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The Serve No Master Series

Fire Your Boss:

How To Quit Your Job, Stop Selling Your Time And Start Making Passive
Income In Your Sleep… And Possibly Move To A Tropical Island (Book 0)
Are you sick of working a job you hate for a boss who despises you?
Do you want to get paid what your worth… instead of what your company thinks
they can get away with?
Get your blueprint to escape your 9-5 and start your journey to financial freedom today

Serve No Master:

How To Escape The 9-5, Start Up An Online Business, Fire Your Boss And Become A Lifestyle Entrepreneur Or Digital Nomad (Book 1)
Are you struggling to make ends meet and trapped in a career you don’t love? Or just tired of getting paid ‘what you’re worth’ instead of what you deserve?
Blast through every roadblock holding you back and take control of your inancial destiny with the original bestseller, Serve No Master.

Control Your Fate:

A Real World Roadmap For Starting Your Own Business, Quitting The Job You Hate, And Turning Your Childhood Dreams Into Concrete Reality(Book 2)
Do you want to take control of your destiny, and not spend your life adrift? Are you struggling to get through the day and trapped in a life filled with disappointment?
Learn how to snap the chains keeping you from achieving your dreams with Control Your Fate.

20k A Day:

How To Launch More Books And Make More Money By Writing Faster, Better, And Smarter (Book 3)
Do you want to write faster, and not just spend your life stuck behind a computer? Do you want to write Twenty Thousand Words-every day?
You’ll discover the fast writer living within you right now just waiting to burst forth into the universe. As a 20K Writer, you will finish projects sooner, get paid faster and have more free time to spend doing the things you love than ever before.

Breaking Orbit:

How To Write, Publish And Launch Your First Bestseller On Amazon Without A Mailing List, Blog Or Social Media Following (Book 4)
Do you want to write a book without the stress of wondering if anyone will read it? Are you ready to add that bestseller logo to your social media profile?
Breaking Orbit takes you through the entire book launch process step-by-step rom preparation to celebration, helps you build an entire business behind your books and make a real living.


Shatter The 25 Little Lies Holding You Back From Firing Your Boss And Launching The Online Business You’ve Always Dreamed Of (Book 5)
What if you could master the art of financial independence? What if when disaster strikes, your sword is already drawn and you’re ready to defend your freedom?
We will unleash your dreams, forge your new path to greatness and achieve the ultimate goal of Breakthrough, to make money while you sleep.

Serve No Master Extras

Serve No Master Journal:

If you are happy with mediocrity, then this is NOT the journal for you. This journal will transform you into the person you were always destined to be. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re life isn’t where you want it, now you know the reason – you didn’t have this journal guiding you.
Do not let the mistakes of the past become the mistakes of the future. put this journal in your hands and take the first step on the path to wealth, freedom and happiness. Together we will assess your current skills, knowledge and assets to formulate a FLAWLESS ninety-one day plan to change your destiny.

Serve No Master Cards:

As you look to build income and pursue freedom and your lifestyle business, don’t let the lessons of Serve No Master go to waste. Instead of reading it once and giving it a space on your bookshelf, use these cards and bring these lessons to life.
This set of flashcards contains some of the most vital quotes from Serve No Master, combined with beautiful illustrations and images that drive the ideas home. Think of this as a personal coach on a budget, helping you bridge the all-important gap between having information, committing it to your heart, and taking action!

Serve No Master Graphic Novel

Coming soon…

Authorship Series

Write A Book In Two Hours:

How To Write A Book, Novel Or Children’s Book In Far Less Than 30 Days (Book 1)
Who else wants their dream book written today? If you can speak out loud, then YOU have what it takes to become a lightning-fast, bestselling author.
Don’t let your book rot in the drawer like all the rest, let me show you how you can hit the finish line at record speed every single time.

Book Marketing For Authors:

How To Sell More Books, Succeed As An Author, And Quit Your Day Job (Book 2)
Far too often brilliant books die a silent death because authors are not marketers. They struggle to find an audience, get attention, and turn their books into a business. Why? Because they aren’t following a proven system.
You no longer need a publisher sliding their hand into your pocket and disappearing your profits. Let’s make your dreams come true, whether you are a beginner or a master, a children’s book writer or a romance author.

Coming Soon…

Habits Of Success Series


Stop Procrastination And Laziness With The Habit Of Discipline (Book 1)
Are you struggling to get your projects done on time? Or are you tired of being the ‘one big move’ from changing your life?
Learn how to diagnose the different causes of procrastination and excise them from your life today. You can discover you have more time now than you ever thought possible and finally enjoy the breathing room and satisfaction that comes from finishing your tasks ahead of schedule!

Influence And Persuasion:

Shatter The 25 Little Lies Holding You Back From Firing Your Boss And Launching The Online Business You’ve Always Dreamed Of (Book 5)
What if you could master the art of financial independence? What if when disaster strikes, your sword is already drawn and you’re ready to defend your freedom?
We will unleash your dreams, forge your new path to greatness and achieve the ultimate goal of Breakthrough, to make money while you sleep.

Overcome Depression:

How To Beat Depression And Anxiety, Learn To Love Yourself, And Launch Your Own Happiness Project (Book 3)
Do you want to shatter your DEPRESSION, and never spend a day suffering in silence again? Are you struggling with depression and traditional techniques just can’t cut it?
Learn how to shatter the depression keeping you from living your life. From “I don’t feel like doing anything” to “nobody understands me”, Overcome Depression takes laser aim at the science of depression and breaks down the process of conquering this malignant disease into a process anyone can use to get experience joy, escape mental prisons, and experience all that life has to offer…fast.

Stop Worrying And Anxiety:

How To Replace Stress And Negative Thinking With Happiness, Mindfulness And Positive Thinking (Book 4)
Are you struggling with worry and everything you’ve tried isn’t working? Or are you just tired of anxiousness following you… everywhere you go?
From work stress to overwhelming homelives, Stop Worrying and Anxiety cuts through the myth that you have to live with stress and gets right to a SIMPLE TECHNIQUES that anyone can use to experience joy, escape stressful situations, and experience all that life has to offer… fast.

Love Yourself:

How To End The Hurting And Start Building Self-Esteem, Charisma And Confidence (Book 5)
What if you could master the art of financial independence? What if when disaster strikes, your sword is already drawn and you’re ready to defend your freedom?
This powerful book breaks the process of building self-esteem down into small, simple steps that anyone can follow to escape the bonds of anxiety, depression, and social pressure.

Conquer Stress & Live An Anxiety Free Lifestyle:

Living Without Negative Habits And Overcoming Emotional Stress (Book 6)
Do you want to take control of your stress and anxiety, and not spend your life cowering in fear? Are you struggling to keep it together and trapped in an emotional cycle you can’t escape?
Conquer Stress takes laser aim at all the excuses and breaks the process down into small, simple steps that anyone can take to become calm, cool, collected and onfident.

Low Of Attraction:

Unleash The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want From The Universe (Book 7)
Would you like to actually manifest the life you dream of? Do you seem to miss opportunities without realizing it?
Turn this mystical process into a series of implementable steps that you can start tODAY and unlock the potential that already exists within you to manifest your desires.

Coloring Stress & Depression Away with Adult Coloring Books:

How to Color Adult Coloring Books Like a Maestro to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Stress (Book 11)
I struggled with depression as a kid and I know that endlessly talking about pain can make it worse sometimes. But when you move just a finger in the right direction, you’ll have amazing results.
Coloring Stress and Depression Away is a perfect guide for showing you how it’s illustrated faithfully, showing you all the different techniques for filling and coloring, and how they look on a completed page. You’ll learn about light, shadows, patterns, and all the basics of art in detail, with examples.

Co-Authored Books

Weight Loss Mastery:

5 Habits To Shed Belly Fat And Keep It Off For Good (Co-authored with S.J Scott)
Tired of losing weight and then putting it back on? Want to make healthier food choices? Sick of fad diets and exercise routines?
You will discover five actionable habits you can use to lose a drastic amount of weight and keep it off! Download now to take back control and start mastering your weight and health.

How To Quit Your Smoking Habit:

Without The Stress Or Weight Gain (Co-authored with S.J Scott)
Hate your cigarette habit? Worried about the health risks of smoking? Want to quit without the stress or weight gain?
You’ll discover how to leave smoking behind, stop feeling like a slave to addiction and take control of your health. Start your journey today.

Seven Networking Secrets for Jobseekers:

How to Get Hired, Get a Promotion, and Get a Raise – Even if you Stink at Resume Writing, Hate the Internet, and … of Work for Years(Co-authored with Grieg Wells)
Do you want to grab your job search by the HORNS, and not spend your life at the mercy of the HR department?

From “overqualified” to “lack of experience” to “we went in another direction”, Seven Networking Secrets takes laser aim at every bogus excuse for giving the job to someone else and breaks down this perfect networking system into SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS that anyone can take to get a better job and get back to work fast.