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For ten years I was just like many other Americans that were a part of the education merry-go-round. In 2009, I peaked in my profession. With a fresh masters degree in my hand, a published dissertation and experience teaching at a university in London I accepted a position at one of the top twenty universities in America.

Years of planning and strategy came together to land my 'dream job.' When my first paycheck came I began to realize that my dream was an illusion. Locked into a lower salary than I imagined for my thirties, the future began to look very bleak indeed.

Then a miracle happened - an ex girlfriend called my boss and actually got me fired. It was the worst day of my life, but also the best day. I would never have had the confidence to start my own business full time without that kick in the pants.

Within six months I was making more money than at my "dream job" and less than two years later I was making more than the lady who fired me.

So many people these days are learning that having a job is not a form of security. You can lose your job at any moment for thousands of reasons that you have no control over. Every day more super-qualified people are kicked back into the job pool and they start to flounder.

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Everything on Serve No Master is to prepare you for that day, even if it already came. You don't have to quit your job, but opening up new online revenue streams can protect you.

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The job market these days favors the boss and punishes the worker. You can give twenty years of loyalty and get dropped the second they can replace you. Stop trusting your boss and start trusting yourself.

- Jonathan Green,

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You'll find simple tips to escape the 9-5, grow as an author, and an amazing group of people ready to offer a helping hand.

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