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SNM143: What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Some days keeping up with it all can become a bit too much. Trying to balance work, a new career, family, and health all at the same time can be quite difficult. If you ever have days where you just feel like you can’t catch up, then you need to listen to this episode.

Who Watches the Media

SNM133: Should You Trust the Media?

When I was a child every week there was a new “special episode” to warn me about a new danger. My favorite television shows wanted to warn me about everything from touchy adults to accidentally locking myself in a refrigerator. I was warned to avoid steroids long before I hit puberty.

But what about the “regular” episodes….did they ever have a built-in message?


SNM122: Stop Letting Your Stuff Own You

I can’t go on the trip with you. I have to watch all my stuff. I can’t leave it behind. When I heard my friend say that to me after offering to pay for an epic adventure, I knew he had a problem.


SNM121: Is College a Good Investment?

When I was seventeen, it was time to start applying to colleges. Twelve acceptances and two wait listings later, I made my final decision. But was it the right call? Could I have made a better decision?

work in the dark

SNM119: When the Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, does your business come to a screeching halt? In the past month, there have been continual rainstorms, typhoons, cyclones and a 6.7 earthquake, but none of that has put me out of business…