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SNM163: Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

Does it actually make a difference who your friends are?

In this podcast, you are going to find out how and why it absolutely matters who you pick to be your friends.

Do you have successful friends, or are the people in your inner circle struggling with all the same things you are? Perhaps it’s time for you to do some serious introspection and answer this question truthfully—are your friends holding you back?

How to Be More Successful?
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Many factors can contribute towards your achieving your goals and experiencing success as you define it. In your personal life and your journey as an entrepreneur, you probably have many goals you are working towards. Maybe you want to increase your income, expand your income streams, write a book, or go into a new career path. Whatever your dreams and goals are, there’s an important decision you need to make to improve your living situation and make your life more meaningful.

The kind of friends you have says a lot about you, but most people underestimate the role that friendships play in helping you to achieve your goals. When was the last time you thought about the kind of friends you have? Friends can help or hinder your journey. It’s natural to be emotionally connected to your best buddies, especially when there are many wonderful shared memories, but whatever you do, don’t let friends slow you down.

The kind of friends you have says a lot about you, but most people underestimate the role that friendships play in helping you to achieve your goals.Click To Tweet

How to choose the right people for success?


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Once you discover the value of having the right type of friends around you, you are never going to look at your connections the same way again. Being picky about who is in your inner circle may seem complicated and unnatural at first. After all, friendships happen naturally and automatically when you connect with the right people, right? Well, friendships are dynamic, and they grow, change, and end as we go through different stages of life.

Discover why it’s so important to surround yourself with success. Your friends from high school or college could be the people you have the most fun with and the ones who know you the best. Now it’s time to ask if their direction in life aligns with your own. Are your friends helping or hurting you as you look to grow your business, make more money, and take up more opportunities as they come? What are they saying about your success journey, and how do they react when you make changes for the better? It’s time to reconsider what it takes to be successful.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. People we put our energy in, put their energy back into us.
  2. We are drawn to equilibrium.
  3. Seek for people who encourage you and your ideas.

Resources Mentioned:

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