SNM161: If You Are Not Split Testing You Are Losing Money

Split testing is very simply showing two different versions of something to test which one is most effective.  Comparing different approaches telling a story, will the story about overcoming evil get more responses than the hero’s journey.

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Split testing/ AB testing


Thrive Themes has a headline optimizer built in, and will show you which blog titles are more popular.

By conducting a split test you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your site with more interesting blog titles and headlines.Click To Tweet

Better titles get better votes.

How to Start Split Testing:



Headlines; write 3 engaging headlines, with slight variations, but keep it simple.

Images; choose 3 interesting pictures that suit your business or product.

Pricing; selling more at lower prices vs. making more profit at higher prices per sale.

Then track how many clicks they each get. Your software will tell you which option will yield the best results.

Position; testing the position of a ‘buy’ button in a sales video can drastically increase the amount of sales you make.

Time; the time an ad is run is so important for focussing in on what time of day your audience is more likely to buy.

Make More Money!

make money


Radio Ads, Infomercials, Sales Videos all make use of Split testing to see which shows give the best ROI.

How split testing applies to radio ads.

How split testing applies to infomercials.

Split testing also applies to copywriters.

Listen to today’s episode and start split testing today…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Easy way to begin split testing
  2. Make sure that what your test is important to you

  3. Split tests are so critical to your business.

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If you're not split testing you're losing money find out why today's episode today's episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post another beautiful morning aloud I'm up extra early normally I get up at five but for some reason talk about making tons of noise and now I'm up for the sun has been risen yet bugs bite me like crazy but I want to talk to about split test which is a very important technique many of us think all my business is a big enough or split testing the matter so let me explain to you what split testing is in case you don't know and will go through a couple ways you can help you my house viruses split testing is very simply showing two different versions of something see which is more effective the simplest ideas you sent 100 emails and send 50 emails to one group of people in 50 different emails to the other people and see which one more people read or which one more people click the link in this tells which one is more effective if you sent two emails recommending a movie very simple idea continuing yesterday's idea about movie recommendations and in the first email you really talk about the main character and then you recommend the movie and say click this link to see more about moving the second email you just talk what the plot the journey I say if you like this journey click the link and see this movie maybe for the first 112 click NSF 118 people click with an you know that 50% more people are responsive to story rather than character and you know next week when you sent your next email you recommend a movie and you tell two different ways of talking about the story in one you can talk with the hero's journey in the next when you talk about overcoming evil and you see what you get a better response this week you have one August 18 and the other one gets 22 Sir testing the company more more effective and this is just for testing within emails the best way to start split testing and easy way to begin is with blog post titles there are a lot of tools out there that called headline optimizers and driving past one where I can show two different headlines over and over again for my blog posts and I'll see which when you click whatever when you click on that becomes affectionate of the current blog post the winner and after have a winner in all of this title is more popular than that title I could do it again and again and again to get more and more effective so when you're just starting with a blog that simple you don't have to be really complicated and expensive software it can just be let me write down three titles and see which one my audience likes the most which one gets the most clicks the most reads and you can slowly automatically improve your block as you get more visitors to click the block was they find more interesting those titles the better title start to get better and better votes and as people visit your blog later on when there been more winners have been more champions you'll get more and more readers 21st starting out 10% of people read a blog post that I get to 12% minutes 20% so not only is your traffic growing your conversion or your success numbers are improve this is really wonderful this is the simplest way to look at split testing it's the easiest place to start beyond blog post what most people think about we talk about split testing is advertising and sales pages advertising was split testing you run different versions of ads and this is absolutely

critical their tools there just filter out split testing using Facebook say running a Facebook campaign I read a lot of Facebook ad campaigns and maybe how you found me the first thing you can split test is the main headline you have for question how do I become an author Joyce we should been an author struggling to finish that book go to three different headlines of testing and asked for people that I know one of the authors and one of them will get a higher percentage of clicks and the other was the second element you can search for testing is the image we can try different images one images a person singular typewriter frustrated other images of person it looks like they just finished the book another picture person is holding their book or walking a bookstore serve three different images one is negative about the frustration of the what about the positive about the successes and we can run both those ads and see which one gets more clickers which one gets more sales we want to design the most effective at the classic mistake a new advertiser someone starting a business makes make what we think is the perfect at that and would you response it looks beautiful and we run that one at we lose money and can't figure out why we have a small budget we can only afford to spend five or seven dollars a day on ads feels like that's all you can do you got it all in one but in fact the technology exists now and it's so easy to do with Facebook now you can run split testing quite easily record multiple versions of every ad and only spend a dollar each person a day in the software automatically certified winners and what track are different conversion numbers the first number we track how when people click through the ad so as were getting more sophisticated we say oh 50% people who see add one click present had to think attitude is the winner we want to go to step beyond that and look at which ad makes more money more people might click to add to but when you look at the numbers make two dollars per person to $820 from at two but three dollars per person I want to add one that can make you hundred $50 is actually more profitable depending on the metric that matters to maybe just want to build your mailing list so all that matters is often tense as you get working on your mailing list that's all your tracking maybe are not trying to be limitless maybe you're trying to accomplish something else you want to make sure that we are testing and tracking numbers you look your final result maybe what you're really looking for is money for every dollar you spend and add to make your money back so you have to track the money it's tempting because it's easy to check clickers using the contract is how you will click at we want to go beyond that so that we can have effective numbers and grow our business effectively make sure as you're running your first split test that what you're testing is important to you now the end-all be-all split testing were really shines and where most people in direct response marketing are familiar with it is on sales pages there certain elements of sales pages even sales videos that we test all the time to get our best numbers the first thing we test this headline even if you have a video there is usually a big headline above the video let's say you're in the fitness base notes when my favorite examples because it's not MySpace the first thing you might say is one to lose 20 pounds fun of the secret technique you may then have a second variations is one of those 15 pounds fun of the secret and I would not be surprised if you find out that one is far more effective than the other you discover a large percentage of people respond to different numbers it seems simple but it might make a difference your next email says target people looking you like your peg lantern X headline it's more aggressive it really points out a negative and this is are you tired of this negative when people make a

purchase three the moving away from pain or towards a good feeling in this case instead of looking at accomplishing a goal now is and want to move away from this bad feeling make you feel bad test that headlined new be more or less effective in which great with software now is you just writing your three different versions of the software automatically tests and gives you your results it tells you which one is the most effective headline you can also do price testing most consumers don't do this but companies don't know about the companies do it all the time especially when people have an offer running to the ClickBank platform which was the largest record platforms in the world sometimes when you see the product $37 the next time it's 47 and 5767 those using the standard for prices that people test and the running offer at that price point and see which makes the most money the say oh I sell more at seven but I make more money at 47 so then they leave the price of $47 then the next price test will be 47 versus 4995 this is a critical test that actually a lot of people forget to run because we love things and and seven Jill knows all my products and in seven but when you're running enough traffic when you have enough people seeing the sales page you can start to test smaller and smaller things in the new tested that 495 and it turns out you make an extra dollar day if you have that price point that's pretty good so that's Lockton then you begin to test other things in sales videos the moment the button appears is what a lot of people test should the button appear the first to mention the price sometimes the button needs to appear sooner sometimes later sometimes a bunch of beautiful time the most common test is shut off with your button and it appears the moment you set a price and the video with your tracking software you can see when most people exit the videos of your button appears at minute 16 we discover that a lot of people leave your video minutes well could move the button and tested at minute 12 cell before people leave the button appear so that when more people can click it and I might make more sales and sometimes make a lot more money highlighting all those people or got bored or about to leave to make a purchase sometimes are leaving today I just want to buy an entire watching this video that's happened to me as a consumer many times I get it you have to keep selling the worst butts I can buy what's the price I want to buy and so when you move the bun earlier your sales were up but sometimes believing because it's boringly all this is it for me I don't need this remove the button for your sale number actually go down because now the people would've stayed and watched more of the video click the button earlier and I see the price before the ready to buy and use the sale all of these little tasks so cheap to run now split testing was really built and grown in advertising in the 50s and 60s this is where they showed two different similar commercial so they would show two different ads indifferent magazines to see what he will respond to more the Marshall family going on a vacation one picture the family is one kid another picture it's the parents and have two sons and another one it's parents and have a son and a daughter and they see which gets the most responses even radio shows do it radio show to run an ad in the Seo visit our website and enter this promo code promo codes are tracking links radio struggles to really track your ads effectively this is why they have promo codes and one of the ways they do a promo code is by tracking where they run the ad so maybe on the morning zoo begin the promo code 0 then on the talkshow after that have promo code talked in public or news they want to see which of the shows is given in the best responses in an advertising medium or your jumping platforms were going from radio to Internet or television Internet radio to TV how are you doing it when

you're jumping to mediums you have to add a manual process to improve your tracking so every time they say all you get the first month for your get 10% off and use our promo code they're willing to pay that when you give that discount to get the data they need for their split test to find out when you heard the commercial was effective it's very hard to know if and when a radio spot was effective it's hard to track it unless you're manually listening and manually looking at when each ad runs the best way to really learn about split testing my favorite television watches infomercials I wish it was easier to watch infomercials on YouTube find it hard to find modern infomercials I wish I could watch all the time infomercials are very expensive the more expensive something is the more money they put into the split testing there's this amazing TV show called pitch men daily to two seasons because unfortunately Billy Mays died after season one what really follows how they choose products to make infomercials for and a bit of the science making infomercial if you're lucky you can make it for 50 to hundred thousand dollars that's really if you're lucky that's because filming is very expensive filming a music video which is only in and having three minutes of content can easily cost 5000 thousand are before you start adding anything cool that's just if you're filming a band recording a song on top of a building soon as you want to add an more elements gets more expensive and that's because everyone in the music business ever in the film business is in the union so when you're shooting a short video every cameraman it's paid a specific amount based on their union numbers than every single person is holding up lights or holy a fan or moving things in a position or holding up the shade to prevent the light from being too bright everything from grips Cameron in between all those people on union contracts and that means you have to pay them a certain amount doesn't matter if you're doing a smaller big movie the rules of the rules second of all there breaks the length of their lunch and how many hours you can ask them to work are all very fixed as soon as you go over eight hours of work the union contract takes over you don't get to decide how much can we get paid for overtime when you're dealing with unions the union does unions are very strong and give your child you know yet you can try into a nonunion video but you better believe their lease can be protesting outside and it's very hard to do that it's very hard to kind of get involved in a very risky I did a product once we shot some exercise videos and it was very expensive and it was far less sophisticated than infomercial so with an infomercial because are spending so much money they needed to be perfect so the front film several versions of each team dose film several versions of the introduction several versions of the price reveal several versions of the demonstrations and when they start to test the instructional they will tested in different markets and they start off in the cheapest markets the first night of an infomercial are not running in Los Angeles Miami or New York is the most expensive markets instead their testing it in small towns are testing it in the middle of nowhere Wyoming for the middle of nowhere Montana or even the middle of nowhere Tennessee where I'm from because it's cheaper they start up spending less money in the ad while there tweaking and perfecting their commercial maybe it cost them and these are Odyssey not real numbers minute cost them $100 a night to run their infomercial in Tennessee but it's $500 and I try to New York of course are to test in the cheaper market once they get infomercial perfect that's when the start to do things now if you ever watched infomercial and call that phone number that's when you learn what really happens so every infomercial it always ends in a 1995 the acumen under $20 who they discover that's the best commercial number 2995 the prophets dropped to the floor precipitously it's very hard to have an effective infomercial 2995 so 1995 to get you to call once you're on the phone they have a lot of data before you say one word first of all they know the area code you're calling from Salina which market led to the phone call second of all infomercials they know what time first a running so they know if you're calling after watching attend the 11 12 o'clock and from a short sale tightness they then begin to talk to and they're trying to do more than just take your order in fact their real job is up sells the real job is to talk you spending $20 into spending 300 and every product in the world does this this is very standards the same thing will do in a marking on byproducts right so advisor seven .ru hey you like that might just love this for 27 you might love this for 97 and we run them through a sequence two see what they want to buy and to generate maximum value and we really try to do is make as much money per viewer as possible where they might make an eight cents per viewer if they just sell the $20 product now they're making $0.25 per year and they can afford to go to other markets and will test different elements to test the pricing the pricing is pretty standard now because it tested it so much and some inferential systems always 19 and five but the test different versions of the product different free gifts you know sometimes it's the opening of the two knives and said one that's not the only version of the free if they tested they may have tested Hayward getting the siphon is awesome chopping block it turns out more people want the two knives and want to talk about or maybe more people want the chopping block or two knives once they have a winner from a test that winter becomes the standard it becomes what's called in testing the control in the control becomes what you have to feet when you enter new variation the final element of split testing I want to share with you is how it applies to copywriters topic operating the path and building a big course called our persuasion is all about sales copywriting when your copywriter and you get really good you can go to a company and say Amy a big percentage of whatever I make beyond the control this is how tier 1 Congress make big money she can go to a company that's making $1 million from your advertising campaign hey 25% of every dollar over million I make you when I write a better add a good copywriter Karen added twice as effective that million dollar company is now $2 million company in the copyright who wrote that is making $250,000 a year and you might be thinking why would any company pay that much money for something remember after paying the sky the company is now making $1.75 million $750,000 increase in their property 75% absolutely worth it any copywriter who only wants to pay a percentage growth is also now some companies will try pull a fast one you make a deal they grow you and then you don't pay you better believe you end up in court any reputations get destroyed I've been down that that's why always make sure I have the contracts in place because sometimes people decide afterwards you know what you did wasn't that important even though the I doubled how much money you make what most company's ethical most companies on the up and up when they make a deal with you when you have a contract is a great copywriter will pay you massive amount of money and all you're doing is a split test so they sent 50% of the emails or the letters of the sales page they show to people is there control the other 50% is your version and if your version outperforms there's start to make really big money getting paid a flat fee all in on a percentage and only in our percentage of growth this is why only really high-level copiers and get this opportunity because if your alternative fails their losing money

so that every company is when the value as a copywriter understanding split testing is absolutely critical to your business to split testing is everything testing different versions testing different structures there certain coppers that's all they do you bring them in when you have Selzer and you say hey can you make some variations for me and that's what you pay for and their different variations or how you build your business if you're not split testing leaving huge amounts of money on the table your business to be so much bigger than it is right now have links below this episode to a couple of split testing tools that I think are pretty cool thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listing this episode of the serve no master podcast join me on my Facebook\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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