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SNM039: Waiting for Something That’s Never Going to Happen

Are you waiting for someone else to save you?  Whether you are waiting on the lottery or your boss to give you that promotion, you have given away your power.  The more power you give away, the further you are from freedom….

Waiting for a Miracle

Are you standing on the roof of your house in a flood, refusing help that doesn't meet your expectations?  Are you turning down opportunities that don't offer enough money or the exact path to success you feel that you deserve?

It's easy to stick up your nose when you think you deserve something better, but maybe the opportunity you rejected was the first step on the path to your true destiny.

You're Not a Snowflake

We live in a world or participation trophies.  A world where we tell everyone they are special just for existing.  We have begun to reward children for existence rather than action.  This is how we have failed the younger generation.  They think that they should be rewarded for action, but that will never happen.

Action is rewarded; anything else is forgotten.

Key Points:

  1. Don't wait for a hero to save you
  2. Millions of people want the same things as you
  3. Action separates the haves from the have-nots

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