SNM027: Turn Your Heroes into Business Partners

My entire business is built upon a network.  Originally, every single member was a hero that I admired.  I turned my heroes into my business partners, and you can do the same thing.

Be Pro-Active

Most people never try to reach out to their heroes.  We assume that nothing we do will matter, and that is our justification for inaction.  We notice reviews, we respond to emails, and we appreciate people who help to spread our message.  Being successful does not remove someone's humanity.

Without reviews products, books, podcasts and everything else will fade away.  There are entire businesses built upon getting people more reviews.  There are massive companies that fight tooth and nail to get their customers a few measly reviews.  In the modern digital structure, you have massive power as a customer and fan.

Choose Something Achievable

Everyone focuses on the Rockstar.  They are all chasing number one, but if you focus on number two you can change your destiny.  Start hanging out with the panel speakers and you will end up meeting the head of the entire conference face-to-face.  Be strategic with your efforts.

Focus on the Positive

I don't want to hear about your weaknesses.  Tell me the areas where you are strong.  Mention in passing when you are open to different projects. Demonstrate that you are tenacious and have the ability to execute.  This will separate you from the crowd, and amazing projects will start to drift your way.

Key Points:

  1. Choose Your Hero
  2. Get on His Radar
  3. Position Yourself for Opportunity

Resources Mentioned:

Serve No Master on Amazon

Networking Empire (coming soon)

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Your heroes into your business partners on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by get response are you a small business owner professional blogger or marketing agency get response can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way to see him get response can help your business and get your first month free go to servo\get response are you tired of dealing with your boss you and underappreciated to make it online and start living your retirement dreams now I know master thought to open new revenue streams and make money one percent of life from a tropical island selflessly by best-selling author Jonathan Gray now as you know one of the biggest markers turns and says are you exclusive what can you do a project with me how do I get to this point or someone everyone wants to work with is actually asking to work with me turning everything around everyone else pages idea after idea begging him to work with them in it he comes to me and asks me this story is the beginning of my journey and how it became a very successful marker start the beginning this isn't something I only due to other people it also happens to people who interact with me when you form the right connections with your heroes when you reach out in the right way your heroes will offer you opportunities just two weeks ago one of the listeners is podcast began emailing me 70 couple messages back and forth talking about supposed to my blog some different podcast episodes in the book she was working on it just asking a few questions and you know I love responded to listeners you know that he respond with my emails I'm can respond back and now together working on a project that I'm very very very excited about to be something very very big when you realize what's possible the options in front of you become infinite she did not approach me with this business idea she was on my radar demonstrated the skill she has followed the pattern I'm about to share with you so course when the opportunity was there I mentioned it to her and something amazing happened to begin this process to begin the process of finding an amazing business partner to mentor you work with you help you really get started and grow this business step one is to find someone you love to work with you once owned is not too high up the mountain if you're just beginning your journey online just beginning to build something and you try to participants all the way the top of the mountain it can be very challenging it can be very hard to get on the radar because Sony people are trying to do it begin by looking for someone who is living the lifestyle or the dream that you actually admire someone who's life is one you would enjoy living you will find someone who's accessible when I look for people to reach out to I often look for the people around the top person in the industry so I don't always go after number one sometimes you offer number two you have to be with the best of the best is making hundred million dollars month and number two is making $99 a month is number two really that bad most people when you go to live event or conference will fully target the main speaker after that the next group of people in the clutch people target the individual keynote speakers you'll notice that the panel speakers who are actually total experts in their field and making great money and very wise often get totally ignored as were my favorite groups of people to target there's a bunch of them so if you approach all 6105 once you a lot more likely to form a connection with each one does a lot of opportunity there and no one else is competing for I Love Lucy properties 1010 season that's where I start to approach so as her picking up our guys are picking someone you admire someone who you feel a connection with get to know a little bit about them study their products study their lessons their message if you have a real passion for Facebook advertising if you're passing Google advertising I'm the wrong person to approach those are things I don't know anything about but you have a skill in an area where you know I'm weak if you are mastered Facebook as a new approached me and said really will face the gods but I love to work with your product using Facebook at that something interesting that's what you bring a skill you know I have to me the great thing about learning a few leaders are groups of people online you begin to notice their strengths and then you notice their weaknesses I have areas where very very strong in areas where a little bit weak and I know the strengths and weaknesses of most of the marketers around me simply by studying their business as you can see what they work on what they know about many of the people around me are very very good and direct response marketing they are amazing copywriters and make amazing digital products but they're terrible on Amazon their strength and my strength are two different things so I can often find that value that I can offer them you study the people that you want to get to know the person you're interested in working with the person he loved to have be a part of your business life find other strengths because this will tell you the weaknesses we've already discussed in previous episodes really assessing yourself binding your own strength feel exactly you are in his role very very powerful things once you know what you have to offer you can then begin to move forward and that involves getting on this person's radar getting on your targets radar it's so much easier than you could ever imagine to get really notice by anyone you like here step number one cable even owns done this yet I know I've mentioned this to several thousand different followers this is a technique that will change your life record a video review of their book on Amazon on every marker right now as a book on Amazon I was research two days ago following all the different names of people that I kind of know one or 2° of separation from there a lot of people were very successful in other fields available to do that well there really focus on the just want to put out to say have a book on Amazon with a predator three years when I thought about it that's an opportunity right there they have a property that no one else has done the work record a real video review the book by the book, but read the book actually read it everything know what the person what they believe what they don't believe in and record a really strong video review they will notice because Amazon will be your video over the top of their sales page it will become the most prominent aspect of their sales page you then have piece of your face on their property are tied to each other in a very cool way don't know who you are you can also leave comments on the blog begin to join their mailing list review any of the products you can afford or any of the free things are giving away give back a lot of value I say this over and over again leaving reviews for me leaving reviews for my book is my podcast leaving reviews on my blog leaving comments my blog post all those things get you on my radar and it often lead to people getting free copies of my products and who is a really good reviews I often email and say I love your artistry I love the detail of your review on Amazon if you leave a review for some it's two sentences thank you I appreciate it that's very nice the people who stand out are the people who read the three or four paragraph reviews Amazon really loves and so Amazon puts those at the top of my page listing you'll notice when you look at a book that has the thousand or 10,000 or 5000 reviews only for five appear in Amazon sales page that's what you really want your reviews to appear so writing a very eloquent very detailed grammatically perfect review or doing a video review either of those very powerful responded to comments on their blog some people have very active blocks the a lot of comments you take a little bit of time to get on their radar when there are a lot of blog comments but it's a way to begin to become a regular poster when you leave a combination shows a picture of your face make sure chose your name you have your profile filled out with using discuss or one of the other platforms for leaving comments make sure that you have a profile so your image is always there to become more solidified you want to get on their radar can give as much value as you can it costs nothing to leave a positive review it cost nothing to share link on Facebook it cost nothing to send a little positive energy towards someone you're interested in these little acts get you noticed we talked earlier in the lesson about how to network with people were planting seeds the more positive seeds you plant you start with five or 10 people you think are amazing and play these little seedling deposit comes leaving positive reviews leaving video reviews all of these things you join their mailing list and really read the things they talk about one of them is can notice you perhaps all five will eventually notice you this is really farming takes a little bit of time for this to happen but then things can change when you open to medication either virtually or in person the best way to communicate initially is to reply to their emails the response rate to emails is very very low if I sent an email out to 520,000 people I can expect five or less responses very few people think that I'm real and any marker that are following they never think that personal reply to their emails know some people out there once they get to a certain size someone else is in charge of your email you can start responding back and forth her email and if someone working for that which is IMO's with their signature it happens and you live any mention of Lima back and forth a bunch and go all I don't in my own email that can be a little bit awkward so when you meet a person just realize sometimes larger people be with really big followings that have someone else asked response the remote but for most people for many many marketers probably 8090% of people like me we respond to our own emails because the response rate is so low there's no reason for me to hire someone to respond to or three meals a day even from sending out 1020 30,000 emails a day I can easily answer all my old emails and 30 or 45 minutes not enough people reply if you simply reply to one of my emails we can have a conversation I replied whatever flashed me easy way to get on the radar and begins that conversation you can also meet in person go to live events where the person is a speaker or the person is just hanging out I'm going to two events over the course of the next year I'll always post events and could be added whether it is attending were speaking it's very hard to meet in person because I travel so rarely but I will be traveling in December and I will be traveling in March next year I'll post a bunch more information about each of these events when I really plan out my trip Ellen would be there to have more information that efficient all be found on server master, always share one to be on the person you want to meet but where your followings to just virtually this work for anyone go to events where they're not the main speaker go to events where the panel go to events where you can start to get on the radar with either approach when you're trying to get on someone's radio and try to earn giving value and actual communication you want to let them know your strengths when you're talking to someone mention what you're really good at I'm always looking for new people to work with I'm always trying to expand I like to be the designer of a project and have someone else underneath me who executes everything right now I'm working for five different projects were someone else is taking the lead I create the overarching strategy I designed the funnel the strategy put together the parts that are very hard for some additional were doing and they get to run it and learn how to run a project and eventually my plan is for each of these people they'll eventually take it over and run the project and will do a percentage they approached me each of these people found the message mean different ways and let me know what the really good at it's not as hard as you think it's not that pretentious you can email someone and say I'm really good carpenter and I'm trying to find a way to get into this these the things I'm good I would love to get a little feedback? That it's not bragging three honest about your strengths and in the person knows we're good at the lady in working with right now very excited about trying to write by the right fit me in a part of this project for almost a year now we've been through a bunch of creative types working with an artist it's always hard to find that perfect artist artists are so temperamental you have to have that perfect creative connection with some design stuff you like speaker signaling which can really fall you are on the same page she began emailing me asking about books and mentioned in passing that she loves to enjoy the books she's amazing Artaxerxes are initiatives a major melodrama really liked it the artist I was in negotiations with in working with backed out of the project the day before I received an email from her she mention her art at the exact right moment when I was looking for a replacement to fill in I'm very excited about that just great talent she's willing to listen to the little changes we want to make that will improve the quality of the products were developing and I will be sharing them with you very soon in the next few weeks I may be sharing some really cool new products on my website and talk about them on this podcast our building another sector my business and she's a big part of it and am very excited where that's going to open your communication just be honest we're good instead of focusing on the things you want to learn your weaknesses which is what most people do Jonathan I really wanted to go to Amazon the market spelling lack of this knocker that enacted that start with what you're good at tell people your strengths I'm excellent this am excellent that but then there's my weakness what should I do what's your advice that gives me something to work with the more information you provide the more someone can really develop in find angle sometimes you'll simply be someone who's on the outer orbit of the radar for a long time before you have an idea for every effort you can to meet everyone they know the more people you know from someone's orbit the better the rate me and Jim from episode to begin our relationship she was a big project with six or seven people working under him he was the boss he was training a group of people he strangled a six or seven guys and a five or six people helping them as junior trainers I showed up at the very first meeting invited by two of the other guys around he looking a meeting and he goes how did you end up here how did you get invited by two different people to this meeting I've been on his radar distantly for six months at that point we met once or twice talk in person then he kept seeing you over and over again to the point where he said how did you get here in our relationship grew into something really special and amazing were still friends 10 years later most of my business comes from that relationship and the development the begin from the point in my life simply appearing over and over again knowing everyone they know in common I get random ads to be Facebook friends all the time the first thing a look at is what we know in common and some people accept from everyone's life certain friends who if there front, it does mean anything to me I know the person looks at them until they had their 5000 doesn't mean anything but if they are someone in between us if there someone between us who actually knows me an action as a person a message seven saving, this person you can get on my radar when you message me and I look and we have 10 friends in common almost always click estimate what that's a lot you're on my radar the same thing happens in person if you walk up to Group of Seven people the seven friends around the person you work with all seven of them know you the main persons in a while you know my friend but I don't knowing what I know you these are the ways you can build build and build your way into someone's life once you have a little bit contact and you no this is some of the record work with or equal opportunity you don't want to do the hard sell you don't want to come to that idea what opportunity I would I do makes both a ton of money people who been in this business right here that all the time it doesn't really mean anything I care a lot more about people that I do about ideas ideas a great eye, but it is all the time so its execution is the ability to finish things that are more important so you want to demonstrate a few things go really get that interest you first is letting you know you're interested in opportunities I get ghost writing part gigs partnerships project offers all the time I just her new project was selling yesterday in a totally new field simply because I said I'll be very interested in what you're doing it this way we can do something cool together please tell me and all and implement make it happen it's not about begging it's about mentioning and letting them know you're interested people will assume often that you have no interest in working together we have no interest never jamming together unless you let them know and can be very soft are you saves everything that you think would be cool let me know if you ever you think might fit when I'm good and you're good at or if you know souls looking for some of my skills and just let me know as Jim talking his interview there's nothing more important than the ability to execute if you demonstrate that you can execute anything is possible there are people that I'm working with right now that are partners with that don't know anything about online marketing have no idea what they're doing but they have the ability to execute that only thing I look for insular work with if you can execute annual implement my strategy will take care of the rest I know how to put together overarching strategy find the customers to buy the products put the whole business together having someone in place to do heavy execution is everything that's what separates the 1% from the 99% demonstrate you can execute let them know you're interested in jamming that opportunity and demonstrate your series for your business and you take yourself seriously the artist that I'm working with we just started the project about a week ago I softly I mentioned the project I said would you be interested in this kind of thing and were in a negotiation phase once we agreed on some numbers she then began pushing over and over again for paperwork I very rarely to paper people can always keep my word but she is adamant about so I've are certain the process I sent a demonstration contract with the overarching things to my lawyer was good design and put together your very free package together exactly what she wants I don't find it annoying that she keeps asking for the paperwork I respect that she is serious and wants to protect her architecture creativity the only reason to me a few days to send it my Lors as I keep forgetting good to have kids often get distracted by life she had a running two or three times and then I sent a template off and some change the way to make my lawyer to get it taken care of because it's important her is also important to me I want you I work with to feel secure the more you demonstrate I want to work with you but this is who I am this is what I need this is how I work on a project where you demonstrate I'm a free labor week I'm a serious person loved working in the but I also want to make a living from it that's okay people respect that when people approach me to work on something together images would be my total servant I don't find that to be eternal I like working with people who want to work with me but they also want to see the light at the end of the tunnel would someone interns with me I want them making serious money within 3 to 6 months I want that drive in front of them I know some companies in some industries they intricately interns forever I know if you want to be an agent in Hollywood you have to work in the mailroom for your to give you a business degree from Harvard you have to be in the mailroom I was just listening to an interview spent two years in the middle of the Nissan hereto as an assistant and another years and sister for bigger agent all the way to work the way up to the job you want it takes years and years of sacrifice I don't like success without far away from people I work with I wanted to be something close and achievable through six months is very believable very doable for people if you work with me if you work with someone like me who knows what they're doing it's very possible to profit in that timeframe having real money and for having the potential to get there in about a time that's reasonable will keep you inspired and successful people like me understand it when I was talking to my one of my heroes I didn't even recognize him in the entire story I share inside of service of the book so you can find the whole story there if you want a lot of details I use these techniques to be around the right people when I go to events you'll notice the right people know me I'm always making sure I'm on the radar's the more effort you put into building your network fining people you want to work with demonstrating your strength while giving them value the sooner you find hero wants to reach out to connect with you the ability to execute overcomes everything else if you find the right person give a lot of value get on the radar demonstrate that you can execute and let them know you're interested in working together you will find here that wants to work with you and that will change the entire course your financial destiny for listening to this week's episode no master wants to never miss another episode will be back next Tuesday with tips and tactics on how to escape that rep no now chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master all you have to do is a five-star review and respond to Tuesday thank you for listening to serve the master podcast and over the servo\podcast right now to find out how you can win a free copy of my brand-new book

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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