SNM125: Staying Alive when you Travel Abroad

So many tourists decide that they are invincible when they come to my island.  They don't get insurance, they don't wear helmets and they take risks they would never take at home…

The Truth Hurts

You would think that based on my lifestyle I hate insurance companies.  And I certainly hate a lot about them, but when you get hurt abroad you definitely want someone in your corner.

I have seen the inside of hospitals in some of the places I've visited and you don't want to end up in there.

As soon as tourists set foot in a new country, they think that the country should adapt to them.

Everyone magically learns English and start driving on the other side of the road.

But life isn't like that.

The world keeps spinning and gravity keeps working.

I Don't Need a Helmet

My wife is the only woman in our neighborhood who wears a helmet when she rides.

We drive a scooter and you never think that you can get hurt on one of those.

Except ours goes well over 40 miles per hour.

That is more than fast enough to get hurt.

She wears a big red helmet and all the other girls make laugh and call her the red power ranger.

When I was away in Thailand, she didn't wear her helmet for a two-minute drive to her yoga class.

She dropped the bike and hurt her arm.

Learning the Hard Way

She thought I was making her wear the helmet to limit her.

It couldn't be further from the truth.

I just do not want to be a single dad.

Recently she was looking out the back window and saw a very pretty girl crash on her bike.

The girl isn't pretty anymore.

She landed on her face and basically broke everything nice.

It's horrible and very sad.

Is it worth it to look cool for ten minutes?

Another guy we know has a massive scar across his whole face from getting hurt a few weeks ago.

I'm Invincible

When I was in India, nearly every single foreigner had an injury.

It looked like they used a civil war surgeon.

Every single one of them had crashed a bike while not wearing a helmet.

I saw leg burns, road rash, and head trauma.

All of these injured people still sped along broken roads without helmets even after their crashes.

It was mostly white guys with dreadlocks so I guess it's a bit of Social Darwinism in action.

They are actively trying to remove themselves from the gene pool.

But if you are listening to Serve No Master, then I know you have genes worth saving!

Find out how on today's episode.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. The laws of physics are universal
  2. You are responsible for your own health
  3. Take care of your family

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