SNM081: How to Double Your Business Using Networking

When I first started working online I was reeling from losing my job at the university.

My main motivation was that I never wanted to be fired again.

I never wanted someone else to be in a position to hurt me financially.

I Wanted to Control my Financial Destiny.

I had this vision that working online was about working in isolation.

That I could lock myself away in a dark basement and watch the digital dollars come flowing in.

And while you can make some money this way.

When you start working with other people, you can double our triple your income with a single conversation.

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Networking turbocharges everything else.

If you have a product and you're doing ok.

Finding the right partner can give you a massive offer to promote that triples your revenue overnight.

You might find someone to promote your offer, to read your script or to get you that dream promotion.

It's More than Internet Marketing

In today's special episode, we think outside the box.

How can an up and coming screenwriter get the top directors in Hollywood to read his script?

How can a factory worker jump into management?

Find out int today's episode.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Where do the people you want to meet intersect?
  2. How can you give real value to strangers?
  3. Stop listening and start taking action.

Resources Mentioned:

Networking black belt

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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1 thought on “SNM081: How to Double Your Business Using Networking”

  1. THANK YOU! Networking is something I have loathed since I learned what it was back in college. For years I misunderstood how to network in a way that is fun, genuine, and moves me closer to my goal.

    I’ve met so many people in networking groups that felt phony, boring, or like a waste of time. This is a huge eye opener for me.

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