SNM127: Is Fear of Success The Reason You’re Failing?

You are your own worst enemy.  The only thing worse than lack of faith is thinking that victory will turn you into a monster.

Long Live the King

In the West, we have absolute faith that democracy is the greatest form of government possible.

It’s a little strange because we all live in a Republic, not a democracy.

But this faith in democracy causes us to think that all monarchies are inherently bad.

But is this really the case?

Was there never a benevolent and wise monarch in the history of this planet?

We think of the words king and dictator as interchangeable, but they aren’t.

Know Your Heart

If you became the king (or queen) tomorrow, would you instantly turn into a monster?

Would you start purging your enemies and forcing celebrities to date you?

Would you seek vengeance on your ex from high school?

Or would you do everything in your power to be the greatest monarch in human history?

Belief and Hope

If you believe that all monarchs are evil, then your subconscious will do everything in its power to keep you off the throne.

Even though you would have been amazing as a ruler, you have put a belief in between you and success.

This is the crux of the fear of success.

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This bad logic train causes us to self-sabotage every single day.

Please remember that correlation does not mean causality.

And this applies to more than just monarchs…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Power doesn’t change people
  2. Who you are now is who you will be rich
  3. Remember the value of your heart

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Is fear of success the reason you're failing on today's episode today's episode brought to you by SEM rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all to find out how Russ can help you compete with the big boys go to\SEM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post the fear of success is a fascinating phenomenon and it's been a ghost in my life for a long time and the fear of success kind of boils down to if something happens will it change me if I get my dream girl friend Wes are acting differently if I get good at talking women will act differently if I get comfortable with myself why become a new person I will I hate that knew me if I make a lot of money will I change my friends. Like you will become some I don't like there's this fear that we can change someone that we won't like anymore now the truth is that matter who you because you like yourself dictators convince themselves are doing the right thing that the people out of the sun neither help their benevolent door the right thing even though often there monsters we have an amazing capacity for self-denial because we know about that we often look at ourselves before we change and say all my can become like a monster if I achieve this different type of success now fears he does manifest itself and many different ways but it starts off with this fear that successful turning facility right now doesn't like it when I was in college I was obsessed with saying other people change back to the same that the things I like the things I do the things I say the way I look would always say the same and of course the last few years the courses and last a long time he can't really do that very long because with all your friends to superior to start over I started feeling like I would have to become the guy whose 28 hangout with high school seniors and new seniors every single year because he never moves on or never goes up and at first school blankets we are where it's cool when the guys 20 wanted to buy you beer is not when the ice 45 I can do taxes so even these ideas that we can avoid change it's impossible universe is defined by a sense of entropy which is the natural desire of the universe to move towards chaos this is why things are as follow part you take an empty house looks amazing build a brand-new house Noah touches it and rain the universe animal whether it will destroy the lives they turn nothing that's entropy action that's the natural state of the universe everything is constantly breaking down we had to fight against that actively and if we don't fight against that then things get worse it's possible for things to say the same but we have these fears around success and some of them become powerful sometimes you realize they're there to start with little ideas where we associate bad thoughts of you had the success a lot of the targets for force a lot of these mindsets that people have about money can limit so we say all you know what it was a lot of money there bad and there's a lot of ways that you consider their jealous egomaniac to the tree people poorly that they act like the kings that money changes you might is inherently evil when you start to catch an ability or power of money specially -1 that will affect how much money makes rest of your life and that's just one part of the fear of success and 100 other areas of now we have top of the money specific part before there's also other things I was recently talking to someone about podcasting you would talk to podcasting course recently left on my podcast a lot podcasting it's a big part of my life have been rebuilding if you notice of and rebuilding the blog lately so mixing and a lot more written posts as well as these audio post really expand the content they create trending movements really exciting directions but I was talking to someone about podcasting the cell you know I'd love to do it but I don't really want to do television and I said what we talked to a man I discover this person's fear was that we get so successful in podcast they would have to start doing television shows as though first of all how often is the podcast is on TV not very often second of all as though when you become successful in area you have to go on the news whether you want to or not they will put you against your will like this podcast or didn't want to do an interview so we went outside his house all night until we catch up on the mic walking from his front door to his car that does not happen for broadcasters that happens for politicians that were caught with her hand in the till for crime thing not small business thing the sphere was there and even if the first two possibilities are really in the park interested. TV and even if they would how do she refuse to episode it takes at least a year to get to level so is afraid about something that would never happen for two different reasons and never having it also two years away that's a lot of stretch to be afraid of something that still there you happen use it as a justification for action but it's not that we are to have toxic this all the time will happen if I become the Salado people act like Julie differently people think that you have one really well big book or book industry what it was on and suddenly you will start treating you we're going to go short ever ask your weirdo what got you here you go shopping AF at the ocean when they lock the door so you can shop at your fans attacking it takes an astonishing number of booksellers for you to generate a level of celebrity will people recognize but I can tell you right now man Stephen King to walk right in front of my house on the beach and I probably wouldn't recognize him you can be any how many authors can you identify I could tell you roughly what he looks like he's got brown hair I think it's from like doing what you know is from England and he might have a beard in the description of million people you know JK Rowling will think you might if you're super behaved by verse I sure don't I don't know any my favorite authors looked like not really yet have that picture in the back bumper, it amuses a book for 40 years like the lives other than does a clear and present danger all those books uses a picture for 30 years did you say no to 30 years and of course not she will pick one picture themselves they love hands in the back of other books we still create this idea that something will happen weird if I become a success was not there then people treat you differently or that I can't do the things I'm used to doing or we have these creations whenever they are if they exist with you and you all if you ignore them they become more more powerfully make the yard and I can think about it and you just try to put aside but some exists stays in your subconscious because it's not just a thought it's a belief I believe that if this happens will change me I believe that soliciting books will change I believe that if I moved to another country or if I get married or become a totally impartial and if I have kids and we have these moments in life that are pretty significant course I've simply checked having kids shaping a marriage a relative change every year from seminary married the Legos promises that will never change we still do inevitable but the fear of success the fear that achieving the next level will alter your in a negative way that holds us back to knowing you today I want you have really caught his conversation with yourself and say are there things I'm afraid of doing am I afraid of what would happen if I succeed am I afraid that if I start making 10 times more money my friends will treat me differently and the truth is they will at Sundance under control but guess what having 10 Times More Money Is Way better than me and stressed out about money every month and having a few friends you can chemistry with and the really your true friends are good friends will be with you long the journey will support you on what you don't have to worry about that too much sent you change often times when you become financially successful you'll end this company try to help your friend and then want to act weird all my friends like you should do all the work you should give us money while I just give you money work hard to teach what to do will give you silence you gotta be on the squad with me you're just as hard as I did with friends man it's very hard and that's true the fear of success is about you changing society error the fill your friends will change to get you that's different thing and yeah that happens little bit but happens over time is not all your friends will really happen the file really have that you will change a pusher friendly which doesn't happen that's not real money doesn't change people just like alcohol doesn't change people okay if someone's really getting loud and mean when they're drunk they were Artie thinking of the distant have innovated let out a few drinks so often times it simply personality accelerator people who want to make the world a better place just mom and your big money will do it and this is a lesson that I learned a long way and other people who say I can't pay you I can pay this person with a small bill. Do the same stuff for their wealthy and for the same games we oftentimes use our lack of wealth as a justification for poor or being bad physically right was there I what you do this for me for free but for how much money I pay you the truth is they know people like this I know people who when a very wealthy they are just as bad I one time did work the person who is the CEO of AA in the UK in the towing company if your car breaks down you call they tell you it's AAA in America I to their chip and the only people in the history of meeting or to the rip me off the house was huge their billionaires and they rip me off or 65 pounds super wealthy still act like garbage people you think might turn them in the garbage of course not they were garbage before they became rich they stole from someone in their 20s who was struggling to make money every month the billionaires the money did not turn the monsters okay money doesn't make people back is are plenty of people who are super wealthy who treat people very very well when it comes to my business the money coming out the first money always close my staff is reading a very good book by someone working with about finances being a CFO and financial decisions companies make and some companies I couldn't believe this payroll comes last that is not how I see people work for me so whether you have one person big hundred dollars a month or thousands of people to cost your company $2 million a month it doesn't make a difference it's the way you see the world so success doesn't change you it simply magnifies your personality and that's important understand success often frees us and gives us the ability to give back more when you get to the top of our new achievement levels of success helping people live easier actually during your thinking about what will happen if you are making more money will happen if your stresses go away start thinking about how good it will be release these fears in these ideas these negative feelings about money and success whatever areas you have and for every person's a little bit different I can give you universal answer one other way I want to really balance this because this is something new today gives this manifests itself is when you look at something in your yard to what work I spent the last month putting together the best version of make money fast I can rebuilt my entire earn $1000 this month training training way way better and now it's amazing it was good before but I really valid then because I built it before the rooster is a blog post of account of loose and that I was teaching principles and kind of give you the tools but I didn't have really step-by-step so taking the same material I just made it much more clear step one step to step three and guess what some email me the other day for new system which is better for like a week and has already made a lot of money this summer from Africa amazing any middle headband that was awesome was really great email very specific so I'm writing these replaces your guidance will help divining this much money amazing Bruce I got a letter applicant a long time it was about a prince who wanted to have some help from you lots of money really wonderful to me anytime someone emails me and can talk about their journey a little bit I find that very wonderful and very exciting I love hearing that feedback I love you guys email me and I do always reply and user email me knows that's true was really great when someone implements unfortunately 99% of people don't and we don't implement we start off saying I don't think the work were part of that the reason we see that is that we don't want it to work just what if it does what if it didn't work especially is it so easy I teach you can very quickly within two or three months get you to five or $10,000 month okay it's that quick if you can put in specially when you can ship to full-time you can make really good money about graduate mice were not as of this matter is you can learn the skills you need along the way and all the grammar and spelling subfamily takes care of anyways it's free every piece of software fill the gap for spelling is that greater grammars on the great but we'll do it because if fixing the problem is easy the fact you haven't fixed for so long as critique of you and it becomes a personal ego gets involved and this is pretty common in a lot of areas with a lot of products and work on especially in personal development or personal growth or dating relationship the solution can be very short the solution to most dating problems can be explained in a paragraph okay same thing for fitness hey you're overweight here's the solution less exercise every day doing anything this bad. Only drink water bone perfect diet your life just changed now that you know that three sentences would you pay $300 that are part of course not what if I wrapped inside of a bunch of cool names in my diet a trendy name like the transformer style and transformative diet the cybernetic diagram the futuristic naming of an ancient name the caveman diet will pretend he would out what advice McCauley came and I accidentally crazy all we have to do is a little bit of sizzle to the state people to want to buy the solution whereby all excitement around so we surround it with a bunch of other stuff and turn it into a 200 page book it feels more valuable we value stuff product training often based on the size of the training rather than the solution now I have a friend is very successful and he would rather pay for one page is it hey you know what just give me one prod one solution okay that's what he likes so he likes one page the paper what actually think about it only more value. A 200 page convoluted X-Play ship spent a month reading or one page diagram series that you just go through and you have the result you want but as humans we always want that we want more complicated stuff because if it's an easy solution it's a critique of our ego means I couldn't find an easy solution I thought we were women about a lot of ending in the one everything uptight and dating can be boiled down to a single sentence dating is a skill that you can get better at if you believe that one sentence you don't need my ID forever means that you can improve TI grew up in most will scrub thinking. Good or bad my dad is but today I bet they must skip a generation have that was the thought I had another I thought I could never get better talking when I could never have healthy relationships I could never have a long-term relationship marriage or kids never have anything to have now I thought I would die alone my blood I would laugh with me and my last name would disappear from the universe because of this one simple belief to everything else all technique learning right things to say understand how to communicate with people all that doesn't matter because all that can be self-taught once you realize hey I can get better at this as soon as you realize it's still not a talent you can get better at and that's a lot of what we teachers arrestors and a lot of things with our house actually skills I get better writing all you get but always different things I can serve hot gases about my voice sounds where people like it that little piece of knowledge is all you really need because then you can say out each time I talk to someone I can pay attention to what happens I can test my results and I can alter my behavior most people when they go to a bar at 18 they say the exact same thing 20 years there with a 40 however much they talk to people and of course most people you have two or three conversations a night at most with those of the same thing every time you see woman they like to say the same thing and wonder the same thing women follow the same patterns you if you were validating for women's site is easy because it takes more than one sentence but the best way to avoid on this essay you never had a change in my best advice to all my dating vice women and women have sold Akash hundreds of thousands of books okay way also my books removed from the love of my books are really really love you want to build out all in one thing hey instead of getting Gaia try to determine the alibis what are they just finally got it started we want that's it that's the biggest reason wisdom but no one would pay hundred dollars flat gourmet dollars so we have to wrap around other things because the ego gets involved so if you disconnect your ego and say you know I don't care I have known for a long time I don't care makes you feel that I would just rather have the solution suddenly you can become successful yes you were afraid this is a variation of your success the footwear afraid that success will demonstrate we should of been successful earlier to success now becomes a critique of the previous years my life if I find the right fitness program at a six pack in two months but I regret that I was at risk for the last 20 years a little bit let 'er rip now those are two different things to separate us and we all have it's okay I have to consciously think about you know what I would be so happy you have now be so happy to be super now that I could let go the fact that it to be too long to get here whether your 2030 6070 doesn't matter it's never too late to achieve success and don't let success become a critique of past behavior it's not your fault you lack the knowledge before so if you're sitting there and I know Alice is different to the spectrum okay I listeners earned seven figures and listeners earned seven dollars I totally understand that both of the spectrum I was younger I were to Toys "R" Us I know what it's like okay I almost took a big position they position working at target when I was younger before ended up working the phones for large computer company selling stuff over the phones I've been at every end of the spectrum I've been there we are just grinding in a job you hate I know that's like that's all she had to get out of there and whether the top of the bottom this principle remains the same if you take action to achieve success me if you are right now making less than $15 now your listeners podcast there is no reason for you to be doing that step you can be up to $100 an hour in the next six weeks you take action whatever is holding you back with its fear of success or doubt man are you kidding five times your income six weeks to pay me anything this is not a course I sell this is my giveaway you can jumpstart and then afford one of the courses I want to make money first to think about what's holding back think about why you don't take action when you say all I don't think it works or would work for me what he really say I want to think about is not really rooted in reality was rooted in a fear of success fear that somehow your different or that success will be different for you whether you would from a different person all of those things Carla go home because the fear of success can destroy you and when you let go of that fear I'm unstoppable and you can achieve amazing things in your life thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this part see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the servo master podcast doing me on my Facebook\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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