SNM093: Bad Partners Can Destroy Your Business

It's scary out there.

The thought of building your own business from the ground up can be intimidating.

Just reading this blog, there are hundreds of little steps to building an online business.

When you look at all those tasks, it's easy to see how bringing on a partner can seem like a great idea.

Cut the Work in Half with a Business Partner

But is that really true?

Why do so many partnerships end in massive explosions?

In an ideal world, you and your partner would do exactly the same amount of work.

Your efforts would be of equal value and you would be partners for every step of the journey.

Unfortunately, that is a fantasy.

No matter how hard you try to sync up, one of you will work harder than the other.

One partner puts in more hours, while the other things their work is more valuable.

It's unavoidable.

What is He Even Doing?

The worst problem with a partnership is not knowing what he's actually doing.

My first partner spentĀ 14 hours a day on Facebook and shouted at me every time I questioned him.

He would tell me that he's recruiting business partners and affiliates for our launch.

But really he was just hanging out on Facebook like a teenager.

When you don't know every piece of a business, you don't know if they are doing something valuable.

At the time, I could see how that would be valuable.

If he could really line up hundreds of people to promote our launch, that would be great.

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This is the same mistake new entrepreneurs make when hiring people.

If you hire someone to do something you don't understand, everyone seems like an expert.

And you always get ripped off.

Start off Solo

My first big successes online were all solo ventures.

It's scary.

It's risky.

It can seem overwhelming, but when it comes time to divvy up those rewards, you don't have to split anything!

That's a good feeling.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Partnerships are never equal
  2. If you don't know how to do something, you will get screwed
  3. Trust must be EARNED

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