SNM083: Ten Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook isn't going away anytime soon.  Building your engagement is so critical.  Even if you only have one hundred fans, if you can get them posting on your wall and liking your comments, you can explode.

It's Virtual Networking

You may have noticed that my episode delivery was a little crazy this week, but I've made up for it with so many extra blog posts on networking.

So many deals flow back and forth between the real world and the virtual world.

Some contacts you only meet in person after years of connecting online.

Every one of my new contacts is now part of my social network.  I only leave my island twice a year so a respectable online presence is absolutely critical.

It's the only way to manage my relationships.

Some people will do a seven-figure deal right in Facebook chat.

Perception is Everything.

One of my networking secrets is making you seem more popular than you are.

It's very hard to become popular and make ten thousand people like you, but it's very easy to get the RIGHT ten people to like you.

When you make the right moves you can manipulate how people perceive you.

Taking care of your Facebook audience can lead to some very big things.

Next year I'm going to teach you a LOT about running ads on Facebook, but before you do that you need to have your organic Facebook presence correct.

In today's episode, I'll show you exactly what I mean.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Start by implementing one tip today
  2. Networking online and offline should flow easily
  3. It's ok to do something partially and then finish it later

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10 ways to increase your Facebook engagement on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroy thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\freshman are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online wiring to start living your retirement dreams now then come to the right place welcome to serve no master but how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post we all know that Facebook is the message of the behemoth that controls massive swathes of the Internet and can make or break many businesses but how can you break into Facebook how can you get people to pay attention to certain little steps you can take along the way to make it a lot easier for your post to go viral and for you to get customers engagement connection using Facebook in the first of those is creating shareable content now it's very hard when you say so make make something viral it's overwhelming what you want to do is start with making it possible for people to share things one of the big changes that I made recently was resizing all of the images on my website to the perfect size for Facebook and it's always changing it something like 12 oh 3 x 600 right now as I think the size of music ever the exact number but you can look it up and always look and say what's the perfect size for images to share Facebook this is one of the critical steps to actually getting people to share stuff I see all the time someone click share and images resized and so party gets clipped off and we have text on your image half of the word on the left gets clipped a path where the rights and the people carry the sentence anymore and you lose a lot of the value of having image posts you also want to have videos that are easy for people to click a button and share when you're creating the content what you can do and what I really recommend and this is something to do more more more more is to follow really great headline principles you want to include every elements of a great headline and that means using a have a recent episode I talk with us you want to use a lot of headline generators when used headline testers it's a very simple formula for writing a great insurable headlines you don't have to think of from scratch using the tool make a lot easier for you will take a lot of the challenge and difficulty away the following simple steps rather than just saying oh create something share by having people say there could something that's viral make sure that it's the size correctly in the model on other viral content that's a really really simple way to do it the next thing is to include cost action you have to say things two people to let them know what to do a cave you like this video click this link if you thought this was valuable share this idiom when you're doing stuff for example it's political you want to say oh stop this from happening click here to save your country share this if you love your country very simple greed called action a reason to do this if you believe this if this speaks to you if you found this helpful share with your audience share with your friends share with your family member think about those letters that people used to send around that set off you don't for this to 10 people or something bad will happen to you it the same idea you want to give people a motivation for taking action say if you send this and it's better say if you do ask something positive will happen but it's the same idea if you do this then please give a lot of value share with other people get the word out make sure this doesn't happen again not having called action will losing a lot of engagement because people don't know what to do if you don't tell people to do something they won't do it it's amazing how important it is to simply say hey please do it oh what we have in our first two steps make it easy to share content and when you create stuff on Facebook directly when you share your post on Facebook when you share video Facebook make sure you can call to action telling people what to do the next thing to do is to make some different content types so you don't want only videos videos are great videos are really wonderful and Lexi thinking about a couple of shifts in with my video stuff I create so much content I'm thinking as I been preparing for this lesson actually downloaded the new video app for my phone and get tested just the way way better then the video at the that's the native one in fact I even saw this awesome tool call the Osmo mobile now have tested it and put in thing a bite of myself as a little present sometime the next one or two months and the reason I'm thinking that is because it helps you to record a little bit more stable videos and it works with this app is supposed to be really really amazing simply because I don't want to buy new video camera plugged in a load of my video camera's that my CAH is just recording a little video earlier today for my podcast training course in the is the answer awesome the codec say it's probably one the best view cameras may last 10 years but the promised draw from 2010 so they're just getting old and machinery doesn't last forever so they haven't died yet but I deftly seen what my friends had one that died and I need to look towards the future and I've been recording more and more video with my camera been pretty happy with it so I don't know if on the ground that tool but I'm thinking about it because then you can just record a video of you talking your face and it's pretty cool it's a great way to create content really really quickly really easily if you're doing live action video what you want do is mix of cotton if you're only only doing videos than you're gonna loose P because not everyone is always looking for a video sometimes you want to mix in a list or list to go sometimes you want to mix and just a photograph sometimes you want to mix different types of content to the engage of people on different levels by having different types of content as well as different mediums so you can have like a motivational quote one when posting your next post is a video of you working out in the morning and kind of given people like a little routine and the video the afternoon can veer to the video the afternoon you can send him a list like a recipe you're mixing up different types of content so when I send out stuff sometimes I send out really cool blog posts that I read sometimes I send out a message about one of my product sometimes I send out you try and mix it up and you want to do that more more more more and the reason I'm going over his future with you sexy I'm trying to prove my own Facebook worker and try to improve more more categories of my business and so part of it is doing a lot of research and I realized that mixing content having lots of different things she would connect with is really valuable have video contents really good but if you can mix up videos and other stuff you'll do even better with whichever space rent it's really really good to mix up different styles of content what are things you can think about doing and not sure from and to do this I am thinking about it but it is so much like content with this is to do use Facebook live regularly which really amazing is that you can do really simple stuff you can shoot videos in your backyard or anything and I have friends every time they do someone's listening live on Facebook notifies me notifies all this persons recording the concert live with her shooting five and when does fireworks mixing say who wants to watch a videotape of fireworks at the absolute worst fireworks are so exciting life and so terrible via video and so everyone shares in them instantly tells you what's great about that is that they immediately get locked into Facebook engage with your audience and that therefore you look at over and over again later it saves a recording not huge on the Facebook lab idea but is another way to increase your engagement and if you're going to record a video if your summary does videos in one take some doing more and more my video content in one takes actually this could be something really cool now I have to experiment with the technology before I give you a hard recommend on this what I'm going to test out exactly and think about is can I record with my phone using any video app directly to Facebook live or do I have to use the Facebook live out our Facebook app specifically these are things I'm experiment and with only make sure when you're doing videos another thing to think about when you're recording videos for Facebook is you want ones actually work even if the sound is off Facebook does test auto playing videos with sounds of Facebook is doing a lot of tests where the set I might replace but also you right now when the first things that I do when I'm scrawled on a webpage and a video starts plan and I hit the mute button on my computer as I don't want to listen to something I didn't ask for news websites to the stimuli there's a lot of video advertising so even if it's a video I'm actually interested and I want to proactively engage with it so if you can make a video that works out audio you can really capture a little more audience so autoplay is probably here to stay even though it's annoying it out tests and out converts videos that people have to please click the button as much as people say it's annoying as long as they buy more or react more two autoplay videos those are always good dominate the just the way it is but what you can do is simply if you're recording let's say a video of yourself talking register via view in the art you can just put your transcript below the video you can put like close captioning on the video or even better than a word by word close captioning you just have some really cool bullet points doing video that way will really capture the people that want to hear you and the people that don't so for example it's a some of the work scroll down Facebook should be to be a little bit naughty at the sound turned off on their computer so it doesn't matter if you have sound this way you can engage people in with a cane. It's really valuable another thing that I'm working I've actually been having trouble with this have been request for two weeks Facebook is a thing called instant articles with instant articles is where Facebook actually pulls your article into Facebook blog post and then displays it within Facebook and you can do this if you meet certain requirements and once I get this completely set up all share this how to do this walk through my blog but I'm still testing it I don't have a final answer on this one because something went wrong with the Facebook apps that you have to set up an act connection done a bunch of apps before for some reason this time setting that didn't work quite right it's really popular in the low 10 times faster the load way way faster special in the mobile app and there very very powerful is a lot you can do there now the problem is with Facebook and articles is that you can't run advertising inside you get amp Facebook chooses the ads that run inside your blog posting kind of does it profit share but what I do is what I'm setting up as I'm not can run ads and because I care more about people disengagement content not making money for my articles because I'm not in the paper view paper click market that's not how I make money I don't monetize by selling advertising on my own content I don't depend on that so this new phase begins articles very valuable for me and I really recommend testing it out because it can become very very valuable now another thing you can do is change your posting times as tip number seven of your writing numbers down and when you hosting always the same time you can develop irregularity but you might find different types today get better engagement there tons of test buffer loves us any ideas about the best times to post all those things he can use apps that center the best times for long time I sent all my emails at two in the morning Eastern and I went that that was insane but I got so much engagement because anyone on that time of night the kind of an insomnia mode and I had a really high conversion rates lots of clickers and lots of sales for anything of promoting these I noticed my list was really insomniacs in an email in the morning I would get nearly as many opens her sales knowing your audience know when the respondent support people are online at different times now as a individual I engage with Facebook very very rarely it's a very small part of my online presence I checked Facebook mostly I checked Facebook to look at the local classifieds to see if any cools for sale that's probably the main way engage with Facebook at two or three friends that only use Facebook for communications of Skype that's the second way use it very rarely is my my going to the timeline and kind of engaging with stuff so I'm much more of a content share than a content receiver but I'm online at random times and a lot of people are as well so test different times especially have a worldwide audience you'll find that different things happen now you can also take old content some people republish continue to republish a poster six months ago or a month ago that's fine again especially that shared a totally different time should 9 AM last time shared at midnight this time see you actually reaching all new people seal get a lot of reviews a lot of people seeing it a second time nothing to do is pay attention to the market everything I do is built on the idea of see what someone else is doing in reverse engineer I'm a big fan of that I don't like to reinvent the wheel so with arm writing an advertising campaign on designing the next book I'm gonna write I'm looking for a Facebook strategy I say a water-soluble similar to me doing what's good about what's bad about it and then I replicate some of the ideas oh I've noticed that people do a lot of quizzes on his quizzes had most people remedy a lot of videos you can monitor and track using software just manually in a log onto the page of five or 10 people and see what big brands in the same space as you are doing if you're in fitness for all the top 1010 fitness pages of your parenting look at the top mommy blocks one of the top people in your space or doing one observe what they're doing and see what engages with you see the things I really want to share that you know I should do something similar number nine is to Drive traffic from external places so you can actually bring an engagement also some people from your blog to Facebook so what you can do is provide no shareable links all that stuff you can also use your Facebook posts and create timestamps or create shareable link every one of your post on Facebook has its own permanently we grab the permit link you can share that link and seek incentive for the places you can send people directly to your post or your video that's on Facebook from an email from anything else the more you connect people see most of my audience my audience comes from other sources I do have a lot of Facebook to blog audience but I can send the audience to Facebook they reengage me there and then you can engage with them over and over again we always want to expand our Isaac indication I want someone to read my blog amen Facebook since podcast follow me on twitter then I can communicate with them on four levels of a at LinkedIn we have five lines of Acacia five chances reach some messages on the final thing you can do is you can actually embed Facebook content into your blog we often think about crating content on our blog or in our own website and then sharing on Facebook but you can write a really engagement poster poster video your or even the replay of your Facebook live video to your Facebook page but then you can take that embed code and share it on your blog posts what's cool about that is that it will connect people back and forth and again when someone clicks on that embedded video or clicks on that embedded blog post invented content from Facebook you pull them your Facebook page and that allows them to use the click like to leave a comment or to click shares of the get connected need to do this many of these same things will work on Twitter as well more more and I'll do some video Stella line on and some other social me a platform that is when you give me some ideas now with anything like this it's very tempting to get overwhelmed because that was a big list and you can save yourself I can do these 10 things until he thinks will do nothing when I wanted to just pick one thing from this list and implement that just take one and start there and later on do number two as I always share with him very open about my marketing hungry my business I told you I started dabbing the face beginner article this article 2 or three weeks ago there was a glitch in the setup of the plug-in and I said I'm not doing this right now and that's reality sets me being honest with you and so I'll work on it again and then maybe the next thing and think about doing his mess around more more with Facebook live videos the reason I share the information with you is so you can see what I'm really doing and see that the 8020 rule so critical don't say I can't do all 10 of the sunken weight and start next month that's the wrong mindset the mindset should be all just try one and would have time I'll try another one that minds it will really really help you find success Facebook can be really real great platform but it can also be daunting because it's so big and so, getting it so overwhelming so avoid all of that overwhelming us and instead just focus on designing the perfect strategy for you design something that simple start simple and work your way up for most my social media have my social media platforms are all set up on automation I have a service that comes up with cool ideas or cool blog post for me to share and then have another service that automatically shares them on my social media profiles through buffer I do all of those right now because I don't have a lot of time to work on those platforms so I just wanted them something happening so they wouldn't appear dead and eventually over time at all do is replace all the original content with my own stuff having a bit of a plan LinkedIn for down the line is much better than just saying unlike you to do anything to I ready start out creating content start out using different tools and over time replace them this is the same thing with product creation when I entered the relationship space and with my publisher originally we were promoting about 20 other offers who do is say okay here's the 20 most successful author offers most distal products so we just created 20 of our own versions we make our own versions and that's what you do when you're creating stuff you can start by showing someone else's stuff and then shift to your own as you have time to make it I don't have all the products I want to release finished I'm in the middle of finishing designing the slides for my podcasting course and also I just finished the first outline for the blog course Saturday morning and sent it to my assistant to start working more money out when she sent me a rough draft Friday I sent a bunch of rewrites this process is critical to how I grow my business but because products are always done is always more more I want to make if you have any my product you can see my members area all the products and think about creating even then I don't have them all done even that list have a list of 12 main products in about 50 blueprints that I'm working on their still twice as much I want to make have already thought about 10 more main products I want to put out there that means I'm constantly creating but until you have things done is impossible to get things done instantly until you have things done you just want to do one step at a time so you can recommend an extra product you can write a review of something you can do something small that will help you get there so is Facebook start off just take one little step to go Noel can resize my images that was the first thing I did and I'm actually not done yet right now I still need to resize if you go to my website and look at the last 30 or 40 poster all resized by stuff to go back to the ones before that and do another batch side and finish doing often but I did a bunch of resizing and changing the image of the image has text on it so it's more shareable that something that I decided to do as a working on my Facebook stuff so as you're doing all of these steps realize it's okay to do something partially and then work on it again later I so I still need for my Facebook stuff to number one start replacing automatic content with my own number two start requirement videos number three I need to get Facebook into articles working at night if you won't run with that and number four I need to resize the rest of my images so even though those things are done in fact I can email some time for people saying I'm so glad your websites finally done it wasn't done for salon but still not done a still more things I want to do so you can be in a state of constant improvement that's okay it's better to be in a state of constant improvement and waiting for perfection's I know the started off as a Facebook podcast started ended up as a motivational podcast these are things that can happen this Parisi podcast once all me by myself really excited to spend some time with you have some really cool things coming up over the next few weeks I Mexico into an amazing live event very soon and hopefully I'll be will get some amazing interviews while I'm there and I'll let you know when I know little bit more so fingers crossed that some of the amazing people I connect with will be up for an interview for now thank you so much for listening I'm always excited to have you engaged me and take some time right now I just spent 20 minutes dabbing the Facebook find one way you can improve your engagement for now and then you comply the other nine down the line when you have more time these are 10 ways you can improve your facebooking thank you for listening to this week's episode absorbed no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference it over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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