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SNM075: Taking Money and Getting Paid

The biggest mistake you can make is not believing in yourself.

Many people get started in business and assume that they won't sell anything, so they never set up a way to accept money.

It's a little psychological trigger that will block you from hitting the success you deserve.

Whether you are selling digital products, training or coaching, you need to set up you ability to take money in advance.

Make a Check out to WHO?!?

When you close that first client and they are ready to pay you one or even two thousand dollars, you don't want to lose that money because you didn't prepare.

If you can't take credit cards in person, you are TOAST.

Suddenly they will pull back and you'll lose the sale.

You try to save it by asking for a check, but who writes a check to a personal name?

You don't have a business account setup?

Double red flag.

Tax Troubles

Many people who pay you will pay from their business.

Especially if you are in consulting or any B2B service.

They have to file completely different tax records for paying a person instead of a vendor.

When you reveal that you don't have a business tax id, all they see is the paperwork headache.

Your lack of faith in yourself has made hiring you a risky decision.

They will simply move on to someone who does take themselves seriously.

Don't let this happen to you…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Take your business seriously.
  2. Set up a PayPal account.
  3. Be able to take payments in person, online and recurring payments.

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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