SNM159: How to Make a Ton of Money with Hardback Books

It’s good to expand to other formats of your business. Certain people like to engage with content in various formats. You don’t have to write new books in order to expand. You will be easier to find if you have other formats of your book.

Diversify your products

Hardback covers sell for a lot more than paperbacks.Click To Tweet

Amazon and CreateSpace will not create hardback books for you so you need to find other companies.

Alternative options I’ve found are; and IngramSpark.

They give options on what you can do with your book in terms of size and type of cover

Think It Through


Cons: Ingram charges for every change but the cost to print is lower compared to

Think of different elements before doing a hardback like the costs, benefits, etc.

It is fully customizable, so pick options that your audience would love.

You can format your books on your own. Try Scrivener.

Try to keep the dimensions of your current format so you just need to redesign the cover. Keep it simple.

Expand your Audience!



By diversifying your content offerings you will reach a broader audience and client base.

Create the platforms for various other and more people to find you on.

Listen to todays episode of Serve No Master for more tips.


Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Diversify your products
  2. Think It Through, do your research
  3. Find ways to diversify that take advantage of your existing infrastructure

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan

Createspace –

Lulu –

IngramSpark –

Scrivener –

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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