SNM115: How to Make More Than A Thousand Dollars A Month

Making a thousand dollars per month is not the destination.  It is merely a waypoint along the path. It is now time to take that first level of income and multiply it.  Putting in the exact same amount of work, you can double and triple your income every month this year….

The Two Measurements of Success

To get to that first one thousand dollars a month, you need to put in two to three hours a work a day.

You can still take weekends off and hit this initial target number.

From there we need to move forward and it's important to know exactly what your goals are.

If your goals are poorly defined, then you will never hit them.Click To Tweet

The two main measurements of success are money and freedom.

New lawyers work one hundred hours a week, making a great deal of money but sacrificing nearly all of their freedom.

If you want to make more money, you can simply work more hours.

That's the easiest way to accelerate your income, but I can do better than that.

Efficiency is the Key to Wealth

For now, wealth is the measurement of your total money and free time combined.

Some people want the ratio to favor the money and others want it to favor the free time, but when we combine them into “wealth” those desires balance out.

Everyone wants wealth.

The way to increase the wealth in your life is to increase your efficiency.

The way we measure efficiency is dollars per hour.

The more dollars per hour you make, the more efficient your work efforts are.

If you are earning ten dollars an hour now, bumping up to twenty dollars an hour is the result of doubling your efficiency.

With freelance work of any kind, this can be achieved by either getting paid more or increasing your speed.

My book 20K in a Day covers how to write faster, so I don't need to repeat myself here.

Instead, it's time to get paid more for the exact same work.

Complete Part One – Make a Thousand Dollars a Month

Before we go too far into multiplying your income, make sure you have completed all of the tasks in part one and have hit your first thousand-dollar month.

If not you can find it here ->> Make a Thousand Dollars a Month

In part one, we covered six key action steps.

  1. Join 3 writing mills
  2. Create a portfolio of ten articles to show your range
  3. Prep and place the portfolio online to get better and higher paying jobs
  4. Maximize earnings by taking all writing mill tests and demonstrating your expertise
  5. Capture real estate by buying your website and locking down social media profiles with your brand name
  6. Grab as many reviews as you can to increase your perceived value

Once you have completed these six critical tasks, you are ready to start multiplying your income.

Build a Website

The way you get hired determines how much a client will pay you.

I can hire the same person on Fiverr, UpWork or directly from their website.

And in each case, I will pay the same person a different fee for the exact same task.

Clients who hire you directly always pay a premium.

Simply taking the same jobs through your website will increase your income at least thirty percent.

The first steps to starting your blog can be found in one of my very first blog posts ->

In addition, you can join me for a webinar training on blogging, where I will review some attendees blogs.

This video covers a lot of big picture strategy in setting up a site, no matter where you are in your business development cycle.

You do NOT want to miss this awesome training, so sign up now and add it to your calendar.

Double Your Business With Webinars

This training also covers the step-by-step process of setting up a business facing website.

Turn Your Blog into Ground Zero

Now that your website is complete, connect all of your social media accounts to the blog.

You always want to drive new leads, customers, and followers into your blog.

This is your central command center.

When this is set up properly, you can bring traffic into your Facebook profile and it will automatically flow into your blog and this new friend or follower will then enter your sales cycle.

In simplest terms, your website should have enough information to turn a visitor into a customer.

You should have a homepage that explains who you are and provides a way for customers to reach you.

In addition, your portfolio should be visible on your blog in the best light possible.

You can make a single page that has all of your article samples or you can make each sample a blog post on its own.

Make it as EASY as possible for potential customers to view your work and be impressed by your genius.

Include that download link to your portfolio in ZIP format as well.

Some clients will want to download and show partners, friends, and spouses.

The best way to close clients is over the phone, but you can also provide email and Skype contact information.

With your funnel in place, it's time to bring in the traffic.

Finding Clients to Make More than a Thousand Dollars This Month

There are so many ways to drive traffic covered throughout my blog and podcast, that I can't cover all of them here.

Some of the best ways to drive traffic include posting a link to your new website on all your social media accounts and asking your friends to get the word out, printing up business cards with your website and passing them out to new contacts, and writing blog posts that target your market.

All of these actions are really powerful and you'll start to see those first clients coming in.

There are loads of meetups and Chamber of Commerce events that are worth attending.

Keep your business cards handy, but only give them to people who are worthy.

Do NOT give your cards away to everyone.  If you don't respect your cards, people won't respect you.

You can listen to any previous episodes on networking to get this skill on lockdown.

Act like you already have loads of high-ticket clients and people will offer to pay you far more than you earned last month at writing mills.

Every time you work with a new client ask them to refer anyone looking for writers to you.

Keep up your online presence and let people know that you are a great worker who is open for business.

Grind Those Mills

Take as many writing jobs as you can through your content mills.

Work your way up to the highest pay band with each company.

When you hit the highest level, take those top articles and show them to the content mills at the next level.

You can move up to level two and three very quickly.

There are loads of sites on my list that will pay you more than fifty dollars per blog post.

More than TWENTY Places to Get Paid to Write

Many of the clients you find through these sites, will search for you online and approach you directly about taking work.

These sites can become another powerful source of traffic and referrals.

Let People Pay You

Don't put in all the effort to find great clients only to realize at the last minute that you don't know how to take their money.

Nobody writes checks anymore and certainly, nobody wants to pay you in cash.

This is business-to-business, so they need records for their taxes.

Set up payment processing now and be ready to take money every way that you can.

At the very least, you should have accounts with Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

You can set up all three of them in the next fifteen minutes.

Expand Your Online Presence

Sign up for freelance sites including WarriorForum, UpWork and Guru.

In the next lesson, which will be an AWESOME video, I'll cover how to make an awesome profile and get hired for the best jobs.

Before you jump to that, make sure you listen to the podcast as I cover a LOT more material and breaking through that 1K ceiling.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. DonComplete Part One
  2. Build Your Website
  3. Point all your online profiles to your website
  4. Let people see your portfolio and contact you
  5. Start getting PAID

Resources Mentioned:

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Breaking Orbit

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Most other links can be found in my TOOLBOX


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  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m a graphic designer and created a website and blog for wedding stationery design. I read your book and have been listening to your podcast, you are so inspiring. This is one of my favorite blog posts of yours, so much great information and is so relevant to my situation. As I continue to beef up my wedding portfolio and online presence, I hope to start getting more traffic to my site and capture some clients soon. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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