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Do You Dream of Making Real Money?

Hello and welcome to Serve No Master – this is my personal blog and training resource.  

I believe that every single person can take control of their financial destiny and escape the 9-5.

Your age, gender, education and experience are irrelevant.  The Internet is the ultimate level playing field and my job is to help you find the ultimate path to success.

You are about to start on a magical journey of discovery and possibility.  At times some of the stories you will hear will seem to be mystical or unbelievable.  My job is to be your guide into this amazing new world.

To show you how YOU can take control of your financial destiny and bring in the income that you deserve.

Before we get started it’s important to understand three key terms.

Job – this is where you work for someone else and get paid for your time

Work for Yourself – you get paid for your time but now YOU are the boss

Passive Income – you make money even when you are asleep/ there is no longer a connection between time and money

My goal is to move you from your job into working for yourself as quickly as possible and then get you to true freedom – passive income.  When you have passive income streams, you can make money when you are traveling, sleeping, or just spending time with loved ones.

You only need one skill to achieve financial freedom and that is the ability to execute.  If you follow the steps outlined on this website, you can be in total control of your financial destiny in less than twelve months.  The more effort you put into following a clearly defined plan, the faster you will achieve the freedom you deserve.

Fired at 29....

My journey to this point did not start out roses and sunshine or with a massive “loan” from my parents.

It began with getting fired from my dream job and derailing a career that I’d spent a life time building.  I bought a new car on Friday, signed a lease on a new apartment on Saturday and was fired from one of the top twenty-five universities in America on Monday.

I had moved to a new city, left my old connections behind and was totally at the mercy of my new employer.

I learned that day that there is no such thing as job security.

You can’t depend on a company or a boss to take care of you when the going gets tough…

Never again...from that moment forward I would Serve No Master

I was left adrift with no idea how to move forward…I decided that from that moment forward I would never be that vulnerable ever again.

I would never have another boss who had the power to shout at me, belittle me, or fire me.

Sink or swim, I would be in charge of my financial destiny.

With new debts staring me in the eye, I had no choice but to succeed online.

I started this journey back in 2010 and now I live my dream life with my lovely wife and our two (so far) beautiful children.  We live on a tropical island paradise.  

My dreams came true and now I want to do the same for you.

What Serve No Master means to me...

This website, my podcast and my bestselling book all bear this simple 3-word name.

Serve No Master.

It means taking control of your life and being serious about your destiny.

It means no more depending on other people, bosses or the government to secure your future.

It means leaving your children with wealth instead of debt when you pass on from this mortal coil.

Together we can create an unstoppable destiny.

The Bestseller that Started it All...

Read This First

Follow my journey from start to finish and find the best path for your online success.

Dozens of 5-star reviewers can't be wrong.  Everything you need to know about unleashing your destiny all wrapped into a single, powerful book.

Find out how to unlock your financial destiny, leave the debt behind and make all of your dreams come true.

Right now is one of the key moments in your life.  Will you take that first step on the path to your destiny or will you turn away and miss your chance at greatness?

Seize your destiny RIGHT NOW.​

Don't hesitate.

Starting your journey can be a little big overwhelming.

Unlike a lot of other sites out there, I don’t hide behind the shine and I don’t pretend that I’m king of the mountain.

 We are on the same journey, I just have a little bit of a headstart.  My job is to warn you about the dangers ahead and to help you maintain your footing.


Once you have chosen your initial path, choose one of the options below to start your journey.

Whether you want to master copywriting, product creation, or ghostwriting, I am right there with you every step of the way.

Recommended Resources

These are the exact tools and resources that I use to grow and maintain the Serve No Master empire.  Every single tool is something I recommend and also use to run this business.

  • You don't have to break the bank to get started.  I always show you the cheapest options first so that you can focus on making money, not earning back what you've already spent.
  • No hype and no fancy lines.  I don't recommend courses or overpriced toys that you don't need.
  • To get the job done you need the right tools.  There are thousands of ways to build an online business.  Don't get overwhelmed - stick to what works.
  • Every journey begins with a map and a set of tools.  Now that you have a map to your destiny, it is time to start packing your suitcase with only he essentials.  Don't waste time or money on overpriced products that you'll never use.  Pack light.

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