Power Networking – Hanging out with Dj Goldie in Bangkok

I have been talking about networking a lot lately, and I am more than willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Taking action often leads to unexpected rewards.

I'm in Bangkok about to rock out at the Affiliate World Conference in a few days.

I noticed yesterday that my laptop battery is acting weak and something has to be done about.  After hours of trudging around malls yesterday, I came back to my hotel and found a good Mac repair shop.

They had the battery replacement I need in stock and if I wanted a fast fix I needed to head over in person to handle the repair.

The repair shop opened at eleven.

I was there by 11:03 to make sure no one else snapped up my battery.

When they cracked open my machine, there was an ASTOUNDING amount of dust inside.

While the guy is working on my laptop in the back, these two loud English guys come in talking about fixing a laptop.

I took a look and had a feeling I recognized the guy, and when he said his name, I realized it was a famous DJ from Bristol.

It was Goldie.

He has been a successful musician for over twenty years and appeared on television a few times.

If you listen to jungle or drum and bass, you will know exactly who I'm talking about.

I saw him on Celebrity Big Brother when I was living in London, and my heart started racing.

Normally I don't realize people are celebrities until after I start talking to them, but this time I knew right away.

That feeling of your heart racing.

That feeling that most people find crippling, I love that.

That's the lane where I love to operate.

I feel alive, and I know that is the moment when I become flawless.

Wait for Your Moment.

I could have run over the second he said his name to the girl and been a total fanboy.

But that's not how we do things around here.

We want to come in with some value.

He has a gig tonight and needs the laptop to do his job.

He was trying to get a loaner machine and even offered the girl his passport for one.

So that's when I rolled up to see if there was anything I could do to help.

I started talking to him, and his buddy and we just connected instantly.

We both live on tropical islands in Southeast Asia, and I made sure to talk to his buddy plenty.

Demonstrate your Value.

When you meet people abroad, they will often ask if you are on vacation.

Because I live on paradise island, I love this question.

As soon as I say I'm not on vacation, I can roll into talking about being an author and dropping bestsellers like it's going out of style.

This lets me demonstrate that I do something cool and that I'm unique.

I have a particular skill and it shows that I'm successful in an area.

We start talking, and he mentions that he was thinking about working on a new book.

He tells me that he believes in serendipity and invites me to link up with him later that night to hang out during a gig.


Get Sticky.

There are some logistical issues but around midnight we connect.

He's working the crowd and has no time to chat with me.

So I lock in and get to know his buddy.

We connect a little bit, and my purpose here is to become a strong memory in his mind.

I want to be on his radar and also the friend's.

This is how I can diversify a little bit.

At 1:45 am I find out it's closing in forty-five minutes, but I'm out of gas.

I don't have the energy or desire to take things further.

I've already gotten his private email address, and Goldie has emailed me once today.

We are in talks about possible doing a book together.

With networking ANYTHING is possible!

Convert Connections into Relationships

You can meet anyone and do anything when you believe in yourself.

Networking is not an art form.

It is not about creativity or being born lucky.

It's a very simple set of steps that you can replicate.

The next time you see a celebrity you can do way more than just take a picture together or get an autograph.

Be Strategic.

Follow my System.

Build Your Empire.

You can connect with celebrities and people who can change your destiny.

Take control of your fate and move into the fast lane TODAY.

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