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  1. I can totally dig what you’re saying here… I got to a point where I had been watching all my friends settle down, get married and buy homes. I am single and pay a very affordable rent. I developed a mindset that I needed to get all the toys now or I would miss my chance and end up with a wife and a mortgage and I would never be able to have anything “cool”. I bought outdoor gear, kayaks, motorcycles, an antique car, skis, tools, a new car, the list goes on and on… 6 years now I’ve been stock piling cool stuff, but now I want to start a new chapter… to travel and even move somewhere new. All this stuff is such a huge anchor. Before I’m able to do anything I am FORCED to deal with this STUFF. Its looking like my next adventure has to start with a massive liquidation of this “cool stuff” i just had to have. Your freedom is way, way more valuable than a 12 foot kayak you used twice, or a cool car that doesn’t run. Just my two cents! In the mean time I’ll be listing stuff on Craigslist, wish me luck!!