SNM134: Use Your Time Wisely Before It’s All Gone

There is no resource more precious than time.  We spend our lives collecting as many things as we can, but in the end, we would trade them all in for just one more second of life.

Are you using your time wisely?

Entertaining Ourselves to Death

Children spend around thirty hours per week zonked out in front of the television.

As a parent of young children, I completely understand the benefit of firing up the television just to get the kids to calm down and be quiet.

The problem is that we turn to the television over and over until it becomes the dominant force in a child's life

Thirty hours per week is nearly a full-time job.

As we get older, we are simply used to thinking of that television as an old friend.

Are You Really Entertained?

I was the king of watching too much television for most of my life.

There is a direct correlation between watching too much television and being overweight.

There certainly has been in my life.

I was always so proud to know the plot of every single show on television.

It gave me something to talk to the other kids in school about.

It took me a long time to realize that we were talking about nothing and that is why those conversations never translated into friendships.

How many of the shows you watched last night can you even remember?

How much did you actually enjoy them?

The Opiate of the Masses

The quality of television programming has been sliding into the toilet for years.

Most people watch “reality” shows where wannabe celebrities pretend that they are acting normally.

We all know that they are acting for the camera and often reshoot the same scene multiple times.

But we can't get enough.

Think that scripted programming is any better?

Try to find a show you like that isn't based on a foreign show.

Most show creators just watch Danish and Israeli shows looking for an idea to rip off.

They know that most Americans would die rather than watch a show in a foreign language with subtitles, so this method actually works.

Do you like Shark Tank – that's a rip off of a Japanese show called Money Tigers.

Did you like The Killing – that's from a Danish show called Forbrydelsen.

How about everyone's favorite show Homeland?  You guessed it.  It's based on an Israeli show called Prisoners of War.

If you really can't stop watching television, at least watch the original versions of shows so that you learn a little bit about some foreign cultures.

But even better, turn off the television and take back control of your life…

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Key Points:

  1. Pay attention to how you waste your time every day
  2. Get ready for coworkers to hate your efficiency
  3. Project success is more important than hours worked

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Use your time wisely before it's all gone today's episode is brought to you by SCO prolapse the company that I trust to keep serve a master at the top of Google to save 10% use the coupon code serve no master check out go to\SCO today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living in retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your most I'm still traveling on the road and that means while I'm away from home it's very difficult to create a normal schedule it's very easy to let things slip behind about to step on a plane today it's gonna take me around 18 hours to get back to America butterfly from here to China from China to LAX it's whole thing up so far easy we have something like that from you to get thrown off course I've been traveling how to travel to the capital first to do some password stuff to get the paperwork ready to go back and forth is always something going on there's always challenges in our life is always something different and it's very important to be efficient and effective with our time because we only have so much I recently had a big scare with my eyes and started to think oh my gosh what if I can never work again what if I can't type again what if I have to totally change my business model into someone who can't see anymore I got very scared I went through a whole medical thing was a very big trouble for me and fortunately everything's okay now but before I went to the doctor I do know how to turn out and so for a couple days I was really really worried until I had access to the eye doctor and time is spent heavily on my mind we waste so much time without realizing it there are so many things that we do every single day that are waste of time and the more I get emails from people my talk tomorrow I realize that it's really tough sometimes to have enough time to do the things you want to do every day I have a list of tasks that I dictated get to for work there are the tasks that I need to do the tests I should do in the tasks that I want to do and I have to fight my way through the first tube to get to the third the stuff that I really really enjoy and what we need to do is develop structures and ways to increase the amount of time we have increased our efficiencies we can spend more time doing stuff you really want this doesn't really show the stuff that will help us build our businesses for the future that stuff that will help us plan for the future have stopped it up just for camera kids to covered is the all that stuff so survey thinking about how much time we waste every single day whether grace wastes and type of this before of course is we watch television there Sunni commercials and even beyond that okay is of you watch our television about 20 minutes of its commercials now are at least 15 minutes of its commercials so at least 25% of television mouse commercials that the wasted time that something else market to you there are always other little things we do is read today whether to check email or playing a Facebook playing other social media platforms I don't use most should be platforms for entertainment for me it's not fun it's work so I spend as little time doing those things is possible before I was working on light of course I used to spend time playing the dumbest games on like the dumbest social media games so my wager time courses changed as my life is changed have these little moments that are waste how about driving to and from work when I had a corporate job about 15 years ago I worked for a large company I should drive to and from work it was 20 to 40 minutes each way what you spend your time in the car doing can really change dear Pat how are your time in the bathroom those who likes to read in the bathroom… Music maybe spent but she same job but I had that same job any time a hero to the bath the logarithmic the bathroom trip last the better it's like when you really hate your job you're praying for number two Jesse can justify going about them for a little longer hate your job pick up smoking to get more breaks all of these moments we can decide how we use that time to use a type or entertainment to use the time for more efficiency to use the time to listen to stuff that educational one of the other things that I find fascinating and I just finished writing my new book procrastination is your section about this is meeting's business meetings to me are almost universally a measure of the inefficiency of a company it's really the best way to measure a company's health is to seek how long and how frequently they have meetings when I was younger and working as a volunteer in Wales in the United Kingdom what I was at 2122 I remember one day we are going to school the next day to do a presentation like a six minute presentation and every presentation you start playing a little fun game to your business school will begin step five with eight hour meeting choosing what game to play first eight hours and I'm watching people around me of course I'm filled with rage about intimating I'm thinking about chucking everyone I can think about is these people the worst and of course when you're in a meeting you try to leave the meeting ending of what you don't care about overdoing your care about her business to try leaving a fired allows like houses many a good use of time people who are bad at their jobs people who our inefficient use meetings as way to mask wasting time and so they will say anything and do anything make sure you have is really long meetings is a total waste of time I work for plenty of companies in the past hour for logical places the longer the meetings the worse the company a really good meeting is very efficient it's very targeted as quick so we can look at not just how you use your time but how your bosses use your time how people around you use time and what people don't respect my time I hate them it's one of the few things that I am merely respond with hate because it's the ultimate disrespect the most precious thing that I possess is time same for you your time is so precious to me I worked so hard to put really tight really good information of these podcasts Dragon really quick because your time so important to me last week I wanted to listen to a podcast by those I try to use another podcast the tribe that more more as a podcast by someone else's author to podcast for authors it was about copywriting for authors that was a topic the podcast was 86 minutes long I listened to the first 30 minutes and had to discuss the topic yet and it was just the hostess rambling and rambling a kinda filled me but I turned it off as a Jew why are you wasting my time why does your ficus up to be so long that some people enjoy that visit the week I guess they want have something really long for me especially for educational visit like us get to the point try to do that for you right now by just giving you a thought to think about we often think I don't have that much time and we don't but we need to start by thinking of time and efficiency in time that we can use more effectively I talked recently about what you do and the power goes out that's why have my notebook with me how my notebook would be right in front and right now it's not just for the power was out I know that I can not crack open my laptop when I'm on the flight tonight airplanes and on smaller radii got bigger laptops a 13 inch MacBook air small okay it's just about the smallest when you can have a few years ago I had one of those netbooks is like 10 inches it was a nightmare was too small for my fingers I tried that once I tried really slow their work for me I still have one one of the smallest net the smallest of course and you still you can't get it to open and then into the back to see Freddie Lister flying first class or business class and then when you know what you're so comfortable right so the baby and how I'm flying it's very hard for me to work on airplanes and I know that hard to open the laptop it's hard to deal with a couple of other things the air on the plane of Sherman have a cold tomorrow that air on the plaintiff so dry always getting sore throat I have a sore throat from traveling I've been doing being in the big city with so much pollution so you need to think about and prepare in advance ways to adapt different situations I know why I'm on this trip I have a couple of books that I want to read on my Kindle will business books of course a couple science-fiction urban fantasy books that try to couple new ones in about two thrillers working on but most of my notebooks I can write out a plan to write out at least 20 new podcast episode ideas that's one of the things I can do I can do a lot of notebook work on a plane I'm good at that those that you know those things you can and can't do in different situations in your car you certainly can't crack in a book and start writing stuff down but I was actually yesterday to get efficiency I got a message from one of my coaching students about dictation software actually tried to dread the new Dragon dictation app on my phone and it worked actually really good speaker to take notes right in your phone I he said something is ideal in spite of my formality if it works and Tess actually had use in any year this particular act is amusing on my computer but the deal let's try in order really good I'm so surprised for way better than I was expecting you can find ways to adapt whatever you're doing so we want to be good with our own time there is a time to waste to their places where our businesses waste our time the problem is we go to a lot of meetings and we get indoctrinated into thinking and meeting is the same as working meeting is what people do to make it look like they're working with an I've been to meetings there very efficient in their very fast a really good meeting to be 20 minutes or less where ever and how it explains what the work whatsoever credit has an assessment in its quick meetings that meander and it's usually like mid-level and below the company of the bad meanings we get trained to think that's part of business so for example for me I try to avoid having means is much as possible even phone meetings if I have on the phone to someone I can end up talking for too long so I don't do that many phone meetings to we want to avoid things that put our mind in the wrong place or train is the wrong way add media and doctorates is retargeted that recently but so does our work environment we get used to working the way and we don't use our time efficiently because were so you start using efficiently as a student when I was younger most teachers use time very efficiently I can tell you that the education system is all built upon dumb waypoints class length is determined arbitrarily to give you the length of class and a lesson in how to teach the lesson for that class class has to be this length and sometimes actually almost always they don't match up 90% of the time the lesson can be done quicker Leo this is a 10 minute lesson I've got a feeling I would have class and you just start stretching it out you gotta fill that time I was in very good tutor is not a very good teacher in certain weight right so I'm those liquid procedures on TV and in movies like so amazing because of me I was a good teacher but not as good as I could have been because I was so limited so I have to fill time in your nullity go to the next lesson you only what it teaches religion and sometimes he listens to big for today near the same problem and he okay got official a swing at home in your own good luck that's one of the reason why so many parrots in other against common core because of this idea every day the teacher has to teach a specific lesson it doesn't matter how many kids in the classroom it doesn't matter what day of the week is the last has to be specific like that has to teach this message and does it's not universal that every student in every class in America learns the exacting lesson in the fixed time from the book it's the rigidity that bothers parents the most I totally get that I'm deftly going to be homeschooling my kids and people started sending a really cool homeschool stuff already I could homeschool advice I love you I know if you guys know this but when people send me advice like that I almost always take it you will send me advice about a book to read someone semi-advice about two books are some of them is to me about yesterday or two days ago about a book to teach my kids to read in a book to teach my kids to draw and I already added them to my Amazon wish list if it's ever the list a week ago I would order them so I could pick them up and I'm an American now it's up it's a little tight to try do that they'll be able to do it this week to find a way to get those two books with her and I listen I will acquire them so my list of things I'm going to acquire I cash to get they last time someone's in the recommendation and I didn't do it I don't get very many at one or two ideas a week from people but if you have like a homeschool book or something you recommend I'll probably look at it immediately very act of that stuff because I love the two-way street of communication but the problem with public education it's not the teachers okay it's not it's the system is a system that says you have to every lesson three specific lengthy if all these rules the more the complexity of the rules are the less efficient findings is so as children we get used too inefficient times we get use to people who teach a certain way because they have to that's why some teachers get burned out after futures every teacher so excited the first three years and by year 1020 they're just not into it anymore because they're not allowed to do what they want to do and that's something that it's too bad I will probably teachers I don't like teachers offered Ivan the system the same thing globular problems of the police it's the system it's the rules if the police didn't have to write a certain number of tickets every month in order to keep their jobs if they didn't have to use speeding and other traffic violations as a form of tax to pay their own salaries police would act very differently write tickets and more time solving crime they could find more time learning more advanced things he is and what time the communities they could spend more time you have time more efficiently no one goes a police officer really want to pull people over we never think about that doing it's not their desire that's what the last thing you are you doing as a cop ever hundreds of police do they want to help people they will solve crimes Riley watch others amazing cop shows on the kids doing undercover they want to solve murders all things that are wonderful there's no cop shows about wanting to write tickets then they get in the off your right 40 tickets much fired right in their lots and is to say that many credit hints that hey you got it you have your quota something bad to happen we can't say what so it's the systems we get put into a darkness things in ways robust children they know time is really efficient it's more about how you time same thing with jobs go to job me at work the hours when I used to work a job and I was working at my high-end universe at work to the 17th best universe America in the game is six month assignment I fixed it in two hours I said okay give me the whole assignment give me six and I did it the others will take you 3 to 6 months and two hours later I came back in essence finish when you major drag at the next six months off of course not then nothing left for me to do that's one of the reasons they were looking for way to fire me okay they were already looking excuses even before some of the other things Avenue for the family first blog when you're super efficient people that are inefficient start to hate you because your effort shines a light on their lack of effort and universities are bureaucracies just like teaching is teaching school has a bit abrupt scene universe it's a whole new level because it's larger institution and just like local government as some bureaucracy as you get bigger bureaucracy gets worse when you go from dealing with local to state and national bureaucracy it's a larger machine which means the inefficiency goes to the roof when I read that study exposure having to most of the other places it said that the average person at work spends more than six hours a day playing with email 80% your dates eight hour workday we were trained to measure success in time rather than project completion so we have to begin to change our mindset and change the things that we do I used to really like listening to Howard Stern show for entertainment the problem is there are several whether you like it or not and I know that it's like offensive to some people and it's not even that I didn't start listening to actually when I was young I listen to it only after is on solid radio cuts on the radio is never in the organ of the East Coast so I would listen to it because it was long the reason I like was that radio show is because of that for five hours I will listen to because it's so long sought only one thing to have my headphones all day but I realized over time that indoctrinated me to a certain number of thoughts affected the way I thought about talking of the people affected the way I thought about talking to women in the Lotta mindsets that I realize were affecting my behavior I wasn't thinking about its was using my time and efficiently but then I switched to listen to my friends like us actually switch to listen to Arbitron podcast allotted to interview Jordan just recently a new door and I think it's episode 116 are minutes when 18 posterior joy very recently he runs one of biggest most social podcasts the world and I used to listen to it before I would go out of go out because I gotta learn how to talk to women it on a dialogue got a few asked Belinda Dayton so I will listen to their show and then I will go to a bar for that I get there and I couldn't do anything because I had too much fresh ideas in my mind and I would be in a listening state right now you listen me and your listing state to transition into talking is a big change for your mind it's a transition college in the morning and wake up the first words at your mouth are a little tough the first words out of my mouth were to you this morning I woke up early I'm in the city by Bill here some road noise in the background I can't believe it 510 in the morning are still people making noise outside what I wanted to talk to you and first talking and transitioning out of listening and talking state transition from receptive and projecting state I thought that was a problem so even when I thought it was use my time efficiently in Jordan action is a wonderful podcast very educational has some really amazing stuff means all about how to charming really if you're in a place that's really good it really into personal relevance really cool stuff but I would be the listening state and I couldn't talk to anyone it would be hard for me to transition to talking that's why I then switch to listening to Nickelback I don't why everyone there like the bed and when hates I was actually type my friend by the other day I said I can double check double check maybe I'm missing something because I performed going out love listening Nickelback and I pulled up my mixer still have us modify playlists of my five favorite Nickelback songs are not radial and none of them are ones from the part of the radio the ones that are like I guess lesser-known I don't know whether the five in my going out makes is a their exciting about going out having a good time have a couple drinks I like to sing along with them that's the key when you sing along with it then your credit participating or communicating in a put you in a community or state of mind so I switched with the Nickelback I got much better at talking women got much better having fun when I go out and all that effort of course eventually right now where I'm super married your plate we have two kids my son just turned one planning on having another child in trying to wait three months so that I want all my children born two years apart I would have it to your separation so we only have one connivers in time that's the effort were trying for life of course which is regarded pregnant right now she loving pregnant she was having kids out having kids too but I would have like a good separation so hopefully come June around June will get it will start having drunk and I learned my lesson last time because the day she said let's start trying I said okay and maybe we should have another child to spring the next day because her my lesson have you super strict because if I even blink she can get pregnant + jumping on the very first day so as much as we think were using our time efficiently sometimes were not sometimes the things we do actually aren't that great so it's not always the best time for you to listen to this podcast it's always best religion sometimes you need to be in an expressive state rather than a receptive state I talked to someone yesterday is talking to someone who's another amazing student is all in me generation before migration ration not a millennial and she only works in absolute silence now I listen to music about half the time and have a spectrum of what I listen to I almost only listen to dance music between that I have about seven or eight favorite stations I listen to a website called digital imported and it's just DJ mixes and the reason I can do that there is I do that is Aiken's choose what level like intensity I want whether I like really relaxed music like background music that was chilled it just sounds like the noise you hear between two space stations it's a really atmospheric really relaxes no drums just a wrong any spectrum you are right of the level of noise and intimidation you can choose so I most the time listen to music without words if there's words I get a level distraction sometimes listen to superintendents no words in the symptoms of that server touch with word finding and working on sometimes when working I watch television and movies but it's only whatever the specific stuff only when I'm doing website building which is a lot of a graphic stuff it's got a moving stuff around not in writing text on the website or when I'm doing graphic work web design images like a product cover for example when I make a course I didn't have to make an image that looks like the cover see box for every single Leslie 15 lessons what I'm doing that which is repetitive work that's what I'll put on television so only when I'm doing the most repetitive and least not intensive work that's when I do those things everything we do think about not just how entertaining is you or how it educate you but how it affects you and what a way to think about today the lesson think… How efficiently are using time and a lot of my family's lawyers my sister in her law firm just to fill out a little form to say what she used every three minute block of time for the end of the day lawyers love to bill clients that's all about it's all about billable hours and so say I work for Skype for an hour as I worked with client for nine minutes and write that down you both for a three minute block of time and this is why lawyers don't take long lunches now if you listen again Jordan talk at this rate deal if your rainmaker lawyer it's all about bringing clients but if you're a time lawyer it's all about how user time so special when you're earlier lawyer that's why lawyers don't take long lunches because lawyers get paid by time in a different way they're not encouraged to use time inefficiently very hard to use as much time as possible but I also always be working so that's why lawyers have a subtly different mindset and I want you to be that with your time to think about how you spend your time always every single day I'm always trying to be more efficient I was talking when my friends is air markers well in a different market than me but we often talk about things because we live near each other and he was saying on every to have a to do list it's never finished Avenue turn out to be listed as well I don't know what that's like face or tell me that because I have the same things I just released my new book procrastination which you can find it to rest or con\procrastination book you can read about it at procrastination think that's the page right right about the book we work on that page 2 and I have that's when part of a new series that I want to write this at shorter books that will is about 20% of the length of certain master this may I note that Windows were really long book but I getting a nonfiction book shorter for me is better for the shorter the better for me hundred percent so I am thinking a lot about time so I wanted to put a book about time I'm really excited by that book I wrote it by energy and Artie had the outline written for a long time and I just took an outline was Artie heavily filled out and I just rewrote a lot of the change lot of what was going and is made a really tight I have from that series had the idea is I had a good talk with silly games with good advice I have in that series are ready about I think 30 or 35 topics for more books in that series I'd love to be doing that all the time I loved as we do in the next with the next with the next with the right but I do book every single day but I can't have other obligations I have copywriting projects and doing for people I'm coaching people I'm still finishing 20 K day I'm still finishing joy or fate the next two books and serve the master series which are long books I can tell you right now the 20 K days are 100,000 word book is on the longest book in the series the book about writing fast is also apparently the book about writing long Detroit fate will probably really want to because it's it's a big topic but I decided that I would have a mix but that all things you want to be working on and so time efficiency determines how we spent every day is it the end of the day we have to have that moment we go okay got enough done or one step closer one of things that came from my I scare is that I've been I kind of breaking one of my rules the structure my days supposed to be I wake up at 5 AM I record to podcasts that means I finished recording around three 550 and 6 AM at 6 AM we my wife she gets up and some of the kids I've Artie woken up depend she's in the room with the two kids and we at 6 AM workout never while we are doing a lot of kettle bell stuff but then the kids really love playing with kettle bells and my kids maybe all kids are like this are crazy strokes my daughter was 14 kg and she can easily pick up and carry around my 10 kg kettle bell doesn't really excite me because it's so heavy I want to drop underfoot anything with man she's so strong my son weighs just under 10 kg can almost lifted as well and he loves playing with the cannibals as well so we've shifted to doing a lot of yoga and right now were doing DDP yoga exactly or doing a really into it I'm really into the diamond Dallas page of the program and here's why he uses my time so efficiently I have so much affection for the program because it's fast so right now the root there's been a year we get is like x-rays videos they have like 20 lessons or 10 lessons in whether to appeal any action Sandy had done a bunch of you were To do repeats it's the reason I got her to P90 is because the guy tells the same like 452 tells us that what those angels for five jokes once you watch the video five times nor all the jokes are known or coming in the kind of start to make you insane so it's hard to find stuff that uses your time really well and that doesn't annoy you we watched over and over again in the video that I have to watch right now the women have to watch this morning by myself doing yoga on a wooden floor by yourself is not fun it's 25 minutes it's 25 minutes a million in 25 minutes I am shredded every muscle in my body is aching and I'm so sweaty unfortunately his program is no longer an affiliate program so I can't get a commission for recommending it but I do use it I love that is it's very entertaining as well I did the repeat still bother me just amazing to me it's so efficient I love that because we had were doing these other programs I don't have the ability to do like an hour-long yoga routine anymore about 20 to 30 minutes and I start looking at the clock a few years ago yeah we do our now would have killed as many thousand yoga studio if you do a longer session I just get Borden distracted so I want to work out it's fast and tight this keeps my attention and this really does that we have tons of extras videos we probably have the 20 or 30 access programs in the house we've got Zumba when we got Pio London got yoga can was always different things with the spectrum of candles to from some Russian ones were like superintendents like Jenna Bell make Russian strong American week when one of those guys was amazing and so intense and then we've got all the way the other ones which is like ladies teaching yoga like let's do yoga… Burn the fat ladies and I'll I lecture I actually like us once more is again if at that intensity but when it's too long I can't my focus I love a pubes my time efficiently I pay attention to that so my days does that now than the problem I'm having is that I start work at 78 a breakfast between seven and eight when they were a breakfast to my desk now is usually just checking email and stuff are cut into my day warm up then at noon I always eat lunch at noon so I stopped working and I eat lunch at noon and I take an hour off to put up rest my head to rest my eyes matter what I spend in our like usually reading Ehrlich relaxing something with the kids but because with me for a lot of the day anyways my kids are almost always in the room are working probably 80% of the day some into the room with my work loving my kids only sometimes writing like solar time but then I'm supposed to end my day at 3 PM K supposed to work from 7 to 3 PM and then just stop that's kind of the reason was number three is because they gives me an hour to hour window to get on the ocean where it's not too bright it's not like nude with the sons directly by me at cooking down but it's like the perfect tab while limiting the best time is a sons like not to rise up to in your eyes it's nice but lately I've been slipping past that I've been staying working until way long sometimes a work till nine or 10 PM but I just want to finish projects and work on to a different things that overextend myself and I realize I turn my eyes from having problem my eyes it's a punishment for working too hard not because they have to be because I love what I do because I want to take on some the things we do more things it's too much for my body my body is give me a sign and you're not using your time efficiently being too much doing too much work yourself to push yourself too hard and a lot of stuff I work on it stuff that I could just be a little slow as a codgers when labor got faster faster faster faster so you want to push yourself too far as well to the point where it starts to affect her health your pushers are too far to where you're just taking on too much you have these to do list always things I can tell you right now okay he knows every book I put out I make a webpage so I have book for server master have orbit for breaking orbit is amazing at 20 K day 20 K page the partially there your service or, access 20 K the pages partially done it's a little bit.palm is what I did book I sent the bar for myself and the pages so long that they do so long a crash around web design that's where is that the switch to new design Stu Lamont I make these huge things and it becomes too much so now I just released procrastination about the patient done for if you look at all that's there is a template and the actual cover of the book now I'm hopefully before this episode was out next week I'll have time to do the page but the book is Artie I realize you imagine 8020 it sometimes allow the influence of the piece are finished I can email this week and from a guy and I can't tell you how much I appreciate this chapter 151 to serve the master promised a coupon for 50% off of words to profit mastery for anyone who checks the bottom that page and I forgot that I forgot a year ago I made a promise of the book and I forgot to add that to that page and several people over time and email me asking for the couponing of Maywood reforms that send an email I was looking through old emails and goes as it were promised that I don't remember that and he sent me the exact spot in the book he was no chapter 151 that's one of the numbers they went looked and I don't mean I totally forgot that so I then chained the book page bill to the bottom now this of bottom right down there where you can click a button send a picture of your overview of server master and merely get the coupon code today you have to wait for me to tell you it automatically checks it does it I had set up a piece software to do it for me so it's real it's there it's there place you have to email me asked for the code and how to make it hard and made it easy again I forgot I made a promise but someone told me and I at the bottom of the page in your late sometimes things are all the way done and this is again in 20 will how efficiently are using a time the book still in selling grades been very good I always want to do things better it's okay we noticed that something wasn't done perfectly it's better to get stuff out there quickly and keep improving it and I love you would give me feedback 11 people tell me about mistakes on the website because somehow I know there and some of their forget I still need to record a video for the start page I can do right now because I want to record it somewhere beautiful and right now what is the hotel room that's exciting so we want to use on a core level our time efficiently both in mindset at work in our entertainment think about how you spend your time think about how you can use it more efficiently think about how you can be more effectively encoded to spend some time assessing egg how much my time at wasting and is there a better way for me to use it how I just got use to operating a certain way go to this people especially people who are working college to read a book while they're at their job the credit doing two things at once and that's the only way to use her time efficiently think about these things be like a lawyer check your time I don't know if you have two three-minute assessments but it certainly will force you into using your time wisely I realize that this ironic this podcast comes a little longer than some of the previous ones that's how important it is to me and I just have a lot I want to share with you so use your time wisely before it's gone thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the servo master podcast doing me on my Facebook [email protected]\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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