Serve No Master shares their experiences of living abroad and traveling while having a family and grooming an online business.

SNM139: Flying on Planes with Babies

I’ve been traveling more in the past two months than I did in the past two years. As a parent with two young children and a third on the way, I am acutely aware of how they behave in public. Having noticed more than a few bad parents lately, I realized it’s time to drop some Serve No Master parenting wisdom.

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SNM066: 5 Reasons to Move to Playa Del Carmen

The whole reason I got into online marketing was to take control of my destiny. Within three years of losing my job I was living on a tropical island in paradise. You can find your own version of paradise a little closer to home than you might expect….

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Super Cheap Cruises

I first learned about cheap cruises a few years ago when I read an article by Tynan.  He first introduced me to the idea of a repositioning cruise.  Until then I had always thought of cruises as round trips – you end up right back where you started.  I had even seen the movie Titanic multiple …

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