SNM018: Write Fast and Make Money

There is no skill more valuable to the modern author, blogger or reviewer than the ability to write fast.

Time is your most valuable resource.

When You Write Fast, You Take Control of Your Destiny

Perfectionism becomes a trap that keeps us from crossing the finish line.  We wait until every element is perfect and spend years or decades waiting for the perfection.  This turns into a fear that traps us in a state of inaction.  We lose time.  Projects take far too long.

Perfectionists die in poverty.

Authors that Write Fast Make More Money

The average self-published book on Amazon is $2.99.  The author gets a commission of around $2 for each sale.  Would you rather be perfect or prolific?

A perfectionist who releases a novel every two years sells a thousand copies of his book a month.  He’s a great writer and is making $2000 in pure profit from his amazing book.

An average author, who writes fast, releases an average book every month.  In two years, he has released twenty-four books in a series.  They are formulaic and will never win any awards.  He only sells 100 copies of his first book every month.  That’s $200.  But all 100 of those people get hooked on the series and buy the rest.  He makes $4800 a month from his books.  He also made money for the entire two years that the perfectionist author was struggling to finish his perfect work.

Over time, the average author will grow faster and faster.  His wealth will separate and surpass our perfectionist author.  In ten years, the perfect author has released five books and makes $10,000 a month. That’s a nice living.  Until you look at the “mediocre” author who now makes $24,000 a month.

James Patterson Can Write Fast

I slightly overexaggerated in the audio.  He doesn’t write 100 novels a year.  However, he HAS written 147 novels since 1976 with 67 books that became New York Times #1 Bestsellers.  That comes out to a written, edited, published and launched book every 100 days!

You might call him a “guilty pleasure” and not consider him a serious author.  But he sells more books than Grisham, King and Brown COMBINED every single year.

Isaac Asimov was another author who knew how to write fast.  He lived for only 72 years and wrote over five hundred books.  Even if you’ve never heard of him before this moment, I guarantee he touched your life; he created the word “robotics.”

Quantity has a quality all on its own.

Write Fast with Your Voice

If you are slow with your hands, there are plenty of amazing tools that will record your voice and turn it into text.  This tools have been on the market for nearly twenty years now and are much better than they were in the 1990s.  You can use your smartphone to record blog posts in the car.

To see exactly how good Dragon Dictate is, take a peek at the transcript for this episode. I drop the mp3 of this episode into the software and copy it into the show transcript without any touches myself.  Yes, there are some mistakes and no punctuation, but it’s very fast, and you can quickly fix these mistakes.

Tools I Use to Write Fast

I only add software to my workflow if it increases my speed, the quality of my product or makes life easier.  I very rarely add new tools to my personal writing formula.  When you make a living from writing, any tools that can save you time has a massive effect.

Write Like Hemingway

The great American author turned boring, complex writing into a message that the masses could understand. This tool analyzes your sentences to see if they are too long and too boring.

What is the reading level of your audience?

Deep Research Before You Write Fast

Research on the flow forces your brain to switch between receiving and expressing information.  Going back and forth slows down the writing process.

Key Points:

  1. Perfectionism Can Crush You
  2. Research and Outline First
  3. Use the Right Tools

Resources Mentioned:

Baby Sleep Baby Happy (rewritten and edited from 8k to 11k words in on day)

James Patterson Writes on Yellow Legal Paper

Isaac Asimov

Turn Talking Into Writing

Grammarly Review

Edison Research

IRS Rules on Foreign Tax Exclusions

Creative Commons Photos

More Creative Commons Photos

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Tools I Use:

Dragon Dictate

Best Voice to Text App (iPhone)

Free Voice to Text App (Android)








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Write fast and make a lot of money on today's episode to episode is brought to you by writing jobs number one resource for high paying writing jobs to join the thousands of other writers who already been paid over $8 million so far go to Servicemaster.com\writing jobs are you tired of dealing with you will appreciate to make it online and start eating retirement life new revenue streams may be one reason why celibacy by best-selling author Jonathan Gray now your is a friend of a friend of the business the new product coming out in just four days by trapping Nelson to feelings invested tens of thousands of dollars and getting everything together the author left behind dry they try to get a discount on their cut a few corners in the product it's garbage the content it's not worth it though have a barrage of refunds of the trying release it to lose much money will destroy their business relationships with people who send drop some customers and they can't back out because when you cancel your reputations well they're stuck against the wall four days Jonathan we urge you the best we are just fast can you write a book force can fix this can you save this will triple your usual fee we know you're the best ability to write fast opens up some amazing opportunities sometimes I get projects for other people or emergency but I can write on my normal rate and paid an emergency it's amazing it's wonderful the ability to write fast will give you more money and less time your time is precious I one wonderful resource you have the last thing you want to do is wasted at the end of your life you can get any extra time is more valuable than money want you to be efficient and successful as quick as possible so you can do amazing work make amazing money and get more time with your family the faster you write the more money you make the fast you get paid if I can help you with this episode turned to our job in one hour job you need to double your income next out of your life back you get to choose to have more power of your dust control of your distant power of your life power what you spend your time doing that's what I'm about and that's what I want to give you there's a dangerous trap called perfectionism many writers and people projects fall into we want everything to be so perfect before we show it and that we never release anything my blog is not perfect and I work all the time I tell you right now is looking at today I'm pretty proud of outlooks it's not finished its own hundred percent done for me it's maybe 90% done are still some things our change of still working on perform software tried several different platforms for difficult to get perfect hard-to-find exactly the right setup that I want to work on a little bit of my time but I have invested huge but I want to get that done haven't finished tweaking all of the different products every different thing about each course is still tweaking some of the PDFs, lessons and courses to make a better better better video training is perfect training itself was really wonderful now I want to keep adding elements make it better better better if I let the desire to be a perfectionist stop me when you release this podcast would be doing right now my book would be out and I wouldn't have any post my blog we can get caught up in the design that destroys us most perfectionists Diane poverty the never release anything I know people that were 13 novels and never showed anyone I don't even know that counts is writing a novel I'm not sure you can say that if you just read in shooting wealth is like a dream I had some amazing dreams Dragon to send master dreamer no servicing no nose of Israel is not Realty put into reality don't let the desire to be a perfectionist destroy you the 8020 rule is very real always focus on efficiency always focus on getting the job done good enough to get paid good enough to give people what they need there some other authors I know there remains in the right as well as having rather eloquent third so talented and I can write as good as the because I write fast because of efficient I think 10 2030 times more money I write 10 2030 times faster I have some friends who can write about 500 words a week I was worth 10 or 20 minutes easily yesterday I read edited and rewrote and 8000 word mini book that you have a small book that I wrote quickly year and half ago I did put much effort into it I never really thought about it is a very small low priority project I was working on this particular pen name this week I saw the book and roast it was not up to my standards is terrible/embarrassed how bad it was I don't know what happened I got distracted I was overwhelmed at the time or something but I release something that not proud of 8000 words I rewrote the entire book 11,000 words we edited everything in the new version is our life to replace the old version I write fast which means I can fix all problems quickly even when we do something that were a product we can fix it quickly and change things going for you to be perfect you wait for perfection you never make any money given by what happened it wasn't perfect it did make money was out of the Wilmington sales and are fixed in place of something much much much better they did in a single day 11,000 words I rewrote almost every single workbook to make it amazing your time is valuable and the faster you can write more fishing you can write less writers block you run into your mistakes you may more of your time you get back more money you make and that's what that's what I care about I will show you some of the key tools that I use to be very fast and very efficient some people are traditionalists only write on a typewriter James Patterson writes on the illegal paper and that's amazing to me events I handle his books and he puts out 50 or hundred books a year is so prolific I had regret like you wouldn't believe was reluctant to system it's very hard as a writer to change the way we do things modern times call for modern tools I want to take you through the software tools and techniques are used as part of my workflow to ensure that I write as fast as possible the faster I ride the more money I make I only bring tools in my workflow that increase how fast I can write increase my efficiency increase the quality of my product I would never bring a tool that slows me down what's the point of that these are the tools I actually use we talked before about turning words and talking and writing this or priest Park is upset about this amazing blog post about it you can simply talk in your phone would happen your computer record yourself talking click a button and it turns into text this amazing software tools I use Dragon on my Mac this kind of expensive back also comes with some free software that does talk to text that's pretty good as well you can talk look in the wordprocessor watcher words appear with your phone if you have a smart phone iPhone entry whatever the all these amazing apps that would do everything you talk into it it turns it into text for you for free you may anything for free apps to do all the work for you if you find typing TDs and takes too long it slows you down and use your voice to whatever faster and more efficient to get the job done your time is so valuable in addition to these tools want to strategize your projects from the beginning correctly for all of my initial outlining and designing of chapters and structure for videos or for book courses or anything of putting together when I'm in that initial research outlining phase I use X mind or on the outliner mostly I use X might it's a free piece of software which means you should deftly grab it today and I use it to create my outlines for almost everything it's a mind mapping piece of software it's wide mind is in the name again it's called X mind which great about the software is that I can organize my thoughts in a circular fashion I take all of my ideas I can move them around I often when creating a video course especially change the order as a come up with new ideas as I decide to change the structure my flesh on my outlines the order often changes sometimes I use on the outline are probably 10% of the time I used it most recently when planning a thirty-day block challenge that I'm relaunching the next few weeks and I wanted something that was order of 1 to 30 when I read something really linear that's what I use on the outliner I remember the cost of avenues in so long well put a note in the show notes to let you know I also then you scrivener which is my personal favorite tool Scribner is however in the majority of my books it's a great majority my products and it's my favorite tool the reason it helps me is that it allows me to structure my books piece by piece it's very overwhelming what I'm looking at a word document and knowing any to generate 35,000 words in a few days Scribner allows me to chop it up and do one chunk at a time it's such a simple difference but it's so powerful I used Scribner for writing my email sequences I use scrivener for writing my sales video scripts are you scrivener for writing all of my products anything I do written goes to Scribner first the only thing I don't doing scriveners my blog post which I usually write inside of my website I do is online otherwise everything else I create I do in scrivener it's the most powerful tool in my arsenal I've written more than 1 million words inside of scrivener and sold all of them it's a really powerful tool I like the way it allows me to structure my books it lets me create folders and subfolders reach little section I only have to focus on one tiny section of the time I look at that one little section I focus on that small gold weathers can be 500 words or thousand words that can hit that goal and feel good about myself and move on to the next one scrivener does have one glaring weakness the grammar and spell check and Scribner is garbage it's probably the worst spellcheck in the entire history of the Internet it's structured horribly it doesn't catch any mistakes I don't really understand why it's so bad but a way to know I don't even use it when I have a book like servo master for example the most recent book I wrote in scrivener it's divided into almost 180 small little files inside scrivener I have about 15 folders each one has between 10 and 12 little many sections when I run this project and scrivener can only checks one at a time have to manually go to the next section and click spellcheck again doesn't work as far as process and it doesn't work as far as actually finding mistakes if I only depended on Scribner's project I'd be in big trouble so I want you to know that's the one weakness if you worked well it would be perfect software but it doesn't to fill that gap I recently added grammar lead to my workflow I only added grammar lead just before the launch is podcast does launch my book I actually first use grimly to added server master and turn it into the masterpiece it is now in a huge difference criminal is so amazing I have an entire review of the software my website where breakdown of every different aspect that I use weathering either free or paid version matter what you should be using at least the free version of free version spellcheck is amazing and it's better than any of this project I've ever used it will make a huge difference you don't necessarily need to upgrade to the paid version don't feel the pressure to do that give you this message is like all we have 150 advanced alerts that we can only show you have the paid version don't worry about that at first start with the free version is the best project it's better than words it's better than any of this project I've worked with in a make a huge difference in the quality of your writing only if you're actually making money for your writing is worth the upgrade is it's about hundred $230 your dependable promo the running I really don't think most people need to go to the paid version until it's profitable because I sell my words it's very important to me and I did upgrade to the paid version of entire blog post with lots and lots of pictures why explain each different aspect I love the plagiarism check which really helps me when people send me documents it's a great way to make sure anyone writing for you is on the up and up and can protect you from an incident down the line I recently was talking to someone who got into a lot of trouble at Amazon the paid outsourcer write a book they didn't check it and it turned out parts of or plagiarized Amazon shut down their entire accounting into a lot of trouble even if you say I didn't know it doesn't matter it's your responsibility great tool very powerful great way to protect yourself another tool that I'm dabbling with right now is called Hemingway right now plus I checked anyways but $10 is really cheap piece of software that is also some free versions of it you can use what Hemingway is its simplicity you copy and paste in something you're working on it will tell you if senses are too long or too boring Hemingway was known for revolutionizing the way people wrote in the early 1900s he was the first author to write in a way that regular people could really understand and read before him authors were so long-winded it was all about being eloquent in using very competent words he was the first one to really focus on getting to the message and focusing on moving the story I have a tendency to write really long sentences and put in phrases that I don't need and make my senses to log rarely catches a lot of my mistakes not helping with that so I'm not sure if I need Hemingway on top of if you're writing fiction especially it's worth checking out Hemingway it's a great tool it's very interesting what it does it will highlight your senses and say all too many senses are too hard there also some tools out there to let you check the age or reading level of what you've written I don't use those person my workflow selector recommend anything the tools I really use every day my work floor and I was excellent discriminative gravelly that's it 123 only a limited alternative if you prefer outlines to mind maps and Hemingway is an alternative you can test beyond software now the owners to my basic workflow the reason I write fast but I what else in the where it fasten every else is my research methodology the great thing about researching well in understanding how to research is that you can then train other people to research I only do about 20% of my own research I've created an entire research strategy I trained my assistant on it and now she does a lot of research on my behalf she's able to take a lot of the material I sent to her and break it down and that saves me a huge amount of time this is a great technique to master and then you can teach it to other people because it doesn't require high-level thinking you can give someone a list of books to go through and they can pull out the most important parts of the plot the most important research just today I found a new website that does really extensive polling it's a company called Edison they do massive polling to see which type of smartphones people use our people have smart phones how often people as a podcast help people read books help people to social media they come up with huge amounts of data what's great about a resource like that you can use it in all of your products you distill reference and say in a recent study it turns out 70% of people listen one podcast last week by the original pieces of medical data and you can use them when you create your content the more heavily you research easy it is to go through writing anyone working in nonfiction article writing book writing anything between doing blog posts you run into writers block when you don't research properly some people research on the fly while the writing and that's a terrible mistake that slows down your workflow your brain has two states there's a state when you're receiving an estate we are transmitting research is research happens when your receptive state that's when you're receiving information absorbing data collecting information when you're writing that's when you're a transmission statement your writing down information you're projecting ideas it's very hard to go back and forth I discovered when I was younger if I listen to talk radio and a take out my headphones and meet people that we hardly switch to talking because I'm in a listening state of mind is a talking state of mind going back and forth really slow down your process so you want to over research upfront never researching a topic I start by looking for the top 5 to 10 books on Amazon on the topic I started looking at the top five direct response products on the topic I look at their sales messages I look at their tables of contents then I look at all the reviews the people written special in Amazon I look for the best reviews in the worst reviews that will tell me what those books got right and what they're missing the negative reviews showing opportunities it over have this additional information I can satisfy those one star reviewers when they revival go get a five start beyond that I then go and use Google scholar I love to have a lot of research and studies and specific references sometimes when I'm doing a Google search it'll pull up a story was having the other day I got sent this article in the references a study it doesn't give me a link to the study it doesn't tell me the name of the study these days most bloggers and people to write they're not good at referencing anymore you see an amateur in this when they don't use the proper way to cite a study I went to college and all the time to do my Masters went to my dissertation have to use a specific format for referencing these days I don't do that I provide a link to the original study anytime I talk about a study you go to find the actual one when I read an article I'm knocking a reference that a lot of people do that don't follow that pattern that's amateur hour that's what 90% of other bloggers do out there and that's how bad information gets spread instead I go to the original research article using Google scholar usually does other sites will recite the names of the scientist and sometimes the name of the publication or the University from use the search terms to find the original study and I just read the beginning summary and then their conclusions their final answer at the end of the study to read a few paragraphs sometimes I discovered that the interpretation that I saw that initial blogger new story does not match with the scientists actually set find the original story finding that level one piece of data ensures that my content is better than Wilson sure that I have the most up-to-date and accurate information in my book I talk about some tax information to talk about how when you live abroad you pay lower taxes the first to traveling outside of America if you lived in a foreign country you didn't have to pay taxes on the first $85,000 of your income what was work your most recent book I wrote on the statistic initially wait a minute I wanted that still true in my initial search I saw much blog posts that I went and found the actual page on the IRS website to get the exact accurate number and it turned out the number these days is more than $100,000 and Iris website actually showed what the number will be for the next two or three years the number increases based on inflation some other factors that's very important to know when you work on your taxes if you pull the blog post that I wrote three years ago or that someone else were three or the double be different is the number changes same with statistics and with other numbers you always want to try and go to that original source this will really separate you from the rest of the crowd I know this feels like it slows you down because it's actually a research when you go to the writing phase you write so much faster than you make up for this loss type also have a conference knowing my information is based on science the sacred secure content and created fast part of my process once I complete the research phase once I have all my research either in X mind or into scrivener as I'm copying and pasting some data copy and paste any information I want use into the notes on script I never copied into the main part of the document you never want to actually plagiarize anything it's unforgivable and the punishments are very severe if you caught you can get it with a cease-and-desist you can get kicked off of Amazon you it was a lawsuit you want to avoid all of that if you go to my blog if you my website you'll notice I don't have any stone images from Google every single images either photograph I took myself or it's a stock photo that paid for you want to be on the up and up with your business and treated like a business and not cut corners if you can afford pictures there's plenty of places we can get creative Commons photos photos that are free your land use anywhere else lots of people take photos away and they love getting on the world sometimes you have to post an attribution or link and sometimes you don't stand up and up avoiding players and avoiding stealing data photos anything that I could protect yourself remember were starting a business here that's a fly-by-night make money get rich quick scheme that's not were doing here when you follow your process in the correct order deep research and then go into the writing process writing becomes very easy the outline writes itself when creating an outline I look at all the table of contents of five or 10 competing products and look at those important questions on forums where people talk about this topic I look at what people say in the best and worst reviews of competing products that tells you of people in here about that helped me generate table contents and then I filled out by extending my research once you have really deep and great table contents writing fast becomes easy and the faster you write the more money you make and the more time you get to spend with your family thank you for listening to this week's episode no master picture I never miss another episode will be back tomorrow morning to send to the state that no master.com/podcast just little bestseller no master you want to respond to see you tomorrow thank you for the servo master podcast email your questions to podcast@servomaster.com in your question with my answer but appear in the next episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Wendy - October 12, 2018

My problem with planning “quickie” books is they end up having more and more time-consuming parts than I planned. I started a mechanics/process of writing guide as something to keep me productive when I needed a break from my “big” (i.e. a traditional 150-200 page) book, figuring it’d be 20-25k words and a few months. Now it’s almost a year old and looking like it’s going to end up being a “big” book.

And when I finally get done, my “final” draft ends up getting pulled back 3-6 times for typos I missed in the proofreading pass, things I realized I forgot to say, and minor screw-ups in the layout. The fixing of which cuts into my time to be writing my next book (usually about a week).

    Jonathan Green - November 27, 2018

    This can happen and it’s a form of mission creep. Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t put all your ideas into a book. I have books on similar topics because I always have more to say. People prefer to consume books of a certain length and prefer multiple books of that size to one massive monster.


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