SNM160: Use Simple Surveys to Double your Business

Buzzfeed surveys, the best example of how users get hooked on answering really mundane questions, but how do you resist knowing which of the Big 5 you relate best to?!

Surveys have been the most effective way to get someones email address, and form connections with your audience.

I’ve started using more and more surveys to curate the way I communicate with you and improve your experience.

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Types of Surveys

curate content


Simple one question survey – use the free version of Polldaddy plugin in WordPress and it works great, you don’t have to spend any money. Used best when you want to ask a simple question, like which book cover you prefer.

Sophisticated survey – Been working on the career assessment quiz that contains several questions to determine whats the best path for you.

You can use survey responses to deliver targeted content for your readers.

How to Use Surveys

go viral


Viral quiz – anyone can put this together and as long as the results are fun then people will join it and it’ll generate a huge mailing list

Use a survey or quiz as a lead capture element – it outperforms free gift offers

Thrive Themes offer built-in quizzes.

Polldaddy is a great way to start simple and when you don’t have the budget.

How Surveys Help Your Business


increase sales

Best of all, creating a survey increases opt-in rates.

You are able to customize your emails to your target customer.

Listen to today’s episode…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Curate content for your audience
  2. Lead capture element – it outperforms free gift offers

  3. Increase opt-in rates

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan

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Use simple surveys to double your business on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive themes blissfully fast WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out try things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to Servo\drive themes are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now as your host we've all seen those really cool and fun quizzes online which character you from your favorite TV show or movie take this quick quest to find that your IQ for the past 20 years the service of been with most effective ways to get someone's email address a long time ago way back in college in the late 90s I took one of IQ tests answer the questions at the end of what your results were processing them it was her email address will send a messenger ready people do it it's a great way to capture email addresses a great way to format connection with someone and it allows you to give a stronger result when you go through survey technology now can react to your answers if you go to one of my service and I'm doing more and more fees to get a better experience for example if you take one of the surveys to see your current state level or to see how you are on the depression spectrum or any of the quizzes and try to develop in surveys your results will change email to get change how I communicate with you for example let's say you take one of my quizzes with thedepression book and it find out you really struggle with depression really strong with a number send you more emails and more encouragement to deal with that problem I'm really focus on helping you overcome that but if it turns out you only have the lightest of touches you only a little bit curious but depression without affecting your life in any way than the same emails would be wasted would it be well targeted use surveys to find out what people want and give it to them I use several different types of surveys in order to improve your experience your my customer you might try memory or my follower it's very important to me really give you an amazing experience of the first type of survey I use is a simple one question survey I is a service call poll daddy which is owned by word press they use the free version up anything and I tend to with my poll data stuff be very simple the two most recent survey cited using Paul daddy one was which will covered you like for control your faith and I had the six or seven designs I sent everyone on the Melissa chance to look at the designs you just click which one you like and click this is my favorite yes after the first round of results I use a second batch of designs based on the survey results and rest second survey was interesting is that the answers were almost purple evenly split three people like never want to be like number 23 ruling number four so the percentages were almost probably will switch sometimes you don't get the perfect data in that case I found a couple that nobody liked but there were lots were very evenly split the second survey I recently read was which products they work on next it had a list of four product ideas and dad other and again the split was almost perfectly even sometimes you get that data and that tells me that there is equal interest all the ideas and that's okay that's a beautiful piece of data that tells me that I'm not on the wrong path that help in that all of my ideas are equally good the people interested in blogging some are interested in copywriting some are interested in some my more

advanced writing techniques and all of those results tell me okay none of these is a really bad one sometimes you have 45 ideas and only one of the people like what people like for them to take the fifth that tells you okay Gordon what you when you want.this that's really good data a more sophisticated survey is the one I've been working on which is the career assessment quiz effective quizzes Don I ran into some technology problems that I've since fixed I set up my survey software on a brand-new domain because having it on the main server master site was running this promises are so many different things running at once that survey will be live very soon hopefully by time Wilson the survey asked some questions to determine what's the best path for a large percentage my audience really wants to be writer that's not everything some people want to write one book that's their flagship book about their career their life their vision experienced one of their parents something very important to have a specific message would have a specific path thereon that's one typewriter some writers really just looking to make money as a writer they want to quit her job and make a living as a writer so both people are learning right with her slightly from motivations I have other people in the email me a lot I get a lot of email to people who say love your stuff and annoy me writer some people are destined to be writers want to do programming some people have specific skills in other areas with its networking or sales M what my survey does what my new assessment doesn't work on this assessment for almost 6 months now to make it perfect is determine which path is right for you whether it's podcasting or blog gang or networking and once we figure out the right path for you than those of the emails you start to get than those of the podcast and long episodes I start to recommend to you so through my emails I can be responsive to your needs I can see all this is what works for you this is the best information for you so a simple survey will tell me a simple assessment help you to figure out what the best cool is for you the best resources are for you and that when you start to get a better experience start to get more customized experience instead of getting the same emails as everyone you start to get the emails that really meet you where you are there are certain segment of people who find me because they're struggling with different emotional problems I have a new group of people who find me because they do searches for how to deal with depression Amazon and now some my book start to show even serve the master shows up because I talk about depression little but that book I talked about my other books I've dealt with it that's a previous podcast episodes some people find me that way and that's the content it's very important to them so they need to start hearing the content about how I dealt with that so for the best thing for them to hear about might be my podcast episode about my simple sister Padilla depression the best book for me to recommend is my new book about overcoming depression those aren't the best things for someone who fighting and just wants to write a book or just interested in starting a podcast so when you have a survey in your website you can use it to figure out what people need music to figure out what the best products are to make for people and you can use it to give people what they want to customize your messaging surveys are also very effective because there are a great way to capture email addresses and there's two big ways to do that the first is the viral course this is the quiz you put on social media that people respond to which Harry Potter character are you that quiz went viral about a year and half ago and over a million people give some other email addresses try to find out which character from Harry Potter and this is the time was that anyone can put together

you do not any sure movie you but any different area are you vampire zombies are you a werewolf or zombie are you vampire werewolf you can just keep running different ideas I post them on social media and people will get interested if you make it fun as long as your quiz results are bit fun more interesting people really respond on social media constructing and a viral bill which means people begin to join join join your mailing list because the quiz is so fun these types of quizzes that go viral tend to be less informative and more fun is on Facebook or on twitter will usually just look and have a bit of fun and I was looking to do homework or find out something deep about themselves sometimes you can have one of those quizzes it really digs deep but there's a balance they can do okay but if you want those quizzes just was absent millions of people are taking that's where the viral find element to the quiz ghost and I can't tell you what quiz will go viral next you can't always predict the future and of course if I could and that will be the next quiz I make the second with quizzes and assessments of these surveys are very effective at gathering list is using them as your lead capture out you can compare have a survey or free gifts the two main ways to get email addresses and lately over the last year surveys and outperform free gifts very consistently this is why haven't building my survey and only because the survey was running slow have I not launched to have to remake the whole thing from scratch to my new website in order to have a run really fast work every time but when I switched that probably the number of people who enter them addresses will go up and the information I can get from people like and communicate with them be more effective because when you run a survey quiz run a survey often you theme address at the end of the survey you then know more about the person and you can be more effective your medication you give the more value it's really important to people my procrastination quiz when I first launched book procrastination had a glitch in and the quiz was only working about 4050% of time that everyone who clicked the button saw the quiz sometimes it sees three flashing dots that meant for some reason the quiz with loading right and one lady wrote me a really mean email she said how dare you send that quiz never email me again didn't even work she was really mad at you every right if I do something wrong or make a mistake in your sedative can tell me I feel good about it I feel bad about it I've been working on fixing the problem and I will talk to tech support about you know I do all the tech myself and isolated the problem I forgot what I had to do To build a whole new website just my assessments is nothing there to slow down the assessment now I'm rebuilding my quizzes and rebuild my survey so that I can be better give a better experience my customer to better experience to everyone in my email captors will go up in the emails I send you a more effective it to win forever the other thing to think about is that come up with three gifts and making free gifts is hard for your and 1/2 now the main free gift on the server master website was the escape and 95 which is really a series of seven emails that help you figure out the right path to make and get you ready to start setting up your revenue stream so that you can quit your job whether you have a backup revenue stream that's effective and will protect you in case you lose your job all the people of seeing that I never enter the email address I have to show him something else to keep them interested one thing that I've done is create different free gifts in this one for networking there's one for copywriting so as you are interested in different things different free gift show up value to scrape truly helpful but again creating a new free gift for each different idea it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort actually less work for you

and you give a better experience your customers when you build a quiz rebuilder survey can take you afternoon was coming up with an idea and finding out like you to making the free gift that you take a lot of work it can take days or even weeks to write something to try to write a great PDF for shift right to tax and you have to add images and make it look graphically nice to look national and ethnic image cover for it to look like a 3D book convert all to PDF and it can be hard that's a technical thing that takes a while to learn so there's a creative and a technical element in the can take you a while to make a free gift directly doing it of course but now people respond more to service the more likely to give him address you learn more about them and you give them a better instant value the old this is the best path for me alert something on myself today that's less work what a trip with that's what I love about surveys in them to be doing more and more of them now that I've overcome a little tech hurdle now as far survey software a couple of options out there I happen to use the Thrive themes quizzes the copyright quizzes as you know if you fall me for a long time all of my tools I built around five my designer strike teams for getting reviews and testimonials are used by probation all the truly was a part of the right thing to pay once a year a single flat fee and it gives me about 15 different tools by them that I use that all really well designed were quickly and give you great user experience I love them I used to use a different platform but I switch to Thrive last year when I rented some glitches in my website crashed there are some competitors out there that are purely quiz based software but the all are far more expensive for a long time I was emailing friends a guy that was shredded quizzing which you had a server type software than a large snow so excited the competitors are some of them are hundred dollars a month some of them are couple hundred dollars a month a lot of the competitors charge you her survey filled out severe really successful when you can end up paying a huge amount of money of course you make your money back as you're building a massive list but not everyone is ready to start outspending hundred dollars a month to ceiling run quizzes you do simple surveys with pole daddy at the other two I use that's free and I do recommend starting their you can't do is sophisticated stuff but it's a great place to start so if you have no budget and are starting from scratch it's fine hold that he works that used it for some of my stuff is it for two polls this year what I like about derived from the relay's requisites is that I can have dynamic responses based on your answer question one I can send you to a different question to Connecticut the new different question three so for example maybe her the fitness space in your first question can be are you male or female some visits website you teaching about yogurt your chocolate yoga locks idea comes every day and you say are you male or female is a male male and female people men and women they have different fitness needs most guys who are overweight or worried about her big tom-toms right what a woman is overweight the weight might be someone else in her body the way she feels about it different the exercises she needs to do or different and so asking different questions can find out why they're there your second question can be about age so then you can have different buckets or different groups of people you deal with in a different way maybe of one set of emails for women under the age of 40 and another for women over 40 and the same for men today are four sets of emails or you figure out okay this is how I need to communicate with people differently and have different problems it's easier to lose weight when you're younger you know your body gets older it's more effort more work you have to be even more dedicated for me now just came back from a little trip my weight shot backup size for five days my weight went back up I've been back for two days now and I'm on a super strict diet exercising like crazy to really get my might have some backward needs to be but it's so much harder when I try to lose weight 70 I wish that had been dedicated to fitness at 17 side and have to fight so hard what can you do you can't change the past but crying over spilled milk just reality so that means you can offer different types of training different types of advice to people based on their gender their age their health experience whatever space you're in you can do more dynamic quizzes more dynamic surveys when using Thrive no big proponent of Thrive themes and thrive leave there one of the big advertisers on this podcast what's because I use the tool between my primary tools you cannot visit my website without experiencing fry theme since the design is by them all the surveys are by them every time I asked for an email address at the Thrive tool can build surveys several different ways you could have just your questions you have questions with images I like using images my quiz I think it looks cool I think it's better user experience but not every quiz answer lends itself to an image if you're asking people whether agent have a picture of a young beautiful person old person with a cane that it was can enjoy that not I would appreciate that imagery so you don't always need imagery with your quizzes and your service your thinking about using your service requests after circling back to the fact that at the start of this episode I talk about growing your business let's talk about how service to me financially the first is that your often rates will increase even with the book I been working on this technology for well I don't have any software right now that can show a quiz with in a Kindle device unfortunately what I have to do right now is capture an email address and then send someone a link the next time you're on their computer phone they can take the quiz because of the way Microsoft Word is dynamic and so advanced I can't do it within the can I wish I could I wish I could make you take the survey just inside of your Kindledevice for the technology is not there yet and it's very unlikely that any company that's building for software will make something just for candles you might wish they would two small segment the market maybe in all across the world wants it it increases the percentage of options more people give their email address for people interested in that larger email list the more money you make if you have a list of a thousand people and making thousand dollars month that's great if your list was 10,000 people he making $10,000 a month take a look at what you're making right now your list size and realize if I double I don't wear make MMM MMM if that's wonderful see deftly want to really focus on list growth the second way helps you grow your business and make more money is that you give better and more customized communication to your audience if you send people to run emails the only open them a few times if someone finds me in a really strong with depression I sent a bunch of emails were becoming a writer their aversion to stopping my messages even if on day seven I switch the first six emails are all about being a writer day seven I taught my depression might be too late at night on opening to having more effective more targeted communication means are more like an open emails are more likely to look at the right things easier for me to say somewhat after two days hey looks like a really strong this here's a podcast episode of depression here's another book but depression is another technique for dealing with that issue same thing for procrastination he really struggles procrastination I better not wait a week to send you emails because you're not Korean emails after this what does your procrastinator

let me give you an answer effectively really fast so you're getting more email addresses your email and the more effectively that means that you make more money as an affiliate or is it salesperson when you start a relationship with someone via email when you begin to have someone in your email listener communicating with them you only get so many chances if you recommend the wrong thing for five times you lose that relationship there to stop listening to the quality of your vice them out they respect you goes down what they were best friends I recommend a move which you will be terribly hated next week I recommend the movie to again it's not the type movie like it all I record a horror movie to you but I should know you don't like or the third week I recommend a children's book which you doesn't make any sense you don't have any kids why would one want to children's movie wait for you my name and asked my opinion even though this was rewrite for some people to not right for you. Open my emails. Click by links our relationship will start to slide down the hill but when you have a more targeted list when it's averaging ever is visited your website and what is interested in any of your books when it becomes really specific about what they're interested in the topics and the ideas that matter to them can build a stronger relationship you can have more respected advice because the things you recommended make sense to them when someone recommends information training tools blog posts podcast episode social media post that are valuable you start to listen to their advice more that same best friend recommends four movies in a row that are awesome week five you're waiting for the email you're chomping at the bit to find out the next movie recommendation good recommendations raise your credibility just like bad recommendations lowered and this is how you can give people better and better and better advice better better their content better and better better recommendations as you look to growing your business whatever market you're in whether you're in business to business whether you're in business to consumer whether invites weather entertainments surveys quizzes assessment they can help you grow your business they can help you form strong relationships give people better vice no matter what Mark herein surveys when effectively use W thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening to serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so that together we can achieve true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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