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SNM021: Controlling Time

Controlling Time at the Gym

When you have no plan, workouts take hours instead of minutes.  You end up wasting more time than you need to use.  Lack of efficiency and planning destroy you at the gym and on the computer.  We spend too much time talking, socializing and seeking entertainment.  We need to create a focus to achieve your goals.

Hitting Your Financial Goals

Having a clear goal allows you to plan accordingly.  The firmer the goal, the greater your chances of success.  There is a very simple formula for success that most of us miss when trying to achieve something.  This formula works for diets, life changes, and business.

Specific goal + specific date = success.

We need small goals to guide us on the path to our big goals.  Our brains stink at focusing on goals that are months or years away.  We need to use a simple trick to generate tiny, targetable, and achievable goals.

Lack of Motivation Keeps You From Controlling Time

If you had to finish your book, blog, or project in 30 days or you would die – suddenly you would find the time to finish that project.

Do you lack the time or motivation?

Announce your goal target date to create social pressure.  Make the goal bigger and you are more likely to hit it.  The greater the consequences of failure, the further up your priority tree you can push the goal.

Task Managers

You can break a task up into loads of really small tasks.  Each time you get something done, you can click the checkbox in your task manager and get a feeling of accomplishment.  This good feeling keeps you focused and motivated.  You will be driven to hit as many checkboxes as you can each day.

Video Games have Mastered Controlling Times

In the first video games, you only got three chances to beat the entire system.  In modern video games, you cannot die or lose.  No modern game has the gall to send a player back to the beginning when their character dies.  Instead, they push you back thirty minutes or less.  Many games automatically save every few minutes.  To keep players engaged, these games have hundreds or even thousands of tiny interior tasks they must accomplish.

Control Time with the Business Mindset

The hobby mindset doesn't lead to hard work.  When it's a game, we don't take it seriously.  Become strict about your business and goals – everything else will then fall into place.

What is your Secret Time Stealing Hobby?

Do you get hooked on news sites, comics, blogs, or social media?  Do you get distracted by movies, television, or YouTube? Most workers in America spend six hours a day checking email.  Train yourself to check email only one time per day.  Email is never an emergency.  For an emergency, your phone will ring.

Key Points:

  1. Set Real Goals Using Real Dates
  2. Break Those Goals into Daily Targets
  3. Use Whatever Strategy You Need to Generate Focus

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