SNM112: Podcasting Trends in 2017 and Beyond

Podcasting is a growing market and I’m so excited about what the future holds.  Between advances in technology, the maturation of the market, and listener numbers through the roof, podcasting is becoming a VERY HOT market

The Power of Focus

When I’m reading a blog post, I very easily get distracted.

Even writing a blog post, it’s very common for a message on Skype or someone in my family to get my attention.

I can come back later and continue writing whenever I please.

But when I’m recording a podcast episode, I HATE to get disturbed.

A single slamming door or phone ringing adds at least five minutes to my editing process.

If I’m recording for twenty minutes, three noises can double my editing time.

It’s one of the biggest challenges I face by working from home with so many young children.

I love my children dearly and that’s why I get up before dawn to record podcasts every morning.

The focus is so critical, that I get up an hour before them.

Listening requires the same level of concentration.

We can text and not really pay attention, but on a phone call your attention locks on.

When someone is listening to a podcast episode, you get a larger slice of their focus pie.

And that high level of focus translates into higher engagement and more action.

A listener is far more likely to follow a link or check out a product than a blog post reader.

Leverage Your Connection

Podcasting is a growing market – it is not shrinking in ANY metric.

In episode 116, Jordan will talk about why he ditched his radio show to focus on growing his podcast.

With two and a half million downloads a month, he must be doing something right!

As a podcaster, you can build a business with a smaller audience and you don’t have to read a bunch of lame ads to do it.

We all know how frustrating it is to hear inappropriate commercials on a podcast that we were enjoying.

I was just listening to a podcast about video games and then they had to read a VERY adult commercial about marital aids.

Even though I’m married, that’s not something I want coming out of the radio when my kids are in the room.

These poor advertising decisions are going to kill those shows and leave the field WIDE OPEN.

And that’s just the beginning…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. More people are listening to podcasts
  2. Some new amazing technology is entering the marketplace
  3. The future is looking very bright

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Podcasting trends in 2017 and beyond on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroy thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\fresh books are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your votes I received a couple of emails lately asking about podcasting and if it's a good market to get into right now is it too late is too crowded it sometimes seems like it's impossible to get noticed like there's really only 20 or 30 podcast ever lists to a nothing else gets any attention and so I want to talk about a couple of the really cool things that come out through some recent studies and surveys there make podcasting actually really exciting right now I'm really excited where things are to go this year and the first is the bins are really powerful studies on the power of the host and their ability to be a Brandon towards and it turns out after these extensive studies and has data podcasting industry in 2016 2017 that audiences respond to calls to action from podcasts almost more than any other medium response rate is far higher than is emails for blog posts or for anything else so if you can connect with your audience when you recommend something the odds of them checking out a very high you actually have a lot more credibility and that's very powerful thing to know which really great about that is it tells you the effectiveness of your messaging what good is it to have an audience of a thousand or million people no one listens to her no and takes actions you desire so having the ability to create responses in your audience is very key to success in any niche you enter any type of communication medium the second thing that's exciting is that it's wide open market right now the number of people quitting podcasting is through the roof most people who get in a podcasting get into it with a hobbyist mindset or they don't really have any idea about Heidi's a podcast as part of business so there podcast goes well for a little while there is a podcast for six months or 12 minds and their friends listening a couple eyes is within the start to get tired and the entire is not making money they don't understand how to monetize it and so they've gotten stuck and when something is your hobby if something is just a hobby you're not pushed through that hump that final dip before monetization happens and so this means that right now is one of the greatest times that of the market if you have any idea at all how to structure a business you have an edge over 9% apply casters out there the next key the third trend in 2017 and beyond is monetization podcasts are becoming more more easy to monetize when you have a bit of strategy and as a couple ways you can kind of generate income in these the ways that I recommend and these are really ways the best ways to approach in the first of them is Boca services will be with your voice on podcast a while has had a great voice of love to have them remain audiobook love to have him do this or that and so gets the sound and told her to fleece out there and as a talk about in a couple of the previous episodes actually there is a huge amount of voice work right now the amount of work for voice actors is going through the roof it's a market that's really really growing it's a great place to enter whether it's reading commercials whether it's recording audiobooks for the translating books in between languages and transiting audio between languages a lot of opportunity there for using your voice the second big place opportunity for monetization right now is affiliate marketing most podcast the monetization strategies billed on an advertising and you don't really start seeing good advertising money till you have a large audience of the Catch-22 of the time systemic podcast until making money was to make my top of the audience to get caught with affiliate marketing especially when as much as 40 or 50% of people under each episode will actually go to whatever you tell them to check out will click the call to action you can make a really good living getting percentage of every sale you drive when someone pays you for advertising the only do that if they make more money from that bad and they spend on it that's the math and that means that if you took that exact same product and brought as an affiliate you would make more money than you do hazmat so just shifting to the simple business model allows you to start making real money and of course most people have no understanding of foot mark you're very lucky the habit of understanding understand that you paid for rendering stuff you are to believe in you can just recommend movies on Amazon get paid 48% of every sale living that way you say I like this movie here's my link please use it and you hate to make a lot of my friends on so simple that's the simplest forcefully marking another way to monetize and this is something that is very easy as well is consulting this really the topic. This is where you hear your ways and they go while this person is a genius as one hired help me on Michael Jordan help me we have this in place you can make a very nice living consulting is not about being the smartest person in the world Dara played with her smarter than me it's simply about being further up the mountain and the person who's looking for help so just like you look to me to get guidance from me and maybe have me coach or consultant or mentor your use was for me there people further down the mountain from you who can look to you for consulting and as you work your way up the mountain your consulting price can go up and of course the cost of your time goes up so maybe right now you charge consulting like hundred dollars for someone to talk to for two hours within that price goes up pretty soon people can only consult with you if that have front row yearly charge $10,000 per year and they get touchy when our month they charged thousand dollars in our and for the people who can't afford that level right to say the person you want you want to co-choose $1000 a month you will hire you because your dream jobs monthly can for the thousand dollar month coach at so it's totally reasonable and totally logical to have prices of the people behind them can afford social three key ways that you can quickly and easily make money through podcasting again those ways are some vocal services cut using your voice as a tool you can use your podcast's demo or resume of your vocal talents affiliate sales and the number three is consulting the fourth trend that has me very excited about podcasting this year is that smart phone sales are going to the roof right now computer sales are diminishing more and more people only communicate via smart phones their experience of the Internet is purely tablet-based I will come of the first generation of people that really grew up on keyboards with computers coaches at different points of the mountain the charge kind of learned that method of typing and now were having a generation of people a generation behind millennial's that will possibly lose that skill that we still use to voice command that we so used to just using their phone they don't not to use additional keyboard not normal for that they used to using digital keyboards the advent of smart phones is good for podcasting because it's one of the best ways to consume I very rarely listen to podcast my computer as much as I offer that you can listen to my podcast through my app and iPhone app have a android app I have a plug in my websites you list to my website out it was all those places but most people will consume podcasts to their phone that's how I consume I never said episodes I listen to I downloaded overcast which of the app happened the years that's way up her sleeves right now and then I listen to my leisure it allows we have content in my phone when I wanted my phones always with me so this is more more where people are going absorb content and less and less are people going to read on the phone so if you're on the subway of your driving you can always absorb content by reading and I know for sure that my eyes get tired looking at computer screens as you know your eyes are destroyed out of the so tired and all of those things mean more and more people will be consuming content via podcast podcasting is going up not down and skin arise right along with all the smartphone sales number five a new trend I'm very excited about is live streaming more and more people our Domino's live streaming of course there's periscope is Facebook live streaming what I'm excited about is that there are more and more services offering pure audio live streaming a lot of the live streaming AC lately most people lashing there is a concert or it's fireworks I can't tell you how many people watching fireworks lately hopefully that trend will go away because I don't know why you watch that but I see it all the time you always my basically as I know someone's lifestream inspiring what went I do like watching fireworks and television HD either your person or not by the shift to life from the audio submits very interesting am not sure if I'm going to start doing that myself because of the huge time zone difference so be I would have to start doing in the middle the night but it's something very interesting that is coming into the forefront right now and it's trending and I know it's trending because more more services are offering it for doing it that it would be offered to video lecturing's been around but interestingly enough a lot of people ask you preferring audio live streaming number 6 x 6 podcasting trend of 2017 and beyond is that custom content is King the great thing about podcasts is that you can choose what you want to listen to with an interview podcast I can look at 500 babies go I would listen to this interview today and that interview tomorrow you don't have to listen to them in any order you can skip stuff around if you try to watch game of thrones out of order it's a nightmare you can't watch out of order to get so confusing but with most podcasts and lesser to the storytelling podcast you can people can consume it anywhere they want people are more more wanting and demanding content that really fits what you're in the mood for right now the content customization is becoming the next rent content generation was last year this year it's all about content customization people want to read the blog posts that they care about and they don't want to read about topics they don't care what they would do the same thing with the podcasts the great thing about podcasting is that it's Artie built throughout the custom content mindset the platform is already there which means it's one step ahead of where the markets going I have the 15 podcast that I listen to all loaded up into math this app called overcast I told the podcast I like it shows a list of all the abysses of all different podcasts it's I can say if you listen to this one here that want to jump around quite easily and it's all handled in a really really great way gaps put together very well and that way I can grab whatever I want to listen where I want to is very simple so I really love that out it allows me to listen to what I'm in the mood most the time I listen to a comedy podcast about will be podcast but sometimes well-known the ugly little listener what about writing limits and what about baptize them in a cinema podcast limits what about marketing so jump around to different shows and different episodes and that's how people are really absorbing content people want to feel like what there listening to her reading was designed just for downward for right now number seven is that storytelling is back we have a long history of the power of storytelling and the ability to tell a good story is everything storytelling is a critical component of all sales letters all sales videos all sales materials is the key component of every single infomercial if you see great storytelling watch infomercials they do better storytelling than any TV show you ever watch storytelling is coming back through a lot of audio programs more more people are listening to short story podcast Long story podcast standards are podcast people really want to hear stories and it's because were designed that way if you go as far back as Homer and you read the Odyssey or the alien member those were originally audio stories were genetically designed as people with an oral history were used to hearing the telling stories even more than reading or watching them so for people to be able to listen to your stories to connect in a real way a lot of other communication mediums are shrinking Riley Twitter is really short finds really short seven second video hundred 40 characters all at stuff a lot of other areas of munication are shrinking but audio communication isn't affected by that it's how I like water water doesn't compress you can squeeze water and make it smaller you can't squeeze audio the same way when you do speak of how fast they talk now some people do that you may be listening he sped up and that's fine that's were the only thing you can do but you can't really squeeze it the way you can with text if you read look a lot of news blogs most of the stores are shorter short and when 300 characters strange words because they want you go to the next page next page next page of their storytelling is kind of turning to garbage the kind of click mindset the ClickBank mindset is antithetical to storytelling but the market is now bouncing back people want to hear good stories they connect with and feel a sense of rapport with number eight and this is my favorite thing about podcasting is been consumption I'm absolutely guilty of this I can always tell when I have a new listener because I suddenly get downloads in a single day equal to how the episode that so by soliciting extra hundred downloads in a single dad August got a new purse or download everything up so I got new binge listener I do the exact same thing find a show I like go back I listen to the last two episodes I go back and listen to the first episode and managed word by way forward I'm sure listen to right now that's got about 300 episodes.around like 70 years and Marty around episode 130 I think register listing couple weeks ago once you find something you like you binge listen that's why I'm so comfortable putting out a lot of podcast content because I know that people will then go and listen to episode so even if someone finds me in 510 or 20 years though go back and listen all the old episodes and absorb all that great content see get to reuse your content over and over and over again that's a really great trend and that's consistently been how people react to podcast for very long time now some people will find a blog and do the same thing but it's much much more common with podcasts the final Trinity got me excited this year is that Facebook is now doing more more with Facebook audio Facebook is a large platform of the world you can debate whether not Ragu this matter but they are moving into providing audio live streaming their moving into providing podcast tools and that's a sign of something very very good because any time basic moves into a market you know that the markets are a profit little moving stuff that's not working soldiers thinking about whether or not podcasting is dead or that the happy days of podcasting over there not the salad is a podcasting are just beginning and they're growing in a really amazing way so if you've ever thought about getting the podcast game now is a great time because every single metric podcasting is going up listenership is up the number of shows is down in the probabilities up if you enter with the show follow a simple pattern have a monetization strategy before you start if you start with the business mindset instead of at this will be fun mindset you can create something unbelievable you can enter a market take over the competition very very quickly and grow your business and awesome way so these are the nine reasons in nine trends Debbie so excited about what podcasting is going in 2017 and beyond thank you for listening to this week's episode of serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the servo master podcast doing me on my Facebook\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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