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SNM161: If You Are Not Split Testing You Are Losing Money


Split testing is very simply showing two different versions of something to test which one is most effective.  Comparing different approaches telling a story, will the story about overcoming evil get more responses than the hero’s journey.

Improve your Blog

Split testing/ AB testing


Thrive Themes has a headline optimizer built in, and will show you which blog titles are more popular.

By conducting a split test you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your site with more interesting blog titles and headlines.Click To Tweet

Better titles get better votes.

How to Start Split Testing:



Headlines; write 3 engaging headlines, with slight variations, but keep it simple.

Images; choose 3 interesting pictures that suit your business or product.

Pricing; selling more at lower prices vs. making more profit at higher prices per sale.

Then track how many clicks they each get. Your software will tell you which option will yield the best results.

Position; testing the position of a ‘buy’ button in a sales video can drastically increase the amount of sales you make.

Time; the time an ad is run is so important for focussing in on what time of day your audience is more likely to buy.

Make More Money!

make money


Radio Ads, Infomercials, Sales Videos all make use of Split testing to see which shows give the best ROI.

How split testing applies to radio ads.

How split testing applies to infomercials.

Split testing also applies to copywriters.

Listen to today's episode and start split testing today…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Easy way to begin split testing
  2. Make sure that what your test is important to you

  3. Split tests are so critical to your business.

Resources Mentioned:

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