Grab The Best Tools & Resources Every Entrepreneur Needs...

This is the ‘behind the scenes' peek at everything
I personally use (or have used) to help Serve
No Master run. Every tool listed has
been critical to my success.

My Top Recommendations


Every single word I write controls my family's income, and Grammarly has massively changed the game. I write faster, make fewer mistakes, and can save money on editing costs. This tool is a crucial step in my writing process and one of the foundations of my workflow.


ProWritingAid is a powerful editor that shows you your style issues and recommends alternatives, almost like having a writing mentor over your shoulder. Grammarly and ProWritingAid catch the mistakes each other misses and work perfectly together.


I've changed my new favorite starter host to BlueHost. They have really upped their game and are a rock-solid, reliable hosting platform, and they're also one of the most affordable hosting solutions for beginners starting at just a couple bucks a month.


I have used all of the most popular and well-known email providers throughout my online career. ConvertKit blows them out of the water. The technology is fast, extremely intelligent and has massively boosted my revenue. You can move your entire list over without losing a single follower.


If you're planning on selling things through your own website such as online courses or books, you need a reliable shopping cart. PayKickstart controls every penny that comes into my business and ensures that my affiliates always get paid. Plus, I was a beta tester as the founders Mark and Matt are my friends, and it's only gotten better and better.


A great alternative to PayKickstart is ThriveCart, especially if you need to support Apple Pay. While they have many similar features, ThriveCart also supports automatic digital sales tax calculation, 1-click order bumps, lifetime subscriptions and more!


This is the best bank for entrepreneurs and startups - easy transfers, no hidden fees, and it's free!

Getting Started Online


Astra is another great affordable theme. It's highly customizable, has a ton of integrations and most importantly, it's fast. You can choose from a large library of pre-built sites so your website could be up and running today.

Genesis Framework

Powerful and fast WordPress theme that I use for all of my pen name author websites. Whether you're a beginner or advanced developer, Genesis provides an easy and secure way to build incredible websites with WordPress.


I use Elementor to build my webpages and it's amazing. You simply can drag and drop items to build your page or get creative with custom code. I have the pro version, but you can easily get started with the free version.


You don't want to host your domains at the same place as your website. After a bad experience with a previous vendor, I switched to Namecheap.  I buy all my domains here and they are rock solid, only around $12 a year.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast plugin is the easiest way to improve how your webpages are ranked. Simplify your on page search engine optimization to increase your traffic from search engines in a few easy steps.


Powerful and fast WordPress theme that I use for all of my pen name author websites. Whether you're a beginner or advanced developer, Genesis provides an easy and secure way to build incredible websites with WordPress.


Do you have trouble saving? Or just want to make a little extra cash? This automatic investment accounts makes saving for a rainy day easy and also pays five bucks to new members when you sign up through this link!

Become A Bestselling Author

Publisher Rocket

PublisherRocket is the ultimate and unstoppable Amazon keyword and category research tool. This is an absolute must-have for any serious author, and my friend Dave is still offering it at a lifetime price at the time of writing, so grab it now!


I use Scrivener to write EVERYTHING in my business. It helps me stay organized, plan and outline effectively and more, so ditch that Word doc now! Plus, you only need to buy it once.


Hemingway helps you check if your sentences are too wordy and complicated for your readers. Become more efficient and better writer by simply pasting in your content.


Because I dictate a ton of my content, I need to get it transcribed. Traditional transcription services can get super expensive, but this automatic software is very accurate. Clean it up a bit then it's done!

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon is the best dictation software on the market that, when trained to your voice, is super accurate. Dictation might take a little getting used to, but once you do you'll find your productivity and output double or triple immediately.


This is how I format all of my books for Kindle and paperback. It’s beautiful, wonderful and a one-time fee, but unfortunately it’s Mac only as this time.


Calibre is a great free formatting and conversion tool you can download. I use it all the time to convert my books between formats such as EPUB and MOBI.

My Ecover Maker

I use this tool to 3D create book and box covers and it's easy to use even if you've never designed anything before. It also makes flawless banner ads.

Level Up Your Business


Moving to Kinsta hosting was a big relief for my business. No more errors or lag. It's a premium host, but when you're ready for it, you won't regret it.


I use ClickFunnels every day to organize and host my sales pages, landing pages and more. It's a little complicated, but it makes up for it in power. When you're ready to build complex funnels, ClickFunnels is your go-to.


My new membership site is based on the powerful platform, LearnDash. You can customize the pages, allow for gamification, engage your audience and much more to make your online courses a success.


Always filled with the latest and greatest software deals, you can grab awesome tools at a massive discount. There's always cool lifetime deals going that will save you a ton of money in the long term.


Working on your YouTube channel? Now you can stop wasting time with this handy browser app that helps you optimize your videos, shortcut links, annotate thumbnails and more.


Convert Pro is powerful tool and an all-in-one package of features you'll need to build a great email list and convert visitors into subscribers and customers. It includes a drag and drop builder, ready to use templates, mobile editor and more.


SEMRush is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you tune into the most profitable keywords, get insights into your competitors strategies, monitor advanced analytics and more. If you rely on SEO, this is your tool.


This is my favorite content marketing platform to search for currently trending topics, generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.

Google AdWords

AdWords will let you find the terms people are searching for the most plus what other advertisers are paying for them. This info is invaluable when choosing keywords for your blog, website, podcast, ads and more.

Graphics & Video

Affinity Photo

Photoshop is great… but it's complicated and expensive. I use Affinity Photo to make and edit graphics at a fraction of the cost of Photoshop, it's super easy to use and it has most of the functions Photoshop does.

Design Pickle

Do you need a lot of graphics designed? I've used Design Pickle for a long time (you can see the full review on my blog) and they've been a lifesaver in time, quality and money for all the little and big things I need done, as you can see by looking around my site.


The gold standard of screen recording software. Only useful on PC as their MAC version is pure garbage. You can grab it at a one-time fee right now.


CamStudio is an open source free alternative to get your feet wet with screen recording.


I use Loom to do screen captures too and it's pretty good for free. You get a max of 100 videos to store, but if you're vigilant you'll be able to manage that and make good use of your free account.

Start Your Podcast


Buzzsprout is the easiest way to host, promote and track your podcast, and it's great for beginners. You can publish and create your episodes quickly and get them visible in all of the top directories to get in front of your audience.

Smart Lav+

Combined with my smartphone, this lavalier mic allows me to record podcast episodes every morning on the beach.

Rode Podcaster

This wonderful microphone turned my average voice into radio-quality gold.  Used in all my videos and webinars.


The best Rode microphone for your podcast. Has a traditional XLR/microphone connection in the back and will make you sound beautiful.

Zoom H6N

Record directly into this high-tech recorder and get perfect quality every single time. No computer hum in the background. Runs on batteries so you can record outside or during power outs.

Rode PSA1 Microphone Arm

Mount your microphone to your desk just like I do to easily swivel your mic around. Other mounts can’t handle the weight of Rode ProCaster/Podcasters.

Rode PSM1 Shock Mount

This is the microphone holder that is covered in elastic to keep vibrations from reaching your microphone. Rode microphones are slightly heavier and wider than other microphones, so 3rd party holders often don’t work.

Dragonpad USA Pop Filter

Protect your microphone from hard P sounds and unwanted spit.

Sound Foam

You only need to cover 25% of the hard, flat surfaces in your room to eliminate echo.

Beats Studio 2 Bluetooth

These headphones changed my life. You must wear headphones when recording interviews, or the two channels will bleed into each other. I learned this one the hard way. These headphones are one of the best purchased I’ve ever made for my studio.


This free program can handle your entire podcasting process (or any other audio needs) from recording to editing to mastering.

Adobe Audition

This is the sound software from Adobe that I use to compress audio and organize my clips.


Open source program that makes your podcast loud, even and perfect.


The best podcast hosting platform that will even build you a custom podcast app.

Simple Podcast Press

Automate podcast episodes and track your iTunes reviews around the world.

Smart Podcast Player

The best-looking podcast player in the world.

Get Started As An Affiliate

These are great places to start for newbie affiliate marketers as for some like ClickBank you don't need to pass any requirements to become an affiliate and promoting products, though some require a proven sales record so you'll need to build your way up.