SNM123: The 2 Types of Failure Or Why Failing Might Just Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Business

I've failed so many times in life that it's not even funny.  I've had more than a dozen online projects fail.  I've failed in college. I've failed in all of my relationships until now.  Does that make me a failure or is there something else going on there?

Grab the Reins

There is nothing worse than being trapped by a lingering business that is one step from failure.

Avoiding that failure often keeps you from finding what you should really be doing.

When your business is failing so badly that you have to go take a job somewhere else just to keep the doors open, that is a sign that something is terribly wrong.

We are so afraid of the stigma of failure that we get trapped in nightmare scenarios.

It's time to take control of your life again.

We don't brand failures like cattle.

Nobody will ever know that your project failed unless you tell them.

I work with a lot of “failures.”

I found out that one of my business partners didn't graduate high school this weekend.

He lives in an amazing house and drives one of the most expensive cars in America.

Do you think people see him zipping around and call him a failure?

The Power of the Punch

The only way boxers get good is with sparring.

They step into the ring and trade punches with someone.

That's how they learn and master their craft.

There is no champion boxer who has never been hit.

And there is no champion in business who has never had a bad day.

Children do not learn from ease.

Look at the children of wealthy parents.

When the parents hand them everything, the children never grow and develop.

It's only through struggle, pain and finally finding success that we grow and mature.

When you get knocked down, get right back up again!

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Key Points:

  1. Failure is a sign that you're doing something right
  2. It's only a failure if you let it define you
  3. Learn the 2 types of failure

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Two types of failure and while failing might just be the best thing to ever happen to your business on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive seems blazingly fast WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out try things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to Servo master.com\dry themes are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online prior to start living in retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your votes every time we see someone achieve greatness when it was last year when a satellite landed on a comet for the very first time people achieved an amazing mathematical feet human ingenuity inside something beyond what I could ever imagine doing myself anything but how fast comets are moving at all the logistics of the fact that when a large earth the position changes every second thousands of miles math involved blows my mind it's astounding and very impressive we see people win the Super Bowl the Olympics I always hear them say things like he was born that way or he's just lucky or he has great genetics or it's his parents were always looking when someone succeeds to blame anything other than the person when we see something we don't like sometimes when it's in politics will blame a foreign actor was the only one because of a foreign actor or because when she did or always the things would do anything other than blame the person success especially when were on the team that lost or the person who one is very different from us we want to do is find a reason why we haven't succeeded in the way this person asked and rather than take credit for failure see if I say okay when the Olympics because he worked harder than me and that's a critique of my own life he has a successful business because he put in more hours than I did he has a better job than me because he worked hard in high school these are sentences that no one ever says they're very hard to do we have a natural inclination to protect her own ego this is why we remember things so incorrectly and we haven't such an ability to adjust and we're always trying to protect our ego in a cause us to make some very poor decisions so the idea of blaming a third-party actor we like to do it when it comes to our own lives and it can be genetics ability talent God the universe we blame all of these things our parents anything other than ourselves and this happens when we don't understand that there are two types of failure and that one of them is very very very good most often will we misinterpret the type of failure were experiencing when we think it's one type it's actually the other that's we begin to say these things so the two types of failure are systemic and random systemic failure is when you have the same mistake and get the same results over and over and over again if every single morning you get up and you turn the shower on with the wrong handle it every morning and freezing shower.the systemic failure is Raven same problem over and over again and again as a result of when you have a random failure that's very good example of a random failure is when you're building a website and first you working on the homepage and you have a problem with getting to load correctly then you are working on the about me page of her problems with the videos so you're working for the processing you keep hitting different problems now it comes down to interpretation often times with different failures to give us the same result more often this happens to people in more specific example for example in dating if you go on five dates and all of the amended failure you could easily say the universe is broken but if we look more closely refunded the first date you chose a bad restaurant at the second date the person just been fired beforehand on the third day there was a big age differential we can find that actually did dates filter five different reasons in that case you're on the right track because your learning from your mistakes when you have random failures it means that your learning and having different mistakes let's get more specific I know that a lot of people who follow me luck… Podcasts just like any other business get really excited for while and then sometimes they fall off as a sexy well I can't do it the race examples with writing work on my new book 20 candidate is asked whether the exceptions and I wanted shows up you nasty don't have to wait for the apologists is so important to me so you start writing a book the books not done the first time you try to write your kids distracting the second time you try to write the power goes out the third time you start working on chapter get distracted by faith but the next to me distracted by intelligent now each of these little individual failures there systemic if you distracted by Facebook over and over again that the Facebook problem but here's the thing that's fixable return of the Internet and unplug the router the prime disappear so it's fixable it's only when we take a group of these little problems and combined them that then we have a real issue the true systemic problems are always correctable you can say this is the exact reason have a problem we have a bunch of random errors you I tried to write a book in Orinda 15 different problems and then you say the sentence that proves it's a misinterpretation you say God must not want me to write a book or I'm just not a writer I wasn't born with the talent or the ability to be a writer you see great writers that I wish I had that ability you look at me even say that and knowing what I went to Elkhart I fought to get good writing it's kind of amazing to me last night really really a copywriter semi-messages and while you're really a cooperator to my mind three years ago I was known as the worst operator all direct marketing return to the realm of putting a lot of hours let us study any Lotta crow by practicing with three or four different guys to just learn learn learn we don't see that right Lucy Simmons eczema just to the success that's normal to promise you see me and you all what he was born that way or to lock or whatever you want to blame you blame anything other than hard work as soon as you do that put yourself in a bad position because when you blame an uncontrollable factor for my success or for your lack of success in any category you will immediately take away your ability to change your life if we look at the big picture and we look a little in the philosophy and there's a whole velocity the law of attraction and I believe that law traction combined was right actually does lead to success we could have your mind set on a golden take the action steps to get there one of the things that comment came out of my research in that area is a lot of people say that they want to be successful with and they have thoughts that block them for example there are people who think that money changes you or that money is evil or that rich people are bad if you have any of these thoughts those negative thoughts will block you from success because you're telling your mind money is evil so party wants money the party doesn't created all your own barrier nobody who thinks money is evil ends up a lot of money okay you will actively and passively your subconscious you all always be at war but you'll never hit big numbers because a party thinks it's evil and the same way you can put blocks on your ability to make change when you blame things that are real so if you say Johnson successful because he had rich parents are because his IQ is so high because we went to college and anything you want write anything outside my control I can't control my IQ is the thing about IQ is you can't study for IQ test right that's the reasons as I tried to test your baseline intelligence that's outside my control I can control my skin color I keep my eye color I can control my parents were so anytime you blames on the outside of my control weathered something tangible like my parents were something intangible like the universe lot bake ability what you're saying is I succeeded not by my own effort and therefore you can apply as much effort as you want and will make a difference as soon as we separate success and effort we become powerless you destroy your ability to succeed if you blame a series of random failures on a systemic failure you will say of the reason I haven't finished my book is that the universe is against me I'm not meant to be a writer we make all of these excuses but I developed a little test for you check and you can check every single time we all have things that we can do no matter what mine is sudoku there are no 7 billion people on the planet another was exchanging me with 8 million soon of those people you can rate everyone and ability for stucco and LB last that this is amazing considering that on the college inches examinations I got perfect in math considering that I have math awards that have all this math ability I cannot do sudoku people think Cito goes back turned on sockets I have the ability I've been trying to my nephew he had kids sudoku which are scholars instead of numbers at four squares are six squares and I can't do it try to do nothing for now it's the only place I couldn't help anyway my sister in fact thought I was joking she thought it was like being a bit of a jerk really wouldn't help with this adulthood it's not a joke can't do it I'm not pretending I get to it so in my life I have something that I cannot do that tried many times this is not come from me look at us everyone's been that looks hard I sent held his notebook for couple hours I never saw one puzzle solved the children's one that my when he was doing when you look six or seven years old my nephew it's something I simply can't do here's the test I called the gun to my moms had set up a test so Jeanette my mom but a gun to her head and said do the sudoku problem five minutes outsourcing by my mom because I know I can't do it doubt try try really hard to really hard it was different member my family whoever it is I would try really hard but I do know I can't do it because I can see my experience with people on the outside and no can only see my success tried a lot of times I don't have the ability I don't know because I partied too much was younger and maybe brain cells missing or what the reason is it's a very specific thing that I can't do and that's the test so if I said to you two weeks to write a book you need to write 10,000 words in the next two weeks family get would you be able to do it of course now Mike about the crappy yes it might be but so what you save your family's life there are a lot of things like that okay she told me I've got to run a marathon I like no way you got my kids let's start running I find a way to do it there are things of course be very slow real property me a 24 hour's doing about doing apps are running a mealy so there are things that we can do if we have to now sometimes it is lack of training for example 5 to run at a certain speed I need to train train train train and get faster faster faster eventually the end of my skill level but I'm nowhere near right now fat metal run very often now if it's surfing or paddling I can do a lot better as I do do those a lot of writing access by yeah I can write out pretty well so we start to blame these small random failures which are actually a good thing because their teaching you how to improve as you overcome and fix each rate of air disappears real life it is happening at that major improving Boeing blame something else is owed the universe and it goes if it's the universe's fault that it's broken I can't fix it because I can't fight against the University and was more powerful to me so soon as we blame external power for someone else's success or for our own lack of success only thing we are doing is justifying our own inaction and the real reason most of us fail that task and we all fail in different things I feel that a lot of thing is lack of focus lack of attention lack of effort because if you said to me that in 12 months I got a step into the octagon I got to go to Las Vegas and fight UFC fighter every 12 months guess what I could do it but I when the fighting I don't know but I could certainly train really hard and trained well enough to belong there it's about motivation got my mom but start training and I want you to think about that for the things you say you can't do the things you hold you back for the reasons your business is failing are the things that are actually outside your control or is it just an excuse here's another area that you might be very familiar with certain small business Café clients every time I have this conversation with someone I say how many methods are using to try five times why printed business cards I may be headed out but haven't had any how would anyone see it no one can see the market in order to get clients when I started my Seo business many years ago back in 2010 my very first online business I started I posted an ad on Craigslist at least three times a week if I could have done more I would've but you're not really allowed to Craigslist laterals will delete your ad to be doing too frequently unless you really sneaky and I was in that advance with tricking Craigslist you poster ad we have to be consistent and a lot of people I started coaching people once a business that signifies a limit teach any clients at all these clients cannot say all you do is post this at three times we got right is that when doing the poster once and 11 gunny customers and get because Craigslist the ads disappear after a day he will only scroll so far down the list is always to actually be the top of the heap is to post every three days I was doing 70 9 AM that's what I get a lot of hits you once or twice a didn't work for me I'm done and inputting efforts so they blame the system another way for clients I used to go to in times of need of the comments I will go to all these different events filled with people who were mostly their business was were not doing well Betsy being very generous they're desperate for someone to save their business near the small business meeting of the young entrepreneur meet ups it's all people other just try to get started and I'm surrounded by people whose businesses are doing very well most of those means by which all of them out also be what I do math at the occasional card almost nobody can ever afford what I was doing because their business is wrong the red most new businesses or their part of the pyramid schemes go to these meet ups that would goad all these things and I would get the client to go to 10 m are ever to music find someone who would pay me a nice high ticket offer of find someone who was really looking for someone like me will be great opportunity enter when the Meetup events I probably May 10 20 $30,000 over that year this from different clients and Clyde Yarbrough does is month to month is pretty good all these efforts are the reason I found it would say it's like I'd say someone's one training summer coaching or mentoring someone is doing a lot of that at that time I would say KM to the Facebook thing how many people have you told about your new business but my wife will have that helps you hire you even if she does using pay with money is our entire family so you feel to your friends fiancé or neighbors your post on Facebook you're even tell the people in your social circle that you have a new business they can't do anything to help you and then on top of us to have the need of events have you got the auto Chamber of Commerce event have you gone to and have a networking events will know I'm really busy okay if you haven't taken the actions how can you blame something else but we do it will say all the system doesn't work and I know that there are people who go to my system and say things like this but I can see the I can check if you watched all the videos so I can look and see if someone's been to the horse and fight I had to do that I can users at one or two questions from the second half of any course of 510 video course asked question for video seven says no anyway I'm talking about the dead giveaway that's okay that's what a lot of people do it's not a delicate exception its actual most people don't take the actions that they should it's very normal will finish the book to buy the courses you buy I'm just as guilty and of course I was working through her at a time estimate finished and it's been about four months I wish I'd finished it I wish I had time work on other stuff so it's not the course it doesn't work it's my lack of time and focus it's not my priority and work on some other stuff as we look at ourselves if we can become people who separate the two differences between a systemic problem in a random problem. When universe the reason you haven't finished that book is good you have it put in the hours and that's okay because the moment you isolate the problem you can fix it you then have the choice I can say you know what the reason I'm fat is because I don't work out enough solution I get up every morning and extra hour early and excess before I start my day targeting excess at the end of the day with his two kids still adapted to be new – have really mastered it okay having one kid you kind of do you live Lhasa but having a baby we wear which I work out if he's in the crib and the room was as he start screaming yet the undercut of owner were down that's not what you want your baby so obviously I don't do that that's a new struggle to overcome get inward learning to adapt nuts this is a random fast as we try different things happen in the crib he cries a field trip and avoid price okay we have tried different things to put it with the nanny is what needs to early just come together so were adapting we have a systemic failure but then we realize once we certainly a solution we rented much of renovators again to going back and forth seems to think you're doing was benefit is usually you can fix frequently a systemic they might take longer fix the other are people have systemic shares and don't realize it for example if you bid on 51st dates and no second date in the last year okay you had a systemic problem okay because you keep getting the same result and I know people that do this work daily for long time it's for accommodating people go I'm not in a change have defined the one right person likely the way Bertolotti waiting you change your strategy you take everyone on the same day the day keeps failing maybe try different date so we can get locked into patterns where we are doing the wrong thing over and over again we choose not to change that the decision that have friends who made that active decision in 10 years later they still have a part of the still very lonely but they would rather die alone the change and there's a lot of people like that that's fine as long as an act of choice so as you working on building your business as your thinking about motivation every single time you want to blame the universe time someone else blame anybody lately that's okay I want you to sit back and go wait a minute am I misinterpreting random failure and thinking that systemic because whenever you blame something you can't control that's a big sign that's a big sign that you are misinterpreting your failure now I know you say this exception was what if your jailer work for slave away for Jeanette yes of course but… You let's not talk with those exceptions because 99% of the time and if your podcast you probably have free will the promise something else and I've seen in a lot of very specific cases I tell and 20 Canaday the story of how they tutor school told him he was special needs and turnout is probably the smartest person ever met is probably one of the 10 smartest people walk in the face of the earth these days in the school misinterpreted and they misinterpreted when the most amazing mysteries everything they told the parents your child is special needs we will never be able to teach him is unfixable what I isolated the actual promise that I'll know you as if you are to look at the wrong thing it's one tiny tiny probably fix a tiny failure to fix the tiny failure because I noticed it and then the end of the story the principal the school want to talk to me because it follows a wrist tutor in the world because that somehow cured a special needs child and I said no I did I didn't your special needs what I did was realize your mistake diagnosis very different you misdiagnose a random failure and thought of systemic and when you did that you then look for external source same thing happens when they put every single kid in America lateral if I lived in America my daughter got right now if I let my daughter only place of the boys now there's only one other girl in her class and she's three years old four years old now right that is for she gets in a fight a lot at school with the boys she said a rambunctious age and they want to say something wrong Focus this toaster up easy solution assuming it's this large systemic problem and the solution to that large systemic problem is a really large powerful chemical solution that has a lot of long-term side effects a lot of long-term complications and that's not something on her new semi child's life if I was two years younger they would put me on it often times we look to medical diagnosis was big things to solve problems who summons external because guess what if your child's inability to focus as a medical problem that outside your control switch your faults guess what you want my daughter it's a fight at school the time the toll the chip first fight she got in at school she goes to school here school here so portion of the Byron chair Chavira chair versus will someone try to take it from response to him in the face and the teacher said to me your daughter punch and efficiency of its own stealing from Glenn will make it sit on the floor you may need by a chair it's not like it's a random check now it was all room chairs I would not be okay with it okay but if someone tried to steal something you made me by my kid courses and defend it's actually her states that she thinks it's hers about her favorite desk favorite chair is the one many buyer it's one that she chose the color and she chose the design so has a meaning for and I encourage my children to not be bullied so there is that balance but people on a mission to resell your kids bombs in Iraq most people they don't like it to figuring out things and maybe disregard my parenting style that I believe you should say hey don't take my stuff probably is true about you she came home with a bruise on her face last week she does get into a lot of fights at school maybe it's too much but thoroughly school shoes for Sally she's in high school but we always want to blame these big problems is that we don't have to do anything PO if my daughter's behavior stays upon which a six or seven which is actions which that age regularly helper that you spent time with every day and really help her work on fixing the problem and isolating why she can't focus rather than just going hate your broken take these pills because right now something like 30% of students are on Adderall or some other ADD medication we think the odds of the what are the three people are broken seems pretty unlikely to have a tendency to look for big problems so we don't have to take responsibility I was a bad kid a lot trouble in school I had potential I got a lot of fights one a lot last few it's not because something's wrong with me other stuff going on okay I didn't learn how to socialize properly when I was young before you start blame my parents the second blame my parents to take away my power and I will let you do that because guess what when I was 17 I studied Nathan to talk about this and serve the master he doesn't even know he change my life because he was the first person I met was popular nice and I studied him like you wouldn't believe I know more about him 20 years later that I do like any other person on the earth probably I see every mannerism every take how to cut his hair I looked at everything to isolate YC popular because he's surrounded by people unlike most high schools is the public by surrendering love to visit people feared him and this fascinated and baffled me I studied him figure out the problem was I said I get like that the people let me to guess what it worked all of my friends who are friends of me at the time including Nathan's younger brother two years later they go you know when I first met you hated you I really like you you are such a jerk we were all afraid you would say mean things to hurt her feelings but now you're the coolest guy we know yesterday your brother is a little hard to understand okay when the summons as I study to rather learn how to be nice what you stated so the problem was something caused by my behavior I learned how to change my behavior by studying someone I altered my behavior I fixed the problem is not a systemic problem was not a problem that required medical intervention the problem is not outside my control if you say something outside my control it's my parents of my genetics whatever you want to blame the second you do that that means I can't fix it and I don't want you doing that to me I don't want you doing that to yourself sweetie face failures in your business we run into these little random failures that collectively are very stressful okay should we measure success in life they have tried 50 different things and women thousand dollars the last two months it's very easy to go I'm a failure I haven't succeeded only missing a note or learning the learning process we talked I would very long learning art if you think learning on the market need for was easy was not I live in my mother's face and for you that live my friends In a studio apartment for another year and 1/2 is two and half years when I lived in a very uncomfortable situation plenty people live in work situations I put in a lot of blood sweat and tears accomplice to get there sleep in a couch at the foot of someone's bed or your nap is not a dream come true but I said I'll do whatever it takes to learn this crap so please understand that sometimes it takes time to learn things and that's okay by putting the time I putting effort we begin to achieve greatness as you hit these failures before you think about quitting just eight years of hey what's the source of these failures because it's not something on the universe I gotta stop doing that when you isolate your failure to other three different things or cause me problems whenever my kid comes home from school I get distracted or whatever this TV show comes on or whenever I decided play video games you can find those different little things that distract you work your projects from work there too much whatever it is you can fix it now as soon as you stop blaming universe and that's why these little failures asked to become the best thing that ever happens to your business because it allows you to learn grow and finally achieve the success that we both know absolutely deserve thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow how would this what you just listen to another amazing episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing episode I'm in a mileage of knock on red blood of the trunk of someone's car mechanic so we a small random failure in their own teaching process that they didn't correct so they missed what was actually happening their play people had to sleep on floors or sleep Ralph and I don't want to take anything away from them but I do want you to realize

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Jim - March 2, 2017

No pain.. No gain! No one said it was going to be easy I really enjoyed listening to this podcast on my way home after a rough day yesterday. Great perspective. Thanks!


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