Grab the best tools and resources that every entrepreneur needs.

This page is a collection of the tools that I use now…or used when I was starting out. Every single one of these tools has been a part of my success and I believe that they can help you as well. Some of these links are affiliate links. That means that I get a commission if you decide to purchase. Nonetheless, I already own every single one of these tools and they are here because I believe in them.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way with the technology I’ve used and I want to help you avoid spending money on the wrong products…let alone the months of effort it’s taken me to fix and improve my toolset.

Make sure each tool fits your current needs and don’t buy anything if it won’t bring you closer to your goals.

Become A Bestselling Author


Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is the ultimate and unstoppable Amazon keyword and category research tool. I use this tool every single day to research keywords for Amazon books, notebooks, coloring books and puzzle books. I can’t believe Dave is still selling this for a one-time price instead of a subscription.



Descript is my number one transciption tool. I’ve run 1000s of hours of content through it and it’s worth every penny. The accuracy and pricing is unmatched. If you run a podcast, this tool is going to blow your mind. If you forgot to say a word, you can type it in and it will add in your voice. Simply amazing for anything audio.



I use Scrivener to write EVERYTHING in my business. I have been using this since 2016 and I simply can’t imagine going back to traditional long form writing. The price is way too low for how much value I get from this program. If you write blog posts, articles, emails or sales letters…you need Scrivener in your toolkit.


Hemingway Editor

Hemingway was the first big author to write books using words that regular people could understand. This free tool will check the reading level of your content and make sure your writing is accessible to the masses.



Every single word I write controls my family’s income, and Grammarly has massively changed the game. I write faster, make fewer mistakes, and can save money on editing costs. This tool is a crucial step in my writing process and one of the foundations of my workflow. I recommend the free level.



ProWritingAid is a powerful editor that shows you your style issues and recommends alternatives, almost like having a writing mentor over your shoulder. If you are going to invest in an editor, then I recommend the lifetime license (it’s what I have). It’s the best value of any editing software.

Build Your Website



Namecheap is the best place to buy domains. I’ve been using them since 2007 and it’s been an amazing journey. Buy your domains here and then choose a hose from below.



I host all my secondary websites with Bluehost. All of my employees have their emails through Bluehost. For your first web host, they really are rock solid and very affordable.


Kinsta Hosting

When you outgrow Bluehost, you should move to Kinsta. It’s where this website is hosted. Their tech support is outstanding and my website has never been faster. I’ve been through dozens of hosts and with Kinsta I finally feel at home.


Astra Theme

Switching to Astra theme sped up my site and made my life so much easier. I use this theme for this site as well as ALL my membership sites. I trust it with every aspect of my business. What more can I say?

Start Making Money


Convert Pro

Brought to you by the team behind Astra, Convert Pro is how I make all of my opt-in forms and pop-ups across this entire website. As an email marketer this is a critical part of my business and I trust Convert Pro to keep my business running.



I have sent over 20 million emails through ConvertKits servers and I have two accounts with them. I love their automations, logic, and most importantly tagging. Their free account is the best value to start your email business.



This is the best starter shopping cart in the world. You only pay once and you have a platform that will last you for years and years. I only recently grabbed an account with them and I am very impressed. They turned me from a hater into a customer.



Paykickstart is a more robust and thus more expensive cart than Thrivecart. They have their own merchant with lower fees AND their own ACH service. That alone saves me several thousand dollars a year. I’ve been a user since the software is in beta and I still love it.


Novo Bank

Switching from Chase to Novo saves me several thousand dollars in fees every single year. Instead of charging me $15 each time I use a foreign ATM, Novo refunds the fee that the local bank charges me. That’s $20 profit over a traditional bank every time I use an ATM. This is the best bank I’ve ever worked with.



Every time I make a transaction from my business account, a few pennies go into my Acorns investment account. Everything is automated and the account is always going up. This is the easiest way to grow your savings I’ve ever encountered.

Find Your Audience



Ahrefs is the gold standard for SEO research. I use this tool to check my website rankings, find errors within my website, find new keywords to target, and find old articles and blog posts to improve. No other tool is close to this level of accuracy.



SurferSEO is the best tool for writing blog posts. It will research all the highest-ranking Google results and then give you guidance in writing your article. It will tell you which words to use and how many times to use them, how many paragraphs to write and how many images to use. Removes all guesswork from writing articles.



This SEO plugin is critical for any WordPress website. It handles social media integrations, schema and everything else you need for good internal SEO on your blog. This plugin is free.



I use this plugin to plan and upload my YouTube videos every single week. They track my channel and tell me what my audience wants to see next. I don’t know anyone successful on YouTube who doesn’t use this tool.

Dominate Social Media



Most podcast services charge you by the size of your files. This forces you to compress and sometimes damage your audio. Buzzsprout doesn’t play games and only cares about the length of your podcast. Switching to them was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.



We tried a bunch of social media schedulers. Later is simply the best. Content goes out when it’s supposed to and the process is smooth. We have the next year of content scheduled nicely.



Tailwind is the only official scheduling partner for Pinterest. If you are using Pinterest, you must use Tailwind. It’s a powerful tool that will help you grow your Pinterest channel. It’s the best at what it does.

Design Beautiful



Social media graphics powerhouse Canva has become one of the main tools that we use for everything from book covers to Instagram posts to YouTube title cards. Canva keeps improving and the competition is unable to keep up. Their free account is legendary.


Affinity Photo

This software is the Photoshop killer. It’s more powerful, easier to use, and costs a fraction of the price. I’ve been using Affinity Photo for years and every single image I edit goes through this tool. The value is through the roof and I can’t imagine not having them in my toolkit.


Design Pickle

This is my secret graphics weapon. Every cartoon image of me and banner on this page was created by Design Pickle. These easiest graphic designers I’ve ever worked with and so much easier than hiring an in-house designer. I honestly can’t believe how much easier my life is with Design Pickle in my corner.

123rf 2022


123rf is my preferred stock photo site. I’ve been using them for years and they still.have the most affordable plans. For the best images graphics and resources without breaking the bank, I recommend 123rf.