friendship and betrayel

SNM017: Business and Friendship

I woke up on a Saturday morning to find my apartment empty…betrayed by my roommate… how would I ever recover?

It is hard to lock the serve no master mindset in the same apartment as the drone mindset; eventually, something explodes. There are plenty of friends who are only there when it’s convenient.  Will your friends be there when the going gets tough?

Get Momentum First

Wait to tell your friends about your new venture until you have a bit of success. When you are 90% of the way to that goal, your friends will convince you to quit.

Hiring Friends

The moment you have a bit of success, your friends will show up with their hands out.  They only see the success, not the struggle.  They weren’t willing to put in the hard work before and they won’t be willing to do it now.  They are hoping to use your effort to bypass the hard-word phase.  Turning employees into friends always ends in disaster as well.

Lack of Implementation is the Primary Cause of Failure

Your friends have had plenty of opportunities to change their lot in life.  Just like you, their lives are the result of their own actions.  You can’t take responsibility for other people.

Surround Yourself with People At Your Destination

Do you want to spend time with bloggers, or blogger who make money?  Put friends in the parking lot when you have limited time.  Friends with no interest in escaping the cubicle mindset are normal.  You can only show them the door, but you can’t make them walk through it.

Do You Know the Road Trip Friendship Test?

Many people have different definitions of friendship and loyalty. No matter what people say, we judge people based on their friends.

Key Points:

  1. Don’t assume that your friends think the way you do
  2. Focus on your destiny before you try to save your friends
  3. You can show people the door but you cannot make them walk through it

Resources Mentioned:

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