Are you focused

Everyday millions of people try to make money online and yet most of them fail.

Having been in this industry for quite a while I try to track patterns.

What separates the people who succeed from the people who fail?

There are two main differences:

People who fail treat their money like a hobby, while people who succeed treat it like an investment.

And people who focus on one system until it makes them money, while some people jump from idea to idea.

I've already written other posts about being disciplined with your finances, so today let's talk about focus.

In the “make money online” niche or industry, there are small product launches every single day. There are several big launches every single month.

IF you are someone who is easily distracted by strong sales copy and hype, then that can be overwhelming.

Each sales letter you read and sales video you watch promises you the moon. They promise to teach you how to find untold riches at the click of a button.

I really wish making money online was that easy.

But it's not.

It's a real job and it takes time to build a business. Now it is MUCH easier to make decent money online than it is to work in an office, but it would be a lie to say I work five minutes a day.

You can get to the point where you are working 2-3 hours a day and making six-figures quite easily, but it takes time to get into that position.

And it starts with focusing on a single strategy.

I teach and train a lot about how to make money on Amazon. It's one of my favorite systems because it is so consistent and the barrier to entry is quite low. You can get a book on Amazon and get some real traction, all while spending less than a hundred bucks.

The way I teach Amazon and Kindle allows you to earn back your costs within the first sixty days. I'm a big believer in using your profits to grow your business. I don't want you dipping all the way to the bottom of your savings just to try and get going online.

That's simply not what I believe in.

The reason people struggle online is that they see that next new idea and want to chase it. The sales letters ARE exciting. It happens to me too. I'll start reading about a new method for exploding your business online and I just want to jump on board.

I can't resist it.

But then I sit back and realize what's happening. I'm not on fifty different people's mailing lists anymore. I don't like to get ten marketing emails a day.

If you're on my list you'll notice that I don't promote a lot of products.

Even if there is a great product out there that would be a great fit for you, if it causes you to lose focus on what you are working on right now then it's not a good idea.

Pick a single online strategy and push it until you start making money.

That's the single best sentence of advice you will find on this entire website.

And if you are already trying another system, please don't buy training from me. I don't want to take away from your focus.

If you spend all your time chasing a new idea or product and only invest one or two months before deciding it is a dud, you'll never break out of that cycle.

It's a scary thing to say but it's true.

If you can become part of the one percent of people online who focus on a project until it makes money, then you WILL succeed online.

What do you think? How many products have you purchased in the past year? How many of them did you give up on? Let me know in the comments below.

1 thought on “Are you focused”

  1. Focus is 100% the main thing in this internet realm.

    Shiny object syndrome can cause you to go nuts,
    going round in circles without completing or achieving on one

    You MUST focus on ONE THING and work relentlessly at it.

    James Hughes

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