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SNM011: Learn Copywriting to Make Money

Copywriting is a valuable and marketable skill.  You can always find work if you know how to write copy and you can learn everything without spending a penny.  Find classic ads and copy them by hand into a notebook…

These days you are just trying to get someone to click a button, but during the Golden Age of copy customers had to cut out an ad, fill in a form, write a check and mail the whole thing to an address they'd never hear of; that's really hard!

Once you have the basics of copy language down, you can move on to the next phase.

Finding Copywriting Clients

Post ads where people can find you.  Show that your services available at a low price point while you build your client base.  Post ads on forums and model the best ones.  See what works and just do something a little better.  Repeat the same process for each project.  Learn the structure that works in that market for that audience and then apply your persuasive language skills.  Get up to 10k a month within a year.  Courses are expensive and they really just teach templates; you can find their templates by finding their offers.

Copywriting is Futureproof and Disaster-Proof

Even if the Internet dies tomorrow, you can still make a living writing copy.

Simple steps to becoming a high-paid copywriter within a year.

  • start off learning
  • get paid low
  • get paid higher
  • move into % or translate
  • make your own products

Key Points:

  1. This s a job, so it requires actual work
  2. Copywriting is the most valuable of all skills online
  3. Start off with small jobs and get paid to learn and improve

Resources Mentioned:

Serve No Master on Amazon

Become a Master Copywriter on the Cheap

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

Great Copywriters and Their Books:

John Caples – Tested Advertising Methods

Eugene Schwartz – The Brilliance Breakthrough (no longer in print, better to find PDF online)

Victor Schwab – How to Write a Good Advertisement

Harry Browne – The Secret of Selling Anything

Victor Schwab – How to Write a Good Advertisement

Copy These Letters by Hand:

The Robert Collier Letter Book

The Halbert Collection

Julian Watkins – The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958

Michael Masteron – Great Leads

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