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SNM172: Is Guest Posting At Other People’s Blogs Worth the Effort?

Many entrepreneurs like writing blog posts because it shows them as authority figures on a particular matter. You can write about anything, but it’s best to keep with the general industry in which you work. For example, if you sell vacuum cleaners, you can write about cleaning tips.

Most company owners have a blog, but the question is: Should you write a blog post for other bloggers? Some say yes, while others say it is a waste of time.

We believe that guest blogging is an excellent way to get your name out there and build rapport with other entrepreneurs.

Why would you write for other people?
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Guest posting allows you to generate more traffic to your site. If you include a hyperlink or your company name, people are going to remember that and might visit your website because of what you write. If you want to know how to increase your traffic, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Of course, this works for SEO purposes, as well. If you write a blog and can link it back to your site, this creates a backlink. Search engines like strategically-placed links like this because it shows authority and authenticity. However, you need to write engaging content and post it on a similar website. Otherwise, search engines might think that you are trying too hard and penalize you.

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Guest posting guidelines 

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Once you realize the potential of posting on other people’s blogs, the next thing to do is make it happen. Each blogger or site is going to have rules for guest posts. Make sure you follow all the instructions so that the blogger knows you are serious and can take direction.

You probably know a lot about a particular topic (such as the industry in which you work). Consider writing something in that area of expertise. Then, find blogs or websites that are similar and post it as a guest.

It’s essential to take your time and write a good post. If it is full of grammatical and spelling errors, people aren’t going to be impressed. The site owner might even remove it because it could lower their SEO rankings.

Consider leaving comments on other blogs, as well. They should add value and help the reader in some way.

If you want to learn how to gain more traffic on your blog, consider listening to today’s episode. It talks about why you should guest post and how to do it effectively.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Is guest posting really worth it?
  2. What are guidelines for guest posting.
  3. How can you make it happen?

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