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  1. This episode really got me thinking whether I want my future kids to ever go to college. My parents would be aghast if I said I don’t plan to send my kids to college. It would make me look like a bad parent. They will tell me my kids won’t have a great future if they don’t go to college. Here in the Philippines, it is the parents’ pride to be able to send their kids to university – especially the most prestigious (and most expensive) universities. A diploma hanging by the wall is their trophy.

    But you are right. How many university graduates actually have jobs that pay off? Most of them are even unable to start their own lives because they are trapped paying for the debts their parents incurred just to send them to school. And many end up working in jobs beneath what they studied for – either here or abroad.

    It will take a radical shift in mindset but I hope, when the time comes that I do have kids who will go to college, that radical mindset has become (even if just a teeny bit) the norm.