SNM012: Surround Yourself With Success

The people around us control our destiny.  Bad friends can pull us back with the force of gravity.  We become the average of our closest friends; if they don't want to start a new business, they will actively slow down or stop your progress.

Spend time with people further up the mountain for motivation and guidance and wisdom.

Surround yourself with people who don't believe and they will kill your faith; their lack of faith will block your implementation.

When you have a new idea, people will either tell you reasons why you shouldn't even try or they will encourage you.  Only spend time with encouragers.

I am still working on the forum and will share a link when it's ready 😉

The execution of an idea is what creates reality.  Taking action and joining groups and going to events where you can encounter the people who can help you – that is how you create luck.

Successful Friends Give You Money

Imagine you have a small online business that makes $1000 a month.  You are in a group of people who all make $5000 a month.  Someone offers Sally a job that pays $3000 a month.  She'll turn it down because it's a pay cut.  She will then pass on the opportunity to you.  She just tripled your monthly income.

This is why you MUST learn and implement networking and Surround Yourself With Success.

Your friends will see these opportunities as “luck,” but you know that you have the ability to make your own luck when you apply the Serve No Master mindset to your life.

Key Points:

  1. You become the average of the people you invest time with
  2. Your circle can build you up or bring you down
  3. Implementation of proper networking turns luck into a variable you control

Resources Mentioned:

Networking Empire (coming soon)

Serve No Master on Amazon

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You the average of the people you spend the most time with we have this natural tendency as humans to even out with the people around us when there's great differences amongst members of a group are members or friendship will do things to achieve parity this is in every area is forest interest hobbies passions and most importantly finances so the people you spend the most time with your closest friends if they have that 9-to-5 mindset if they are really time equals money that's the ratio of their work on other kind of caught up in that mindset it will be very hard for you to break free because their mindset becomes like the force of gravity when I started building my business every time I talk to my friend hey I want to work on this project no don't do that come to the bar with us don't say homework on the computer that's lame coming out with us and they're not trying to hurt me it's not because they want to stop me from succeeding they don't see it that way they simply see the world as hey let's have fun now their short-term thinkers you need to start thinking about spending time with I'm not can ask you to and about friendships or copy bluff from your life as though he wanted to the best result is really your friend is excited about this project as you are and what ago along the same path but it's more about finding people going on the same journey with the five people in line for Skype groups the people conferences go to local Meetup groups whenever you do the more you can surround yourself with people on the same path is you the easier it will be for you to stay the course I was part of the mastermind for five years ago when I first moved to Florida as a great group of guys they were all doing such different things online most of her conversations were almost always because he couldn't share any techniques when I was working in teaching pilots had a past pilot test another guy was doing a lot of self-development writing music to overcome trauma you things I don't understand I don't understand that market on I think he's a great guy and so cool the music can help people but I don't how to do that that's nothing like any market ever operated is always different guys and totally for markets doing 10 different things some guys were writing courses that you would give to an outsourcer to outsource Adam Murphy teaching processes in different types of technologies even though all these guys were doing very different things they were all of the minds and work like it was great encouragement there is a part of that group I noticed that every the group was making about $45,000 a year in profit after other business grants know one of the guys was grossing around hundred and his profit was half back as he had a lot of expenses for his type of business and another guy was making 16 only 15 of it was expenses we all had different grosses but somehow in this group and was at 45 now what I joined the group I was making around 25 $30,000 year but once I hit 45 I looked around and go all my gosh I keep hanging out these guys are not to grow I need to join a group that had a need to pull me up and that's how we want to move for we always want to be ceramic fuel that are just a little bit ahead of us so their influence in their encouragement and their their numbers make us go all I wanted to better give your group to hang out 10 other people are doing the same type businesses you when you're making the most money there when there you're making $1000 month I'll make it 800 when you get to feel really good about being the best so you won't feel any burning desire to push yourself and grow to the next level you actually limit yourself when you are the top dog in a group and this is why ever that group should constantly jump between groups to people should always be changed with hang out around people are doing better than them around me with her had of us that offers mentorship guidance wisdom partnerships and also most important of all motivation we want to hit the numbers of people around us are hitting you what those moments if you're in a group in your target current outlier of the group will do everything to keep you where you're at with actively and passively and as you're moving forward if you surrender so people same journey once your group and you had those numbers you want to move to the next group so I constantly jump mastering the constant change weighing out with because I want to be around people that are doing better than me because it helps me to grow I still love you have great friendships with people there on the same journey as me that are behind me I spent most of my time every day writing blog posts courting podcast replying to emails doing stuff on social media making courses for people that are behind me further down the mountain you're behind me on this journey that's how I give value to the people behind me but at the same time for me to get better for me grow my business and learn new things I always want to be around people that are doing something different to me doing something better than me consecutively with the motivation and excitement want you to think about who you invest your time with and the return are getting on that investment if you surround yourself with people that are a lot of fun but have no aspirations then slow your aspirations will fade away I can tell you right now if you read my book to jump on my challenges with my Lisbon charger my blog building challenge if you go through in my courses if you surround yourself with people that are naysayers that think Internet's whack of the units scammers and it's not really you can't make money just by writing for someone else you people that don't believe will Daniel never succeed to hold you back because the keep saying it doesn't work and it'll cause you to quit sooner most people quit with their 90% with the goal the number of people go through my entire nonfiction writing course and then never post an ad or never responded out for someone looking to hire worker blows my mind the go through all the effort of learning my process learning the entire system and all they have to do is let people pay them and they won't do that last part that's what people get stuck people get stuck in the beginning very few people get frozen in the middle of the nine video course it's two hours of content very few people quit in the first five minutes they watch and invest the entire two hours it's only the final implantation steps were people get stuck and that's where the people around you are going to make a difference if the right thing I don't post now that's lame articles that are Craigslist allowed to do this while you join that website don't spend your time doing that is not to work anyways will convince you that it doesn't work and then you won't implement. You are the last moment was if you're surrounded by people there doing stuff on hit its own score you should just try it sometimes people around so my friends try ideas that I think are terrible I think they're going to market its weird doesn't make any sense we are not sure whether doing it but I always say go for if I don't have experience in it I don't know for sure that their idea will work the advice I give his encouragement when someone has an idea and something completely something I don't know about my tendencies they tried and find out where is most people tonight if I minded their tendency is to say don't even bother probably will work don't waste your time that mindset that give up as soon as you can mindset is keeping so many people from achieving greatness it's so unfortunate what you to put in the time now to fight people around you are on the same path is you I'm working on trying to rebuild my form have the software set up a little bit hopefully but time is will be set up I'm not sure if I get to work as a performing attack in those problems but I want to create places where you can find other people of the same mind as you that's why have the Facebook page and that's what each of my products has a Facebook group so you can find other people to talk to their on the same path as you talk about things and say here's what struggle with years of work on your reducing encouragement feedback to group get a little community but it's also really valuable to as much you can find some digital community it's really really valuable to get community in your local area and the way you can get that is by going to and going to the local like entrepreneurs meet ups the small business owners minutes the writers meet ups the need for flax if you're interested in copy and interested in that type of stuff that the PR people college lenders these different groups you can find groups in your area in a market if you try to make a lot of bloggers always of things and being around these people is can be very valuable one of your people that are actually doing it as much is at school people that are just trying to do one of your people that are serious like I see a lot of people that are always in Starbucks working on a novel that they never finished they been working on for five years you don't want to be caught up with people that are not finishers that's the one danger is wanting little caveat so if you go to Starbucks and hang on to the laptop he will make sure they're actually doing something that's crossing the finish line one of my friends Jesse the writer he writes about merging American and Chinese businesses all of his stuff it's something outside of my daughter he writes these amazing books been very successful doing some traditional publishing stuff in the past and physical books about his only friend of mine that the writer is funny were both friends before you came writers were still friends 10 years later most of the other people around me other than him on the front of the writers I meet a lot of people I know a lot of people my circle of people I encounter I do like to tell me that the writers but they've never finished a book and that's not the same thing that the exam active in an accident if ever in a movie but I've never known to read if you've written a novel and… Exists is in your drawer you haven't done anything it's only when you finish something released in the world that it becomes real the reason I can say on best-selling authors for the written books that have been put on bestseller list the connection to reality that's why unfortunately I have to say best selling authors of the same author now to get the real credibility people all the time and on the writer to what is written well nothing you said you're right it was a meeting on right that's a challenge and some people struggle to author writer I don't know I don't write fiction so that's was a writer but sometimes the author goes on to write books and have a lot of personal stories in there so there's an element of that you want to be around people that are finishers that are succeeding it's great to hear people their total beginners invite other little servo master beginners to hang out with and talk about this journey we also we are people that are really happening and they're actually starting to make money finds out he started doing nonfiction six months ago and just sold her first little ghost writing book or this and that so that way you get to see little bit of success that abuse well what people there at your same love and people are little front of you one of things I've discovered over time is it people come and go people at your level fade away by surrounding yourself with people that are little bit ahead of you you get the event of their wisdom you to learn from your experience you to avoid the pitfalls they fell into and because they're just a little bit ahead of you they remember what you're going through sometimes if I'm talking to someone who is brand-new talking about the first blog post or time with the first little I forget little struggles you affix struggles of trying to get your first article client sometimes I don't connector that emotionally because of so long ago for me some of the ways that I got my first class and with a community with things have changed and so when you talk to me you won't get a little empathy they are looking for simply because it's been too long for me and that's reality that's me being totally honest with you wares if you want to talk to me about getting a video client or doing copywriting projects because that something a little bit newer for me that something I have a little more empathy was because my memory stronger I remember those struggles little bit more as you're working your way up it helps to have people had a view it helps to have people same level and cups of a mentor in front of you whether that's me or whether you find a differ on my grew someone else you want to follow there's lots of great guys out there I don't pretend I'm only one on the best I'm just someone who has my philosophy and I teach in my way there's other people to teach in different ways that are wonderful if you connect with them that I totally encourage that I don't feel like you should follow me even if my stuff is it working for you but you really only need one guru that you're falling one person at the top of the mountain if you try to learn how to write from seven different people will get contradictory advice some of my writing philosophies go against other people's running philosophies this is reality people have different approaches I research in a way different than other people my writing process is 90% research 10% writing other people the process might be 20% research 80% writing I do it completely different might have a totally different approach if you try to merge and learn the stresses the same time you had problems I'm all about organic traffic to be try to learn how to find customers from me at the same time as you're trying to learn from someone else who teaches all the Facebook traffic you run into conflicts because it's two different philosophies the way I write content where my blog post rapid social media is different than my friends who do paid Facebook advertising neither method is right or wrong they're just different so you want to only really put one person out of your one system the fall that's why say only follow one course at a time surround yourself with people that are on the same journey as me sitting in affirmations and get encouragement so you can feel like they get you that's where the real value lies in your surrounding regular due to little better than the pull you up till help you find projects opportunities and things will bring up their level financially when you're in a group but making $1000 month in which it does not want any join the fight is normal group and we had five then he joined the 20,000 dharmas group than 100,000 normative than the million-dollar month group continue to surround yourself with people that are seeking excellence now within these groups you really want to find people to serve the master mindset is a lot of other names for the people call it the wealthy mindset people called 1% or mindset is different names for but the main tenets of the minds that are really that you believe you deserve greatness and that you believe you should make money without having to invest time you believe there's a disconnect between the time you spent on a project the money make traditional mindset is probably our work and make this much money my mindset is I want to make as much money as possible the amount of hours when a project irrelevant only the result of very results oriented my mindset is the wealthy minds of the 1% of my the successful mines I believe that amazing things are possible for you possible for me I believe that you can make great money and I believe that you can make projects that create passive income they create automated revenues they give you royalties and recurring revenue for years and years you're looking for use runners-up with one make sure that we join the groups you want the same mindset some people start an online business or start their own business and are just crating a new job for themselves or just saying hey I'm just can work eight hours a day for myself to make $100 a day still caught up in that time to money ratio but the one kind of thing you want to avoid just as someone try to start a business doesn't mean on the same path as you your path is really defined by believing that you can achieve amazing wealth and by believing freedom is very valuable and by believing the time has no relation to profit those three little things were really help you find the kind of people you surround yourself with find the path to success the opportunity for amazing and what you'll discover when you start to drink groups are of the same mindset as you get more more opportunities will come with things that people perceive his luck will actually be great opportunity when you join a group okay you're the guy make $1000 Motherwell making $5000 a year the gal making thousand month evidence making five times more money than you they will all throw you business opportunities that they would reject my friend offered me a job full-time for $20 an hour last week you offer me $800 week's work from full-time that's way below what I may go to one of my associates owners near me further than the amount is if you want this job is way more money they're making right now it's a great opportunity and it's a step on the path to greater success is not a permanent job it's a develop skills job for some relationships form some connection and then move onto the next thing in three or six months that's really the mindset so this is exactly what I did so often a job it's less money that I'll take I give it to someone someone is making $5000 month gets offered something though pay $3000 rental turned down they can offer to you Petrus tripled your income to something they rejected something you'd accept this is how you create opportunity all of your friends will save your so lucky someone is headed you 3000, job is not happened is it you put in hard work you created the correct mindset you demonstrated that you're someone who implements and executes some takes action across the finish letter projects and then you surround yourself with people that are of the same mindset of you but had a view of all the people your router make the same monies you or less none of them will ever throw you an opportunity portal through opportunities that will really help you to be at the level you're making right now if you are making thousand dollars month your friend gets offered a project pay $20 an offer to you disorder brought out time for some great that the level Yorty at your group Limited five or $10 month the same type of product to offer you be worth way more money that's the value of your social circle though bring you up to provide guidance mentorship companies I'm a big big believer in networking it's really important to me I have a whole philosophy deep structure for how I approach networking social goals why surround myself with but this is the core philosophy understanding that surround yourself with people that are like-minded means that more options will come your way but also means and when it's your turn you can pay for because when you're making $3000 a month the thousand dollars project working on you with an offer to someone else was making $500 monthly to pay it forward he continues to help people around this is not about take this is about give and take the people give you things and you are able to give other people things you can to pay it forward like I just was able to offer the job to someone was helping hours of from an opportunity that's not bad money $3200 a month you get a jump from on the approximate five dollars with it six times what is making right now is a great opportunity and that's what's amazing about have his connections I pass on jobs all the time this is why when people part of my nonfiction writing group on Miller Facebook group I post jobs there all the time to have time to do or that the pay is lower than I would normally take to get these amazing opportunities and then when you're surrounded by people there making hundred thousand dollars or million dollars one sometimes will ask you to do something in the offering amount of money that's insane to say we work on the crew for three weeks I'll give you a 25 grand because you project confidence because you seemed savvy because of the same mindset to them they'll assume your rates are similar to theirs and though pay you an amount of money that's amazing this is why I'm sure these podcasts in a specific order to help you get the right mindsets first so that as you implement these things you can find amazing opportunities for amazing revenue by understanding the value of the people around you you can unlock the next financial level over and over and over again this is how you can become a millionaire just a few short years because I have the servo masterminds in my mind it is encourage people to try things that I don't know know someone trying a business model that I've dealt with in the past and a little something about I can speak from experience that I'll give them different set of advice

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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