SNM056: When You Can’t Afford It

We see that shiny new product, and we just have to have it.  There is something about NOW that makes us want it more.

We are a society of instant gratification.  We have been trained by credit card companies that waiting is for suckers.

That only poor people use law away.  We should by what we want now and just pay for it later.

Using a credit card is almost like getting it for free.

Climbing the Pyramid

There are coaching programs that cost $25,000 or more.  Would you borrow the price of a car to jump into one?  The more expensive a program is, the more money you need to make before you can take advantage of the training.

My highest level training requires you to have certain infrastructure in place to truly take advantage of it.  All programs are like this.

There is a reason I have loads of free training.  You should never spend from debt to build your business.  Spend from profits instead.

Crawl Before You Run

The desire to rush the to the top of the pyramid is strong, but if you get there too fast, you will fall over the other side and tumble all the way down.

Buy a $7 blueprint and make your first $100.  From there you can earn two grand in six weeks easily as long as you implement

From this point forward there is no excuse for not having money.  The tools, resources, and training are right in front of you.

Just follow these simple steps….

Key Points:

  1. Always spend from profit
  2. Finish every training course you buy
  3. Don't overextend yourself

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What to do when you can't afford it or how to make $2000 this month all on today's episode episodes want to buy fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes 3000 small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard towards the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free [email protected]\fresh books are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now you come to the right place welcome to serve no master but to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house you my follower audience members and people come into my business heard about me and are interested in work with me but they simply can afford my programs and when you're in that situation I want to help you get the point we can afford all things you want by all the things you need about about your company infrastructure and grow the projects you want to grow we get into the situation where we see the benefits training course or program or a piece of software piece of technology are some of the way to swat and we have this decision to make I can afford it right now I could put it on a credit card and credit card kinda feels like I got and I didn't have to pay for it feels magical what a reality you could spend months or years paying off the investment and instead of paying $2000 will pay 20 $503,000 I have your future and in some cases a credit card is a good tool very very few special cases but mostly from the Teta cart and were synced ourselves hey as long as this program meets its promises as long as I make back the money it says I'll make back up after credit card before the bill comes to that very very very very. He comes true most people as much as we say have you have this done in 30 days take 25 days take six day flight happens we get behind schedule it's very hard to make money superduper fast instead of going to the credit card wed like to teach you about is a new system of buying things that for some reason it's kind of lost its luster I think a lot of advertising commercials and try to convince us that it's for poor people that's for you know that it's Lester is called layaway and the idea of layaway is that you save up your money and buy when you can afford it now the layaway system was you go to the store and you make a payment every week and eventually I payment you could then get what you purchased this is a lot of people approach Christmas there decide the present they want to body go to Sears to pay three dollars we $10 or whatever at Christmas time they could grab the gift they wanted for their kids nothing wrong with that that's actually a very mature financial strategy because it involves no debt now we look down on that because credit card companies don't make any profit off layaway there's no percentage when you do layaway I like the idea of I save up the money and then I spent it high-level coaching program schedule press for me and other people cost anywhere from two $15-$25,000 some of the programs I know better 25 $8000 a year at the top level for really high-level people join you for making $1 million-$10 million year those the types of programs a joint the higher-level stuff and when you are someone who just wants to jump to the top you escape the lower levels nobody wants to start off making $10 an extra day and was joined by $2000 there $10,000 a day but there's a reason those programs are so expensive and there's a reason they have a lot of requirements minimum application forms I don't take anyone on for coaching the suspect on the phone for very specific reason I want to be sure they can afford me both financially and timewise to succeed with the book business takes a lot of time it's not easy there is a times when writing the book is the time to research the book is a time to design covers there's a time you design your website whimpers then your social media putting all these pieces theater launching the book getting reviews getting track of all these little pieces take time putting together all the pieces of any business takes time it requires infrastructure infrastructure run my businesses quite expensive for some people my website hosting $25 a month to pay $50 a month for email hosting from two different companies write up $800 a month for handling a different email so I transition SCO handling search engine optimization my websites $300 a month these little things will think about start to add up all the people I have in place of his of technology all out of my shopping carts hundred dollars month is $50 and all the little things a nickel and dime suddenly spending $500 mother thousand dollars month in infrastructure and you can afford that when you're first starting out which is why you want to find a program that lets you get to the first step and instead of spending money or credit cards to borrow money from friends and basically gambling on a project even if you work with one what coaching or any other program there's an element of risk is element of gambling because implementation is very important there certain people to hire me for coaching we are working on a project in the never finish it if you don't implement I don't have enough time you can run into that wall sometimes it takes people six months lunch buckets of the month he thought these different qualities of her limitations are very real and they can affect your income and they can cause you to rack up debt back of these interest rates that I want that for you so instead what I want you to learn is assist Michael climbing the pyramid if you want if you not watch but if you listen to podcast episode a couple of episodes back right talk about structure of a business the structure of a business is a pyramid you know that at the very body of your lowest ticket products which is where you sell stuff for free or seven dollars or $9.17 dollars really anything under $20 the bond with repairman at the lowest level at this level you want to sell things that are really valuable and in this case in my pyramid someone goes to the lowest level of impairment they should make enough money and profit to go up to the next level that's really the goal as much as you want to sell stuff climbing up the pyramid your material should actually work in it. The niche I'm in if you're in the industry are teaching you how to build a business within the lowest level should help them the emotional impairment should actually work and give people enough wealth to be able to afford to go the next level of impairment if you're in a fitness based on your lowest level product should help people get healthy enough to go to the next level we want to build is a business actually works on help people to climb up our pyramid rather than just selling hopes and dreams rather than his hopes and dreams and promises your sales letter you want to sell things your cell trying resources and techniques that will actually help people to build a real business now the main reason people follow me don't make any money the people who never making money they'll do anything they never implement they never put in any effort it's 99% of our population is excuse makers there's a possibility let us people right now if you were to go to my website right now and read every blog post every podcast you have the tools to make hundred dollars this week easily $300 we can five hours just doing freelance writing I teach about freelance writing for a reason it's one of the fastest ways to make my eyes fast may get started does require an investment or technical knowledge have an entire blog post showing each different place we can get work quickly and be making money by tomorrow most people do it unfortunately the majority people is this podcast to follow my website will never take action and that's why I teach this method I would rather you discover that you're someone who won't take action before you spend money with me there's nothing worse than paying $2000 and realizing that you're all talk they don't actually do the order put in the hard work you don't stop watching television do you want to change your lifestyle you don't want to become a worker some of the people that I speak you have worked five years 10 years 20 years in all these reasons a barrage of reasons why they can't work I understand that when you're her or when your pathologic kids and there's different situations come in the place and you have to be in the house all the time when you can't go to the office but now what I've developed for you and 1/2 he was a program where you can sitting a computer and extra kids were there watching TV and you can start making real money and supporting her family for me anyone who is willing to work hard I want help but there just too many people don't so many people who want to use up huge gaps of my time and want to get everything handed to them but they're not willing to put any effort put in a time and I know that you're not supposed to say your audience how disappointed you are they'll put an effort but that is how I feel the people who don't put any effort or who want to cook some for free I don't have any respect that I'm never gonna do that because I know they'll never succeed you can using my free materials make enough money to hire me as a coach easily insert lesson six weeks Canada freelance marketing game and work your way up my pyramid and if it's not me find someone else work your way up there. There are tons of people who teach online moneymaking and they start with a really low ticket product and you can work that product use it to make real money and then by the next product up the ladder I do not want you to jump right to the top so if you think you would hire me for coaching or hire someone else for coaching make a plan to raise that money Sam to make this money on a $2000 only $2000 next month as a freelance writer you can easily make $50 an hour most people in America most people in the West would be so happy to make $50 an hour be happy to make $50 a day for a lot of people it's real money but you do have to sit down and actually work it's not just push a button it's not magical and I take jobs like this to I do ghost writing projects I take a lot of copywriting jobs part of it is because I want to learn and get better Running part of his course I get paid to do different things and I always diversify the projects I work on but when you're unwilling to do anything and I see this as well it's not just all of you lives some of the younger people I talked to and their parents are still supporting them as long as your parents are supporting you is no motivation to do the hard stuff they don't really want to do I know people that they only one do books and categories that they feel good about or that they personally love even if notes by books in those categories then want to work on any projects that are hard and want to do anything outside of their own desired spectrum they rather not work then do something that's a little hard and that's simply not my mindset my mindset is I work really really hard to support my family record five podcast episodes a week this is just the beginning my day this is just the very beginning of what I do every day for me for the practices before even start my day I wake up before five in the morning record these sleep another 20 minutes but it's part of my work and the more you treat this like a business and the more you approach it with the right mindset of climbing the pyramid the faster you can succeed I'm a big believer in spending for profits you don't need to borrow money use credit cards or any of those things learn how to make money online what you need to do is start at the bottom read my blog post list my lessons about learning to become a copywriter learning how to become artist learning how to become a product creator a book writer any of those different paths find the right battery and start taking action the sooner you take action soon he can afford the next level up the mound the Lex level of the pyramid very dedicated to helping people to work hard anybody who comes to me and what you what my programs made a bit of money buys an extra, I love that because I know that action taken implementer and I want to help them and they need a lot more my time because they've demonstrated something really special that there trigger pull her demonstrating the ability to take action is very special most people who buy any product will I never finish it one of my friends he took a $3000 course on how to become an affiliate marketer and thousands of people about the course was a very very big very popular program at the time was a big launch the I ran the program made millions and millions of dollars my friend is the only person that finished the program no one else finish the program and now he's really good friends that she does business with the guy who watch that program they working on a lot of stuff no one else finished people pay thousands of dollars for project they don't finish I'm just as guilty sometimes I buy products and I don't finish them I figure some way way later a lot of things I always want to be working on I want to learn more about a specific type of add marketing and try to add into my business plan I also want to do more guest blogging on DeMarcus Park as all these things do I want to do is course I have the training to have but there's only so much time in the day my schedule is very full but I'm just as guilty getting excited about something and not finishing as quickly as I want that's why it's important to spent for profits rather than debt so that it's okay if it takes a little longer two learn the program make money back from it because you're not being punished financially for how long it takes you to learn it what I want you to do is think about what you really want and develop a plan to get there how much money do you want to make per month and how hard he willing to work are you want to give up watching TV every night I willing to give up going to the bar I will you give up those fun times in order to secure future or your family your kids your parents everywhere around you is taking care of their support and their safe so again the simplest plan and the very simple action step is to take a simple project that pays upfront the reason my lower level courses the reason my first thing they teach you about our freelance writing starting small SCO consulting company getting the copywriting these are projects we get paid at the beginning most courses jump you into stuff when you get paid at the end of the project we paid at the end of the work but I know for a lot of my folders you need to make that first bit of money first you have a little bit of budget to invest in the next level as you grow and been a teacher more more about affiliate marketing but it starts with having enough money to afford it I was recently in a competitors product and they teach how to launch a podcast and they brag about how their podcast became number one in their category very quickly but they already had a list of a million followers it rings so hollow and this is something so many big projects do so may large companies and large markers people are bigger than me they teach you how to do something but they assume you arty have a massive amount of success they assume you are to have a big following massive social media following a list of thousands or tens of thousands are in their case some of the million fans and followers of course you can succeed anything you do for million people love you I could easily teach how to launch a book on Amazon and all would be about is how I did and then use email your list of 10,000 people and boom you went you won't have that so I teach where I teach from is the assumption that you can afford any of my programs and you don't have any following I want to teach people how to get there from zero and what's great is if you do a little bit of money and Artie have libido falling in every things easier but I started Ground Zero and my pyramid starts at zero my parent has free programs you don't have to spend anything with me to make $1000 this month I give away all of the basic ideas to get you started and really yes I have $100 program that teaches you more advanced techniques for freelance barking naturally but accelerating your profits I want you to make that first hundred dollars and then by the course once you get a taste of the wind and you see I am someone you can do this then you can move to the next up in the next seven the next that's really the strategy and that should be your strategy for what you sell and for how you work your way up anyone's course platform don't get caught up in the idea of I can afford this if you can afford it right now go okay I miss it now to make a plan I want to look for this program in six weeks eight weeks 12 weeks where you're at how much free time you have say I'm then dedicate two hours a day to doing this type of work to raise the capital to go to the next level and when you have that mindset it will change some things within you that make you very strong and make you very capable I never worry about money anymore because I know that if I have to I'll do whatever it takes to make enough money to support my family I know that I'm capable of it and I can find the work in the know that I'll do the work most of us we don't know that yet we don't know that we have that within us and have this fear this is how you overcome that fear this is how you develop competence within yourself is by taking action implementing actually getting a taste of victory getting a taste of the rewards that's where the real excitement life the treasure lies if you take action if you follow my parent to work your way up you can become very very very financially successful and you never have to invest a single penny with me because you choose what I taught you make your first money and you only spend for profits to an old saying that very rich people have who have great amount of money or trust funds you never touch the principal give $1 million in the bank every year pays you $10,000 interest he only spent 10,000 ever touched the million that's how the rich stay rich if the people to touch the principle that eventually run out of money then from profits you do not have to ever use a credit card to buy from me and if you don't have enough money one by one our programs and always willing to develop a strategy with you to help you figure out I can make enough money to get their piece by piece by piece I don't believe in squeezing people I don't want anyone to spend money they don't have with me with me or any other programs and don't believe in that I don't put other people in the debt by my children of the Serb order to pay my rent or by my dog dinner any of those things that I spend money on rent the necessities surfboards kids and food for the dog does the most important things but when you spend money with me I wanted to be from money how to earn thence were valuable to both of us so wherever you are in the Pearman wherever you are working your way up and building your business make sure that you don't ever spent the principal and just focus on building back profits quickly always whenever you buy a product where the course your goal is to make back the money spent as quickly as possible that mindset will change how you approach online business and if you follow this pattern you can easily make $2000 this month all you have to do is take all the freelance writing gigs you can get all you have to do is go through my blog post right teach you which programs pay this much which programs they that much work your way up to start the lowest one get paid bill of reputation jump to the next when you can keep raising your rates as you go from program to program Delphi do the clients when you're getting started and once you do that you can be someone making an extra $2000 a month working couple hours a night and then go to the next moment there Got this down I want to go to the next level I want to double what I make electric what I'm making and that's where my courses will really help you accelerate so please put in the effort stop watching so much TV stop limiting or something all I can afford or I can't do it you can afford anything you want if you follow what I'm sharing with you and giving you the tools you never have to save yourself all I can afford it thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow [email protected]\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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