SNM156: The Secret to Bartering Your Business

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get started with your business. Often you can simply exchange your time helping someone for access to the course, training, and software that you would struggle to afford right now.

What Do I Have That’s Valuable?

It’s easy to look at yourself and think that you have nothing to offer someone you admire online, but that would be a big mistake.

I can’t tell you how valuable help from the crowd is to me.

For every single book I write, I desperately need early readers and reviewers.

Just about anyone who leaves a review on Amazon gets an email from me.

And if you leave a video review, you’re almost guaranteed to get offered something more expensive for free.

You don’t have to do MASSIVE favors to get attention; the little stuff is often worth far more than you realize.

Use Your Strengths

There are many assets you possess that are unique and valuable.

Don’t approach someone where they are strong, approach where they are weak.

Would you offer a man, who owns a rocking chair factory one of your rocking chairs?

Of course not.

That’s his area of greatest strength.

When forming a connection, always offer where you are strong and he is weak.Click To Tweet

A little creativity makes the barter process much, much easier.

Expand Your Network

The more you grow your social network, the more bartering opportunities that will come your way

The size of your network is just as important as the quality, find out how to leverage both on today’s episode…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. You can buy courses/training without money
  2. Trade services you have for things you want
  3. Bigger networks are better for bartering

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How to Make Video Reviews on Amazon

Books by Jonathan

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The secret to bartering your business on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroy thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\fresh books are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living in retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post I've been going through a lot of negotiations recently and shifting several of my projects when you're growing your business thereto he elements to control your net profit how much you make and what you spend a lot of time to previous episodes and it's on my books talking about your primary skills what you have to offer everyone has something areas of expertise think you understand or know about more knowledge about have talked a great deal about selling skills but what about training them or bartering them recently I went to several critical negotiations that gave me a great deal of freedom once you begin to have a value a fixed number of what you charge for different things for example I have a pretty salsa numbers what I charge for writing a book ghostwriting project writing product cream product for someone or even for writing sales letter whether it's longform or a video subscript it becomes much easier to barter something when you have a feeling for what it's worth moving bargaining most of us think of trading the fish for local bread but it's hard to know the relative value only when you're living in a culture for a long time do you know how easy it is for you to catch a fish versus how difficult it is for you to make a (sometimes people have products and services below access to but you can't afford to cash outlay you're still growing your business you can afford to take the money out one of the things that you can do is approach the business owners have really interested in this course is there something I can do in exchange for access and when first starting out sometimes offer reviews for analysis and that's very valuable great way to start out to give logical early access to books or courses of action for helping those components it really makes a difference for me to have that covered in advance to get someone to go through course rain check for mistakes recently someone went through the entire early version of Kindle Cipro for me watching all the videos looking for glitches and about 60% of the videos one word or two words got cut off for some reason in the compression many of the videos got damaged when I went through I caught about 1/3 of the damage videos returned I missed a bunch so just having someone go through looking for specific things and he set me with each video the exact moment something was wrong that's really valuable to me because it would take me huge my time to watch the videos which are full of cotton I know my voice this is the very basic way you can barter your way into getting access to courses if you want to go to conferences you want to meet the people, since you can contact someone running a conference and say is there a way I could in turn or volunteer at this conference and oftentimes you can volunteer to become the personal system for the speakers will become one of the primary helpers just by offering to help out in certain ways you can get to attend an entire conference for free and get access to the Morley people this is another way to barter or skill share as you're working way up maybe there's a service you want higher in my case I'm working with a very expensive company this Facebook ads and they're looking to build in the parlor business and I said would you be interested in make writing some books for us rather than paying the monthly fee is of course and came out to a number that actually the ratio of books 2 months I get for each book I create is almost exactly same as I would charge Boston flat cash fix is a really good value for both of us both what were getting and in the cash actually sitting multiple deals and this is really help me grow my business what happens is I can take that money that I would've spent paying them exit music for runway use it for ads budget which is really where you want to spend your money when you are running ad campaigns music it's been three times as much money in my ad campaigns as I was before wonderful you might find that you can turn your house your expenses close to zero simply by offering services or things Yorty expert at that are difficult for you doubt to accomplish exact same thing I could easily go out and find a new client I can find more ghostwriting clients write a book for them get paid then use that money to pay this person would simply simplify the process making life a lot easier chasing that clients and seeing clients all the time and it's not a dream come true for me yes I do some ghostwriting I choose projects that I really love I'd rather ghostwrite for people for work projects for people to have a good relationship with the long-term benefit to I look for other elements as well when I'm taking a projects and especially after the financial costs all the medical stuff for my family over the last two months take care my wife and all the things happen in the hospital for an email list you are talking about that stuff was very expensive and really it into my buffer and so now I said days are limited to some type of barter so I can have some breathing room to focus on growing and rebuilding my buffer I dislike some of the stress on me in the short term and it's really helping both excited about because it benefits to both sides and that they know you have is larger so as your four ways to move forward once you have that list of skills the things you have an offer you can then find people that are interested in that trait for example if you're very good at writing sales letters was regular writing products one path is partnerships with other passes bartering you write a sales letter and make a product second cells in the make a product and what is yours once there's they have two side-by-side businesses printer friendly relationship as part of the growth of my business I've taken on more employees and out for people to work for me which is a lot and they're all working on things that I physically can't do anymore because of the problems with my eyes I have spent less and less time on the computer not spent more more time managing the team and that means every week the first money goes to staff salaries the first money comes in has to go to paying them this is one way of growing your business and another way is doing skill shares sometimes you can do this with an intro to programming training labor for knowledge that some of the forms are bringing times when you're starting out you can only be the attorney can't be this mentor so you really are people to do work for you I think you stink at some people message me all the time there's a guy in one of my Skype groups first some software that I use always posted on not good anything technical to someone do any business partner business partner left I don't how to do this what do I do and eventually message me directly once and said oh you help me set up something and I order isolate human help 🙂 I'm just afraid is this what it would cost and of course suddenly it wasn't such an emergency but this person was a lot more satiny talks but look at huge this is what he could say is I have a really big e-commerce store and I know how to do these things I know how to find customers cannot find amazing products to get things designed what I don't know how to is set up the shopping cart technical stuff is there someone who can bridge the gap and do that we can do a skill share all help you get more traffic if you help me design little technical stuff that's a win-win for two people you can be creative I was just speaking to someone yesterday about negotiating is a much better negotiator than me and tell me all the different things he's got for free in the placements and out things that they say they'll never do for free he gets up for free all the time when things break away his friends have something to break death came to call support to get taken care of is he so good at and one of the core philosophies I have about negotiating is have not because you ask not when I am asked to promote someone's product I say can you give me higher commission than other people when introduced to people I say can you give me little taste of the deal for setting up all of these little things I only get because I asked if unit is two people don't say anything you might get that commission in its standard to get a taste for setting up a deal common marketing and business its normal it is a name call tier 2 or JV broke if it was on normal if it did happen all the time it would have any when you by something if you don't ask you get no extra when I via surfboard or something from across the country I was taking you to start shipping sometime in the spring of my line sometimes they do and sometimes they don't end up saving me 50 or hundred dollars sometimes it's nice save a bit of money just by asking many people were so afraid of confrontation or seeming like a cheapskate in fact one of my neighbors recently called me a cheapskate Charlie and I said I don't think that's a real term in English but I guess it's a term in his native language and I said that's not cheap it's that I don't pay extra I am by video games with her on sale and I have to be on sale more than 50% so most waiting for the right moment I'm not in a rush I just saw annuity in the swing on love to play that but it's brand-new and say wait a year for to be on sale slight all enjoy as much in a year playing as I was right now different here is he cost me 20% to 10% the cost that's just my approach to business one the way I perceive money I most try to be cautious with how I spend things I don't want to overpay my wife has a small Stinnett paddleboard hits good enough for her but she can't ride with the kids unorthodox or you can't handle that additional weight I can't write it because it's too small for me I can surf on it and I can't stand up and paddle I have served on the deck she pretty from surf on recently the tomatoes is making a new batch and they cost The price of international one is actually pretty good of the best domestic boards of use and so we set up the deal will we 41 because it saves money experience will be 98% the same but the cost us this 50% the cost being efficient I got a better price by asking said hey this is what we need can make happen and is getting about 20% less than initial number so asking for deals asking for percentages off is the first step the first step to negotiating if you don't ask for more money will never offer no one will ever offer you race your last in the military have automatic promotions for certain times and greater certain tests to pass because otherwise their soldiers who would stay IP 100 01 for their entire career because it never asked for promotions now their system has a lot more things in place about getting promotions and earning them in different ways but they know most people won't ask most people don't renegotiate when going for job offer they don't say anything to say what's the salary ending okay whatever your offering accepted defeat is a yes no this week we found house that's for sale it's a pretty good price but I'm not hundred percent sure I want to buy this house in Henderson shown about anything you're not huge buyer person never thought of buying house before but the price actually pretty good and what I said was a were more interested in like a rent-to-own situation like we want to rent it for year two and then decide if I circuits reset the deal now we have fixed system we rented for one or two years and that money counts towards it if we decide to buy and we fix a price now that we fix reasonable this puts us in a strong position in puts the owner's sake even try to sell for you know is many offers in the last year so we know there's a lot of competition for this house without really worried about it the owner will then get the benefit of having the steady income from the house and we get the benefit of if we decide if I weekend this is a negotiation that we set up simply by asking that actually idea came from my dad told me that director rent it before advising is what you set up a deal where that's the deal I said that's genius and already for intermediary they contact the person or persons abroad in the persons interested so were moving forward slowly with the negotiations this way we can limit house for year and if we decide we absolutely love it yet we couldn't afford to buy for we could keep renting it for a while so we have different options it allows us to get both of the things I wanted and this is negotiating which bartering is a negotiation right we offer one thing for another in the next single enter is the rental price negotiations the persons moved away permanently means renters also cut the caretaker so it comes time to price negotiated for the person's thinking up raising the price but in our negotiations I will my families actually spent a lot of money and maintenance were actually arty thinking about putting a pool in the front yard the first thought review couple things to improve the property when we buy or not surely you're not can ask us to pay full price for you to make the products but the house better my mother as she went to her career something a mom was notorious for improving houses my parents rented people always thought that was insane she would paint it shows women to live here for two years on look nice that you paint houses that we read that you put up wallpaper make places nicer and eventually she worked way up and that's part of the reason my family lived in nice houses when we switch from renting divine stewardship is report you don't have to feel limited by money it's not your only currency I set up barter deals all the time now they don't always come through sometimes someone approaches me and if they know what this business model is this and that and you and we start on the skill share in this universe was very good I recently start with a very expensive copywriter who has been writing copy for much longer than me and has much more firm history in career and I said yes but to go to market like it and want to go to my system will teach you how to do Amazon how to build that is a business you can focus on the stuff you love doing and start building a business instead of going into market you don't want to do just because you feel like you know how regular access to some stuff and then it's been a week and haven't heard from them that doesn't mean the deal if you fail it most likely means any watchable videos inside he was interested in it or got distracted by work the least likely possibilities it is good to go for the entire program I never speak to me again and if he does okay sometimes you do a negotiation is only getting access to some limited stuff through the coaching the one I want to have many communication with me is a big value but not every barter every deal comes up to where you hope this is why you set up lots of deals and lots of large things and offer things to people all the time I love scriptures I'm not a big fan of partnering on things as I used to be I tried parting it first started this business it ended in disaster for me partner a lot of projects but my most successful businesses is always been solo I'm putting out more and more things but to serve the master Brandon working on some really cool things and a lot of the stuff gets there because of bartering and skill just because I say to someone to try to do this and I'll teach him to do that I would love to say that the cards have been working on which I can't wait to release and in fact you probably can announce them before this podcast episode goes up the dam recording this three days earlier they sent the first demo deck of cards and when she is very exciting process it was an idea from someone who I was still sharing with and he said here's a site you have a case for how to make it work and he bought a course on it that the missing pieces and he said if you figure out this whole thing will you teach me and so I'm actually sending him the first deck of cards to look at and take pictures for me I live so far away and what the next sentiment actually may not even arrive we take extra weeks this cuts down on my cycle so he's going to take the pictures for me with his nice camera do all those things that really help me when I'm ready to sell the product very excited about that were bartering he also is getting a free version of the very first verse of the product another thing I'm working on Isabel coloring books are actually designed five or six adult coloring book several years ago I never released him for a myriad of reasons have a lot of content wells really first going crazy but am not two or three years ago at a bunch of stuff ghostwritten for me and I didn't release a lot of it mostly because I got so distracted by lots of other projects I found a product two days ago that I have made I made all slides but all the content together all I had done was add images to the slides for the blogging for dollars course blocking curse the self pages half written the product images in the members area and I completely forgot that a progress on the product that far so sometimes I'm working to meet project to get something really far listening else happens but I found it the other day and now you try to finish and release very quickly the problem with the coloring books is that I want to see one in my hands before I sell it before I release it and I said to someone else I've been doing some ID exchanges with can you let me send you these coloring books and you'll take some pictures and really give me a lot of feedback before I start selling and I'm 90% sure the fine my only question is about the formatting of the content it's about how the look on the page and I want to see to make sure that I have a deep understanding of what the customers can receive so once I complete this process I will start selling these books and I'm deciding whether or not to play some totally under my other friend which is called art of coloring book for all also my name on them because their talk on but maybe some people fall me would think are cool to have fully cited something of thinking about I'm the author names put on stuff but having someone else receive them is exchange some people will charge you to send them a product for free and take pictures for you if it's a business But in this case she gets coloring books for kids for free not just to do is give me feedback she's enough to take pictures is not how you sell them probably this is very valuable to me this is a very valuable experience very valuable for her she had something for free and I get someone to give me really valuable feedback and when you're getting a demo of a product when you getting up the first printing sent for print on demand it cost under $10 sometimes it's like three dollars and the shipping's three or four dollars norms five and five but it ends up being little to 10 usually I haven't been able to release these products for a long time because I have been a situation where I could get a bunch sent to me to check out this is bartering this is skill sharing this is why I'm such a believer networking unlimited in many ways in business because they live on this amazing tropical island and watching a beautiful sunrise I'm sure you can hear all the birds I know that they are so loud they cut to the mic but there's a price for paradise and part of the price is that there are certain things I can't get access to her certain things that I can't do very easily yes I could try to send coloring books and cards neatly shipping would be significantly more and here when you mail something judgment arriving of 50-50 so have to pay for when worshiping and probably have to do it twice for everything you want to get sick and usually when something comes in the mail internationally Mammon shows with hand that we have to pay a bribe psychotic import tax but even if you send yourself something to do with this having people that I can demo products to who will look at them take pictures of them tell me the real experience is very very very to me it allows me to two things that I couldn't do by living here it expands my operations building up for a while I been sending stuff to my business address on the PO Box Nikos my bookkeeper but her job is not taking pictures of things it's not inside of her skill set it outside of her skill set subside great use of her time and she took pictures the first in a car just have a really fancy camera does anyone choose a bookkeeper and picture taker is a good cell phone camera but you don't product shots you will look really nice picture really high quality yet and the outside wheelhouse and have to pay her for the time of going to the PO Box have to pay her for driving back from the PO Box have to pay her for taking pictures all these things and it certainly helps me but even better to have some passage about the particular thing and why can some loads of stuff to really helps me out have people that are really get my vision and so I've moved from having her do a lot of stuff that some of the file completing route and I want to make her drive to the PO Box which is far away from where she was now all the time she moved from near where she set up the PO Box to someone else so it's kind of inconvenient for her so I like having things I can send other people that can really give me their whole experience is a lot of value to me and it means that I can grow specific areas my business much faster when you're thinking about people to partner with the larger network is the easier it is and you can even reach out to your network for key information sale if you think of hiring someone you can ask who really know better than you I'm thinking about getting some help with wet my website someone recently sent an email with a list of prompted by my webs and this is just for this to your web designer he should be doing a better job or full-time web developer and I said I don't have one of those it's me it's all me but it would really help me to build pages faster do some cooler things of talking my friend from work with on a project is a full stack develop that into super amazing at development he can build software he built the Kindle cipher aged milky regenerator the thing that helps you write really amazing Amazon descriptions but his skill is too high for what I'm looking for no I initially set on thing and find a web developer said a number so here's the things any and doing this this this and this and he is out that's not the top right name for we are looking for is more of a word press person who can modify stuff but not to any actual HTML into the second price he gave me was significantly lower than the first price speaking to an expert to get a piece of information if you say me a great deal of money when ready to pull the trigger on hiring another staff person not really in love with the idea of having a huge staff I never thought I go up to four people had one person for long time knows more than enough but because of the palms of my eyes and the problems with medical stuff in my family I have to shift how I spend my time I need to spend more time take care my family when something goes wrong and I need to be faster processes with writing a book before would take me on my own maybe two months and now with my team I only have to invest of my own time single workday that's a huge return on investment for time very valuable to me and the people I work without my team is really wonderful this is gold but knowing how to grow your business knowing these things sometimes that information yet to barter for I want you to take a look at your business today in the areas where you feel like you're lacking we feel your behind and see if there's a way you can accelerate them with partner this is your assignment this is a podcast with a bit of excitement at the end little homework if you're really good editor and you feel stuck with the actual writing of the book you can find an author to partner with different ways you can say hey why don't you help me get better at writing books taught me through the process of designing or writing an outline help me with my outlines help with your editing most every half in the world except that deal it's a very valuable yesterday I can't tell you how long I spent trying to find someone to help me formatted coloring but I finally found someone who offered to do for price and as with everyone I ever find us formatting they said tripled the price is triple in a coloring book I tell you right now is a couple of key things top of the cylinder episode but the easiest way to print on demand calling books is to create space which is on my Amazon and that means the pages of center just like a regular book pages selecting what to do for someone is put images on front and back so you're sending the design you coloring page or design patent blank and that means the front of the page we designed the back of the page we blanks also likes the drawing they doing headed out put on the fridge or something and this people said well we got a bill you for those pages is that we had format them to exit your telling me I have to pay double for the blank pages they're very annoyed and I research or research and finally after trying to find some to barter with I found a lesson online some executive daughter from his amazing YouTube video from couple years ago that explain how someone else did I made a few tweaks but a complete solve my problem I also discovered the reason I was having trouble uploading my file was a browser issue not formatting issue it's me a lot of research but having someone who already does Claybrook told me what to do Woodman Supervalu it would really help me save a great deal of time and an immense amount of frustration you might be an expert at something that small but what some of looking for that particular thing it's super valuable it's very valuable in the moment look at your skill sets look at ways when you can partner with people or things that you need to know and what you have to offer and you can find that what you get is in your mind more valuable than what you're giving that's the meaning of the deal and it's a great deal when the other person feels the exact opposite they feel like they're giving you something it's not worth nearly as much as what they're getting and when you're both excited about happy afterwards that's we had a great barter exchange and a great trade so today look for at least one and even better three areas of your business we can use bartering to accelerate your growth decrease your monthly spend cut down on those expenses or make more money yourself more free time look at those areas that I can grow your business and let me know in the comments below thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that reference head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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