SNM081: How to Double Your Business Using Networking

When I first started working online I was reeling from losing my job at the university.

My main motivation was that I never wanted to be fired again.

I never wanted someone else to be in a position to hurt me financially.

I Wanted to Control my Financial Destiny.

I had this vision that working online was about working in isolation.

That I could lock myself away in a dark basement and watch the digital dollars eome flowing in.

And while you can make some money this way.

When you start working with other people, you can double our triple your income with a single conversation.

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Networking turbocharges everything else.

If you have a product and you're doing ok.

Finding the right partner can give you a massive offer to promote that triples your revenue overnight.

You might find someone to promote your offer, to read your script or to get you that dream promotion.

It's More than Internet Marketing

In today's special episode, we think outside the box.

How can an up and coming screenwriter get the top directors in Hollywood to read his script?

How can a factory worker jump into management?

Find out int today's episode.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Where do the people you want to meet intersect?
  2. How can you give real value to strangers?
  3. Stop listening and start taking action.

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Networking Empire

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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How use networking to double your business on today's episode today's absent Betty by converting the ultimate list building tagging and segmentation tool to find that Burkett can change your business and W profits go to serve the master,\convert kit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post wish the launch of my new product empire which really covers one of the critical components of online business or the pieces it's really missing I thought I would share some of the best lessons of the key contact with you as a reward for being one of my podcast listeners as you know I don't always feel it's critical to hide all my information I do pay grades I want to share some stuff with you I think it's really special limited to it's go to some specific examples today of things you could want to accomplish and how you can use networking and similar networking tools too cumbersome is a lot of information about networking a lot of level I networking stuff covered in the Serta master book so if you really looking to first learn about networking is a great place to start and then the course of course that would be a part of a product cover some really advanced stuff and will help you double or triple your income very quickly because networking is not a replacement for the other tasks that we cover is not a replacement for starting a podcast is not a replacement for becoming a really good writer or becoming a really good affiliate marketer what it is is an accelerator so let's say for example you are an affiliate marketer your recommending products in every product you recommended pay you 50% that's pretty nice when you use these networking techniques and when you become familiar with the people election run those platforms they'll bump your commission up in the below you're doing so much restlessly at 7080 or 90% some offers I put people at 90% in fact in the past that put people at hundred percent of pay people 100% of every sale they generate these little moves his little decisions can really make a big difference for your business so if you're promoting someone in a bump you from 50 to 70% it's pretty nice at 40% higher pay rise it's really can make a difference in your bottom line so even though you haven't changed anything and change how we track how much traffic you're sending happy sales are making your making more money it's like getting an instant race as one of many many ways that we can can really help you for struggle with your podcast you can get a ton of great interviews unit lots and lots of really really good guest on your podcast and those guests following listener podcasts and some you have a bigger bigger audience one of the best and easiest ways to grow your audience is to do lots and lots and lots lots of interviews that's why most big podcasts have an interview every single day it's not the direction I chose to go in I really like share my own information but I am thinking about you increasing from one to having two or even three interviews a month so I am thinking about bringing a few more cool interviews I have a few I'm planning on doing over the next few months but when you're growing any type of business the more contacts you have the more connected they are the more things can happen so the first example today is let's say your a screenwriter in Los Angeles or you could be a playwright in New York this works either case and you want to get your script in front of people that will actually make a difference the hardest things to do and in fact listen to the podcast by scriptwriters and their vice about how to get found is I would say probably completely garbage they basically say oh it's different for everyone so they constantly talk about how it totally depends upon luck have to be a great writer you have to put in all this work and then just hope something good comes your way I think right now in America there 5000 working writers or maybe 5000 working movie writers that many people in the business at all direction making a living from it those are people that are in the union and it's very interesting to listen to people talk about and all these people gather up on their high tower and they've each written you know 345 movies and sick all you know if you want to get good at it luck and I understand they are they really understand the part about writing great scripts their understanding of story and scripts very very strong way stronger than mine and that's why listen I love learning about story if you want to learn how to tell good stories if you want to learn about story for your sales letters for your audience it's much better to follow a storytelling book that is to follow a copywriting book because in the movie the stories everything if a movie does have a good story or for movie makes a mistake in the hero's journey then that's everything stories destroyed so it's really really valuable to go to other sources it's very traditional and freshly cooperating a few other areas of this market to simply go to someone is good at exactly you want to learn we want to go to where they learned cylinder it right really good stories of fiction stories that talk on the past I really love the book up outlining what you want to get even better than delay who wrote that book you can order the book she tells you which book she read first really learn more more about story so we always want to go to the source but to circle back I know I've gotten a little rabbit hole your scriptwriter LA a screenwriter and you want to make that connection here's how you can do it and get your script read by series producer in the next 60 days if you follow these steps it will change your life now it's really a question of implementation let me tell you exactly to number one you find a popular hangout for producers and directors that happened no one in LA I only know one is my friend went to this exact bar and I've actually been to as well a few times and so I know it's true what you want to find is an intersection see there are several different types of trendy bars and the more you understand if you live in LA hopefully do the more you understand the way different bars in different nightclubs work the better we want to find is a place that is a couple of key elements from one it's not too loud if you replace that super loud the entire time and no one can really communicate like a lot of nightclubs are a lot of VIP icons are so loud you can't talk to strangers you won't really make this happen number two you a place that's open hours were it's not very crowded see what a place that's open usually throughout the day is ideal anyone place where the elite and the norms intersect there are certain venues in Los Angeles that are crazy expensive and only for high-level actors who want to be left alone and I totally get that so to build up to the level we get access to those venues you have to go through my entire networking up our course of six months on you could totally do it I've done it I used to hang out at this venue in London were the actors would go of any of the cost 1/4 million dollars a year to be a member just to be a member that means you have to pay that much money to be allowed to go there and spend money and I used to walk in for free in this place does not assign you know better you don't and so I certainly don't get access to the such a place that takes a long time one is a sixty-day plant and you know there's certain places in LA were regular people and people little bit more of a celebrity often times are slivers people recognizing a well-known writer's well-known directors want and producers could hang out there because no one knows they look like Sonoma bother them this place is a really cool and often times or places that have just been around for long time and so actors would hang out there for 4050 60 or so there's a bit of a tradition you once you've chosen your location once you've completed step one and since this is the bonding use because at the place were regular people interact with directors producers it's a place I can gain access to so these are the elbow to look at what you've chosen this place what you chose this location your job is to go there when it's empty this is why we want to place that not open all the time so step to go there when it's empty go there when it's not crowded this is why going to a raw nightclub's topic is not clubs open at 10 closed for this not really time when it's empty you really have the chance to do what you need to do but a place that has lunch time situation or let place and opens early in the afternoon many bars ice to Nikon but I was in college that open it like 7 o'clock but don't shut up till 11 so if you have that type of window you can work with that and in York there's tons of places like this even easier than LA in London it's really easy you want to find places where really cool people of the people that you want to interact with will hang out at some point C go there when it's empty and you begin to form a relationship with Evan who works there and you begin by simply treating everyone well learning and was named learning one fact about them learn a little something interesting about each person and when you loot learn a little something about everyone you could begin to form a connection begin develop a reputation to go to this place over and over again when it's empty got all the time it's empty and you become their favorite personal it's empty and develop these relationships by being friendly with him telling stories to them learning something about them asking them questions we find out someone sons name the next time he seems to have her son Tommy has coming so once you learn a piece of inside knowledge of demonstrated and this is about forming a relationship with and when works there the bartenders to the bouncers to the bar back to the bathroom attendant all of those people are very very critical to your success and we form a strong relationship with all of these people and they all know your name and you know their name and one fact that each of them you've begun to develop a reputation for yourself and you always always always drink one drink I let it be known that I drink white Russians there's no secret about that it's known that that's my drink anywhere I go I lock-in and you have to do that if you go there you as you want to experiment have a different drink every single time than this technique will start to fail please stick to the script if you want to be famous writer if you want to be successful this is what you have to do what happens when you order the same trick over and over again people get used to it when you walk in they start making they are all that white Russian Jonathan now before at a bar used use in London it was us tequila sunrise and a drink and be different whatever once you pick one drink a lot into it and you want to choose something that you have to make is even better because then people seem have it make you walk in when I used to walk in my but one of my bars and I would hold one finger for one tequila sunrise to fingers for two I have to say a word when people see you do that when people see walking a bar behold the thing in the Mealey's are making a dripping holy crap this person supports see all those movie producers and directors that think they're so cool and they're dropping thousands and millions of dollars in this bar the order different drinks all the time so they can't do that when you do that you're doing something they don't do your demonstrating you've accomplished something that they have a copy because money doesn't make it happen money doesn't affect memory enough so you're beginning to build up a little to cachet now that you have your regular locked another one knows you you well why did you start going there when it's crowded you going to the place when it's the coolest time of night now because it would nosy because he built up a little bit of your reputation you going when it's crowded you walk right to the door the bouncer is hey Jonathan what's going on no cover for you we know exactly who you are please cut the entire line and use those words is even said to me many many many times if you see my pictures I'm sure you have I don't look like the type of person to get the cut lines because I'm not is not my looks is not my wealth I cut more lines when I was broke than I ever did when I start making money online money doesn't do anything compared to social connection bribing you a new bar yet he can give the bouncer tip but nothing compared to when the bouncer knows you and you've earned a relationship 10 times more valuable 10 times more leverage to build in that connection building that leverage will allow you to walk into the bar and then you walk in and you were your regular people see that happening and then you talk to the bartender talk works there and the bartender introduces you to the night bartenders you haven't met before they introduce you to the manager MNG was about how you know everyone here and you know I just like talking people they wow that's so cool you start talking the manager and again you use your principles user connection principles user value giving technique and you form a relationship with the manager the owner of this really high-end bar that this person's phonebook has every single person you could ever want in it because they run the couloir they run this cool hotspot and you could do the same thing for cafés or whatever any type a business you can do this you can do the city yoga studio you can use anywhere you want but this is for if someone wants to be a successful screenwriter you follow this technique and you go to this really cool places inform these relationships now this person was that we talking about you know so-and-so in the introduce you to the directive or strain of working with now here's what's absolutely critical that you don't screw this up don't merely hand in your script as you burn the bridge to the ground of the probably three out of place all you do is continue what you're doing form the relationship the person will ask you what you do in the say on what you do and this is the moment when you can make this work or you can make us fail what you say is in this so critical pleases and carefully oh I'm a writer but I don't really come here to talk about work what you'd like to do when you're not working what you do but besides work and it I don't talk what movie stuff if that's okay what you love to do the second you say that the second you deflect that conversation you become a Hollywood screenwriter you'll change your destiny that's the moment we have a chance to change everything because he every other screenwriter when they meet that person will go on the writer you want to read my script and when you say I don't need your help I would rather get to know you a rather former real connection pursuits about this person's real dispersed must be an amazing writer if they don't need me to read the script right there not begging me through the script they must be amazing because when we reject people that's really really want to visit so now the last one reading a look if you want to read it sometime yet also to some of the time I really rather if that's okay with you I'd rather just talk to and get to know you rather meet you as a person I'm here to hang out have a nice time with my time off and I'm not really the office if you know any see that's the mindset of the elite is that that's how people act most people for me if someone walks up to me and hang out my friend and when asked writing by slingshots at the right time he asked you another when I'm at work rather well in social situations or by acting the same way your demonstrating excellence in doing a million sub communications that all will make people treat you differently the well finally a writer who is and try to shove a script under my nose how nice is that and then will introduce you to other electrical Nelson Leavy sitting there with three directors who fall in Academy Awards in the know it you gotta meet this yet meet this guy got me to scout this girl this writer she didn't even pass through script and she said no she said she said she's here to hang out never met a writer like that we got have shots together and send you hail directors who love you simply because you act like an adult and you are try to shove your work up their noses this is how in 60 days or less you can be hanging out with the top directors in Hollywood swapping numbers and then when it is work time when it's a separate time right after you build a relationship later on will ask you to see your script again you okay since you asked the show to but I'd rather you know I like keep business and friendship separate I'm happy to show it to you and lick you look at as a friend and you passed it but I would be sure that this isn't listening in effect a friendship when you say stuff like that it's very powerful and suddenly even though you haven't written a movie that anyone's regular is there anything at your hanging out with these high-level directors and guess what with other actors and other writers see you hang out those directors your social currency or social value your perception goes to the roof people think you are seriously massively successful writer because are hanging out with people assess writers hang out now you're beginning to create a reputation all you've done is follow my simple formula this is a very simple and powerful strategy let's go in another direction okay that's example number one let's say you work at a steel mill and you're tired of working the floor your back is killing you your late 40s even push that steel press for decades and it's ripping you to pieces every day after work work in a factory you out with the other factory workers that have drinks and you talk with how much you hate management right normal I have a friend who worked and I've never worked in a factory to a few jobs in her habit when my friends used to work in a factory making cars and they are very much driven by unions all factories are my uncle is a big union guy he was a dock working unit with sin still he was union was as number one love when you work in this type of job there's a big line between the workers and management workers take management course however businesses right but it's really delineated most of this type ministry so you spent the last 10 or 20 years really building up that relationship with the guys around of the guys at the same level to the promised none of them has a power to make you manager so if you want to move off the 41 move into a nonphysical job you want to then be a management guy's you can represent your friends here's a key few key simple steps you can take you want to begin changing your extra reputation this means that you need to be able to hang out in social settings with management set of other workers now I don't want you to think yet to me to go hang out commanders because you don't what were Kennedy was called an oblique strike surprise attack is the company's managers so find out where managers from other factories or other places hang out are not where your managers hang out this is step one and Juergen study how these nerds hang out with each other you can observe how they dress when they talk about whether things are interested in maybe you're really no football they're willing to golf will guess what you learn little about golf when I used to hang out all football guys when I was surrounded by management who like football but guess what I started watching the games I would hope because I knew was critical information you want to be in a position we can start having nonwork conversations with people have the ability to change your destiny now we are thinking about where to hang out we're thinking about how high the leverage yourself I don't just limit yourself to your boss instead think what his boss in the box above him where does the guy who runs your entire factory hang out were the guys like that spend time now again it's very tempting too many go out at some are really expensive it doesn't have to be that the misconception in his father's a lot of places the very wealthy people hang out there for a cheap anywhere from a jumbo juice to the public golf course to where their kids play soccer there a lot of places where you can begin to intersect with people in high-level management and effect let's imagine let's go little bit out of the box and I want to tell another bar storyboard on the bar example you what to do in a bar but let's say simple example you find out that the owner of your company his kid splint soccer his kids same age as yours okay if you can your kids play soccer as well you put them the same league now that might not be a possibility so another thing you can do if you can join this network let's assume you have a kid at soccer aid right to bring a kid and your kids are spent soccer and instead of having a kid play soccer in the poorly you civilly move the league across town so you start have access to a different group of parents and you just continue to focus on building your social connections whenever they need a parent to volunteer and bring the juice with the lemon wedges and orange wedges whenever they need a place or truck to drive the kids around to pizza part you're always there you become the dad or the mom who steps up in this group all the other parents right they leverage their money because they can afford to hire all the things they need but you're not there yet you become the person is always there so suddenly your kids on a soccer team with wealthy parents and revenue being attended by the parents you simply fit in because you let go of that who cares because you can become one of them within the next six months as you build this reputation as a kid begins a play against other teams in the teams of engineers can play against a team that your owner the owner of your business his kids on the team which means he's can be one of the games on the opposite side of the field now you spent so long building up your reputation you taken the time to if what the strategy which means you've developed a relationship with Evan on the field all the coaches in the league know you have respect for you because you're kind to them you know every kid on your team's name you know their parents names here one fact when each of them you know the favorite subject of every kid of the favorite TV show. You know something you become someone who learns a particular fact about all the kids you meet all the referees know you and they know that when I need an extra line person and they always do theology that rep you're going to do it you have a reputation as someone who gets things done he doesn't complain when other people need help you step up because you understand you work in a factory understand how to do physical things so when someone needed to jump two weeks ago you gave them the jump in Singer now known as the hero who gave some to jump as owners of these jumper cables play wealthy people managers know there to do anything they have jumper cables in the cars within our how to use in order to connect so these little things that you do leave always thought were valuable suddenly become the one person the one blue-collar to see if white see when you write your traditional bar Hansen the blue car wreck I got special but here you are special because you know how to do the things that these people don't want to do people see was the great debt of the great moms really stepped up he built a strong reputation so it's fun of the game and you can see that the owner of your entire factory owner of your business perhaps owner 17 factories across the field from you and you look around the field and you realize that you're there with all of your allies see a bunch of the parents and your team know the parents and the other teams and you say hey communities and people in the team i.e. I love meeting ever else in the field and slow walk ability right name or maybe at lunch get her going on you know this this apparent this Jonathan his kid join our team six months ago this guy is awesome is this this and this you mean all the parents on the other team and eventually you know you don't even target right eventually that owner that CO that one person you're targeting eventually that one person you're targeting walks up to me goes hey I'm Tim how are you and you owe I'm so so so nice to meet you I just watch your kid plays number 17 writing as well I try to learn each kid in the parents as well really you number 16 is the spirit of 17 that year number 13 is the spare and when you can damage it will not while the parent I wish I was that good of a parent okay so now we built instead of cool value with good parent value and as you say what you owe I work in a factory really high at work affect you go well cool I work in is still not getting a what really I am assuming all that so crazy are really good boss and then you change the subject again when you're not doing is pitching your building relationship like what you all that's so cool it's great I hope it's okay with you but I don't always want to talk about working I like to just focus on the kids it's very tempting right surrounded by great businesspeople tentative business deals here but for me I just like to really focus on the kids and have a really good time getting out work stressful you know that whether you when you work in the office to work on the floor it can be very stressful and it can be very hard so what you want I'm sure the last thing you want to do proximate works for about work stuff so let's talk about soccer's Helens dictator Lynn soccer be thought about if they're getting a varsity area play high-scoring and trying to college soccer and you're having this real connection and suddenly as crazy as it sounds your new best friend is the guy who owns your factory and guess what happens when your best friend owns your company and is your boss when a management position opens up and you apply within the company right and you apply the normal way and he sees your name is indigo okay here's five people to know there's one person I really do know and you can even leverage this for a lateral promotion maybe it's very difficult for you to jump to management inside your own factory you can say you know when you're hanging out a soccer game you walk in with little Berlin person is hey what's going on my back hurts a working physical all the time it's really hard I'm actually looking to move to another company about your son's applications I'm hoping to move into management somewhere else simply because I've been on the floor so long is he so many ways where I could grow the business sitting in hell go well really I'm pretty sure that I can increase efficiency and mild division by 3% about the manager she planted these little seeds is little little seats an attorney from someone only tell people that are your level the ability to change your life so these techniques the ability to network properly doesn't just help you if you're an independent entrepreneur of course it does it's very powerful but can also help you understand social structures can still help you even if you working at 95 even if you're still trading time for money if you're still stuck in a job you don't love you can use your understanding to continue to leverage and push your career higher and higher these little steps will make a huge difference and though allow you to open up all these new avenues and what will happen windfall any strategies that you meet a lot of other people and when you go wait a minute I thought I wanted to write new business person I just asked me if I do want to punch up the script for TV show just on your television writer was imparting a plant or maybe someone asked you to help work on a play all these little things make a huge difference in going all the soccer games you're playing with me the owner of your factory guess what you meant someone who owns a grocery store he said hey you really have your head initials England remains my grocery store pay three times the make right now this is how you can go and give yourself a 100 200% raise in just a few months by being tactical living strategical you can make amazing things happen now these are just a few of the techniques I share with you in networking apartment where you give us some really solid steps you could follow to actually make a difference in your life because I always want to help you have a better life and this is some powerful ways that networking can massively increase your income in double or triple what you're making matter what industry you're in in the next six to thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for the serve no master podcast email your questions to podcast@servenomaster.com in your question with my answer might appear in the next episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Penny Lane - December 2, 2016

THANK YOU! Networking is something I have loathed since I learned what it was back in college. For years I misunderstood how to network in a way that is fun, genuine, and moves me closer to my goal.

I’ve met so many people in networking groups that felt phony, boring, or like a waste of time. This is a huge eye opener for me.


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