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SNM041: Dealing with Depression

I first dealt with suicidal thoughts as a very young child.  Half a dozen shrinks, counselors, and psychiatrists only made things worse.  They tried pills and hypnotism and everything else in their magic bags to no avail.

How Depression Works

Depression is insidious. It’s a slowly creeping monster.  It comes on so slowly that we don’t take it seriously until it’s far too late.  It starts off as a light feeling of loneliness or sadness in the back of your mind.  Before you know it, you don’t feel like doing anything.

Shut it Down Fast

My strategy is simple.  As soon as I feel a flicker of depression, I tell the person nearest to me.  I don’t wait for it to become overwhelming and yes I have told strangers and people I barely know.

It’s embarrassing, but only in your own mind.

Who is upset by hearing this, “I’m feeling depressed, we need to do something fun and awesome to stop it from taking hold.”

Nobody hates the idea of fun. Helping me deal with depression is awesome because it involves arcades, surfing or movies.  Dealing with early-stage depression is fun, but dealing with it later is awful.

Emotions are Just Thoughts

People want to tell me all the time that emotions are a special and unique category of thoughts.  We have invented this idea that emotions are powerful.  They are not.  They are simply a category of thoughts and you have the ability to control your thoughts.  Do not give up your power.

Listen to today’s episode for several powerful techniques for overcoming depression and some exercises to prove that this method is based in science.

Key Points:

  1. Take action as soon as you notice the feeling
  2. Working for yourself puts you at risk of loneliness
  3. Emotions are just thoughts

Resources Mentioned:

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*As stated in the episode, don’t stop taking your medication or quit going to your doctor.  This is the technique that works for me and it can help you to overcome depression as well, but it’s not meant to replace professional medical advice.

1 thought on “SNM041: Dealing with Depression”

  1. I love this post. I particularly like your view on how to take action. I had the same experience with psychiatrists. They all seemed like kooks to me.

    By best friend my whole life, who was like my brother, died suddenly when he was 24 years old. That changed my life and I got really depressed. Everyone was acting like it wasn’t ok to grieve and some quack tried to put me on antidepressants which made me feel worse.

    I’m really glad the trend is now leaning toward positive psychology and happiness research versus paying someone $200 an hour each week to talk about what is wrong with your life.

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