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The fastest way to make more money is to get hired by the highest payers.  When you build your infrastructure correctly the first time, your phone will be ringing off the hook for years.  You can build amazing profiles and ads following a few simple principles…

The Advent of the Gig Economy

We live in a world where more and more people are outsourcing.  Instead of hiring full-time employees companies are hiring people for single tasks.  Smaller and smaller companies are getting in on the game and now even individuals are outsourcing.

Sometimes I have too many writing jobs on the go and hire a sub-contractor.

With this shift in the market, the opportunities for people looking to make some side money or ditch a job they hate are expanding daily.

Every single day there are more article and blog post writing jobs available.

Many other markets are exploding in the same way from freelance graphics to coding and just about everything in between.

Whatever market you are entering, this is a great time to put a few pennies in your pocket.

Foundations of Freelancing

If you haven't had a chance yet, it is worth listening to these two podcast episodes

How to Make $1000 a Month

How to Make More Than $1000 a Month

With that basic freelancing foundation, we can continue to accelerate your income growth.

Building good sales channels is the key to finding consistent work from better-paying clients.

There are many great places to post advertisements and find clients online.

Find the Best Sites for Your Skills

There are new sites popping up all the time that want to become your new middleman.

UpWork, Fiverr, Guru and WarriorForum are all good sites for finding work for freelance writers.

If you want to leverage a different skill, take the time to find the best marketplaces that cater to what you offer.

As you watch the video above, focus on the core principles covered.

The techniques of are universal because they are about SALES, not an individual website.

Don't Outrun the Tiger

Every time someone posts a job on UpWork, people start fighting for that job.

Sometimes there will be just one job applicant and sometimes there will be dozens.

You only have to compete with the other applicants.

You are usually competing with ten or fewer people.

As long as you are the best one in the group, you will get hired every single time.

In the next part of this series, I'll go into greater detail on winning the actual bidding process.

–>> How to Write a Great UpWork Profile

The same competitive principle applies to websites where you can place ads, whether it's Backpage, Craigslist or a forum.

You just have to be the best ad that people see that day.

You should never create a sales process in isolation.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Every single competitor is showing you their cards right now.

You can read the profiles of other freelancers and see the ads from every individual and agency on each of these sites.

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Look at the language, graphics, proof and pricing of your competition.

Use that as your foundation on how to get more freelance jobs.

Watch the Video At the Top

I've hired a LOT of people through freelancing websites and in that time I've learned a thing or two.

Use the simple principles and techniques from today's lesson and you will start to get hired, even if you are brand new.

I've jumped into many markets in my career online and the process is always the same.

Keep building your profiles, portfolio, and ads.

Continue to gather reviews and your income will continue to grow every month.

Have you started your new business, yet?  Post your profile secrets in the comments below!

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