SNM089: Crush it with Networking at a Conference

Recently I posted a few stories about my networking trip to Bangkok.  Rather than cover the same ground, today's episode is purely practical.

How can you maximize your results the next time you go to a conference or networking opportunity?

Start with a Game Plan

Most people are waiting for something to happen to them.  They are expecting the event organizers to push opportunity into their laps.

Ninety percent of the people in the room with you have the same strategy.

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Even the strategy of “I'm going to get ten phone numbers” is better than no strategy at all.

We never want to depend on luck for our financial success.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The switched-on people tend to have their own thing going on.

They will meet in the corner of the room and then slip off to another location.

They won't be acting like everyone else.

Look for the people that seem to know each other and are acting differently to everyone else.

These are the people that you want to connect with.

When I go to a conference, I don't sit in a room and listen to the other speakers.

I am hanging out in the green room or the hotel bar where they are relaxing.

Speakers only go into the main hall when it is their turn to talk.

Remember Your Worth

It doesn't matter if it's your first day in the industry or you don't know a single person.

None of that matters.

This is like the first day of college – you are whoever you want to be.

If you present yourself like somebody who knows their business then people will want to spend time with you.

As long as you demonstrate strength and value, people will be drawn to you.

Give value before you ask anything and you will be ahead of the game.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. You can be whoever you want to
  2. Use a strategy to be ahead of the curve
  3. You can build your business in a single weekend

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Tips for succeeding at a conference on today's episode today that as Betty by converting the ultimate list building tagging and segmentation tool to find out how convert can change your business and W profit go to serve the master account\convert kit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house currently traveling right now the reason I'm on the road is because I'm going to conference and the goat too easy year and you listen this because of Aquinas in advance I'll be at the event don't talk to you about how to prepare yourself for that moment before you go to an event and how to strategize the biggest mistake people make is they start the event the moment they get there they don't do any research on the lay of the land door where the events happening there waiting to be told what to do they approach the event like many people do like most people approach life cheap tell me what to do with this event tell me where to go tell me where the parties are and you end up finding out about the lowest level aspect of event see any type of conference you have several tiers of people is usually three there's usually the people that are speakers in high-level network is the kind of know each other and they're connected and are switched on yet the people at the very bottom at the first event have no idea what's going on and they get that event program and they clutched to it like a baby holding onto its pacifier they just can't let go of that schedule and I can tell you right now there's a benefit to doing that if you're going to an event in your burning something you're there to learn specific skill so that's valuable or if you're in industry we have to go to conference or event in order to maintain your license something like that What you do that but the more your trap to the schedule the more you be limited you only interact with people who are being paid to interact with you so maybe the person host an event will show up at that party that night at mixer for 20 minutes but almost to be there staff there is nothing worth less interacting with someone staff at an event remember you're trying to grow and build as an entrepreneur or an author anyone who's working for someone else they aren't doing what you want they have failed might be making a lot of money might be very cool but there still an employee I know a lot of people that are number two's number three that I really talk to them some approaches in wanting a brother offer I expect the owner to talk to me I will listen to their JD program to listen to their number two that's how a lot of business is done seeping into becoming friends with tons of number twos number threes but then you'll discover I don't really know anything there have the power see they've never built the business from the ground up they've never written a book by themselves one of the sources for content that I go to and it's really good I get a lot of information the training that I go through some this really cool company but they already had a falling over a million people on their list and hire people to start building project and that and the people who did the talk with her journey and that's nice but they don't know what it's like to really do it they don't like to do with no following don't like to do it without anyone backing you up it's very easy to be employed for someone do a project in the art have a massive following that oppressive and so as you go to these events you have to decide where you want to be there also the people in the middle who know there's more going on outside events and maybe network with each other little bit they never jump to higher excellence now the reason I think this talk is of timeliness specific episode is I'm going to an event for the first time I've never been to this particular event before and I don't have any high-level connections there now I know tour through the people working to be there that's it so I'm not starting raw zero they been to one or two of the previous events and the first thing you do if you know it is been the event before you get as much intelligence as you can from them and I can tell you right now that 90% of the Intel that have gone from my current sources is worthless I asked them questions and asking questions in a different way a few days later and answers changed until the information is of no value some people network and luck is a big part of their strategy and if you are already successful I always want to get 10 times better results than just that checking short next week because of got a little bit of juice because some people recognize my products or solutions and work on the past all guaranteed make five or 10 cool connections and that's okay if you go to an event once a month but I want to go to an event twice your most I want to make 50 or hundred connections this finding 50 or hundred soft side contacts they would generate people will bounce in the randomly that recognize your success and success meant success that's okay for me separate figures of the next five years of sending projects last for help copywriting can close any traffic must be part on stuff lastly to help their friend of a friend and pay me back tenfold building out my Skype contact list is really most of my business so I want to do things the turbo target and there's a couple things I'm doing now the events next week I've Artie flooded the country I'm in a different city right now because the people I know been before another city connection go to the event hotel two days early is a couple thing though to find out I want to study the architecture of the building I will know my way around the hotel very well Swanson was at Haworth about him on no mixing smart I went over all the bars on the building owner where all the rooms are there's different towers so it's up in the room number I wonder where that is without having to look at a map you know the names of all the conference rooms where they all are those little pieces of Intel help to give me an advantage the more I know that other people don't more leverage I have in different ways additionally when my big business bars I should fly up from America to the conference were planning some things and we want to do what we thought about a couple of different ways of doing things we thought about getting a booth kind of spending quite a bit of money on a booth in hiring both girls and having promo stuff to give when we realize it's not right strategy for us is and you can't move around or not mobile and most of my success comes in the ability to be mobile so then we look at what's another thing you know a well known for my parties in the past but this is a massive party city and I don't like to throw party an event I've never been to is maybe the organizational structure it will work all through the wrong type of party so would have to do instead set up a series of options that I can adapt to some extra setting up several layers of plants the first layer plant is I'm calling much of different modeling agencies and if were going to throw party I can hire and have 10 or 20 model shop that day Mike asked to do a short-term understanding of the ability to adapt that's one of the layers also rented one of the best way to the hotel every the stock with foods and snacks and stuff so we can have important people so we can hang out private so we can invite 1020 or 30 people coming out that's one possible direction would look at another possible direction looking at is different bars and regular rent out because were in Asia the price is much lower we can rent out a bar for dowser $2000 night hey everyone is our circle running out this rooftop bar it's good we also got this bar and 20 models perfect now it's very important understand why models are such a big part of my networking business people think it's because her good-looking that such a small component the real reason you hire models is because they've always been good-looking so they've always been popular which means they know how to talk to people they know how to talk to people that are socially awkward most people to work in marketing most authors will Scott rarely work ourselves all the time they're not social jet ice they're not used to talking other people so you have there's a bunch people that so natural for them they startle the conversations people at my parties talk tomorrow for five minutes and they talk to each other for an hour you're creating social lubrication that's the key that's one of the secrets understanding some of these things help to understand the strategy behind the parties and thrown some the things I do now beyond all that may be going up and you can't do anything right you have no budget whatever so let's talk about prepping with no budget what you can do number one memorize the website for the hotel memorize the website of the hotel look at Google maps and look at every restaurant and every hotel nearby learn all the different things are if you want to go to a bar where the nearest five bars people want to get it over what's average over costs in the area knowing these little pieces of information seems very trite I know that I can tell you and I can guarantee you it will change your financial destiny if you fall diesel steps the more things you know so when people talk me to take the taxi cost right here does anyone know you know hey where's the bathroom you know this is how you can talk to people at massive value their millionaires or billionaires and he would love to do business with them that so much value in that moment you know what they want to know you have situational value learn all these different things if you live in the city for the event go there early learn your way around all of the scenes are very valuable some cities people walk everywhere people can walk from the hotel to hear there something never leave the hotel there are two types of events he was on Las Vegas on the strip it off the strip my friend when he throws went to Las Vegas you want to be far away from everything so that people don't leave the hotel they can just walk from bar to bar that's part of a strategy in that case you want to really know your way around that hotel sometimes it will drive everywhere in that case providing transportation is critical if you rent even if you don't live there right you can rent a big car rent a limousine drive people around the captive audience this is where knowing the lay of the land allows you to adapt a little bit what I'm designing for this event is layers layers of defense so that one plan doesn't work the next plan can fall in the place I have multiple plans if we could throw a party the hotel owner worked and that's when the deal will make it happen the second or third day will be the first night of the second or third night if that's not at work okay fine we will rent out a part of that socket work they will just get 10 cute girls hang out with us that we all the people are really successful and hang out and would like to hang around beautiful women note certain events higher male models as well sometimes in a beautiful event depends on the mix of the audience because I haven't been as a vendor flight out of the mix I'm prepping those different things when you're going to a conference you want to view it as a mission and you need to know your goal is if there are specific people you want to meet want to design a strategy for me numbers there's one person that I recognize from the whole event on the list of speakers I know I'm to find a way to meet this guy study part of my plan and what I'll do is leverage my way work my way up the social change so that me in the sky meet within three days a guarantee on the picture the sky next week and it's grandma website to show that I can do it these little steps change your life having a strategy your 1% or 90% of people have no strategy they don't know they're gonna do they don't know what the hotel looks like until they get there give a massive edge the next thing you can do is pick a specific people he won me a mention of this once become interested in connecting with so hand them a map and they start you start prepping just two or three days in advance or we can advance another thing you can do is find all of the people who are going to the event exam event has a Facebook group or they have for on them a place we can see who else is coming find looking for that list find a picture from social media same in your phone save that piece of paper in and out of your target list speakers are so easy to media events if you notice speaker looks like and you speak to them before they go up on stage very easy form that connection most people don't know the speakers until they seem up on stage they can connect with a look like they are so if you speak to them first there's no competition you get in there early in the go wow you knew I was before you saw me speak on states that's cool you actually interested me let's talk Nottingham gets an early value these are just some of the ways to start prepping for events every event is different every type of conference is different but I want you to do is always be thinking outside the box always be thinking strategically always think what's the best way to prepare for this and that will get you in the right state of mind part of my preparation I'm learning where the coolest bars where the close rooftop bars different types of bars nightclubs hookah bars people to go to different types of varsity no wider than your super bar now a lot of people their strategy is to plot the phone and check TripAdvisor checksum app okay if you've been there before you live in a town is good every bar near that you can walk in and you know the bartending to other people or something like that or you know the best table is enough on the hook of our secular reviews but this was better and others are visual six month old you can become more valuable don't just be someone who lazily checks the phone at the last minute you're Intel's work with good anyone can check the phone that special it's not real until it secondhand or just repeating what someone else told you we saw the light I do all of these things I take events very very seriously because they're the biggest component of my business to accelerate everything yes I'm a great copywriter people pay me $5000 for a sales letter how do I find those people I want to post an upward mention of the day previous episode report networking is for finding great clients I do it good event get to meet everyone let them know you're good at the word out you also want to have in your strategy a single thing you're pitching or single thing your mentioning see right now I have strong presences in a couple spaces I'm a strong presence in fitness have a strong presence in male dating I have a strong presence in author and Amazon I also am working with someone who's in the videogame space if I try to pitch almost everyone it become overwhelming and it will cost me every conversation one turn of failure now because I more advanced I tend to start up with one thing and I'll push my one main thing so because the partner with were in the melding held space that's the main thing that partners flying out here with me is worked on with me on that's the main thing I'll talk about the people however so it is all on that in that space in the videogame space that's when I bring up a secondary think ideally I've introduced them to my videogame partner but he sick right now is not at this event but that's how you approach it that's what you want to do if you go to something and say hey I'm writing books from Amazon I'm also doing a podcast I'd also love to interview for my magazine the like that if you member yeses episode I talk to about calls action by button you can only get people one task you want from them so we say hey I love to interview my podcast that the only thing you can ask if you say hey I would love to interview for my block the nets with the hay I would love to talk the project and don't ever bring a project you can't bring up multiple things because then it's too much it turns from something interesting it is something annoying be very strategic into a strategic mindset every time I go to an event I'm always looking around to see what's going on I most look around the room and going are any of the speakers in this room oftentimes they have a green room for the speakers or the have all the speakers sitting up to one side look for that section figure out what they're doing watch when they all sneak out of the room see when they go Avenue events before we know is paying attention five the sneaker sneak out to go to the bar is when I go to the bar to to get a drink and say hey here's the speakers right what I do is I go you guys take a little break little break from other talks to is having a good time don't act like you know who they are don't give up by your strategy you don't have to reveal how strategic you are just be smart people respond to it allow the air Ministry but how you always know it's going on how your switch on that and I'm a genius it's not that I can predict anything I just always watching what's happening on paying attention yeah listen to the speakers under some great talks most the coverages I go to however pitch fast pay thousand dollars in everything personal estate wants to say their $5000 course I have no interest in that another spend money in there make money figure out what you're there to do I know some people know they've been in business as long as I haven't haven't gone anywhere in the more the reasons they go to events and they just okay I paid much my am not leaving this room I want to get the information I paid for I totally understand that mindset I recommend you get someone else take notes for you or you get the DVDs of the event if you want the recordings focus more for you on leveraging your networking skills in growing your business eat yeah I can learn another retargeting trick of Exeter to our talk or commit some in the hallway and we do deal attending the $50,000 of the next six weeks what I'm trying to teach you is not how to make a little bit of money I'm trying to teach you now how to explode financially networking properly and this is why networking Empire my new courses the course on the proudest evidence why I put so much time on it because it takes your income and instead of bumping you three or 5% it doubles or triples it every time network properly you can exploding over thousand dollars month to 2000 Dartmouth next conference you hit $5000 month in your $10,000 a month when you demonstrate that you can execute and when use basic networking you can explode in any market at any conference my entire business all of my leveraging comes from how I connect with people in my ability to go to conference figure out who I should be talking to one other thing this is something advanced this actually isn't even a networking Empire this is a trick that I developed when I was in college always approach the number two I understand that walking up to a celebrity so obvious and when does it hey I'm a big fan dented walk up that celeb's best friend who gets 1% of the attention in either 99 times easier to talk to breaking one of the largest marketers in the world I met to his brother let the brother chatting for a while we change phone numbers and Skype's guess what the guys on was impossible to reach while Directed to the guy who has a massive massive following impossible to break through the signal-to-noise ratio to me people are clamoring around by become friends with that high level contact the best friend a brother the wife the business partner then a week after the event I get access to that person would alter the voices of died down that's with the real powers that's my final and when my most powerful tips is to pay attention not just to the main person with the person next to him whose board who doesn't get enough as much attention that person will often be much much much much easier to approach these are the ways we want to approach every area of business see everything I do is on purpose every conversation I have every move I make it's very strategic everything I do is about going to I want to of my business in my life guess what every dollar I make is not helping my kids very important to me the reason I mention this in a previous have someone throw the rigmarole with life insurance and health insurance doing all the stuff and innocently a massive list of medical testing want to go through all this stuff right all the rigmarole that I'm going through the reason I do that because I want to provide for my kids in the future and sustain resumes of tactical and strategic with how I approach conferences and events I don't want to go to seven events if I get the same results from one-to-one and special you're starting out going to carb return event can be quite expensive maybe only four to go to local conference or maybe can 41 National 112 year Sony give you maximum results because we do it right when you pay attention to what's actually going on enter this elite circle people who can network recognize other networkers like attracts like you have to be rich you just have to be switched on and people can see the are switched on will be drawn to you and you start getting binders top-secret parties party like my parties and yes I'm going to and I'm hosting a massive new event next year and I'm so excited about it one of the great things that you can see is that your you get invited to that if you do decide to jump on board with networking Empire those would be the first group of people I tell all about my secret conference thank you so much and I'm so excited to watch you change your life when you explode at the next conference you go to thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening to serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe to the together achieve true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Joyce - January 3, 2017

It has taken me 5 years to appreciate the value of Networking at conferences. I’m one of those people who would go to conferences with a Big Book to take notes which honestly, I did not look at once the conference was over.
I did a one year course where we met once a month for 3 hours in 2014. After graduating, I wondered what value the course had given me? Dah! No one was taking notes except me.
Everyone was Networking.
No wonder they all played golf together on weekends except me!
Now I am wiser. It’s like a light bulb has switched on in my head. -What you say in this episode is so true.
I’ve listened to this episode 3 times already:)


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