Lead Conversion Squared 2 Review With A Proven SNM BONUS

Lead Conversion Squared Review

Lead Conversion Squared 2 is a great CRM software that helps you get hot leads to help you build your business, even if you're a newbie.  Every lead is an opportunity, and this software is here to turn those opportunities into profits.  

Lead Conversion System 2 is basically a supercharged turnkey system encompassing a sales pipeline, your very own virtual assistant, a conversion system that does wonders, and whatnot. For more of the hot details, let's get going with our Lead Conversion Squared review, you guys. 

First things first. This product is not released just yet, however, my judgment comes from past experiences I've had with Lead Conversion founders. The launch is on October 28th with the prelaunch going live on September 21st. 

Follow SNM page for reliable info when the product comes out. Until then, there is a FREE 3-day LCS2 Masterclass held by Chad and Daven to help you build your online business from scratch. Be one step ahead of your competition and sign up for the webinar, and be sure to grab LCS2 here for your exclusive bonuses!

Get Your Bonus And Become an LCS Member 

Why sign up, you may ask? What will be covered in the masterclass, you may ask? Well, I have one word for you: tons. Tons of reasons why. Tons of things will be covered.

The masterclass starts Monday, September 28th, and will last for 3 days. The number of seats is limited, only 200. We are talking about an advanced workshop that will help you learn how to build a fully equipped, highly functional home-based business, generate 1,000 new leads PER month thanks to a robust conversion system, and use powerful technology in doing so in JUST 3 DAYS.

Lead Conversion Squared 2's powerful turnkey system will teach you how to get access to your own private community and get access to your very own LCS2 membership. That way, whenever there is a new training held by Lead Conversion 2 coming up, you will get that information firsthand.

In ONLY 3 days you can learn how to get leverage and make it from home – no employees or inventory. No skills or any particular relevant background.  It's a FREE workshop and given the scarcity, empty seats are going like hotcakes. Click HERE to reserve your spot.

Apart from the great insight, you'll also get $2,184 worth of bonuses when you register TODAY, so click the link above, enter your name and email address, and click submit. You are not clicking submit only to the FREE 3-day masterclass series; you are clicking submit to your future. I've had the chance to get a closer look at the bonuses and trust me, Daven and Chad know what you are doing.

It's up to you to grab your seat and make a difference. Not for someone else, but for YOU. And in doing so, in focusing on leveraging a brand for yourself through Daven and Chad's 3-day masterclass, you'll get the chance to help others through your cause. It's a matter of first steps and ice breakers.  Better late than never, is all I am going to say. 

Table of contents: 

What is Lead Conversion Squared 2?
Lead Conversion Squared 2 Founders:
Chad Nicely
Daven Michaels
What Will You Get from Lead Conversion Squared 2?
LCS2 Ultra Converting Lead Magnet
LCS2 Lead Flow
Lead Conversion Squared 2 Pros and Cons
Lead Conversion Squared 2 Reviews
Lead Conversion Squared 2 Pricing
Lead Conversion Squared 2 BONUS
Lead Conversion Squared 2 FAQ
Lead Conversion Squared Verdict

Lead Conversion Squared Reveal

Get Your SNM BONUS From The Link In Description

What is Lead Conversion Squared 2?

Lead Conversion Squared 2 (LCS2 for short) is a great lead conversion tool created by digital marketers Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely. It enables you with a reliable CRM to help you generate, maintain, and close the deals on them easily. 

We are talking about a sales pipeline built for marketers by marketers, which pre-launches September 21st.

Buying LCS2, you will receive a license to resell to a white-labeled new software, a high-converting lead magnet, and 1,000 leads per month. Let me say that again, so it sinks in: 1,000 leads of HUNGRY buyers PER MOTNH.  LCS2 will enable you to score faster on sales wins and rock your niche, for example, health.

LCS2 will filter through information on WHO is interested in WHAT and will organize it for you. They are doing the preliminary process. You don’t have to lift a finger.  Lead Conversion Squared’s job is to track leads and bring them to you.

You can have the best product, but it would mean nothing if you don’t have who to sell it to, which is why LCS2 is FACILITATING the process for you enormously.

If you're interested in how to make and advertise a stellar product, read my Experience Product Masterclass reviewI cover everything you ever wanted to know about the product creation process;  how to uncover your perfect product idea with the potential to make a real impact by the end.

The thing about it is that apart from doing the magic for you, it also teaches you how to do it yourself. How to get leads, so you are not dependent on software to earn money, which I got to say, looks pretty amazing to me. That is a lifetime skill, a hack to success. I don’t like to rely on luck, and thanks to this groundbreaking, working magic of LCS2, you can be in charge of the future of your business. You don't even have to be an online marketing pro. You have a team to back you up, and your very own virtual assistant. But we'll get to that in a bit. 

Start With Private LCS Membership ✅

Lead Conversion Squared 2 Founders

My Squared review wouldn't be complete without the background picture. So let's lay the cards on the table. The founders of LCS2 are Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels, successful and experienced online entrepreneurs and digital marketers, among other things. They put their brains together came up with LCS2, a unique masterclass specifically designed for people who want to generate more leads and snowball conversion.

It is because they have over 20 years of experience in this field and have gone through a series of ventures individually themselves, that their mutual project LCS2 now makes perfect sense. It bridges knowledge and experience.

After the risks and the ventures, after the years of experience, they've put up a masterclass for you to guide you step by step, so you don't have to take the longer way home like they once did. Like I once did. LCS2 is packed, yes, but only with the right information. No beating around the bush.

Chad Nicely

While younger, Chad started out as a cop, but his dreams didn't quite fit within his profession. While on his way for a Beta fish, he stumbled upon an interesting ad. The ad was about becoming a millionaire through license programs.  The job opened a lot of opportunities for him and as he was steadily making more income gradually switched to entrepreneurship.

Now, he owns EverSuite, a software helping influencers take control of their marketing and he also runs a successful digital marketing blog emphasizing the importance that design has when leading your online business and he transmits all his knowledge to his students – back from his old school hustle as an entrepreneur to the most innovative strategies up until now. Chad hosts Diamond Level Mastermind aimed specifically for locals of his area. The mastermind incorporates advice and expertise in business advertising.

Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels started his first entrepreneurship project at 15 (can you imagine?), a textile company that designed clothing for brands during the 80s and 90s, some of which aired on MTV. 80s were fruitful for Michales, he started a telecommunications company in 1987 and was always on the top of filing the gap with services small and medium-sized businesses needed. Like with 123Employee, a company he started in 2006. An overseas outsourcing firm offering virtual assistants abovementioned companies.

He is also a New York Times bestselling author. His work includes “Lessons from Beyond,”, “Outsource This,”, “Become the Boss of You,”. Books that are yet to be published: “The Guru Master” and The Dream of Utopia,”.

Lead Conversion Squared Review Masterclass

What Will You Get From Lead Conversion Squared

It entails a masterclass, a course on lead generation, the same as it entails a survey builder, a business card builder, and an appointment builder to interact with your audience. For all those digital marketers in the making, this is a great product because it teaches you the basics from scratch. If you have a vision, you don’t need to be a marketing whizz to hit it off. You have a full backup in climbing that mountain from Daven and Chad right out the gate. 

Boy, do I love generous marketers. Lead Conversion Squared is not falling short on the notion of value and generosity. You will get a reselling license to the new, vigorously powerful CRM software.  


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The purpose of CRM software is to keep track of your customer interactions. Thanks to the software, you’ll be able to communicate and improve your customer relationship and track what the customer is doing, that progress of communication regardless of what stage it’s in.

Also, CRM can merge data and store it: clients’ data and customers’ data, so it's easy to find. You don’t want to be wasting your time with an audience that takes all your gifts but does nothing more and you want to be aware of what’s going on. 

Being efficient in less time is so important, and I always say this. You want great software that’ll keep things organized, and with CRM software you’ll get that.

Having software that scores high on organization and efficiency, you’ll get to spend more time with your family and that’s PRECIOUS. You don’t have to manually keep track or bother yourself with using extra apps that will track customer behavior, you can do it all in one app, which is super amazing. 

LCS2 Ultra Converting Magnet

The bulletproof, ultra-high converting lead generation tool that turns that cold-turkey audience into a hot meal within seconds. The lead magnet will help you with your conversions using a personalized digital business card sign-up page, which can be customized with an exclusive card mockup for each prospect and personalized videos for your new leads.

LCS2 LeadFlow

Tracking your leads through the sales page/funnel is an important part because it helps you keep an eye on the progress you are making. LCS2's team says you can scale up to 1000 leads monthly with the help of a pre-trained virtual assistant to guide you. You can try a funneling platfrom as well, like GrooveFunnels. Read about all Groove products in my review.

Lead Conversion Squared 2: Pros & Cons

Our next stop on this Squared review is the pros and cons. I know you love them. So here's what I think:


You have access to white-labeled, cutting-edge technology, your very own virtual assistant, an appointment builder, a business card builder, a masterclass training, and lots of awards and prizes you can qualify for.


It may be too expensive to pay given it's a new product that hasn't launched yet, but here are the numbers of the internal testing and to be honest, they look promising.

Lead Conversion Squared 2 Reviews

Lead Conversion Squared Reviews

Lead Conversion Squared Reviews

Lead Conversion Squared Reviews

Lead Conversion Squared 2 Pricing

Method of Payment Price
One time payment $1,497-$3,000
Alternative payment plan Unknown yet

Lead Conversion Squared 2 Bonus

As an experienced marketer, I get you! I know how hard it is to get the ball rolling. With that in mind, I always create bonuses to help you succeed. I'm usually giving away thousands of $$ in additional value sharing my expertise and knowledge gathered so far. Lead Conversion Squared review will not be different in any way. You can get one step ahead of your competition by signing up for a FREE 3-day Masterclass held by Chad and Daven as an intro to the Lead Conversion Squared 2 Course.

Bonus #1 – My Personal Help ($5000 Value)

I’ll personally review your sales funnel, marketing strategy, and your offer and record a video up to 60 minutes breaking down exactly how you can up your game and blow your competition out of the water. With over ten years of experience in online marketing, I’ll give you a massive turbocharge.

Bonus #2 –Use My Team ($1497 Value)

You’ll get a credit for work from my team to boost your sales and blow the competition out of the water. After ten years in the business, I’ve build a team of 20+ specialists that work for me full time. From brilliant seo experts to video editors to graphic designers, my team is bulletproof. Get FIVE HOURS of work from any member of my team to fill in the gap on your business. Don’t waste time dealing with gig sites, get the best of the best without wasting your time interviewing. Get amazing work to accelerate your success.

Bonus #3 – Top Secret Digital Marketing Sales Secrets ($2997 Value)

Get my personal file of sales pages in the online business niche for products that are selling thousands right now. Watch what top brands are doing to boost their sales, how they pitch and position their product and ultimately land that sale.

Bonus #4 – Client Management Secrets ($1997 Value)

With ten years of high ticket client management under my belt, I know a thing or two about how things can go back when you make a mistake during the negotiation phase. Avoid the mistakes that can kill your relationships and cost you thousands of dollars in addition to headaches. Open the door to scaling your business the right way and minimize the time you spend on the phone with your existing clients.

Bonus #5 – High Converting Local Flyers ($997 Value)

These custom designed flyers with high converting copy written by Colin Theriot (one of the most sought after and expensive copywriters in the world) are for use in digital and physical medium to help you rake in the sales in your local market. Fully editable to change your services and offerings, just add in your phone number and website and the sales will start rolling in.

Bonus #6 – Secret Vendor Blackbook ($1997 Value)

Offer other services to your new clients and maximize your profits with no extra work. Use our blackbook of vetted vendors to offer social media, web design, SEO services and more to your new clients. These are whitelabel services you can resell for three to four times what they cost you to deliver, with no extra effort.

Bonus #7 – Ultimate Swipe File ($1997 Value)

My personal curated filed of direct response sales pages from the 1880s through the 1960s. Learn from the ads that worked when you had to ask customers to go to the bank to pickup a cashiers check before heading to the post office to mail their orders in. Much harder than getting people to click a button! These sales letter templates will hone your salespages to razor sharpness.


Get these exclusive bonuses when you grab LCS2!

Lead Conversion Squared 2  Private Membership


Lead Conversion Squared 2 FAQ

Does Lead Conversion Squared 2 Work?
Lead Conversion Squared 2 works like a sales funnel built for marketers by marketers. LCS2 will filter through information on WHO is interested in WHAT and will organize it for you. You don’t have to lift a finger. Your job is to sell, Lead Conversion Squared’s job is to track leads and bring them to you.

Is Lead Conversion Squared 2 Fake?
Buying the LCS2, you will receive a license to resell to a white-labeled new software, a high-converting lead magnet, and 1,000 leads of HUNGRY buyers per month. LCS2 will enable you to score faster on sales wins and rock your niche, for example, health.

Lead Conversion Squared 2 Verdict

The final stop on our Lead Conversion Squared review is summing it all up.  I mean, judging the previous course, Lead Conversion Squared 2 has a good chance to be a great time saver. It's a software that will help you with lead generation as with the organization and tracking customer behavior. It’s the core of setting firm foundations for your business.

I want to be able to grow my business with high-converting systems, knowing that I have time to spend with my family, time to go surfing, and time for writing. Hopefully, my Lead Conversion Squared review has shown the benefits of this system.

Driving on Daven's and Michael's past experiences in the marketing game, this is a software that should bring leads your way and teach you how to generate more yourself. The announced concept behind this course is a reselling license and tons of support by virtual assistants in the process. By learning how to generate leads yourself, we are talking about hands-on experience no one can take away from you.

A true, genuine, turnkey system that will knock you off your feet.

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