SNM091: Developing Value So That People Want to Do Business With You

Sometimes you are in a situation where you only have your words.  You don't have your phone, your friends or any other form of leverage.

You see a massive opportunity, but it's about to pass you by.

You only have seconds to take action.

Prepare in Advance

The people who don't think this will happen to them never prepare.

And when that moment comes, they have no idea what to do.

So they blow it.

You miss that shot.

You go into “ego protection” mode and start looking for somebody to blame.

It's not my fault, because I didn't know anybody at the party.

It's not my fault, he would have rejected my idea anyways.

We look for ways to blame luck.

And you know how I feel about blaming luck…

Carry Your Value with You

There are certain skills and assets that can live inside your brain, ready to go at a moment's notice.

Your sense of humor, your knowledge, and your social skills are all powerful assets

You can rely on them even if you are tied up and naked.

They are an intrinsic part of you.

Your core confidence comes from your belief in yourself.

What do you think you are capable of?

Do you know how to start a business?

Finish a project?

File your own taxes?

The Ability to Execute

I just posted my ad for interns in the new year.

I look for one skill or ability above all others.

People who have the ability to execute are worth their weight in gold; it's just unfortunate that they are so hard to find.

I often talk to dozens of people about working on projects together before I can find even one who will cross the finish line with me.

Many people are excited for the first few days, but then that motivation disappears and they are chasing that next shiny quarter rolling down the street.

If you can overcome obstacles and demonstrate your ability to execute, then your success is inevitable…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Luck is opportunity meeting preparation
  2. Develop your networking strategy in advance
  3. Value is a skill that you can improve

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Developing value so that people want to do business with you on today's episode days episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing up@servomaster.com\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house concept to grasp is what is value what makes me valuable what do I have to offer recently this week I met with someone who works with business partners and the system was brand-new to the game brand-new and very young online marketing cut it is feeling his second wave of success right now get a little bit of success with this first project in okay now is a second project assumed really get to the next level he's been doing this for several years I was four years now and when talking he was talking about while you're so successful someone's doing this for seven years and it was a live action under this level for quite a while some people we think it takes a really long time to achieve success in the long we think it's good to take the longer it does take and want to share with you or some of things I share with him to help accelerate its growth and explain what I go to a conference my goat networking when I form partnerships I'm not looking to bump my income 10% I wouldn't be away from home for two weeks possibly three weeks of a few things change increase my revenue 10% it's not worth it to me I love my family too much I'm lonely for my family right now already spent time with them yes I enjoy bind amazing Christmas resins, doing some holiday shopping looking for great things of that kind of run out of ideas I went through the largest mall of Irvine in my entire life today I think it's the six largest mall in the world I don't know if I been in a big one before but my legs are killing me these dogs are barking my feet hurt my legs hurt and I didn't buy anything today about one tiny tiny gift for walk around for about two hours my legs hurt the real reason I went out hoping to find the movie theaters on the seventh floor seven-story mall and never found the subfloor it's that big but the reason I travel and I'm talking about networking a lot it's because I just finished my networking course and so excited about but also about to go to big conference so when you're going to a conference everything boils down to what do you have to offer other people he asked me a great question Patty walk up to someone we have nothing to offer them and that question is so critical because it's the core of everything why should someone want to do business with you why should someone talk to you it's a question we suffer from a high school why would anyone befriends me I'm not cool were younger we measure coolness right our value comes from how cool we are as we get older we think that he has to come from money what we have to offer now the worst form of value to offer other people's financial if you walk up to someone and say hey let me buy you a drink okay it's not terrible it's better than zero because it is a value you're giving something but it's the worst way to do it and I know that when you're struggling financially trying to keep up with the people trying to take out for five people pay for one's dinner when you can't really afford it wanted to weeks wages for you that's a brutal way to do business so I want to show you ways to do it that don't require you to leverage finances because most of the time when you're the one trying to network up you can't afford to compete with people make more money than you you can't afford not to dinner with them and split four ways or even worse if you've ever been out with people I saw this Riesling a movie I've been there what happens right you got five or six people what they do every night if they do Russian roulette credit cards they take a credit card for each of the six people thrown into a bucket and a plot one and a person pays for the night all man but happens to you and the first time to pay out these people you want to kill yourself you were worried they were to split it six ways announced in six ways that you need a smack that your credit card it has been through $4000 for one night of networking when I was dead broke long time ago more than 10 years ago I would go out to the local pub and for some reasoning when these people and I never really got dialed into this one group of people we would go out and someone to buy around for eight people and I like my neck and have eight drinks tonight for me to go up and by eight drinks for the seven other people and one for me doesn't make sense on having two or three drinks I can afford hang out with you guys you as a can be here for eight hours I'm only here for two and I found out later on that people used to talk bad about me behind my back that in by rounds that often they also didn't ask you to buy me drinks off because I didn't want to get sucked in that game I couldn't compete financially with them know those people their lives are in the sexy place are still hanging out the same bar so doing circles around and their careers all exec where they were 10 years ago but I wanted to separate from that how can I have something to offer people and I can't keep up financially and I want to share with you a critical way to become valuable now I go to great detail and really build on this inside of my networking Empire course and I would love to teach you everything that course right here but there's a reason that course has hours and hours of video and really detailed training but I want to give you something now that you can use something to feel like you value really the core value that you have to offer people is excellence and is a couple ways you can demonstrate is one the greatest guys you have is giving people a good time if you're fine if you know to bring the fun shutter bring entertainment bring jokes give people a good time that a really good value now that value is good for initial networking but that's not of value can translate work stuff so we kind of need to areas of value need social value or value for why would I want to spend time talking to you we start off by giving them a good time and if people really like spend time with you eventually they'll start to notice your business value specially people are 10 2030 times more profitable than you are when you're talking to someone who makes $1 million a day and you're barely making $10 a day how do you bridge that connection and starts by being really fun and always being positive and focusing on that saying I'm can it give value in any way can't how can I improve your business if you go to a conference yet nothing offer you walk up every per se hey is there anything I can do help your business I love to do it court testimonial review product take a picture with you take a picture of you was someone else anything I can do that will be of value to just let me know I love to help you build your business I just want to give you any value I can I know people to go to conferences they do that and and half the people ignore them or have people forget that person but then they form some massive connections over the well that's a great attitude offering to give value is the next level say how can I do something that would really help you now in my course in lobular places in some other podcast episodes I talk about ways to give value ideas you can do like let me take a picture with you let me record a video testimonial for you let me tell you why love your product things like that a kid is lots lots ways to give a little value really quickly but easiest ways is to ask hey what can I do for you beyond that if you have the ability to start and finish a project your insanely valuable as you know I've mentioned in the past if you don't know I have an internship program I take people in and I train them for a while and then they become insanely financially successful the last person to finish my internship programs make about $20,000 a month travels will type probably works five hours week makes huge amount of money early 20s absently killing it online and people don't even know they start off as my attorney don't go on tell everyone that certainly not necessary everyone swap you all you know that Kyle yeah he started out he start off with me people the wall and this is why me all my interns like that are just different fields but I love seeing that success I love seeing people launch out of the nest but most people they family internship program mentorship programs so simple finish the tasks I give you stick with me for 3 to 6 months to become superrich most people something gets in the way and distracts them give up hope and they take jobs work at McDonald's they don't put in the effort they start slacking off and they give up too soon yeah 3 to 6 months of working for me for some people it's just too long to spend learning something could I do expect you to put in for five hours a day but everything you're learning everything you do working for me you do once for me so that you could once for yourself so I teach people each building block of a business I say here's how to do a PDF to come PS great night have that ability here is how to record a video that ended up but so many people don't have the ability to create and finish a lot of people start strong and then something happens in their life and they wanted this wall and then they have the problems back by all I had to take a job as a need to more money the problem is when you take a job making fixed amount of money per day you can never accelerate again it's a tough decision I've been tempted to go back to work at certain points in my career and I understand that and I don't begrudge anyone that but then I watch people who do that the people who take another job who get limited by something they never hit that next level of success that wall becomes permanent in front of them it's unfortunate but it's true so when you're thinking about value to circle back to something very positive what I have to offer if you can finish project if you can finish a task that I put in front of you you are insanely valuable your 1% or 90% of our society cannot finish tasks I perhaps you've heard the story's report perhaps you haven't I got an email about a year ago from someone who wonder why my courses turns out the person was 16 I said that's on you 2000 on a course away the way it is like I got asked my parents and can you convince them that how great your course to be for me and I said there's no way am doing that I don't I don't charge that much for a kid terrifying I don't want you to turn 18 in debt whether it's in debt to your parents or when parents use a credit card whatever it is I'm not doing that and I said what I will do is offer you an opportunity because of your finished situation to be an intern for me and I said have my course of this time I was really development best on a box course that have a course called bestseller box it's 100 videos dozens of hours of content about how to build launch and succeed with the bestseller wed like you to do is watch every video take really good notes and then send them to me I can turn many PDFs the people can download the people can have something to download to help them as they are watching each training lesson and he replied to me with a list of five I almost want to say demands but was five excuses oh where my getting the idea where my getting the content to put in these notes who's gonna write the notes you are me and I don't remember the other three okay as soon as a red nose I said you know what terminate because this is someone who cc obstacles I offered someone access to my most expensive training all I said was we take notes on what you do and send them to me and he saw obstacles he saw Walt anyone who sees obstacles in that way will always see things that way I run into obstacles for my business all the time it was a I don't work with you oh that's a terrible idea oh that's a big mistake that it is a Amazon changing the way their out rhythm works this and that other Steve there's a competitor is doing better than you people always like to tell you I competitor summary of the day semi link to a competitor's product I don't time for that I also don't see the world's competitors most the people that think my competitor's I would probably have miscast my podcast episodes and spike as if I had time and that's what other reason want to get far enough ahead so I can start recording more I guess interviews to kind of accident I don't worry about that and have time to worry but also advertising obstacle I see someone is a course I think is better than mine ago okay how can I get in on it how can I become partners with dispersed how can a new project with person how can I promote this person so that rather than us becoming competitors become cooperative we give each other value so seeing obstacles as opportunities will create value within you so if you walk up to me and said hey really big fan of your work on I've only been falling online for a few months but listen every episode I've read every blog post I've left a comment on every blog post just doing that I'll tell you right now I pay attention to the people leave comments 90% of human this is not mightily, to most blogs are we to 90% people don't leave comments and so I don't know they're interacting with me when it adds a lot of value when you leave blog comments and everyone pays attention as a blog everyone tracks whose limit comments who's not who's who's the new person what's this perceptive say and then you go and look back at their website sometimes and then I go to their website feel the comments or any other comments on their website it's one of the ways you can really get onto my radar week walking three and say hey I've never done anything online but I wanted to give value to you I left a comment on every single blog post I've left a review on iTunes I left review and every book on Amazon I'm just a big fan of yours are awesome and I don't really have a lot going on online I'm still learning things but what I can tell you is that I'm someone who can execute and that's not the right word on the finisher I'm someone who if you give me a task if asked to do something I finish it and now this is something up and talk with you all the way back to episode three way interview Jim my first mentor someone I've known for well more than more than 10 years now his whole world is defined by people that demonstrate that they can execute and then he gives them projects worth millions of dollars when they demonstrate that you can become excellent with that simple thing if there's anything to do give you value if you asked me to do something I'll finish it I would love you give me the chance to demonstrate that I'm an executor so as much as you can say all have value have tons of money on tons of contact and sure I have a lot of other value okay I have value in my Rolodex I have value in my financial situation but when I'm networking those are not my primary value when I walk up to someone if they had love to work with you my real value is that I finished projects by real values and I'm good at doing things that I'm always on time that more than anything else is the value a project that's what I offer to people hate work on a project together guess what my work will be done on time will always be waiting for you because I always execute excellently if you say it's done by Friday I'll always turn in Thursday that's how I do business this is the type of value this is the thing you can offer to people that will make you seem excellent that will separate you from the hurt you don't have to walk up to people and say hey let me slap down my black AMEX and pay for it was dinner you don't need to project a value don't actually have don't pretend you can afford things you can't board you don't need to it's unnecessary it's because of a misunderstanding of the way people network that we offer the wrong value allow me to offer you another example of this another way of offering value or thinking of the wrong type of value to give people is when men and women are interacting all the time you I've been in the relationships are very long time I've helped tens of thousands of men and women find love with each other and one of things I find the most fascinating is the things we lie about most men they lie about their income in the name of their job sometimes number three is the height they lie about their height women of course tend to lie more about age more about physical attributes why is that we like the things we live are not because you want to live up and we lie about them because we think it's with real person values we think it's what's important in the person of your woman you know when talking about how many women make a decision today to guide base in his career oh I was going to go out with him and his anesthesiologist I only did a cardiologist is a wrongheaded doctor women don't make decisions based on the guy's specific career it very rarely affects decision calculus but we live out the wrong things because were looking our own skill of value see men measure each other based on their careers so a man like another man sure like what your career might make sense I don't recommend it but at least you're lying to someone who is using the same scale but when you're lying to woman about who doesn't care it's a double waster line for something that doesn't matter we tend to offer the wrong type of value when were lying you don't need to pretend you make a bunch more money because it is asked to help you when you look at yourself and say what I have to offer I do not do any of never made money online I'm not special so often you're overlooking the things about you that are great I want you to spend a little time today thinking about what makes you valuable they also want you to assess yourself do you finish projects to finish the tasks and funny if you've bought a course for me did you finish it I know you might not know this but I know who's finish my courses because my membership area tells me what you've done I can see how the people watched each video how may people have done this and that I also know because at the end of every course I send you to a special page where you can let me know what you thought about the course give me some feedback and get access to a special bonus and I know how any people do that amicable click that button that's easiest way for me to measure it Dragon email every time someone fills out the form that's was not for my website that's most valuable form on the entire website for me and. Format becomes very valuable to me but I noticed that that's not my job my job is not to make you feel bad if you bought a course made and finish it okay what I want to do is motivate you to finish it so you get the values of the venue start succeeding online and that makes me happy I want you to finish consume and succeed with my courses so I want you to think about is do you finish the course as you buy do you enact them have you set up your blog or just and still thinking about it I tried very hard to motivate you but I know how life gets in the way and that's reality but are you actually someone who executes and finishes someone send you a course for free we finish it if someone asked you to write notes on something we finish it if someone said hey will you write me 10 blog post can you finish it if right now your problem is actually that you don't finish the things you start that's what I want you work on next that's the next idea to take to the next level to become someone who actually does execute and finish I don't finish everything a project I start I would love to say that I do but sometimes a run in the things and I get distracted by other projects and things get pushback I may not put on a magazine for six months hoping that I can get episode or issue done in January that's my real initial goal for first the first issue of server master magazine I'm actually figuring out in my head I'm organizing how to one organize issues and thinking I don't have an issue I just have all about one person and I just interview one person actually thinking more more that was my initial idea do like a three or four hour interview someone chop it up into 10 or 15 different articles and creed that is issue but what I'm thinking now is all have an issue about a topic so one issue will be all about affiliate marketing and I'll have some interviews with great affiliate markers talk about different courses that are initially working whether good or bad some of that stuff and in the next one will be about email marketing in the next one will be about e-commerce that's the direction laying in right now and of course religion is in the future you arty know the answer you're in the future you know what I chose you know what direction I went into if you can't finish anything that's when you have a problem if you own seven courses you haven't finished if you got 20 books you haven't started if you start at seven different online projects within that's we had a fixed first that you actually do have value you don't have to succeed you simply have to try that will separate you and I will make you amazing and I will make you valuable to me and everyone else in my circle I would also like to business emeralds my level above I am desperate absolutely desperate in my business are people that can finish I'm always looking to hire new people I would do anything if I could find a social media manager and someone who write blog posts and social media stuff and manage that for me and actually complete and execute I've tried to hire three different people for that job one quick whenever showed up one had a fire Chris couldn't do the job the job was right if you blog post week such super job people that can execute people that can finish people that can do a task place in front of them without oversight now this is the part sometimes we forget this is why don't ask if you can finish jobs work a guess what if you're working your managers there watching all the time that's not the ability to execute its ability to not get fired is a different skill good skill but when you're working on life you do project with me I'm never gonna see her face I'm working a big course coparenting emergency all about how to prepare for every different type of merges you could have when your parent with a child and I thought of this because I wanted to look online about how to deal several emergencies I found out there wasn't really good centralized resource for me as a parent so I went through an organized from hundreds of resources finding medical research and different things how you handle every emergency the partner I'm working with in the course this would have never met him face-to-face I might need him next year and six months after release the product were working on a project together there is no possibility for someone across the world for me to oversight me and vice versa I can check is working he can check my I can't sit there every day and say finish it up and shrugged and shut on those bodies on my boss when you work on stuff online and that's a very special ability most of us we never learn how to self regulate were used having a teacher there a boss there someone there to make sure we finish the works were trained to behave in a specific way we have to go beyond the training take control of your destiny and say you know what even if there's no one here watching me I'll still get the job done I'll finish it because I can motivate myself that's when you're special that's when you're amazing that you have an amazing amount of value and this is how you can develop value have something to offer to people even if you've never made a dollar line you have no idea what you're doing you can show but a conference walk up to a millionaire and say I have no energy what I'm doing online but in three sentences all convince you to work with me you do that that's when you double your income triple your income quadruple your income that's when you go you have to be will to finished up without someone watching you for making $36,000 year to $750,000 the very next year just like I thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the servo master podcast join me on my Facebook page@facebook.com\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Dianah Lake, MD - December 23, 2016

Very nice Jonathan….useful tips…thx!!!!
Completing projects…I get them done, but usually not on time…still a struggle for me…
I appreciate your insight…


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