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SNM037: Selling Your Future to Pay for Today

The College Trick

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and when we walk out, we are only qualified fro minimum wage jobs.  Now people are crowdfunding education.  It is the great American curse.  We spend massive amounts of money to learn from teachers who couldn't survive a single day outside their ivory towers.

I know – I worked there until they cast me out to die.

Brutal Interest Rates

When you are paying a 27.99% interest rate, you are truly underwater.  We pay twice what our houses are worth and at least double what our cars are worth.  Spending from debt has become the American way.

The only thing worse than Shiny Object Syndrome is Double Down Syndrome…

We love sending good money after bad in the foolish hope of recouping our losses.

A Different Path

You need to grow from profit, not debt.  Follow my free blog lessons and make your first hundred bucks.  Use that to buy one of my courses.  Use that course to make a thousand bucks and invest in growth rather than false promises.  Get a taste of victory before you spend another penny.

Key Points:

  1. We spend our futures
  2. Debt becomes a life sentence
  3. Make money before you buy anything from me

Resources Mentioned:

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