SNM123: The 2 Types of Failure Or Why Failing Might Just Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Business

I've failed so many times in life that it's not even funny.  I've had more than a dozen online projects fail.  I've failed in college. I've failed in all of my relationships until now.  Does that make me a failure or is there something else going on there?

Grab the Reins

There is nothing worse than being trapped by a lingering business that is one step from failure.

Avoiding that failure often keeps you from finding what you should really be doing.

When your business is failing so badly that you have to go take a job somewhere else just to keep the doors open, that is a sign that something is terribly wrong.

We are so afraid of the stigma of failure that we get trapped in nightmare scenarios.

It's time to take control of your life again.

We don't brand failures like cattle.

Nobody will ever know that your project failed unless you tell them.

I work with a lot of “failures.”

I found out that one of my business partners didn't graduate high school this weekend.

He lives in an amazing house and drives one of the most expensive cars in America.

Do you think people see him zipping around and call him a failure?

The Power of the Punch

The only way boxers get good is with sparring.

They step into the ring and trade punches with someone.

That's how they learn and master their craft.

There is no champion boxer who has never been hit.

And there is no champion in business who has never had a bad day.

Children do not learn from ease.

Look at the children of wealthy parents.

When the parents hand them everything, the children never grow and develop.

It's only through struggle, pain and finally finding success that we grow and mature.

When you get knocked down, get right back up again!

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Failure is a sign that you're doing something right
  2. It's only a failure if you let it define you
  3. Learn the 2 types of failure

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  1. No pain.. No gain! No one said it was going to be easy I really enjoyed listening to this podcast on my way home after a rough day yesterday. Great perspective. Thanks!

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