SNM111: Eight Benefits of Good Networking

Unfortunately, when you hear the word “networking” most people think about lame events where desperate job seekers and low-level employees shove business cards in each other's faces.  But real networking couldn't be more different…

Networking is a New Name for the Oldest Profession

We are social creatures and no matter how much we try to hide behind our computer monitors, that desire for human connection compels us to seek out real people to talk to.

Most of us approach building a business online from a great distance.

We want to download a training course, implement it, and start making money without ever talking to another human.

But business doesn't really work that way.

It's hard to learn in isolation and it's hard to be creative with no ear to listen to your thoughts.

I have brainstorming sessions all the time where I am the only one who talks.

Often, I simply need to speak my idea out loud to another person and then I can figure everything out on my own.

But having that person there is critical.

The world has been and always will be driven by the power of connections.

This is NOT Social Networking

Technology companies stole an ancient term and destroyed its true meaning.

Adding a new “friend” or follower online is not a real connection.

The power of your business comes from the people who support it.

There is an old saying that you don't control a piece of land unless there is a marine standing on it to defend it.

Technology is wonderful, but you need a human on the scene to really be in control.

When you break out from your dark, Internet cave and step into the sunlight some AMAZING things can happen for your business.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Step out from behind the computer
  2. Find connections and grow your business
  3. Learn in community rather than isolation

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Eight benefits of good networking on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post I'm a big believer in the power I believe that a rising tide raises all ships that when you surround yourself with people that are on the way up they pull you up I'm also believing that when people on the way down there pull you down with the others I classic saying misery loves company and its absolutely true when I first got into marketing Fresh off being fired for what I thought was my dream job I said to myself I never want to be in a position where I can ever be fired every And to me my first thought my first actualization of that idea first mental picture was that I would work online I would never have to speak to the person face-to-face again that's how I originally envisioned working online at this belief that I can work in total isolation that I would need help and you also need to communicate with anyone else I could just do my own thing and have total control of my destiny and over time I discovered that that's very limiting it's possible to live like but it's really really tough and will always limit your income I discovered that actually there some amazing benefits to integrating networking into any business venture whether you're a small business owner with the work life even if your employer company proper networking can really accelerate your growth some people think of networking as office politics is the same thing and it's important understand the distinction networking is all about positivity politics has a dark undertone the idea politics is that it's zero-sum I can only power I take it from someone else where is networking is about let's work together to accomplish something so cooperative rather than so that's a key difference and there are eight ways that networking properly can really help you grow your business whether your business is your personal career your small business or anything else in between and the first is referrals most of the people I work with are secondary introductions very rarely do I meet someone direct networking contacts that we work together almost every single person I work with a meet someone you marking conference or via Skype or somewhere through was our chatting in the oh I know someone you should work with so that person becomes a connector and they give us that referral yes sometimes I get a direct customer but referrals are very powerful and some studies have shown that were more likely to get a job from a friend of a friend and that's were most likely to have a successful job connection so sexy not your direct friends that you expect to hire you it's the people they know 1° of separation is critical as someone who's hired friends worker friends part over and I can tell you that I don't do business people are prejudice it's an absolute nightmare instead introduce a friend to a friend of friend those two can connect if it works great if it doesn't great that allows you to both preserve the friendship and business relationship the referrals are very big part of networking and there's something you can expect so if you go to an event he never gave it a bunch close a deal right away don't freak out it's easy to get nervous what you're doing is planting seeds that will eventually grow the second benefit of really good networking opportunities sometimes you will find someone there who once worked on a project with you or has an idea for something that you can do together has idea for something we really work for you sometimes I'll meet someone they find out that I'm a writer and a lot of I do is writing about cells in Amazon and it just fortuitous because that's what they're working on right and like I just put out a book of despite release a book I could use help in that connection allows them to do something really amazing it allows them to get access to my knowledge and we merely find an opportunity sometimes they say we ghostwrite my book you do this from you help me with this there's an immediate opportunity there is not as common as the referral but it does sometimes happens usually about anyone attend really good connections will turn into an opportunity that's wonderful having good opportunities having these come in your life is very wonderful because it's shorter path to money it's a shorter path to opportunity sometimes you'll go to vegan you meet someone you realize that their boss or the level above you in the black sheep were looking to hire someone with your skill set would you be interested in switching companies even as an employee sometimes will merely hire you people would much rather hire someone that have a bit of a par with a better person and more casual environment is in the can really assess you everyone knows that when you're in a job interview your job the person interviewing you is a job interview or and it's totally artificial environment and you have no idea what songs and act like once you hired them nobody asked work the way they do during interview is is an artificial construct forming these opportunities taking veggies opportunities getting offered job right away it shouldn't surprise you what happened happened to me many times I would offer different types of jobs about different types of projects oftentimes I turned them down I can't take every project that offered this happens a lot simply by meeting people to get to meet you you're much more real than just a resume or just simply read online also form connections housing network around you is very very valuable I often times try to form connections in every area around me now there a lot of people that have value but don't understand how to form connections to sometimes I meet someone and they know to do something that's very useful whether there a lawyer or there a barber or their chef and I want to bring them into my circle of connections and sometimes the person because they can't see the immediate value because I don't own a restaurant they immediately want to cut the ties even though I actually work with several chefs with helping the publisher cookbooks actually have some knowledge about that industry know little about the people at space but if people don't see that I have connection they turn away from networking and they go I only wants from us of people that are doing the same thing as me if your chef and only friends are chefs that's great but you don't make any extra text and you can't jump to the next level you get jump from industry to industry or how to make other things happen you limit yourself this is for any industry and so the importance of connections is that things we don't see is where the value lies I do introductions probably two or three week resto you two should Nietzsche you're looking for something and you have a dispersant looking for I get asked for ghostwriters and copywriters two or three times a week all the time all the time all the time and having access to a network having a bunch of gram-negative I no sooner knows how to do that I can do the introduction emblem increases my value it helps the person I'm introducing so surrounding yourself with connections even if you're not sure the value right now there's not a referral in the Nata opportunity right away somewhere down the line something way another value you should not get about is number four which is advice when I first got into online marketing first read Devon and Internet I met someone through Craigslist who had been an advertising print and radio advertising for 20 or 30 years the guy was a small visitor for very long time he is she looking to move into Internet and he mentored me help me understand about billing the type of business about six months we met once a week or every couple weeks have breakfast or lunch together and really talk about the structure and advertising business that he was in print media advertising my phone through Internet-based so we didn't really clash it was great and was simply connection that I found through networking constantly grinding and instead of saying oh give nothing offer me I have no interest in print media his understanding of dealing with clients was so valuable to me it really helped me get better and better dominant skill and understanding sales a little better so you can find these amazing people who have great advice it doesn't matter if someone's in the cognitive industry understanding ideal clients pretty universal understanding how to do with money understand how to deal taxis there a lot of things the people know just from experience I've talked in the past about how I feel about education a lot of it is that we are so focused on things that don't matter more and more education now writing all of these courses about the revisionist history are there all about oppression but they still won't teach you how credit card works they still won't teach you how to so they still won't teach you how to buy a house they still won't teach you how to shop for the right, loudly things are really really valuable for young person I don't know whether it's better what's more important for young person learn the Thomas Jefferson had slaves or how to make sure they don't get a credit card get a tender 25 which will really affect their lives and what meaningful way and that's always my measure of education is can this help the person of a better life the purpose of education is to help people of good lives yes there's a civic duty become good citizens that's fine too don't become criminal all that but I really like the core principle education should always be to help people learn how to do things have a better life is all of these lessons that we don't learn in school all these lessons we don't learn about taxes and employment laws and health insurance everything else all these different pieces of the components of an adult that while we can use to hey my car what's right type of loan I should get a how do I determine how much should I pay for rent what percentage my income should I spend on housing which manner Tama budget all these pieces we learn as a child we learn school because education lets down these are great things you can learn I getting access to advice it doesn't matter if you're 18 475 there's always someone who done something different than you especially are moving into something never done before if this is your first time starting a business is the first time doing something online and work with someone or knowing so is done a little longer take off your advice something from the mistakes they made my favorite way to learn from mistakes and learn from mistakes that someone else made I'd much rather that than having to learn from mistakes that I made I made a lot of mistakes along the way and hopefully you can learn from a lot of my mistakes but it's just as vital to get advice from other people around this by networking so wonderful the fifth advantage of networking for benefit is that it raises your profile you start to get noticed working on sales page right now for a new course was working on I tweak my sales pages and it's so valuable people love to see pictures of me with other people I worked with in the past are not really big about actually I don't take pictures of me with other markers very often but I'm discovering that has a lot of value like seemly ever the world has a picture them at Tony Robbins or picture them with Richard Branson everyone I know has a picture of one of those two guys and they do it because it raises their profile you get to have some reflected glory when people know who you are when you're on more people's radar good things come your way if you're working as an employee if you're career is your business the more people in industry that know who you are and have a positive you will view the easier it will be for you to jump company's fee to get promotions for projects to come your way 200 Alan I know the guy is all right let's let's let him try Sarah oh you know what I know Sarah she works that of the company have heard from a friend or friend that she's a pretty great lady a tireless bring on board just having people know who you are a little bit of local celebrity will give you access to more opportunities people who don't even know you if they've just seen you multiple times or just heard other people talk about you or they seen you talk to people they know they automatically have a positive opinion of you that you will view next other people they respect means that you capture some of that respect it's very valuable so the higher profile certain things start to happen more opportunities will come your way people assume you're more successful than you are people often assume things about me that are true because I'm so good at networking people I network with a will often assuming the very lofty heights that I'm constantly jetting around the world between the Middle East and Los Angeles and London just parting every weekend because I'm so good never again strike by people to do do that so when people see you with verified people they see they think oh wow so the reason the rarefied air's you get a lot of reflected glory get a lot of that respect and allows you to take on bigger projects raise your rates ask for promotion because your perceived values all that matters your actual value is irrelevant only matters what people think you're worth and you can convince people the worth more the pain more number six is being a position of influence what this means is you start to network with people that have the ability to bring things your way not everyone has the ability to give you project off you job is to some of the can help you when they do have the ability to do is talk you up to those people every time you apply for a job where they ask for three references and even though the laws in America getting weirder and weirder and sometimes they can only call and only confirm or deny if you worked there they will say anything else whatever one wants is to coin previous bosses they hate was us she a good worker was she a nightmare they really want to know and the more influencers you have around you the more people who have asked that word along let's say you want to work at ABC company K whether you will work as a contractor be consulted for the company want take a job there if you've a friend who works to give some you network with works there they can pass on the word they know about that little bit of influence can really tip the scales in your favor the more allies you have around you the more likely you are to get positive outcome very few decisions are made in isolation HR manager will often talk to the department manager or their secretary or the people around them does and we think of this presently things person and so the more influence you build up the more ability you have to get to the next level this is why for a long time my networking strategy was really built around sidekicks when I first wanted to understand networking this is far back as when I was 17 or 18 refers words or connecting people everyone always wants to be friends with the number one the boss but if you become friends with the number two your accessing the person has a great deal of influence so it's a much much easier probably 10 times easier to become friends to a number two now this works in different ways and sometimes from a networking conference talk only spouses so talk only to husbands and wives who do work in that industry and they're kinda bored but by talking to them then when I meet the person I wanted to talk to go oh my wife wishes talk about you she said your awesome husband just told me that you love the movies he makes is also those those things have happened to me immediately gives you an edge because you come into this little bit of influence and it's a lot easier talking to your favorite celebrity is really nerve-racking to make you nervous but talking to their number two is not such a big deal that is awe-inspiring however what rabbit doesn't make you feel is awkward because your meeting someone that you don't have much preconceptions about it's a little easier so there's different ways it the peoples with positions of influence can really help you so just because you don't see how some can help you right now doesn't mean down the line the cat do things and again all of these things the court networking that you can return the favor that person has a little influence your Matthew might be would influence on an aircraft ally Missy Ono actually noticed great persecution made him number seven is your confidence will when you know a lot of people in your industry when you know people who are above you know people around you and you feel like you're surrounded by a good knowledgeable team you'll feel a greater sense of confidence a lot of the nervousness we feel is we don't know and what you walk into a room you don't know anybody like it's her first day of high school your skill is awkwardness as soon as you know one person that God's not so bad we'll one person or the temptation is there a father person around kind of hang on their shirttails by expanding yourself a little bit by meeting a few more people get past that 011 friends face unitless we feel pretty comfortable when you're with 10,000 people if you know six people in different places suddenly you're very confident so I can talk to this person I want to have a nice fallback plan and you're surrounded by people that believe in you a little better know you little bit a lot of my confidence comes from experience the more people I talked to the more I strengthen my network the more complex field all these things are really valuable as you begin to explore this adventure working for yourself I know that the idea of working for yourself at work online sometimes seems very daunting or feels little overwhelming coming to make ends meet, can make it all work when you surround yourself with people that have done it before that can give you wisdom and guidance networking always other things your confidence in yourself will grow you go well I know but truly done it before they could help me get to that level and that's really wonderful in the eighth my favorite benefit of great networking is friendship you can find people through networking and connecting business events always different ways of networking that talk about this episode other episodes and what's really wonderful is make the school friendship to meet people that you continue to communicate with for years and years and I have people my life that I will probably never do business with but I like talk to them because they inspire me or something but what they're doing keeps me interested and keeps you motivated I like and motivate them back and forth so sometimes just the exchange of value saying all my love you're doing and tell your story and they tell you there so when you tell your story that sharing of rapport that shame communication can really help you Bill good and keep you inspired as we all have those days we feel down you're just coming off several days so sick just really having a bad flu and for seven second ages and was even well enough to get up and sit in the chair and turn the computer so for first time and check my email it to half or three days and even now I'm feeling pretty weak I don't know if I'll turn the computer on today I'm able to just record this without using the computer we have those down days being able to talk to your friend yacht for a second if I can work my work in the classroom to sick for three days this whole thing in a compression only hears those fears can be alleviated by having good friends around it we need strong social circle is much as I thought when I got online marketing that I could be an island I discovered that's not true no man is an island's you can't live in total isolation humans are social creatures we need people around us to inspire us motivate us and make us feel good about ourselves and bounce ideas off most of the time when I talked to my marketing friends I'll say this is an idea and just by talking with through my idea with them crystallize what I want to do some time to have Skype conversations the person is not online and I'll start talking to my problem going to the reader with a come back alike by the time they come in whenever he figured out just by saying having people you can talk to about your idea about your projects about what you want to work on next when I'm working on a sales letter trying to figure out what the right story and flow is if you can feel for me to limit overwhelming sometimes I feel stuck so the ability to talk to your sister and think it does this sound good or some crazy and a lot of that connection lot of that feedback is very very valuable because it's easy to get tunnel vision this business one of the worse things that can happen to you is to spend years chasing a bad idea and as you know the type it all the time I watch all those investment TV shows were people start a business what have an idea Bill spend entire life savings on stock and they will have $65,000 worth the stuff in a warehouse they will honey be sold in the 03 once that's one reason I don't do physical stuff that's what I'm into print on demand and manufacturing on demand tens of thousands of dollars of stuff that's worthless or they make a bunch and then they realized that to make a change the product so you have to get a whole new mold made all of that stuff happens because you don't have people around you can bounce ideas off of you don't always need to talk to people who are experts in the field I know I've talked to the past but it's better to get advice from people in order talk button that's definitely true but when you're talking about a product or a, a story anyone to listen to a cell story know that sounds weird most the time when I'm telling a variation of whether the hero's journey or the seven step story or one of my other storytelling patterns all I want to hear from the person is does the story sound weird that's usually a sign that something is wrong I don't need a more competent Internet that tells me I need to go back to the driveway to fix it that's enough information so I don't need really collocated invent dancers we don't always need someone of total expertise adding friends billing French Americans very very valuable that's why am such a big believer in networking I believe these are eight of the greatest benefits and there really what I believe and on a core level I believe that networking is one of the greatest business accelerators it's one of the reasons and so successful his idea of having Lake S1 result to be successful in the future and for reasons I'm such a believer and going to live events even if your remove yourself you work for company going to conferences and events remain other people in the same industry will allow you to form connections that can accelerate your growth I putting in acts after income sometimes it is need someone who will give us the straight truth did your incoming but X to X3 double or triple your making that's why I'm such a believer networking because you form amazing business relationships also really wonderful friendships and these are eight most important and powerful benefits of good networking thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat race it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast email your questions to in your question with my answer might appear in the next episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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