SNM115: How to Make More Than A Thousand Dollars A Month

Making a thousand dollars per month is not the destination.  It is merely a waypoint along the path. It is now time to take that first level of income and multiply it.  Putting in the exact same amount of work, you can double and triple your income every month this year….

The Two Measurements of Success

To get to that first one thousand dollars a month, you need to put in two to three hours a work a day.

You can still take weekends off and hit this initial target number.

From there we need to move forward and it’s important to know exactly what your goals are.

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The two main measurements of success are money and freedom.

New lawyers work one hundred hours a week, making a great deal of money but sacrificing nearly all of their freedom.

If you want to make more money, you can simply work more hours.

That’s the easiest way to accelerate your income, but I can do better than that.

Efficiency is the Key to Wealth

For now, wealth is the measurement of your total money and free time combined.

Some people want the ratio to favor the money and others want it to favor the free time, but when we combine them into “wealth” those desires balance out.

Everyone wants wealth.

The way to increase the wealth in your life is to increase your efficiency.

The way we measure efficiency is dollars per hour.

The more dollars per hour you make, the more efficient your work efforts are.

If you are earning ten dollars an hour now, bumping up to twenty dollars an hour is the result of doubling your efficiency.

With freelance work of any kind, this can be achieved by either getting paid more or increasing your speed.

My book 20K in a Day covers how to write faster, so I don’t need to repeat myself here.

Instead, it’s time to get paid more for the exact same work.

Complete Part One – Make a Thousand Dollars a Month

Before we go too far into multiplying your income, make sure you have completed all of the tasks in part one and have hit your first thousand-dollar month.

If not you can find it here ->> https://servenomaster.com/episode114

In part one, we covered six key action steps.

  1. Join 3 writing mills
  2. Create a portfolio of ten articles to show your range
  3. Prep and place the portfolio online to get better and higher paying jobs
  4. Maximize earnings by taking all writing mill tests and demonstrating your expertise
  5. Capture real estate by buying your website and locking down social media profiles with your brand name
  6. Grab as many reviews as you can to increase your perceived value

Once you have completed these six critical tasks, you are ready to start multiplying your income.

Build a Website

The way you get hired determines how much a client will pay you.

I can hire the same person on Fiverr, UpWork or directly from their website.

And in each case, I will pay the same person a different fee for the exact same task.

Clients who hire you directly always pay a premium.

Simply taking the same jobs through your website will increase your income at least thirty percent.

The first steps to starting your blog can be found in one of my very first blog posts ->

How to Start Your Blog Today

In addition, you can join me for a webinar training on blogging, where I will review some attendees blogs.

This video covers a lot of big picture strategy in setting up a site, no matter where you are in your business development cycle.

You do NOT want to miss this awesome training, so sign up now and add it to your calendar.


This training also covers the step-by-step process of setting up a business facing website.

Turn Your Blog into Ground Zero

Now that your website is complete, connect all of your social media accounts to the blog.

You always want to drive new leads, customers, and followers into your blog.

This is your central command center.

When this is set up properly, you can bring traffic into your Facebook profile and it will automatically flow into your blog and this new friend or follower will then enter your sales cycle.

In simplest terms, your website should have enough information to turn a visitor into a customer.

You should have a homepage that explains who you are and provides a way for customers to reach you.

In addition, your portfolio should be visible on your blog in the best light possible.

You can make a single page that has all of your article samples or you can make each sample a blog post on its own.

Make it as EASY as possible for potential customers to view your work and be impressed by your genius.

Include that download link to your portfolio in ZIP format as well.

Some clients will want to download and show partners, friends, and spouses.

The best way to close clients is over the phone, but you can also provide email and Skype contact information.

With your funnel in place, it’s time to bring in the traffic.

Finding Clients to Make More than a Thousand Dollars This Month

There are so many ways to drive traffic covered throughout my blog and podcast, that I can’t cover all of them here.

Some of the best ways to drive traffic include posting a link to your new website on all your social media accounts and asking your friends to get the word out, printing up business cards with your website and passing them out to new contacts, and writing blog posts that target your market.

All of these actions are really powerful and you’ll start to see those first clients coming in.

There are loads of meetups and Chamber of Commerce events that are worth attending.

Keep your business cards handy, but only give them to people who are worthy.

Do NOT give your cards away to everyone.  If you don’t respect your cards, people won’t respect you.

You can listen to any previous episodes on networking to get this skill on lockdown.

Act like you already have loads of high-ticket clients and people will offer to pay you far more than you earned last month at writing mills.

Every time you work with a new client ask them to refer anyone looking for writers to you.

Keep up your online presence and let people know that you are a great worker who is open for business.

Grind Those Mills

Take as many writing jobs as you can through your content mills.

Work your way up to the highest pay band with each company.

When you hit the highest level, take those top articles and show them to the content mills at the next level.

You can move up to level two and three very quickly.

There are loads of sites on my list that will pay you more than fifty dollars per blog post.

More than TWENTY Places to Get Paid to Write

Many of the clients you find through these sites, will search for you online and approach you directly about taking work.

These sites can become another powerful source of traffic and referrals.

Let People Pay You

Don’t put in all the effort to find great clients only to realize at the last minute that you don’t know how to take their money.

Nobody writes checks anymore and certainly, nobody wants to pay you in cash.

This is business-to-business, so they need records for their taxes.

Set up payment processing now and be ready to take money every way that you can.

At the very least, you should have accounts with Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

You can set up all three of them in the next fifteen minutes.

Expand Your Online Presence

Sign up for freelance sites including WarriorForum, UpWork and Guru.

In the next lesson, which will be an AWESOME video, I’ll cover how to make an awesome profile and get hired for the best jobs.

Before you jump to that, make sure you listen to the podcast as I cover a LOT more material and breaking through that 1K ceiling.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. DonComplete Part One
  2. Build Your Website
  3. Point all your online profiles to your website
  4. Let people see your portfolio and contact you
  5. Start getting PAID

Resources Mentioned:

Part One – Make 1k Per Month -> https://servenomaster.com/episode114

Blog Installation -> https://servenomaster.com/how-to-start-your-blog-today/

Blog Webinar -> https://servenomaster.com/webinars/double-your-business/

Blog Blueprint -> https://servenomaster.com/blog-blueprint/

UpWork -> https://servenomaster.com/upwork

Fiverr -> https://servenomaster.com/fiverr

Guru -> https://servenomaster.com/guru

WarriorForum -> https://servenomaster.com/warrior

Square -> https://servenomaster.com/square

Paypal -> https://servenomaster.com/paypal

Stripe -> https://servenomaster.com/stripe

Braintree -> https://servenomaster.com/braintree

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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How to make more than $1000 a month on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by social pilot the social media marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses joy over 20,000 social media pros@servomaster.com\social pilot today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online wiring to start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post I'm sitting here for a beautiful 5 AM sunrise and I'm excited to take you to the next phase of building your little financial empire now that you had a chance to take some action and make the first thousand dollars potatoes first action steps we talked about in a previous episode about make your first thousand dollars now it's time to go beyond that make more than $1000 a month what we want to do now is accelerate your efficiency and there's really two ways to measure and to achieve that in the first way is to have more free time in the second way is to make more money those are really the two results were looking for the spot so more free time let's say you're working three hours a day your thousand dollars a month if we cannot get never doubted two hours a day and keep your thousand dollars month the same that's an increase in profits increase efficiency that your new reward is more free time but I'm feeling right now he rather make more money so instead you rather work those same three hours and make hundred and 50 or $200 above about that total number and that's were going to help you make more money and the two ways we can really do that our number one to write fast it's the first way you can achieve that if you work faster you write faster than you get more work done unless time that's the first we'd exhilarate if you want to exonerate that way grab a copy of my book 20 Canaday the book is all about how to be the fastest writer possible how to be more efficient had a more swift and that will help you improve your writing efficiency the writing speed but at a certain point you can't run any faster since they were really to talk about is the other way to accelerate we just get paid more there are places that will pay one penny per word 5000 words get $10 there are also places that will pay you $0.35 a word right thousand words get $350 so want to find those better jobs is better sources of more profitable places so after you checked out 20 K Daniel Kindler limited it's free sometime to have a 90 headset promotions and other promotions 01 of the great places where you can really learn to write fast now it's time to go in another direction and before we get started digging into making more money I would make sure that you finish part one that you took the correct action steps to make that first thousand dollars in a single month and those keys six action steps were to join three writing mills to create your portfolio to prep and place the portfolio online so people can easily access to potential customers and client number four to maximize your earnings by techno the necessary tasks by creating best profiles possible by doing everything you can't certify our education levels to get them to push you up to the higher payment tears your fifth step was to capture real estate which was to put up profiles on fiber upward social media maybe start your blog ideally get all those things done it all is pieces out there Gouda, warrior form put your first post all of those little pieces of real estate are the beginnings that we can build on this month is the foundations forwarding to do next and of course your six step was to grab as many reasons you can as many different ways you can so now were beginning this face with a new goal in mind and you need to choose which of these two goals is more important to you you can make $1000 a month in less time or if make more money in the work in the same time what you think of others and how to choose what's more important to be working less or making more money if you are really focused on starting your own full business you're just using this chart to raise funds or to make ends meet having a more free time that you can dedicate other work is still very valuable step one of our process of our make more than $1000 month process is to build your website and have a ton of material walking you through how to buy a website how to find a domain name attic connector domain name the hosting attic absent everything in place and post the link below this directly to the blog post which is a getting started how to get your blog started today and beyond that you go to Sir Thomas archon\blog – blueprints and I have my entire blueprint for starting a blog with very simple program a massive discount for you you can check it out there it's got a really nice low price and it really does want to through more extensively some people need a little bit more help you can check out a blog – birds and again that link is below you can start with the free blog posts and that he can check out the blueprint and I will help you to get your the step-by-step of the blog okay if you need them step-by-step to mechanics in the actual process of the walk-through that's what provided the blueprint Lenny given the big picture here is much like and share in pure audio we want to get a couple of key pages in your website forcefully the home-baked which is the book in my site page welcome to who I am page you also need your about page you're a sales page for contact page in a blog page the blog page is allowing you to add more content it allows you to demonstrate your writing and demonstrate your expertise thank you to merge these pages some people just have a single homepage that says hey welcome to writing by Jonathan.com I'm a writer who has written these types of projects if you want to see some samples of my work here some samples below mobile bone here's the type of work that I can do I can write sales letters I can write copy for this I can write books I can write articles to see what I can do for you click this little form and its for many on the phone together or you can have an order forms you can merge them all into a single page we want to go a little bit beyond that I have a five page website for now which will make you seem one step more professional when the one step beyond that the reason we do this and build it this way is it future proves you can then add in additional skills you can add another step to resonate your portfolio is an easier way of building it but doing a single page one is fine if that's as far as you can take that as much as you can handle right now that's okay we really have a secure bicycle the one page blog stretch goal of five pages and again you can do this very simply buy your domain name and name cheap you set up hosting with a small orchard of Apex hosting which is why he is mainly now have all the links below the city of course so you can is defined everything and you just connect everything you put the one button that says install WordPress you click install and from there it's really intuitive I had self taught myself it's not super, it is not like coding so it's not too overwhelming and he can build a really nice website very quickly while you're working on this we can begin step two and the first thing we'll do is beef up your real estate and this is where you again continue to improve your profile continue prove your ads each of your platform talk about guru.com where former prominent upper.com they all have a different process some of them have a bidding process some will have a process where you just get found people message you sent the other five or you can begin to start setting up your fiber profile as well and expanding scenarios for P's real estate I record this special video for you why cover all of this part how to be fiber profiles you can watch next the next video post but first of all get through this that's really part three in this part two of this process they do a video I show you exactly how to do that my process is to simply look at what other people are doing and be a little bit better so to reverse engineer and improve reverse engineering improve sale this would someone's ad looks like I can make it had looked like this but look a little better than my graphics 5% better make my story 5% better and doing those little steps will make a big big difference you then want to connect all of your profiles back to your blog as a demonstrate that video it's really great is if your profiles all connect together really really usually so someone sees your thing on fire they could find your blog if someone sees you on of work they can find your blog and find more the resume connected you more directly this allows you to make more money when anything else people who hides this platforms they have to pay them a percentage anywhere from 5 to 20% Xhosa platforms with a Harry direct with your website you get people so is a lot of value that we want to connect everything together we also want to continue to generate more reviews as much as it would be if you have the profiles having reviews having testimonials for each of the different profiles also very very valuable step in that process and number four you want to connect to social media profile so you can make Facebook page for your writing work you can make a twitter account for your writing work you have a separate account that's just about this projects all your freelance writing stuff so I'll have Jonathan write twitter at Johnson right base would act on that the rights linked in and Jonathan writes whatever it is a measure of our new custom LinkedIn one when I think about I might but I would deftly do a custom twitter custom Facebook its own Instagram account its own all your social media platforms right to create once it's all a simple thing I'm actually my Lincoln I think our new Lincoln business page for this and that we it makes easier easier for people to find you creating those platforms and connect them on your blog allows you to have infrastructure synapse will find your Facebook find your website and it can order some find you on twitter they can find you this other logically's were killed to find you the easier you make it for you will find you the more likely our find you once you have this infrastructure in place we want to bring in traffic traffic is people leave people hearing about your business to be hearing about your writing stuff now you can make an absolutely great killing rate living throughout work have a blog post coming out it's all about how to just use up work alone and how to build the business we want to go beyond the kind of have more control of your destiny what were building here is multiple sources of revenue when a break and Elin smirks a lot of people that were making really good when you had started to suffer there were more people in the pool of applicants and they did not adapt the whole marketplace is changed I can see right now is someone who place orders on up work I often find it very displeased I'm not a big fan of the changes they've made to the before the site again I don't like new platform I find very hard to hire people there are certain things of the platform that make it more challenging for people to hire you there a lot of people who want to hire try these upward to run in the problem so you can still going up or can make good money hey you can get to Z to fire a $10,000 month loan the problem is that your dealing with a single source of customers and every time upward goes through a change or new iteration reference in any snags or goes out of business than you I business to so smudges were trying to hit numbers and also trying to teach you to build a business that hobbies to have infrastructure protection so that if a bird's website gets deleted your client to previous classroom customers could still find you simply by finding your website and I can tell you right now that of people have hired on at work and VLANs in the past probably 60% of them if I like their work I went and try to find their website if someone's a really good worker all usually try to hire them full-time about six months ago the person who designed the podcast logo that he did a great job I'm not even sure why give the person a job they haven't done a lot of work for Provident 30 jobs ever on fiber but how do we degrade job and I kept trying to get them to community events I fired to bring Ella to break the rules but if you finally find the person's website then I would I want to hire full-time by full-time graphic side network for the keep busy all the time and is making so little and five I know that I could offer him a better wage totally resistant someone is making five or $10 a month and fiber impossible to hire five don't be like that other people I've hired directly and then I pay them the same amount of money for a sum of $300 through E Lance four through oh desk they might have to pay as much as $60 to the website it is the first time working for me savanna directly that's a six dollar bonus Boone let's raise we want to make it easy for people to hire you and want to build the infrastructure to protect you for the future so that you are back here in three months when a something changed and upward I was doing well know my clients. Protecting you from the future this is the structure of a real business the same reason that certain master has so much infrastructure is to protect me single point of failure step three phase 3 part three of today's lesson is traffic bring in the massive sprain people to your business the first place or to generate traffic is social media and there are a lot of ways to socially traffic I covered extensively and some social blueprints are covered extensively throughout my blog but let me give you the basic idea here tell Evan and social media about a new website that's enough tell your friends about to get the word out about you don't have to go beyond that to hey check out my new website willingly website tell give unto us if you know anyone who needs writing work let them know that my website that's enough people begin to share on social media that's level I leveraging existing contacts beyond that you can do more of the things they teach about in the blog blueprint which is what you share your post on Facebook you use your Facebook page you may be run a contest to drive more people there are other things you drive more traffic but for now we can get enough work just by letting our social circle and extended circle know what were doing if every single person your LinkedIn network interface with network knows about your writing skills rest by your writing site that's enough that we can generate you some amazing projects the second way to get traffic is search engine optimization this is where you write articles on different topics to demonstrate they are good writer and this really applies more than anything if you're doing a target so if you only wanted to work in your area then you write articles like Atlanta Georgia freelance writing Atlanta Georgia ghostwriting and so you have lots of things about being a LAN or being in Georgia and writing ghostwriting if your specialist at all of your topics are about graveyards it's a graveyard writing tombstone writing and you begin to write articles about terms of people typing on the looking for writer this will generate trickle-down of work it's not really worth your primary investment but is worth thinking about when you're deciding what to write about the writing should match what you're looking for number three is to print up some business cards get some business cards printed up that just have your name website and phone number on them you can leverage these in the lotto as you know that I'm a huge business card given the networking of private to the that we can look at your talk about business cards very little what you can do with really simple business cards great if permissive business cards to drive people to your website that's very useful so you have something really great you can create a theme create avatar for your messaging and it's on your business card so as little bonus break down the idea of creating an avatar you want to create an avatar story about yourself that you can use to get customers and clients you want to become a bit of your messaging what I used to work in this industry when I used to work selling SCO locally which is the same thing we approach local business trinket of your clients petty radios of money I think I would want them to buy the story more than just that people can hire millions mesial companies how you differentiate yourself when you're selling commodity it's the story exactly what musicians do all the time which is your favorite musician is one of the greatest story so I would tell the story initially my story was about how I was a technological wizard out make it sound like I was at midnight hacker who's working 24 hours fighting against the Interlink David and Goliath story we run I moved into a story I'd say I'm a mercenary who will work for the highest bidder but the not the competition in that case there's is Bruce Willis movie where he's a mercenary is two warring factions departing back and forth to fight against the competition the great movie that's what I think of what I think of that story in Somerset who is lungs that you're paying me I will fight in your half second stop paying a semester how you fight and that will be my story so you create a story that's about you being writing verse writing words that self writing were to grow businesses anything like that and you say I am hired gun it becomes a little more exciting people like the idea of hiring mercenaries sounds really cool special not actually doing it gives them a chance to feel a bit of excitement that could be going back to number three on your business card ticket say Japan education and what this does is you give to be Wednesday if you don't need five units in these writers in the car and that card will then begin to generate more more people over time once you've created these business cards you have addressed your social medium placed US for the word which means you to go out and help you but we are to dislike in social media you message people he tell them what you're up to the extent of the link with these business cards with face-to-face you can do the exacting things whether it's any of his cards people work whether that's allowed or not you might not be able to based on your work might be a conflict of interest being a cause of alms with your job five what you could do you now have a new client great way to start journaling revenue outside of his other platforms step four phase 4 is to start taking money is very important you need to be able to get paid there's nothing worse than when you talk a client and Hines was knowing you sound amazing let's start with the multiple small project by ready hundred blog posts hears you $5000 have to pay right now and then when you go out ischemic cash not very many people keep five-minute cash in your pocket most people of five any cash on them if either one dollar bills a crumpled fives or it's a lunchbox okay it's never just in someone's pocket very few people get 50 per crisp $100 bills in their pocket if you can't take payments you lose that job they go wait a minute you always finish line and it sounds like you're a con man is going to cash anyone who is serious about visiting his professional needs to pay you electronically for their record-keeping you can ask for check some people still use checks with most people about undeleted 40 don't recheck so I have written a check five or seven years and recheck for lifetime objects with me at the objects in a safe box that I'm running about one check with me from America like for five years I've never written a check out of it is like a in case of emergency and never had that emergency people need to be able to pay you he will accept payments let me talk you through first of all the platforms we've Artie discussed we talked about of work we talked and agreed upon warrior form is different to cover the second but upward fibrin glue all process payments for you to take the money on your behalf when you get paid to work they take the first 20% some some is you hundred dollars of work will take 20 of it if you have the same clients multiple times once that person's pay you more than $500 and they taken that hundred dollar cut it drops to 10% still huge feet there also find new leads and client so can still be very profitable a lot of people who are smarter will bid take their bid and add that 10% to it so that they actually make what they want to make sense of say $500 to say six dollars or 623 or whatever when you get into fiber they take a dollar so if you get a job for $20 tip to pay a dollar 50 a job five dollars you have to pay them a dollar but then after $20 it turns into 20% nitrogen 5% after 20 hours it turns into 5% so if you get paid hundred dollars take five which is better than upward which takes 10 then on Guru.com the taping five and 9% you pay a monthly fee which is on $40 to be more premium Gouda, member in which case they lower your fee for 95% so if you're generating more enough money or fees are greater than four dollars month it's worth upgrading your account with the warrior forum you can't they don't process for you you can see the post data and so does your website or some ghost here bye-bye the places in order so for people you find directly or for when you are trying to make more money you needs our needs when a person need to wait able take their money will process yourself the value of using the platforms you're paying those fees to get more reviews which gets you bigger clients but at certain point you don't need more views at some point makes sense to process directly in the four ways to do that that I recommend and again a postal explode is the four ways that I accept payment the first of square swear was the first to the market with this little like device that plugged into your phone jack on your phone and some goods whether credit card through it amazing device no other competitors have put them out as well I know that PayPal has one which I've never used and a few other places have swear has been really good to me never had a problem with them is a platform and I put great deal of money through their service you can also use them to send the invoice to someone seeking since on a bill that they pay automatically and have a nice record that way as well when someone pays you in person he can swipe your credit card you alter your phone and the emotional force he instantly very very professional I know certain restaurants that I use a square device inside of an iPad when you pay at the end of your meal they can have the entire menu programmed into their iPad you place your order there do everything it's very professional however some clients though I never use pay by donor sandwiches I would never process that way as you begin to open up these accounts and are still charge little percentages well so don't expect to get a summons and you thousand dollars done for the thousand dollars to appear in your bank account every payment processing platform in the world charges something it's only as you begin to work with these different ones you'll start to learn your fee schedules they change all the times I can't tell you right now withdrawal anywhere between two and 6% I could tell he was square if you take a payment we swipe the credit card they take a smaller fee then if you take a credit card over the phone or they fill the form online because that means the physical card was there so it's less likely the card was stolen so the lacuna fraud is lower and you get rewarded for that the third weighted process monies restriped now the reason I'm saying Square paper on stripers you can set up for these one day you can set up all of these account these three counts today and be ready take money within our you don't need a more complicated and more expensive monthly fee payment processing on these platforms charge monthly fee you needed yesterday PayPal business there's more expensive PayPal person to start with the free version it's more than enough you don't need the more complicated one at all PayPal is great because it lets you set up recurring and you just call the subscription fee if you want to do recurring payment you have to pay for the basic PayPal business account but if you just call it a subscription then you Pay a Monthly Fee and You Have To Pay Extra so Healthy Lets You Accomplish the Same Things You Want Is Given a Different Day No Reason to Operate the Fourth Way to Process Money Is Called Braintree Braintree Is Very Similar to Stripe in Fact I Would Say It's Almost the Exact Same Thing I Process A Lot through Stripe When You Order for Me so My Products And Then Back and Forth with Braintree They Do the Exact Same Thing They Seem to Charge the Vexing Fees Braintree the Difference Is Number One It's Owned by PayPal so Integrates with PayPal Little Better to Do Simple PayPal Things But Number Two It Takes Two Days to Hear Account They Do More of an Approval Process I Don't Know That Much about What They Actually Do You Just Fill in the Form and It Is a Yes or No Two Days Later So I Would Do Them Last and Then in the Cruelty Don't They Prove Me I Don't Know Why They Don't Really Tell You Anything The More Difficult Payment Processors Charging More Money Provide Less Services and the Only Really Matter If You're Processing 1500 Thousand Dollars a Month It's Only Redoing Huge Numbers January about That Stuff Anything below 50 These Processors Are More Than Enough and You Can Move around between I'm Saying Only If You Do It 52 Any One of These Processes You Have To Worry about Changing With These Steps in Place You Now Have the Ability to Magnify Amateur Making Whether It's Taking People off of Fiber Having Higher Directly Getting Us up Next 5% Raise Was Taking People off Artwork Give Yourself a 20 or 10% Raise That's a Way We Can Begin to Make More Money for the Same Work This Will Lightest Refining Clients from Other Places and Build up Your Catalog of Your Personal Clients What You'll Discover Is That You Start Working with One-To-One Clients and They Give You More More Work and They Become a Long-Term Client Naturally Starts Make Really Big Money over Time I Do My Writing For Less Than 10 Clients of My Work for Less Than 10 Clients in the Entirety of My Ghostwriting Career When You Finding a Client Project after Project for Them the Prices Go up So My Clients Now Pay 2 to 3 Times with a Pay for the First Work I Did for Them so You Can Also Raise Your Rates in between Projects the Key Is to Make It Small If You Double Your Rate between Projects to Persons of the Fire But You Can Easily Raise Your Rate of 10% Every Couple of Projects to Startups and Hanging Steno's Blog Posts If Humans Lay Ahead Just Letting You Know Getting Really Busy Is the Price Now $11 a Bloggers Boat at Present Residence Go from 30 to 33 Whenever It's Normally Deceptive in the Right Way Is You Is Thinking about a Gamy Fight with These Payment Processing Tools You Can Invoice People You Can Take a Credit Card in Person You Can Take a Recurring Payment You Can Do Anything You Want with Money That's Very Sophisticated People While You're so Professional Every Time I Break on the Little Square Little Whites Where They Go Square to Take regarding the Well That Means You're the Real Deal These Steps in Place Are Going to Let You Accelerate Your Income and Breaking past That First Thousand Dollars and Now You Can Start to Make More Than $1000 a Month Thank You for Listening to This Week's Episode of Serve No Master Make Sure You Subscribe so You Never Miss Another Episode Will Be Back Tomorrow with More Tips and Tactics on How to Restate That Reference It over to Serve No Master.com/Podcasts Now for Your Chance to Win a Free Copy of Jonathan's Bestseller Serve No Master All You Have To Do Is Leave a Five-Star Review of This Podcast See You Tomorrow The Words Mercenary Words for Higher the Picture below Cowboy or Something and Were Doing Is Creating a Bit of a Memory Thank You Phyllis and Serve No Master Podcast Head over to Servo Master.com\Podcast Right Now To Return the Business Card into a Tool Business Card Is Very Little about You and Very Much by Your Customer since the Right How Great You Are Just about Primary Customer Wants and Says To Find out How You Can Win a Free Copy Of My Brand-New Book We Will Writing Unbelieving Prices Writing by Jonathan.com and Your Phone Number and Have Debbie Fun and We Can't You Can Go to Meet up.com Groups I Go to Meet Ups All the Time Was a Great Place to Find Clients Do Not Think You Can Do Anything Racist Go Does All the Different Types of Mediums for Small Business Owners Entrepreneurs PR People Whenever the People Are Technological People Programmers and Use Need All Those People a Letter Know You Do in Your Planning Seats Have Business Cards and Tell What We Do or You Can Just Give Money to Social Media's They Can Easily Find You You Have To Do the Hard Sell You Never Have To Do the Hard Sell Was Rated by Getting the Word out and so Insisted Tim Was Hates Him I Really Need a Writer I Need Some Help with His Blood Was Just All Amendments Were Nearby, Seems Expert That Regarding Bone Very Great Business and I've Used It for a Long Time Second Way to Do Payments PayPal Some People Will Only Do Payments to PayPal like I Only Pay for PayPal The Weber Account of a Value Right

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Michelle Roberts - February 4, 2019

Hi Jonathan,

I’m a graphic designer and created a website and blog for wedding stationery design. I read your book and have been listening to your podcast, you are so inspiring. This is one of my favorite blog posts of yours, so much great information and is so relevant to my situation. As I continue to beef up my wedding portfolio and online presence, I hope to start getting more traffic to my site and capture some clients soon. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



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