SNM040: The Value of Freedom

If you had one day to live, would you ask for more time or more money?  Nobody says money, yet that’s how every single one of us lives…

How much does your life cost?

According to Visual Economics, we spend 17% of our money every year on transportation.  We spend more than 5% on entertainment.  So much of our life is spent earning money to pay for things that fade away.

wasted finances

Do You Value Freedom?

We are a society trained by the banks to obsess over things.  We are constantly attacked with advertisements demanding we buy more.  People don’t respect what you have in the bank, they only respect expensive stuff.

Nobody respects the person who has money in a solid savings account.  We would rather see a flashy watch and an overpriced car.

Make Your Choice

You can spend now and endure financial slavery later, or you can sacrifice now and enjoy true freedom later.

Choose your path.

Key Points:

  1. Freedom is undervalued in our society
  2. Most people are house poor or 30k millionaires
  3. Turn your entertainment time into passion time

Resources Mentioned:

Visual Economics

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Discover the value of freedom on today's episode this episode is brought to you by a Weber email is perfect for connecting your brand to your audience whether they make a purchase read your blog or meet you in person email automation begins with a conversation left off to see how a Weber can help your business and get your first month free go to\a Weber are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online prior you to start living in retirement dreams now you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post nice little milestone I initially planned on getting 40 episodes by doing five episodes weakened and switching to weekly absence but for right now I think I'm going to continue for a while getting an episode every day Monday through Friday I'm also very excited about how the sound of essays abaci but I'm back sitting on the dock right on the beach this time it's low tide so there is a little bit away the noise in the background but I think it sounds really peaceful nice I'm enjoying a beautiful sunrise and I want to share that with you today's episode is all about the power freedom the value freedom if you are dying tomorrow human one day left to live would you go back into the office would you ask for more money or would you ask for more time every single one of us would ask for more time we don't act like you do we act like money is so much more valuable hundred years ago we were a society and a culture in America what everyone had savings everyone had really strong bank account savings accounts and people only purchase things once they had enough money to cover it the large banks got together and they put together the Federal Reserve which didn't exist we had a national bank develop before that there was no national Bank in this national bank decided to create a culture and create a nation of debt so that the rich get richer credit cards and entire process was completely invented not for consumer convenience which is a total lie but as a way to increase the profits of the superrich to help those billionaires become super billionaires to turn their mega yachts and the Cypriots understanding the foundations of the financial structures and institutions we actually use less important we have these assumptions that are often the result of advertising campaigns and their totally false the Federal Reserve even though was created by the government it's not controlled by the government just gave it that name to mislead you into thinking it's part of the government so you put more trust in it we need to really reevaluate what's important to us were constantly shown images and messages to press on to us the idea we need more stuff you do stuff we knew better stuff every year new iPhone comes out and I have certain friends that are always obsessed with getting the iPhone I had my last phone for almost 6 full years my iPhone lasted a very very long time it lasted through two batteries in several repairs I only switched after more than five years what I wanted to start taking better pictures of my kids to send my family that's one of the main reasons I switched and one of the buttons had been broken for year and the other one we started to fade so the whole machine after five or six years really falling apart I can tell you right now I recently went on a trip on the medical trip I told you about Arlington Hospital in Thailand also went to a little shop in the mall there and got the phone completely replaced they fixed everything repaired everything reset the OS the whole shebang like brand-new and it cost I think like seven or $10 and iPhone works like new now my girlfriend uses it things really can last a long time were so used to replacing things and wanted something better better better better now yes my new phone not that you got it on six month sale is much better than the old one but I don't use it that much we are to have a camera the only thing I really do if my phone is listen to some podcasts occasionally sent a text to my girlfriend I probably send less than 10 texts a week and then I make one or two phone calls a month when my Skype is acting up when Skype is acting up I can make a direct phone call to America for project and sometimes I do that for webinars or other things but it's very rare we constantly want to get that new incremental upgrade now they offers all these great promotions at the end of the day all these new consumer items all these amazing things we really want want want want they don't make us that happy study after study shows that no matter how big the purchases after about two weeks that feeling of euphoria that good feeling disappears that's what he will become shopaholics is not the possessing that makes us feel good it's the acquiring and what you want to be right two weeks else want to return it because the feeling Scott in our culture right now were obsessed with entertainment where and we have all these expenses we could shift away if we really reassess what's important to us the average American spends around $2600 a year on entertainment that's about 6% of that average budgets of you spend around 6% of what you make on pure entertainment this is like movies drinks in the bar all of these expenses on top of that we spent another 17% just having a car gas and maintenance we spent around $5000 a year how brutal is that huge massive expenses in our lives come from decisions that we make passively I don't own a car right now getting in my car was what happiness is not love my car I drove my last car for five years with very special was the first car ever bought completely on my own without any help from my parents without any external help as far as doing the paperwork or getting alone all of that stuff I did completely on my own and other people they do that much younger in life but because I travel around the world so often only 29 for the first time was I in a position to actually buy a car for myself and had a call from five years with wonderful car and even during that time as I became more and more financially successful people always complain about the quality of my car you're so successful was a car more expensive there's this pressure in our society to buy more expensive things to prove you have money when you save money in a savings account other people don't respect that they don't care because they can't see it and it's unfortunate that we don't value being frugal or being intelligent with money really respect people that have a lot of flashy money you know those $30,000 millionaires people that are living totally on that but it looks like they have money for some reason our society our society gives them a lot more credit and a lot more respect for people that are careful with their money cautious with their money and take care of things another 33% of what you make those in the housing 11% goes into insurance all of these fees when you move abroad or when you actively make decisions about the value of freedom versus money a change you can take control of them my cost of living right now the cost of the house I live in is huge my house is huge so bag is plenty of room for me and all the kids in everyone else to hang out all day less than the apartment I shared when I used to live in Florida living in America and one of the cheaper cities I still was paying more for less I now have way more people leave myself now there's four of us living in this house and a dog when you move abroad when you take control of what you spend as well as control what you make you can increase your leverage massively right now if you're spending $5000 month in your cost of living imagine the freedom to have you cut down to or what that's what can happen when you approach freedom as the asset that is I have a lot of freedom I'm sitting here right now watching the sunrise I'm looking around I can't see another human in any direction mostly because it's too early people to wake up quite the sterling in their wake surfing around the corner around the point but all I can see is couple of boats known in them there docked in the water and I can hear few birds appreciate hear those words in the water to this is what's possible this is a life I want to give you and it begins with understanding the value of money versus time freedom is so valuable freedom is so wonderful if you begin to treat it that way most of us kind of think of freedom as a byproduct of having a lot of money but we buy things we don't need to spend money on we don't really need and we get caught up in the cycle of credit cards and that all of these things we spent so much money and having a car where I live right now I have scooter the scooter I bought it your half ago almost 2 years ago now the cost around 12 or $1300 with the exchange rate I probably spent since then about another hundred dollars in gas and maintenance imagine cutting on your transportation bills from $5000 a year 200 that's a big difference you can have all of that money to spend on freedom or the difference between what you making online and what you're making it home in your office you can leave your primary job sooner when you cut down your life expenses real wealth doesn't come from how much money you make comes from how much money you spend more you understand and control your spending the more freedom you can create and generate new life and it really comes down to this key thiamine would you rather have things for freedom when I was younger when I started making a lot of money I just began collecting all these things when I finally left the country I finally traveled which I knew was my dream I shoved it all in a storage unit that I paid for for two years before I just so my bookkeeper I said no it just empty it sell everything he can escape the money I just want this Kirstein my life all that stuff that was so important him worthless to me really doesn't mean anything the cost of entertainment where I live his pennies Iona surfboards I can entertain myself for free every single day I got a great excess have a blast it costs nothing same thing if you want a bicycle there's amazing ways to entertain yourself that don't cost anything we can really/all of these budgets and increase our lifespan our quality of life our levels of joy with these simple little actions that are so valuable a lot of what I teach answer no master a lot of what I believe and it is about putting in effort now in order to create freedom later this is a different philosophy then buying what you want now and paying for later which is how most of us live most of us want to join now in the sacrifice later but if you stick with me if you follow one of my systems for six months or 12 months quit your job you live anyway on the worldly graviton of freedom this business doesn't require you to sacrifice for five years 10 years 20 years like most other industries do you want to become a successful lawyer he has been 8 to 14 years working you went to make it to partner when you Dr. same thing Dr. education doesn't finish until you're in your 30s gotta go through everything in an internship in this and that specializations all of these things before you can finally start making money there's no rich doctors in the 20s doesn't exist this homeschool what I want you to think about is your future and your presence time is a resource and it's an asset and it's the most valuable thing you possess money is nothing compared time the way you spend your time now can give you more freedom in the future or you can spend money now and take away freedom from your future freedom is totally valuable I'd love for you to come home from work everyday and have to do nothing that's a skill or leave you sitting right where you are I want you sitting next to me on the docket of a recording podcast episodes next year are you living your dreams I know not everyone who listens the stream is to travel World War II live in a paradise many people who follow me at night holy understand this just want to pay off their debt stop going to work everyday and spend more time doing the things they left without hobbies or spend time with their families and just have some breathing room between them and all their bills this Pat can give you the exact same thing we can push back that debt increase your freedom sacrifice a little bit now you can make amazing things happen in the previous episode we talked about how were not special much as I'd love to think and most unique person the rudderless special person will not astound the guys that look like me respond to the same sense of humor as me the same skill set is me what separates me from all of the people who want this life is effort and the way to motivate you to use that effort as the fuel for your success is to remind you of the value freedom effort is really just another name for time is that we spend time spent energy on a project and eventually want that return on investment like that payoff whether it's financial or time you can get there I spent most of my time doing the things that make me happy and I want the same thing for you I think you deserve an amazing life I appreciate you spending this time with appreciate this connection that we have I'm sitting here and have my little Mike pinned my shirt I'm sitting here on this dock the water rushing past my feet it's a little strange and kind of like I'm talking to no one or talking to some imaginary but I know that these recordings, while because I listen to yesterday's episode I love the sound of water in the back I think that's very pleasant and hopefully you enjoyed as well that sounds of nature real nature you can achieve amazing things when you unlock your effort machine there's this temptation to do nothing all the time I lived in this mindset for very long time my father's death a workaholic is someone who worked himself so hard even after he retired he took on a big project and now he's suffering from medically he worked so hard in this project the doctor thinks or taken another year to recover from the project I come from that generation and I was determined not to become a workaholic went to the workforce and for 10 years I really focused on that something's changed I don't how to take days off and because I do something that I love I could easily push this podcast once we can really in a chillout and I had to put as much effort but I love doing this I'm doing what I love and you can be doing what you love to you want to take one simple step of this one thing you learn from this episode I want you to begin transitioning your entertainment time into productive time to begin using your time more valuably in the key to that which will talk about and not tomorrow's episode but the next one will talk about finding your passion with the key is to work on something you're passionate something you love doing most people have jobs or careers that they fell into and don't really love what they do most of us go to work for the paycheck is much as I enjoyed teaching for 10 years if I would've gotten paid the same money to do nothing other chosen nothing would we have these opportunities we come home from work or sit in the around the house and we choose how to fill our time I very rarely watch movies pay that right now I used to watch movies all the time any movie that's more than three years old I can tell you all about it but one of the transitions I made and I saw this in my father's well-made interning and my father happens all of us alternate our parents I very rarely watch movies I very rarely finish them it's a transition that many people make when they get married when they have a kidney kind of make that little life change for me deftly having 10 kids really changed how I approach life I just don't have the patience to sit still for two or three hours and do nothing anymore I do still watch some TV shows not very many I mostly do watch investing shows which I'm always talking about them with you my direction in life is changed what I enjoy doing I don't work because I have to I work because I enjoy it I 100% could minimize my entire business streamline everything work about two hours a day I do like surfing but I don't want to serve every day for eight hours is lot of people here love it that much maybe I'll get to that point but for me surfing is fun but it's just one of many things I love doing I love writing books I love recording training videos I love building my membership site right now I'm going through a big transition because as you know the membership site crash last week some rebuilding everything and try to rebuild the front website to it's a lot of work to redo something you've already done on a different platform and try make it look the same or little better it's a lot of copy and paste in point-and-click and you can hire someone else to do and I tried doing that but I wanted to look a certain way in a certain parts of my business that I just want total control of it's my mindset and I enjoy doing it the main time I watch TV shows is actually when I'm doing website design when I just copping a designer copy pasting that's the one time I really do watch television so I do get a little bit of entertainment but the more you shift from entertainment to enjoying your work to doing something you're passionate about the more you shift to this passion time mindset the more of your freedom and the more of your future your lock think about all the time you spend doing things for entertainment one of the things I hate the most in the world is television I hate the presentation of television like to the cable box because there's no beginning and there's no end I got a couple times my life I try to become more productive and one of them was when is graduate high school I decided to stop watching television I said I won't watch anymore television I'll only watch movies the thing about a movie is that it has a beginning and end with television you can turn it on 67 or eight hours just disappear how many times I started watching TV at six clock we get home and Sunday watching the late show all it is is a meaningless empty dribble with occasionally with a political message or some type of health warning snuck in with very little educational value Italy learn anything you don't become a better person you to sit in their car burning time and that's the wrong mindset that we see time something were just trying to spend rather than something were trying to enjoy if you watch TV for two hours you watch almost 30 minutes of commercials is one of the things that I hate you waste 30 minutes just paying with money and time for someone else to sell you stuff you don't need to make you depressed if you watch TV now if you just switch to watching recordings of the shows which is all I want I don't watch live television at all I only watch recordings you remove the commercials you change from open-ended to fix time instead of watching TV for hours and hours you watch a specific length of a shelf everything I watch as soon as I turn it on I know how long it is little time in the quarter tell me how much time can invest I rarely watch whole show in one sitting anyways these little ships are not about me being pretentious and try to share with you how my life is shifted because I enjoy my work I love what I do I'm so excited I can tell you right now my next book is Artie written it's already edited it in the getting reviews phase breaking orbit which is my entire Kindle process the book after that I've Artie created the cover roughly the covers roughly sketched out it's called 20 candidates how to write superfast after that I'm gonna work on a speed-reading book habit name that yet but that book is all about how I read a book a day and the faster you read the faster you can write these abilities will help you to efficiently use your time the faster you write the less time you spend writing planning out the future planning out where I'm going what I'm excited about I'm so excited when I think about the next book in the one after that and kind of growing my business in its new direction I'm really really excited about what Amazon is taking with his podcasts is taking me because it's a new fun adventure that were sharing together all of the things I do are things I love if I didn't love my work if I kind of hated writing I could get away with writing probably two small ghost projects a month and then a little bit of maintenance on some of my side projects and that's it after work that hard I love what I do and I want you to love what you do so if you take one thing from this lesson from this episode from today my special 40th episode I want you if you can hear that but in the background I apologize it's first boat driving by you guys gotta go fishing that's his job and I can stop someone from take care their family but today's single lesson is to think about the value of time to focus on unlocking more and more of your time and to realize that spending time now gives you a very strong return on your investment later that's what were focused on so shift your mindset from spending time for entertainment this got totally splashed I don't the weight from that boat just hit my legs so focus on shifting two passion based time spending focus on seeing time as a resource or asset and spend it with the expectation of receiving more time in the future that's the way to approach your life that's the way to approach your business and when you do that the future becomes amazing become so bright and you have all the freedom you ever desired thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for the serve no master podcast email your questions to in your question with my answer might appear in the next episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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