SNM040: The Value of Freedom

If you had one day to live, would you ask for more time or more money?  Nobody says money, yet that's how every single one of us lives…

How much does your life cost?

According to Visual Economics, we spend 17% of our money every year on transportation.  We spend more than 5% on entertainment.  So much of our life is spent earning money to pay for things that fade away.

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Do You Value Freedom?

We are a society trained by the banks to obsess over things.  We are constantly attacked with advertisements demanding we buy more.  People don't respect what you have in the bank, they only respect expensive stuff.

Nobody respects the person who has money in a solid savings account.  We would rather see a flashy watch and an overpriced car.

Make Your Choice

You can spend now and endure financial slavery later, or you can sacrifice now and enjoy true freedom later.

Choose your path.

Key Points:

  1. Freedom is undervalued in our society
  2. Most people are house poor or 30k millionaires
  3. Turn your entertainment time into passion time

Resources Mentioned:

Visual Economics

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

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