SNM159: How to Make a Ton of Money with Hardback Books

It’s good to expand to other formats of your business. Certain people like to engage with content in various formats. You don’t have to write new books in order to expand. You will be easier to find if you have other formats of your book.

Diversify your products

Hardback covers sell for a lot more than paperbacks.Click To Tweet

Amazon and CreateSpace will not create hardback books for you so you need to find other companies.

Alternative options I’ve found are; and IngramSpark.

They give options on what you can do with your book in terms of size and type of cover

Think It Through


Cons: Ingram charges for every change but the cost to print is lower compared to

Think of different elements before doing a hardback like the costs, benefits, etc.

It is fully customizable, so pick options that your audience would love.

You can format your books on your own. Try Scrivener.

Try to keep the dimensions of your current format so you just need to redesign the cover. Keep it simple.

Expand your Audience!



By diversifying your content offerings you will reach a broader audience and client base.

Create the platforms for various other and more people to find you on.

Listen to todays episode of Serve No Master for more tips.


Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Diversify your products
  2. Think It Through, do your research
  3. Find ways to diversify that take advantage of your existing infrastructure

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan

Createspace –

Lulu –

IngramSpark –

Scrivener –

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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so I look at doing a larger size you put it harder to get on Amazon the tour challenge so probably the hardback edition observe the match will be 6" x 9 the same size as a paperback, hardback covers more strong and you can do other things like have a leather cover like a cloth cover and then have a dust jacket all those things what I'll probably do thinking what this is have one of hardbacks where the cover is the same as my paperback it's like just built into the hardback public under the plastic I want to do the whole dust jacket thing though too complicated and I don't overdo it and I know if you want to take off the dust jacket of the summit looks like you have a book for the 1800s that I wrote that could be kind of cool what I like about this limitation I do the 6 x 9 is that I don't reformat the whole book in fact only thing I have to reduce the cover is only because of been a little bit busy over the last two days that have ordered my first proof the challenge with Ingram is that every time you make a change they charge you once you submit your book design which is a PDF which is it set in stone if you make a change it's 50 bucks if you say others a typo cost $50 to fix the typo take away your real hesitant to fix us on the start looking type is going on I can live without one with great spaces for easy change typos on the fly that's why viewscreen space once your book is awesome once your book is absolutely frosty and does no mistakes anymore then you can submit it to this platform and I looked at the fee set up for $50 and that's a little bit prohibitive because you start saying a woman make talent to mimic two box when I look at printer for master on Lewin on Ingram the pricing was very different to get my book printed the cost to me is $22 on the on anger much little over 11 the cell of book from LULAC to charge at least $30 I'll probably make for five dollars sale my very profitable for the author very expensive for the reader to print with Ingram the cost is actually lower than printing my paperback to create space that's got a new thought in my mind that may dabble with my next paperback and printed during them as well just to see how the price different experience but for now look at hardbacks on quick hardback editions all my books and I did it was a be so easy it cannot dinner for a long time just because of the set up costs and some other things but now I thinking about how cool to be so so many things going on when you're looking at doing the hard fact you have to think about the cost of the prophet do a lot of math and is worse it is the ups and downs all those elements a lot of benefits to doing hardback through really great imprinted extra imprint even if I don't sell hardback copies my book having hardback edition there make more people by the other editions of my book will make it even more excited people while this must be a really great book with the great publishers hardback edition most Amazon books don't have hardback edition's most independent authors don't have hardback edition because of the hurtle when you're looking at crating her back the first thing to look at is these two platforms you look at other ones I know see the baby does hardbacks as well and couple other places that do other different types of printing want to look at each different place and see how much money you make for sale I can sell hardback book for $20 as of the 30 that allows me to give a better experience my audience I don't know if that'll be the final price of the hardback hardback may have to be a little bit more you have a look at shipping costs and a few other pieces but at least I'm starting out with much lower number in my charge the same amount I still make double the profit using a lot more breathing room and I like that as I have more experience and begin to sell hardback copies of the book all really be more dialed into the pricing and this is why we have to go to fermentation the next phase for me is to do

that for chart back in a test printing and send it to someone now this is a challenge for me I was up to find someone to send it to who do a good job with what I send them I have a follower who I send my cards to he does a great job you take pictures of them send them to me tells what's right and what's wrong that really helps me there were problems with my test printing of the second batch of cards find that selling cards yet it takes two weeks to go through the process of doing that first test printing to the have to do the mockups run up to the whole process and ship them it takes a while search two weeks each time I come up with a new design once the perfect the second and third printings printing for you guys won't take as long when want to find someone who will be reliable I design my coloring book and sent it to someone and they are so busy to have her respond me three or four nights out even know if the book arrived at should have by now it had and I really want to know that as you are designing and thinking about doing other things with your business it's really good to expand into other formats another dish and some people really want to hold a hardback copy and enhance the majority of my readers more than one addition of each of my books I know a lot of people that like to go back and forth between Kindle and audiobook if they like the book enough and they buy the paperback this is how certain people engage content and when you give people whatever they want this isn't just about making more money this is about giving people what they want given and that right experience I really like reading hardbacks to our group reading hardback books and on the Kindle guy because of the convenience however I want more more my books and libraries that's why we had a recent episode I explained audiobooks and libraries in the hopes the entire library for my audiobook in their when you are putting together your hardback choose the right size delighted to things you what I wanted to do a larger size hardback but then it wouldn't give me the option distribution Amazon has a love I can't do it through Amazon I don't want this large size it's no use to me when you're resizing you have to do some reformatting issues you have to set the new tram and say okay this is the spacing of the pages the great thing about incense sizes that I don't have to change anything I can use the same interior template from a payback a hardback it's a bit of convenience I try not to be so lazy that I me that the main reason I chose my size that's why try the larger size 1st thinking about multiple ways to create your book helps you to think a little bit outside the box I see a lot of fathers were caught up in the just pure Kindle edition and then have an audiobook of a paperback little in a hardback let alone a journal addition little on workbook edition little an audiobook edition you have to constantly write new books to generate new content or to expand often times people find me in very unique ways their people who only find with their people only find me to the Kindle edition and are not the same people people of different ways of finding stuff you're making yourself easier to find there may be people who've never bought my book I saw the show that looks great on the hardback no thanks her back only I want them to be able to read and engage my content there are people who only find you through certain ways diversify your content offerings if I can figure out a way to make a serve no master coloring book the teams interesting engages people with the lessons they'll do it not always about commercializing or getting a merchandise sometimes it's about how people engage content.color books very big right now I'm not sure if there's a way to make a certain rest or color but that doesn't seem a little bit over the top but if I can find a way to reach that audience I will I got an amazing comment on the blog today I saw

someone found me looking for the cure for depression I need to know the turbo master came up under that search result I have other books about depression it just written a new book on the whole topic oppression that's now with my transcriptionist will hopefully be coming out in my cycle over the next 2 to 3 months it was amazing that someone found that way and they found value in the rest of the book you never know which lessons people can take away you never know the best way for you to find the only reason have pushed hardbacks in the past done a lot myself is that there's a bit of an upfront cost a bit of a risk it's a huge will be $49 not used anymore the floor the prices which is pretty cool take a look Ingram take a look at Lulu there other things you can do beyond print on demand you can order a batch of hunch books and assert to give you discounts if you want to get discounts on a run from create space yet order over thousand books when you look at Lulu and Ingram the start to be discussed much more quickly because there competing with create space they have to offer you more benefits to make it worthwhile I can tell you right now that if Ingram can give me better pricing I'll look for a way to switch my paperback print because it will be worth it to me it's very expensive for me to print a paperback book through create space it cost me nearly $15 to get a printing of certain master and in fact if I charged $15 I would get nothing for sale I get nothing it would be a loss low simmer Christmas allow me to dip the two other books 1999 I would love for payback to be cheaper I would love for the paperback to be like $10 or $12 more affordable for people unfortunately it's a long Christmas doesn't allow that so I am looking at other things I would've never thought about change my paperback printing until I saw this amazing pricing to Lou pricing and maybe I did something wrong and will look again was so high comparatively that Ingram really impressed I was living there looking incremental I thought you wanted to just double check out so surprised Freddie would have an account with them if you have never done a book look at all of these different places we do all the printing yourself yes these are these other hurdles and I know that it's very tempting at this moment to go you know I'm just can go through a publisher or someone else I looked at this website if you go out on this website also try to research a pricing thing where formatting thing and they were talking on how they do formatting for you and the format your book for you for only $1200 so expensive for something only takes a couple hours to learn there always people try to take advantage of what we do the people made the most money than the gold rush was a guy selling shovels to the gold miners very fugal minor struck it rich in singly very few authors break through and make a massive success but there always people along the way trying to grab as much of your profits as they can very expensive editor for expensive cover design is very expensive formatting you can easily take a book you've written and to get it published spend five or $10,000 and you probably never make that back very few authors do by that point he spent so much money yet ready spend money on marketing will be so much more valuable I just feel exhausted and were now and can't believe it's so expensive you're hoping to start making 100 or thousand dollars a day she can make back your money when it's not always that quick sometimes you just have a base hit you don't have a home run the real secret to success in Amazon is diversification of your books and quantity more offerings you have in different formats and different content that's when you start to be really successful but being crippled on book after book can be brutal to the last thing I'll share with you is a bit of formatting advice right now to format my paperbacks I use scrivener export directly

from scrivener have a set up that's been working really really well I only and have them make a few minor changes it takes about three or four hours but still not perfect I was making little mistakes rather want to change things other than what the formatting process but I certainly one want to pay thousands of dollars to have someone else do that I like doing myself we pay someone else they never want to give you an editable format there was want to give you the final PDF and say well there's any changes your pain again that's how they stay in control and I hate that I spoke to someone recently asking them to help me format my coloring book because I was doing something wrong they wanted to charge me way too much money for something was already pretty much formatted all I want them to do is check out whilst making a mistake with my Apple to create space I discovered the problem wasn't my file was the browser they want to charge a huge amount of money is if you charge me that much or even charge me for the blank pages in a coloring book ever the pages blanks the little and draws the back of its blank they want to tear down from Washington they can and they're like well you charge for the blank pages to execute charters of blank pages or overcharge me of your initial bid we we see the animal form and they said no way these people never want to give up the power over us really excited about haven't tested this yet it just came in a couple of days ago that Valium now has a physical copy export option I just bought the upgrade hundred dollars to upgrade my app my unlimited account which is unlimited exports of Kindle books to unlimited exports paperbacks as well haven't done one yet and get a do with contrary face Jo turns out that semi-huge metaphor many time if it works as well as I hope I haven't played with it yet but I'm excited about that more more excited about Bella I wish Phil had an affiliate program so he had a commission when I sell it but of course they don't such as life with such a great program I have to share with Utah forming on my books and if you can format paperback books as well skin become my go to piece of software for everything right now my scrivener file becomes my master file so when someone sends me any typos or edits after the book is beenreleased to have to fix it in scrivener first and make the same fixes at the same time in the Mellon file so that we have consistent fixes that the paperback matches the digital version but the possibility of just clicking on the button exporting two different sizes means it's even easier than ever before free to put out that hardback edition my advice today what I recommend for you to do if you arty have a book out there formatted for hardback and just get one printed it sent to your house and see what looks and feels like that comes back with a pretty good your Amazon listing in your notice of spike in sales different people like different formats it doesn't have to be hard anymore formatting eating e-book authors getting easier and easier and easier that is how you can make real money hardbacks thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat rings head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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