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SNM164: Are You Ignoring the Customers Who Want Hardbacks?

Hardbacks have taken a backbench these days because readers find it much easier to purchase and read books in an electronic format. It’s never been easy for writers to publish their books than it is today. With the eBook option, you can get your manuscript published in no time, without going through all the complexities of printed book formats. That being said, perhaps you are missing out on a valuable opportunity when you don’t offer hardback copies of the book or books you have written. In today’s podcast, you can explore this topic in more depth.

One of the reasons why many authors don’t offer hardbacks is what they perceive as the many hurdles associated with printing a hardback book. There is no doubt that it takes more work and costs more to roll out hardcopies and ship them to your readers around the country and possibly around the world.

Diversify Your Book Sales
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Limiting all your book-related offerings to digital platforms seems like the natural choice in the world we live in today. Many consumers are happy to have the books they read in digital formats and available to read and download within minutes of completing their payments. Besides convenience, speed, and ease, the costs are much lower.

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There is one question you need to ask if you are an author, and that is whether you are no neglecting an important sector of your potential market. How about the people who only read physical books and those that like to have a good quality, sturdy hardback in their hands? Many people might be interested in your book but are not willing to try it in an electronic format. Could you be missing out on this additional channel to bring in even more revenues from your book sales?

Hardbacks Will Add Value To Your Business
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Having a digital book is just the beginning. You can add value to your book and your entire business by looking into other book. formats. Yes, it is going to take some extra work and a lot of research and learning, but if you start this journey today, you could take your business to another level.

If you want to explore the hardback book avenue and find out more about the ins and outs of it, stay tuned. The podcast goes into how to add value to your book and your business and what you need to know about offering printed copies of your work. Enjoy today’s show to start printing hardback books.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Hard Books add value to your book
  2. Start making more money by selling hard book copies
  3. Diversify the products you offer to your customers

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