SNM160: Use Simple Surveys to Double your Business

Buzzfeed surveys, the best example of how users get hooked on answering really mundane questions, but how do you resist knowing which of the Big 5 you relate best to?!

Surveys have been the most effective way to get someones email address, and form connections with your audience.

I’ve started using more and more surveys to curate the way I communicate with you and improve your experience.

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Types of Surveys

curate content

Simple one question survey – use the free version of Polldaddy plugin in WordPress and it works great, you don't have to spend any money. Used best when you want to ask a simple question, like which book cover you prefer.

Sophisticated survey – Been working on the career assessment quiz that contains several questions to determine whats the best path for you.

You can use survey responses to deliver targeted content for your readers.

How to Use Surveys

go viral

Viral quiz – anyone can put this together and as long as the results are fun then people will join it and it’ll generate a huge mailing list

Use a survey or quiz as a lead capture element – it outperforms free gift offers

Thrive Themes offer built-in quizzes.

Polldaddy is a great way to start simple and when you don’t have the budget.

How Surveys Help Your Business

increase sales

Best of all, creating a survey increases opt-in rates.

You are able to customize your emails to your target customer.

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Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Curate content for your audience
  2. Lead capture element – it outperforms free gift offers

  3. Increase opt-in rates

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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