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SNM 157: Are Your Sales Letters Trash?

The way you structure your sales letters will determine the amount of sales you actually make. Throw statistics out, use quotes and show evidence through pictures, before and after photos work great. Testimonials are great too. Real people are relatable.

Structure is everything



Structure is more important than content.

Bad words written in the right order is more effective than good words written in the wrong order.Click To Tweet

Presenting an exorbitant price before showing the value of the product could deter all your clients.

Talking about things that could happen in the future that the listener could relate to and imagine happening in their own lives will make it more likely for them to buy.

Looking for similar sales letters in your target market could help you create a good, trusted structure to start with.

Don’t ever plagiarise! Reverse engineering is a good way to start from scratch and could inspire even greater ideas.

Borrowing traffic from Affiliates with PPC



Spend as little as possible and be cautious about how you spend.

You’ll never have 100% conversion rates and that’s okay.

The price you pay per click is so important.

Conversion rates should be directly proportionate to price per click.

Proof and Refunds


refund policy

It’s really disappointing to have to honor refunds but it’s so necessary. It will help you make more sales. I’m always encouraging reviewer contests, because feedback is golden.

Constructive criticism has inspired the next product I am creating.

Listen for how I structure my Sales letters on today’s episode…


Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Structure is more important than content.
  2. Follow the structure of similar sales letter for your target market
  3. Encourage reviews on your products

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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