it helps people to take a product seriously when they can see a picture that looks like a software box or a picture that looks like a book in 3D if it's a book these 3D images help to massively increase conversion all of my products anything you buy from you has a 3D image whether it looks like a magazine or looks like a set of DVDs that little image makes it feel real and when I'm buying products they look for the same thing so I have tons of studies confirm it but a lot of products they don't have their own 3D shots of the three shots are terrible so I create my own custom shots for couple of reasons the first reason is it increases sales the second reason is it makes people feel more excited on the part makes it feel more real to them and get more engaged in the review also gives a better experience to the reader the third reason is Google image search if I create an original image has the product name more likely to appear at the very top of Google image search results than anything else if you have the same image as everyone else if you just using their logo their product banner your link will not appear at the top of the Google search results having unique images taken the time to create your own 3D images robot shots taking on screenshots and given them all names and alternative names alternative tags the cut of master product to match your keywords will make a really big difference these key elements help you with both SCO giving a high-quality review engaging readers and also getting a sale at the end if you believe in the product another thing that's very valuable that not everyone else does in the sky can separate itself is create a really valuable bonus I mentioned this in the lunch tycoon I was about want to mention it again for any product I recommend I always want to give people more value even though giving a review and really analyzing your product is a way of giving some value helping to make the right decision I always want to find more more ways to increasing stylus give to this episode always serve no matter what is really find you and will be really hot bonus to give the size head over my feelings are of headmaster not a communist or high/high how much might I don't want to give you a special thanks some people do bonus shopping anyways and so I'm designing couple of cool bonuses for my Thrive themes review I'm designing some really amazing template so you'll be able to design a membership site looks just like mine in a matter of seconds you'll be able to use a really amazing squeeze page templates writings is amazing and they have some great templates but there not a lot of templates out there right now there's only one third-party set of templates that are very expensive and the not that good to be honest I guess you create better ones on the north gray veterans and sent some designs to design I work with is really good program with our themes and I can send this file you just click upload if you develop engines and some you have really amazing pages so actually increases the value of the product and I wanted to create some the increases value now what I recommend convert kits on the I been working on that is going to lingerie this podcast and gives way seven writer was to email you I mean is Amazon's hands and having value personal attorney and cut into how best-selling relations there is window partially marked my list thousand dollars in prizes there's good surgical National Guard, about half/type, there's the how to sell product sequence how to get a review sequence a couple things like that to put together to get like 20 or 30 templates to be very valuable when you're setting up your first campaigns NM might also include some training videos to walk you through setting converting all the cool things it can do that might also be really really helpful originally I was just gonna do I training on how to use it but I thought that's not that great it's okay so I always think what can I do that goes beyond whatever else does another product that I'm falling in love with right now is affinity photo for so long I've been using Photoshop and I hate that I talk about Photoshop and show so many demonstrations of push-ups I know those who can afford it it's so expensive Photoshop when I bought as part of product suite if you paid full price with $1400 fortunately I was able to get student teacher edition square, Masters of the time though still like Borja and 5600 on thing was $600 but now you have to pay just Photoshop $30 a month is expensive it's so expensive and I've always felt bad about showing a product that I know most people can't afford I am very lucky that I bought and have a deal forever price or whatever so affinity photos been on my radar for Wadman mentioning it probably falls couple months ever since serve the master cam I've always been recommending as an alternative to Photoshop I started using lately and honestly it's a superior product it's amazing to me the product is only $50 which is not so much cheaper for six weeks of Photoshop get a lifetime of any photo and I originally thought about as a bonus I would give away like some training videos by going to their training section pretty good only problem is it doesn't really cover the stuff that I do in the order that I do it so will have a big section on really advanced stuff and then it buried in I codify the little things the things I do the most I have an edit photos I edit graphics exhibiting a picture that I took of someone that I'm editing a really edit something I want to look like a book cover some adding attacks to the top or I want to make a banner some all about filling in a color copping a color from here moving it over there that type work like working cartoons so I'm trying to think of a really valuable bonus to create so that people go through my link and decide to buy the affinity photo get an additional value is actually an amazing product and using all the time more and more I'm trying to get to the point where I don't open Photoshop at all anymore so each someone open Photoshop and the weight how can I learn to do this in affinity and slowly slowly I am moving over and the problem is that Phineas so intuitive I'm kind have to unlearn all these bad habits idling from Photoshop as Photoshop does a lot of stuff in a way that's too hard I wish I could really describe wife and he photos easier to use I was try to express my friend the day is hard to explain real values that just as good as Photoshop cost 50 bucks that's the best two values the third thing that's actually better easier Lawrence more intuitive their training leaders are organized very well unfortunately Ms. we just have a big website with hundred videos on the page and in order it's not the most well structure may start watching you get a lot of value so even as I am thinking what product seller viewer talk about I always want to think of ways to give people more value I always want to give more value than anyone else so that I get not only the people that just want to read a review but people are out there bonus seeking the other element is the coupon market if you can write a review product and there is a special coupon you and people do this all the time every time about the byproduct if on the checkout form it says do you have a coupon code I mean the top of the Google type run improve Cuba code like everyone else you can get coupons that are tied specifically is SCO Pro lab become it is messy up if you use my coupon code serve the master you get a 10% discount why would music say 10% I get marked as the affiliate it's a win-win for both of us a people also search for coupon so if you're in your review you can attack those keywords people type in the most the product name part name plus review prior name plus bonus and prodding plus coupon those are very common searches for any term now again you don't have to have a strong presence or any fault if you write a good review put on your blog it's very eloquent it will start moving up the rankings if you want to follow this formula and create a video review you have the same experience you can do very well and have a popular review on YouTube for certain products I watch the video reviews I was watching him and was watching video views two days ago prior yes just watching a bunch of video training sometimes you're watching you just want to see them do one little thing to make sure the product can do it so video views can be very valuable because Cubans watch a real-time watching using the tool explain what different things are it's very very valuable so these different elements can be great and throughout your review if you do a blog and a video you can have the video inside your blog are different pieces the video you can integrate the two things very well but without any website with no money for hosting with nothing else you can record a video just your WebCam or even know I can just record your screen using cam studio which is free screen recording software and you just use the microphone built in your computer and can make a rough recording what are the YouTube and you can generate real revenue so this is a way to make money with no assets and is one the quickest ways to start generating amazing revenue and those of the seven steps to creating a great thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast head over to Servo\podcasts right now to find out how you can win a free copy of my brand-new book

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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