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SNM198: To Sell With a Story You Do Not Have to Be a Storyteller

Air Jordan sneakers…we’ve all heard about them, many of you probably owned or own a pair of those legendary sneakers. So, what makes them so different from any other shoes out there?

Do they really make you taller? Or is it the magic that you know that they were designed by Jordan himself? Whatever it is, it works, doesn’t it? It’s the story that sells sneakers.

We buy from people, not brands. What we really want is what those people represent rather than promoting the brand.  Companies tend to spend millions of dollars to create their brand, but if they don’t have a celebrity with a story behind, it’s not likely that they will hit a big success.

When you want to promote and sell your products you and your clients have to be in alignment with your beliefs. If you share the same beliefs, then you’re more likely to be in alignment. From the small things to the big things, it is important to understand each other because only then you will both be able to understand the story of the other.

It’s also important to be open about your stance and beliefs, even if you find them somewhat controversial. Controversy sells! You don’t have to put out every single cultural, virtual belief you have, but you need to put something out there and take a stand on a few things. This might result in some debate or even making some people, not like you, but as long as you have strong arguments and a good story to back you up, you will be the winner in the end.

Along your way to success, you will come across parallel enemies. This means that you will most likely have unrealistic standards to compete with because again, people like to believe in stories. If you run a dating business, for example, you will see how many people imagined all the first dates in the world as romantic as they saw on that one movie they liked…but, that’s not always the case, isn’t it? And when you talk about this, about how things really are rather than what people dream they should be, you become relatable and people believe you and listen to your advice.

The final thing is to share your personal stories. Even if it’s difficult for you to talk about that, one step at a time you can find a way to open up to your customer and cement your relationship.

In the end, this is how you become friends with people and how you sell with a story, and what’s better than sharing an old story with an old friend?

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  • What does a story mean for our brand?
  • How to sell the hero’s journey
  • How to deal with your business enemies

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan


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