SNM114: How to Make A Thousand Dollars This Month

If your back is against the wall and you have bills coming at you, then today’s episode is your lifeline.  I break down the EXACT steps to follow to put an extra thousand dollars in your pocket in the next thirty days.

Step One The “Thousand Dollar Month” Mindset

I hope you listened to yesterday’s episode because it is critical.

If not you can listen right here -> https://servenomaster.com/episode113

You absolutely, positively must take quitting off the table for thirty days.

This is not a magic button or a quick fix; we are going to build a real business and that will require real work.

Additionally, switch into the “whatever it takes” mindset.

We are building the foundations of a six-figure business this month.

In the next episode, we’ll cover how to turn that $1000 into $5000 next month.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you must stay the course.

Step Two – Join Three Article Mills

I know calling them article mills makes these places seem like a nightmare and that’s because I don’t want you to get STUCK at just $1000 a month.

This is only a bootstrap, grassroots operation.

I have worked with people who have been with the same bottom-tier mill for a decade.

Don’t do that.

You need the mill job for now while we build the rest of your business infrastructure.

And even if you love working with middlemen, you can move up to higher-paying mills within 3-6months.

For now, choose three websites from this list and signup.

More than TWENTY Places to Get Paid to Write

If you can afford $27 a month, then start with Writing Jobs.

They aren’t a content mill, but they play a similar role in connecting writers with jobs online.

Whether you sign up with Writing Jobs or not, please sign up with the best three websites that will hire you from the list.

There are five mills at the lowest paying level; choose three from that list.

If you have some good writing chops or a college degree, you can try to jump straight to level two.

It’s worth submitting the application since they pay more for the exact same work.

Once you have submitted your applications, you can move on to the next step.

Step Three – Build up Your Writing Portfolio

Don’t wait til you are getting paid to work on your portfolio.

You need to have examples of your excellent work to show people before your job offers will start rolling in.

Create a catalog of ten articles across the spectrum of categories you want to cover.

If you have a higher education degree in a certain subject or other areas of expertise, it’s ok to be a specialist.

You can create ten articles that are all within that range of subjects.

It’s still worth having a portfolio of general niches you can handle, just in case a very lucrative job comes your way.

Just last week a job offer came my way paying more than any project I’ve ever worked on in the past and it’s in a totally new space.

Fortunately, I had some demo work that was close enough and negotiations have moved forward.

For your general portfolio, please write a 1,500-word article on each of the following topics.

  1. weight loss
  2. trouble sleeping
  3. survivalism
  4. Internet / software / technology
  5. technology / hardware
  6. dating / relationships
  7. health
  8. make money online
  9. fashion / wearables
  10. parenting

Notice that I said fifteen hundred word articles.

That’s longer than most people can write and that is exactly the point.

You are demonstrating that you are elite and worth paying a premium down the line.

You can build out your portfolio with articles you get paid to write as well.

Remove All Errors From Your Work With Grammarly - For FREE

You absolutely, positively cannot send out work with errors in it.  I had a ghostwriter send me her article pack a few months ago.  I took her document and dropped it into Grammarly.  The software popped over 100 errors.  Do you think I hired her?

There is no excuse.

Grammarly is FREE and you can grab it right HERE.

Step Four – Make Your Portfolio Usable

There is nothing worse than the moment a potential client asks for your portfolio and you realize that it’s not organized.

You are searching all over your hard drive for that article you want to show them and it’s starting to get embarrassing.

The key to getting paid the big bucks is to act like you deserve it.

I can’t tell you how many times a potential writer will send me several articles in different files and different formats.

One file is called article1.txt and the next is called onionfarming.doc.

That is annoying and reeks of unprofessionalism.

It’s a simple mistake to avoid so do it right now.

Name your files like this.


So a real file might be titled JonathanGreen-Fitness-10TipsToLoseBellyFat.

Do you want someone to read your article, love it, want to hire you and then realize that they have no idea who write article18.txt?

All of your files should be in the same font and written with the same settings.

Once your articles are written, convert them to PDF format.

This is a standard universal format that will ensure your articles look the way you intended.

If you send an editable format, their software will change it when they open it.

Your file might look great on your computer, but their older version of Word makes it look like garbage and they fire you.

Take your ten PDFs and merge them into a single zip file.

To do this on a mac, put all the files in a single folder and right click.

Then select “compress folder.”

You can also highlight the files you want, right click, and compress them into a ZIP file.

Take this file and GET IT ONLINE.

Upload it to your website, use Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

There are hundreds of ways to get your work online for free.

Now when you are in a nightclub and someone asks for your portfolio, you can give them the link in one second and they have it.

No more going home, looking for files and sending an email two days later when you are forgotten.

Create an Easy-To-Remember Link

If you want to make your life even easier, go to https://bitly.com/ and make a custom link to your file.

You can make a creative name that is easy to remember.

For example, bit.ly/1kmonth is a link I just made that will take you back to this page if you copy it into your browser.

It’s that easy.

Step Five – Start Writing Articles and Getting Paid

Many article mills pay every single week.

Some of them will approve you in one day and some take a few to approve.

You may very well start working on paid jobs before your ten portfolio articles are done.

If you can, get paying jobs for each of these ten topics.

There is nothing wrong with getting paid to create your portfolio.

Even if the initial pay for some jobs isn’t great, you will level up very quickly.

Once you have written five to ten articles for a mill, you can go up in rank and get paid more for your work.

At this point, your writing speed and ability will determine how many hours you need to put in each day to hit your goal.

As a beginner who speaks English, you expect to work 2-3 hours a day five days a week.

If you put 40-60 hours in this month, you will make at LEAST one thousand dollars in the next four weeks.

But you will probably make two.

There are several ways to speed up your writing and improve your quality.

Grab a copy of 20K in a Month (my about-to-be-released book on reading fast) or you can go through Words to Profit Mastery.

But I recommend waiting until you make enough profit this month from your writing before you spend a penny with me.

Make money first and then spend.

When you spend from profit, it is so much sweeter!

Look to the Future

If you want to make more money every month, then you’ll have lo listen to the rest of the episode.

You can begin putting the infrastructure in place now to double and triple your income every month this year.

It’s all right there waiting for you.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Accept the “make a thousand dollars this month” mindset
  2. Join 3 Writing Mills
  3. Work on your portfolio and take paid work

Resources Mentioned:

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Writing Jobs

Content Mills List




Words to Profit Mastery

20K in a Day

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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How to make $1000 this month on today's episode these episodes but you might see Oprah left the company did I trust to keep serve a master at the top of Google to save 10% use the coupon code serve no master check out go to Servicemaster.com\SCO today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online and start living your retirement dreams now you've come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house I recently sent out an email to all of my followers have loosens the show ever falls the blog was read any my books to find out what I have the biggest fears or problems or challenges more faces and I heard back a very strong message that for a large portion my audience number one problem is how to make an extra thousand dollars if I can help you cross that first bridge to give you the breathing room to accomplish everything else I received email after email I am approaching this problem from different angles and it's a really the place where a lot of people are so if this is your first time visiting Surrey mass of the first time is my website or hearing a podcast episode this episode is really for you break down the exact steps you can take that number this month if you're willing to work two or three hours a day Monday through Fridays you can hit that extra thousand dollars but here's the thing once you do this once if you decide to do it again next month it will take you less time and eventually gets the point where it takes you an hour to 90 minutes a day and you can start raising the number as well you start earning more more money I really excited to share this very simple plan with you and this is very similar to the technique I use whenever I need to raise money whenever I need to fund raise for new project I take a ghostwriting project and this is very very similar so to take you through the seven key steps to achieve success make $1000 this month and be in a position to make $1000 or more every month are here on out pending upon how you want to move forward I would give you the exact blueprint and the exact tools the very first point number one the first tool is your mindset you have to change the way you think about work in the way you think about money one of the people in my circle a friend of a friend or friend was talking about how it was really struggling he just graduated from college and was living back at home with his parents like I'll have the money I need a way to make some money and what their job interviews but he only interviewed for one job six months because only job that was but enough for him and I said to him the exact same the same to you tell your mindset is I'll do whatever it takes to make the money I need to make never make the money need to make as a new dad with two kids on the scene and family that I have to support if the warchest gets low I'll take whatever job I have to do do any type of project I need to do to fund raise to support and take care my family that's my mindset when things got tough I took a lot more ghostwriting projects people to fill in the gaps why began building new sectors of my business so whenever I need to grow a new area of my business I'll take ghostwriting jobs take this type of work contract work to fund raise doubt level I met now I tend to take the project draw take up book job we are starting out it's much better to take a smaller project and start with article writing before you do any of those things you have to say right now I want to make that money and I'll do whatever it takes I'll spend the next 30 days doing it I'm not even asking you to spend months learning the system on the asking you to invest eight hours a day I'm just saying if you're willing to spend two or three hours working to make $100 each time I want you to make $100 every single time you sit down at your computer and this is exactly how to do it mindset is so important reason talk letter first is because many many people who come to me and say I really want to make about artist but here's how to do it they are no as you really need you have a different mindset litter hungry people are starving or very very different how they approach food people are starving will eat anything at the taste anymore whenever you offer someone food if you offer versus homeless food or someone who you think is starving if they reject the first thing that I don't need that doesn't taste good not really starving because when you're starving delete dirt off the ground doing whatever it takes silly grass and that's the minds of the people who succeed go I'll do whatever it takes to take any job you have to do other any project to do the build really big amazing businesses often work horrible jobs for two or three years to fund raise launch those businesses are now in a time in life we are apt to do that you can raise enough money for any type of business this in a couple hours each afternoon during the weekends with the system but if you don't accept this mindset right now if your mindset right now as I'm in a listen to a Jonathan us to say and then on the side of follow this plan you're not hungry enough you probably will implement might as well turn this off because your lack of conviction almost ensures your failure so it's all about that decision people ask me why I'm so successful it starts off with the simple mindset I'll do whatever it takes to make the money you need to make every month I'm constantly taking extra projects try to diversify opening new areas looking at new ideas all of these things I do are all about that core mindset that separates me for most of the people I have the mindset of the starving that is how you can really accomplish that this month you need that mindset of all do whatever it takes number two Artie have put together on my blog up the link below this the whole giant article explaining all the different article Mills article mill is a place that hires thousands or tens of thousands of writers and sells articles tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of customers advantage of an article built is that they generate perpetual work for you they always have work they always have work available for writers the bad part is that when you're at the bottom tier you make very much money take a huge cut there are couple of reasons article Mills worth your time right now the first reason is it gives you a chance to build up a portfolio and build up your experience level when you're reaching for an article mill or a copy of the columns of accountability of those fancier names but it's what it really is you get a chance to see what customers want so they have a training process and they walk you through everything you can see this is the template to use and when you learn to write in this way you can then deliver product to customers like even if you're writing somewhere else so it's a good place to get your first batch of experience now if you have experience with writing in the past if you have a degree if you graduate high school college or have a higher level degree each of those different levels changes what the pay in a break all of that down in my content mill breakout season look at each different tear and join them and see what level of pay if your native English speaker immediately they knock you up a couple of tears most of them have a five levels so non-native English speakers like Level One and someone was like awesome is level V people level V sometimes make 234 times more money for the same content so look at each of these different levels and see what you can start if you're absolutely brand-new beginner started the bottom three lowest level III tier 1 the really basic simple very common once and find one you can join that will pay the most you can join three and one of them says I will pay you seven cents a word in the lives as they will pay six unsorted… I will be Levinson's work guess which one you should write for the one of the $0.11 work this is not your new full-time job you're not going to be writing millwright of the rest of your life remember what I just said do whatever it takes you're only doing this as the first step on the pasture success that I do know writer friend of a friend is writing for tier 1 writing milk for a long time it is written over 10,000 articles don't do that once you've written enough articles were to move higher and higher levels there is no reason to stay at low-level content here writing if you get to a higher level nurse tier 2 and tier 3 there better better content will pay way more money per work so you want to treat your writing is a business as we move forward but for now I want you to join three content mills three writing mills that are the lowest level that fit you so you have a bit of experience in the bottom three or too low maybe go, higher than you want to join three that will take you and give you work to join the highest level you can write at the gate be made to start at the bottom that's okay not to be there for more than a month to tops step three making $1000 this month is that you need to create 10 articles per portfolio this is where a lot of people get stuck and I realized that I have to be more specific just tell him he would write a 10 articles I get an email all the time John is one of the 10 topics I should write on and I realize you know I should just tell you I spent some time on this thinking about areas where there is the most work what's the most valuable areas where I've done a lot of projects and so here are the 10 articles you want to create for your portfolio there are several different ways you can create your portfolio going down the line but however you decide to do it whether you choose to take 10 jobs the kind of match these topics from your writing milk with you decide to write them on your own however you do it these are the 10 topics I recommend having your portfolio to show deep into a bio major work well maybe you are a specialist in certain area maybe you are a massage therapist or a hairstylist or you have an engineering degree whatever your area of specialty as you may decide you just want to write articles about that area of your specialist and that's okay to when you're a specialist your portfolio should have 10 articles that are similar in that topic and then you actually get paid more because of your expertise so that's another approach but right now are how to be a generalist this is the basic approach for brand-new person was $1000 is but here's the 10 article topics that I recommend number one is article on weight loss this is one of the biggest energies online and that means there is a constant and never-ending need for new articles on this topic number two trouble sleeping insomnia you can't sleep through the night anything to do with trouble sleeping is good it's a little bit medical but not too much show it shows that you can bridge the gap I wish a couple different spaces and Tommy is a pretty popular industry anyways but this shows that you can handle a lot of the spaces in between health and wellness so you can actually capture a lot of client work that's beyond just can't get to sleep work demonstrates a good area of expertise number three survival is him this is a space read a lot of work in the past it's a very big money space it's a growing space and if you can find a client who wants you to write tribalism articles for them you can make a very very very good living this writing blog posts for single client the space is very lucrative the products and services are very expensive for example 1 of the top products in the space is maybe don't know building underground bunkers I watch some of those proper TV shows or real craft underground bunker where it's basically just made out of a shipping container Woody make a container for you but in the chemical toilets yada yada and the beds and all that they dig a hole. Hole in the woods talk accordingly dollars very expensive industry if you want to spend that much underground bunker the people still in the bunker more than happy to pay you premium to write really good articles and bring in new customers number four Internet software attack so here were looking at software technology anything to do with software online space this is where you can write about your opinion on a new codec this is where you can write about anything to do with this part of technology you can write about a lot of really great stuff here if you're interested in more doing some a social media type writing your resume who writes about social media this is where you put that article instead you could write about how Facebook just released a live audio version how people can live stream audios that is live streaming video that can be what you write about still in the kind of software a space you have enough leeway here to begin to reveal your voice so that you get the type of clients you want but this is about providing spectrum as well number five is about hardware technology this is where you would write about televisions 3D technology virtual reality you could compare several different types of mice what's the benefit of using a wired mouse was a wireless mouse anything physical where it's a piece of technology you can touch hardware to the software this is a really great topic with a lot of work in the space because as always your technology being released number six is dating relationships huge industry this is the very first space where I made a lot of money online it's wife began to really explode online began my online businesses there is always new work in the space and this covers everything from how to get your first girlfriend had act on a first date all the way through 10 steps a perfect best man speech I know he's the one how to know if your partner is cheating how do you expect these are really really big spaces I love your partner is cheating how your ex back are massive industries there whatever you're thinking of there about 100 times bigger than it financially so the amount of work in that space is pretty close to unbelievable there's tons of work that spacers always work in that space that's why magazines survive County magazine to see the put out article after article month after month about relationships can we can never consume enough content number seven health this is where you can write article about diabetes hypertension or ED if you know what ED stands for Bill figured out one of the biggest industries on life it's a big part of health that's another place what you can write good articles there's tons and tons of work number eight make money online how to make a living this week to write about search engine optimization right about running advertisements write about social media for profit so this is where instead of just writing what social media for tax or for a consumer's your writing for business-to-business there's a lot of work in the space I read several different blogs in this space is always looking to see when the ships and social media are so this is really valuable type of content and again you're more focused on the audience in this case the audience for this type of article will be people like you people were trying to make money online whether it's businesses or individuals number nine is fashion wearables here you could do something like a Samsung water the iPhone watcher you could do wedding dresses anything to do with different areas of fashion and you just go as far as you can if you're totally fashion a Gregory Cameron article about raw fashion that's okay just do something about close whether it's about T-shirts and the T spring kind of business model how people are now buying print on demand T-shirts whether it's about something to wear anything you can do that has to do with clothing fashion hats this got to be something you can write about everyone knows about something again these are all articles that you can do research for these are articles you should already know about the articles that you research and write to provide a nice resume number 10 is parenting parenting is a really really big space and some of these articles right you kinda mingle them so if you want about trouble sleeping became a about America's children can't sleep the night that's okay we want to have articles the kind of fit across the spectrum and this gives us a wide spectrum is other places other things you can write about after your specialist or if there's things you will arrive alike politics of video games that's fine you go in that direction this is to give you a resume that's really valuable so even if you want to be a specialist I would still recommend having a baseline of 10 things I can tell you right now that the breadth of my portfolios really important when people approach me about projects I take Lycos Ray projects they want to see that it worked on products that are very similar there's when you show someone article that similar to their space there 10 times more likely to hire you some summonses have really want you to write an article about jet ski and you go I ask you an article Lester about motorcycles the milk okay that's pretty similar that's good if you will here's my article about three tips for great babysitter to go well you can write me can spell they don't have any idea whether not you can handle this type of topic so taking the time to actually have a portfolio write articles that are similar to what your market your customers are gonna want us to make a huge difference on your bottom line in a massively bump up your income and that's what you want while your building out this portfolio there are other steps that you can be taking to continue to grow your business you can think about things and talk about them and follow-up which is about going from a thousand or $5000 a month writing but things you can think about are building up a website or setting up profiles on different places where you can begin to get customers would lie those customers in the coming months 234 but as we start letting us real in your mind right now once you've written those articles type or step four in our process to create and prepare your portfolio this is another area where people make really dumb mistakes you want to be as professional as possible right here don't make mistakes when you don't need to you want to convert all your articles to PDF when people send me articles and we are formats it makes me crazy when people send me a demo article in like a.txt or.rtf file yes my computer can open them those files are heavily open to interpretation which means the look different on my computer than they do on yours and the font is always weird in those types of files see you end up sending a customer that's unpleasing to the eye and there's no reason for that the reason I say to use a PDF is that PDF is a universal format your document looks like a picture that means that the way it looks to you is how looked everyone else that's the whole reason people use that format it's a non-editable format so what they see is really a photograph of what you see when you send me a word document my word settings will take over and change how it looks yes I have word now there are people who don't people who don't have word I know people who are millionaires who don't use where they still use open office that had a work if you'd like that in the past it's a total nightmare you have to constantly exporting for OpenOffice all that stuff don't leave the door open to a prom and some else's computer hurting your business the second step when you're prepping your portfolio is to name your files intelligently do not name your files article 1 article 2 article 3 instead I would name them based on the topic and your name so it would say weight loss article Jonathan Greene weight loss article by Jonathan green is what I would how the first file the second will retitle sleeping article or insomnia article Jonathan great I want to name the files with the topic in my name this allows someone who opens up my portfolio to choose which of the 10 articles they want to read this is very very critical if you send someone a package with all 10 articles all talk you through how to do that in a moment they're not a real tender can a good look at them the okay this is the two or three that are closest when looking for I know this because this is how I get hired and this is how I hire writers hi ghostwriters all the time to work for me when a regular project I overextend or help take them across the finish line these steps that I take once you converted your 10 articles to.pdf's and once you name them correctly should have your name on them in articles as well so the actual article.you have the title of the article and have your name on a have been in the footer the more you do those little steps make you look professional that will separate you from people who seem like English is their third language and will never cut a break past her one if you're stuck in tier 1 and English is your second language this is part of why these little steps you will make a difference you want to merge the files into a zip file so this is where you take 10 files and convert them to one single file that you download this way you can summon into hay limits your portfolio and you can send them one file access anchors is a link to 10 things now there are other places where you'll put your portfolio and the title be separated but you right now need to prepare the single file I directly put online so that you can turn into a link so any address for your portfolio you can copy and paste a link to them the value of this is it even fight you on your phone or you meet someone a person given the link really easily as opposed to say all humility when I get home you don't have to be online for some indicator portfolio anymore so you can simply use dropbox which is a free service what uses where Scituate dropbox allows you to sync files via computers but also logic Republic links for stuff she can upload a file dropbox save that link I just can achieve all the time you can even shorten it was like a bit.ly link or something as Lotta ways make it easy to send the people that way anytime soon what's your approval your Sen. Minna no longer becomes active process becomes a passive process and as we want the easier it is for you to send someone your portfolio the more money you will make yes we are a little bit preparing for the future here prepare for as we go higher levels and makes more monies for putting together infrastructure that will ensure you make $1000 more month after month these little steps will help you to get higher paying jobs so instead of getting paid eight dollars the right 835 or $70 to write the same content try to raise your rates and turn you into more of a premium writer the fifth step now after you prep your portfolio is to begin working for writing mills now you can work for these different mills and try to find 10 writing jobs that match what you're looking to do with this portfolio and that we write these 10 articles you get paid to make a portfolio that's totally fine it's worth doing however you can do it if you can get paid to do work you been used twice and no problem with that smart but you can always get all 10 categories so sometimes they will get paid for five and five you doing your own you can also later on so those five so once make sure that you really fill out all the information for your profile on this writing is a lot of people they just become a username ill thought the resume the filter provider for the content of other specials built you are everything I want you to add in every little element I in all your pieces education and in any awards you anywhere they give you space right and things are specialist added to your profile resume you want to add these things and beef up how you look to raise your rates down at the bottom level light is constant Mills will they just pay based on their opinion and ignore all that stuff but some of them we write a good article then look your provoker while this person has a college degree movement to the next year and more money for no see one with those things in place now to make you more money take all of the tests some of them make you take English test some of the basic edit has some of the sites also you can make do all the same thing but just as an editor or just reviewer there's other jobs there besides just your writer to take a look at all of those things and finally really good at five you can write about quickly if it takes you two hours write a thousand words about weddings or you can write a thousand words about technology in 30 minutes to the technology work you want to find work you can also do quickly make sure that you take all the tests for each different content will find out what kind of stuff you need to submit sending copies of all of your degrees if you have to send in a photograph of your diploma or photograph of your graduation certificates or anything else do that sending in that material sending the content will again raise what they pay you it takes a few minutes to do it many of deployer form of the law in fact a play right now 72 days ago I was thinking about my Masters degree and I wanted to put a picture of it on the website to show people on several master and confined I'm thinking that it's on my desktop computer not my laptops I got a look on their next but it's useful to have digital versions of these no matter what Internet I don't really need to do it I might do a demo live I don't it's like an emergency but in the past I have had the sentiments I noticed digital somewhere because of how to email in the past these are things to quickly take care of you gotta take your thing off the wall takedowns like Kinko's and get them to scan it for you do that getting done once it's very valuable because down the line each time you turn razor edge up to resending the same pictures so it's worth doing now submit all the proof and I want you to take as many jobs you can do at first if you are starting out at the bottom of the content mills the object of the paragraph the truth like Elijah there interviewed articles are to be fun to write the page that can be great but it's really okay as much as people complain about that the pay is more than most people make per hour still pretty decent living you can still easily make as you're just learning the stuff we are sour work went to get hundred dollars an hour three month how many jobs you have if you start now $20 now you can be $100 and Arctic months very many so if you stick to them saying you do I'm saying you'll start to make a lot of money thousand dollars this month is just beginning take all the jobs gender as much revenue as you can what you're doing is a couple of things for Sawyer billing of your resume expanding your portfolio number two making money which is great number three you are demonstrating expertise putting out content which will cause them to raise your profile once you've written a certain number of articles they'll have different systems each of these different content mills have different rules that's why can't you be universal rules for all of them for how they raise your rating but the more content you write quickly the faster you can go up and the faster they pay more per article that's what you want you want to get the highest tier I want you to be either five pay grades in the top grade as quickly as possible now while you're doing that I mentioned earlier about comparing yourself to make more money more money per month so we want to do in step six is all about future proofing if you only want to make $1000 per month and you don't want to make more money per month you can skip this step this step is only if you want to make three or $5000 per month working the same time if you're happy to work three hours a day make $1000 per month and you have no desire to work three hours a day and make $5000 a month and you can skip this part this is only for people that I make a lot of money how to put this in place now to future proof you and prepare you if you do want to be wealthy what you need to do is begin to capture real estate so there are couple of places where you can post ads saying your writer and people anymore so let's see raver concept okay in the content mill is paying eight cents a word there probably charge the client $0.15 so just by removing the middleman which is easier than you think you can go and double your income W get paid for Dick's excellent work so this is how the same work you would jump for thousand $2000 a month just by removing the cut of the couple really good places where you can establish real estate warrior forum is one fiber is another one up work and then group these are four places where you can create profiles show what you do and begin to build your online presence when you're in these four places you can then offer people your resume they wanted you can take in work and start to do projects directly for clients now this is just about month one in a follow-up lesson about breaking to 1K a month to cover exactly how you can use these pieces of real estate and grow your profile and start to bring in lots and lots of business but for now it's just enough to take a look at them and begin to write your profiles after wondering how do I write a great profile on the site look for someone is getting a lot of work copy what they're doing and just make it about you so if you're on warrior form look for someone who's doing article writing and have lots and lots of messages read their whole sales page and replicated that's all you need to do for now you bring in some work that way that's really put anything in place now will light make more money a month to your seventh step is with these pieces of real estate to do some discount work that the reason we want to do the discount work is to generate reviews but we want a reviews testimonials and people saying you do a great job as much as you can have a great portfolio and some people read that perform about the second-grade portfolio there are a lot of people that would rather just be other people read your profile so rather than wintering the 10 articles written budgets read someone else present yeti cynical spray and in the higher you so to get these reviews we start by doing discount work and when you take a discount project let's say someone hires you to warrior for that's easiest place to get discomfort so you say normally I charge $35 article but I'm willing to do $10 article right now for the first five people as orders that all you have to do in your guitar work that was your portfolio will get your first light they had when you half-price his lungs ran all honest testimony the rating about this platform is at the right the testimonial has a review of your work as her own post forum so there's no chance of loss of integrity so those of you hold a lot of weight you take screenshots of those reviews of his mother places you can copy and paste on the Adams lot you can do the testimony is worth awaiting gold in the fact you have to I would take work free to get testimonials on the promise that when you do free work for someone the testimony of the right of the pretty garbage but she had better testimony is by charging people when you take a job from someone away for any need to pay you you then have them pay you through five are up work I wear those two platforms what this does is generate your first couple customers announced that it would saying a big zero Jonathan is never done any work on here is never had a client has no reviews now you can get those for five or 10 people if I were 10 five-star reviews five or 10 payments of God through five or 10 satisfy customers all that stuff is really good the good thing about firing up work as well as they put the money in escrow which means the person pays the website when they hire you you only receive the money when a person satisfied with the finished product yes both these websites take a cut carry the exact percentages or changing is file five and 15% I think right now but it changes all the time so there's and I can give an exact number vesting is a checkup they say auto at these places to cut but know this place would generate a lot more work for you and so what you're doing is again were losing a little bit of money to get those reviews in other places so now you have a review on warrior for which is anywhere you want a website link and you have these great reviews that you can use on his other platforms you work on the platforms so by taking these extra jobs were beginning to move away from the need for the tier 1 content mills so were little bit looking at month one a little bit in the month to hear I want to give you a little preparation for moving forward you can sit out of site hey I don't want to make additional money I don't want to break as $1000 thousand dollars a month is more than enough for me in which case you don't have to limits the website you have whereby getting reviews if you want to actually pass thousand dollars for these steps to do it once you get about five or 10 reviews 10 is really better but five if that's I can get you can then raise rates events no longer do the discounted work now remember for that review paper you did half-price you still get paid the same as you are the content bills were beginning to diversify our source of work very quickly now we get to the point where you can get your own clients but if you don't you can fall back on content the work to be sure that you have at baseline thousand dollars a month creates guaranteed or secured income annex were putting together here and again to make this thousand dollars month you don't have to be a genius you don't have to be of total marketing mastery just have to be someone who puts in the time and can speak English it's not that hard to get the rest of it right the last thing I'll recommend is that you begin to take action right now I want to start taking steps right now action step the first thing you should do immediately is Della Graham really go to serve the lesser Compaq/reveille GRA MMA RLI there's a link below this audio links all over my website Emily is a free tool that you can use to improve the quality of your writing I want you to doing finish article before you ever submitted to customer cons in the but Ingram only fix all the grammatical mistakes catches now yes at a certain point they will offer you the paid upgrade and I pay the extra pay the upgrade price which is the sword in 100 hundred $50 a year and other different promotions and stuff you don't really need that right now that's for more advanced stuff that if you start to take a book writing projects I would only invest in grammar Liang to fix the advanced errors once you are at the point were you made enough money from a ghost writing that it pays for reveille so I would investment until you make money from the free version is fine for right now at your first action step your second action step is to join those three writing those the link below will show you exactly what to do it and in your third action step is to begin working on your portfolio of 10 articles number four is to begin really dialing in and making your profile your resume and Silas Conti Moses but as possible submit all the kind you need to do all the test to everybody do to maximize your rates all those little steps will get you $2000 this month those of the action steps you can take seven simple steps mega thousand dollars in the next 30 days thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that reference it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast to find out I get a free copy of my new book head over to serve no master.com\podcasts right now

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Art Lieberman - February 4, 2017

Jonathan – I’m amazed at the actionable content you deliver over and over again. In this article alone you lay down the foundation for any writer starting their own business. I’ve never seen a blogger deliver this kind of content for free. Thanks.

    Wilfredo Perez - March 9, 2017

    I wholeheartedly agree. Jonathan is one the best writers of our times. His feelings pour out in the words he writes and you can feel his genuine desire to help others. Keep up the great work, Jonathan!

elleica - May 17, 2017

Jonathan, I heard this podcast before but now I am in that position when my back is slowly inching towards the wall. I’m glad that this stuck to my mind and so I would start doing this now. I believe this is more logical and long term and legal way than all the “EARN MONEY FROM HOME” etc. scheme I read in Facebook groups. I think those are crap especially when they say you don’t have to sell or do anything. If you know about those types of online opportunities, I would love to hear a podcast on them. I hope you and your family are doing better. I miss hearing your podcast.

Lord Bwyra - June 6, 2017

Hi Jonathan, discovered you through Amazon, when searching for some books on depression or something and they suggested your book “Serve No Master”. I really resonated with the title and clicked it. Eventually I ended up here!

I am now following the steps you suggest in your getting started page. I want to break free from being broke and just write, create, share and explore the world. Thank you for your work 🙂

    Jonathan Green - June 6, 2017

    This is the kind of feedback the fills my heart with joy! I’m so excited to welcome you to the TRIBE!

Claire - September 5, 2017

This has been SO helpful to me Jonathan. The content is clearly explained, comprehensive and you’ve given me confidence that I can do this. Thank you so much 🙂 xx

Lino Rosado - December 16, 2017

Hello Jonathan. I came across your book on Amazon and from the moment I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. Through your actionable instructions I have started my own blog, am listening to your podcast, and have subscribed to your email list. There is so much great information that publish that I have been wondering where I have been this entire time that I have been on the internet. Being a disabled veteran your book Serve No Master has opened up a new world to me! I am now little by little creating something that over time I know will be something I can be proud of. Thank you, Jonathan!!!

Terry Anton - December 26, 2017

Happy Holidays Jonathon! I sincerely hope this note finds you well. After discovering your Serve No Master website about 8 weeks ago, I have been following the plan outlined above. It has been an amazingly simple, yet highly effective approach to launching my career as a freelance author. Your common sense approach to every aspect of this website has made it an invaluable resource. Information is easy to find and even easier to digest and apply to any aspect of my growing business. I sincerely offer a humble ‘Thank You’ for all you do. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2018.

    Jonathan Green - December 27, 2017

    Hi Terry,
    Thank you so much for this AWESOME Christmas present. I love the great action you are taking!!!

James - April 18, 2018

Hey Jonathan.

I have a few questions that I’m hoping you can answer.

Are there more content mills? The ones listed on the blog are useful, but a lot of them aren’t taking on new writers.

Do you have examples of the kind of work these content mills look for? I tried to sign up for Scripted, but I was rejected. Whoever reviewed my submission said that there were numerous grammatical errors. This was really confusing to me because I hold an MA in English Literature, I’ve taught courses, and I have worked as a writing tutor. I don’t know, maybe the person who reviewed by submission doesn’t know what an em-dash is. Anyways, some stylistic tips would be super useful.


    Jonathan Green - April 25, 2018

    Hi James! Great question. Another new site I’m hearing great things about is ContentPros.io. They and ClearVoice seem to be the best place right now. Each site has their own set of complicated rules, so it’s about finding what they want as far as style. Take your article and run it through Grammarly to see if you missed anything. I don’t write for mills anymore because I’m not nearly strict enough with my grammar. I focus more on stylistic choices. Apply to all of them and you’ll find one that fits you!

John - December 11, 2018

I’m in the process of building my portfolio now. Very excited to start getting some writing work! One of the things I’ve noticed with PDF format is that when using some fonts or setting the text alignment as justified, the end result is a document that adds spaces within words or treats “tt” as a unique character. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this, but it’s something to consider when someone wants to run your documents through a spell checker.


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